Thursday, October 12, 2006


Congressman Mike Sodrel
...getting things done for us.

Getting Things Done For Southern Indiana

* Mike has delivered by securing more than $72 million in much needed fundings for roads and bridges in Southern Indiana.

* Mike is working to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil by allowing domestic exploration of energy and creating incentives for alternative energy sources like Ethanol and Bio-diesel.

* Mike believes in our Hoosier values and voted for legislation to ban the burning of the American Flag. He supports legislation keeping "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Getting Things Done for America

* Mike opposes amnesty for illegal aliens and supports increased border security by building fences along the Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants from entering the country.

* Mike supports our troops fighting the global war on terror and has voted to raise military pay, speed up delivery of body armor, and provide better armoured vehicles.

* Mike supports tax cuts and has voted to permananently repeal the marriage penalty, the burdensome Death Tax, and supports extending the per child tax credit.

Support Mike Sodrel as he continues
Getting things done for us!

Paid for by the Indiana Republican State Committee,Inc.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say that:

Congressman Mike Sodrel
Raised: $2,181,232
Spent: $1,132,816
Cash on hand: $1,072,484

Last Report: 9/30/2006

PAC's:$1,028,280 (47%)
Individuals: $891,939 (41%)
Candidate: $0
Other: $261,013 (12%)

NOTE: All the numbers are based on Federal Election Commission data released on Monday, October 16, 2006.

Freedom Of Speech wishes Congressman Mike Sodrel all the best in the upcoming November election!