Saturday, April 28, 2007


Dear Erik:

I am writing you today to humbly ask for your vote in the May 8th Democratic primary election. As your Mayor, I have served the City of New Albany for the last four years and in that time I have brought back fiscal responsibility and made job creation a top priority.

In order to help balance the City's budget, I had to make an extremely tough decisions to privatize the Sanitation department. This decision saved the city $900,000 last year, I'm also proud to say that every sanitation worker had the opportunity to go work at Southern Indiana Waste.

(We wonder how many of our former city sanitation workers are currently employed with Southern Indiana Waste?)

Downtown New Albany has also been a major focus of my administration. (You sure did focus on this Scribner Place project, in fact you put all of our eggs in one big basket didn't you Jimmy?) The Scribner Place project will bring a new YMCA and Aquatic Center to the corner of State and Main streets. The Scribner Place project was not feasible until we made it happen through a creative financing mechanism.

(And you Sir, have just put our City into a 20 year debt hole. And on top of that, you secured it with our property taxes...Talk about double dippin!)

I believe that industrial development is paramount to New Albany's future, and that is why the City has begun preparing a new industrial park called Grant Line Park West. When completed it will enable 250+ acres to be utilized for development. Another exciting development on Charlestown Road is the Purdue Research Park that will house a business incubator and other Purdue programs. This project was leveraged through a Market Needs Assessment study the City funded.

(BTW: Mr. Mayor, did you ever find that so called Scribner analysis yet?)

As you can see I truly care about you and the City of New Albany's future (By raising our sewer bills, and giving raises?) and I hope to continue my efforts for the next four years. (New Albany taxpayer's can not afford another 4 years under your so called dictatorship) If you have any questions regarding where I stand on issues facing our City please contact Roger Baylor, or my campaign office at 812-944-8723.

Thank you for your support.
Kindest Regards,
Mayor James E. Garner, Sr.

Freedom of Speech would like to explain to our mayor what real fiscal responsibility is to us voters:

There are important reasons that voters value fiscal responsibility in their elected officials. Managing public money is a matter of public trust, and a charge that should not be taken lightly. So what is fiscal responsibility too New Albany voters?

* wisely managing resources
* preparing for the future
* avoiding debt

Now voters ask yourself one question on election day~May 8th:

How can Jimmy even begin to discuss "Fiscal Responsibility" when he doesn't even know the meaning of the word "responsibility."

Vote May 8th for Change!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Everyone that is connected with Freedom of Speech lives in the City of New Albany.We are a diverse group of ethnicity, gender, age, education and politics. All of our children attend or attended private and/or public school.

We care about the many issues facing our city. All of us are active in our community, churches and local schools.

The point is, our issues are your issues!

We are not immune to the consequences that an inept mayor, some city council members or city clerk might have on our quality of life.

We as taxpayers and city employees who are not insulated from bad city ordinance or mismanagement and the wasteful spending of our hard working tax dollars that does affect our daily lives in a very negative way.


"Our conviction is that supporting the following candidates is the sures winning for us all."

Our 2007 Freedom of Speech Primary~Endorsements goes to the following Candidates:


Democrat: Doug England

City of New Albany Clerk

Republican: Ronny K. Hornung

City of New Albany Council Member At-Large
Pick of 3 Democrats Candidates

Democrat:Shirley Baird
Democrat:Vicki Denhart
Democrat:James Hollis

City of New Albany Council At-Large
Pick of 3 Republicans Candidates

Republican:Valla Ann Bolovschak
Republican:Steve Burks
Republican:Kevin W. Zurschmiede

City of New Albany Council Member District 1

Dan J. Coffey

City of New Albany Council Member District 2

Democrat: Bill Schmidt
Republican: Pete Lyons

City of New Albany Council Member District 3

Democrat: Steve Price

City of New Albany Council Member District 4

Democrat: Pat McLaughlin

City of New Albany Council Member District 5

Republican: Jameson Bledsoe

City of New Albany Council Member District 6

Richard "Dick" Stewart

Freedom of Speech would also like to say:

Winning a mayoral race or a council members seat is far easier than keeping one's ideas and integrity intact after being elected.

We hope and pray you will be one of the few, who will be able to resist the temptations and deals which will work to rob your constituents of a representative who keeps the city's future and the taxpayer's desire for responsible government, more ethical, and a more transparent government which is held accountable to the people.

We are aware however, of the corrupting influence of the power and local party system within city government that corrupts well intentioned and idealistic decisions.

Therefore, until we see that wheel of corruption in New Albany broken, and it's hub and spokes giving it strengh and power discarded, we shall remain adamant.

We wish you all the best of possible outcomes in your campaign.

"Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens can change
the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that
ever has."
~Margret Mead

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Dear Erik,

First, (regarding the quote in the New Albany Tribune) I did not say that the union can only vote on "any" item once a year.

'The union can only vote on a merit system once a year" is what I said.

If it does not pass, then we have to wait until next year to vote on it again, and even then, if it passes, it wouldn't go into effect until the beginning of the next calendar year.

I would recommend that anyone who seeks more information on the state law regarding the process of structuring a merit system reference the Indiana Code from this link.

The concept of a merit system is nothing new to the members of Local 410.

The Union has been doing extensive research on the process, the structuring and the implementation of a State of Indiana approved merit system for the fire department since October of 2006.

The reason that I made the comment about being well informed is because I believe this cannot be rushed.

The information gathered needs to be current, correct and understandable to everyone.

Since we all have an opportunity to structure this system "together" to make it best fit our department, we need to exhale, relax, think about (and discuss) what we are doing and do it correctly the first time.

Any system that is devised must be fair and all inclusive to also avoid potential litigation, petty complaints and a need for restructuring down the road.

There are proven systems being used all over the State that are being reviewed which we can customize for our needs.

A merit system includes Indiana Code language for hiring, firing, promotion and disciplinary action, all done by a merit board comprised of persons chosen according to the IC which outlines the process.

It is a complex process which is believed to improve the quality of personnel hired and promoted. That is exactly what the fire fighter's union wants to ensure.

Quality, without a compromise of the standards.

It is a huge step forward in improving many processes within the fire department. It is great that all of the interested parties agree, so far, that a merit system would relieve a great deal of questioning regarding our current systems.

Tony Wolfe
Retired New Albany
Fire Fighter

Freedom of Speech would like to ask Mayor Garner and Fire Chief Ron Toran why they are stuck in a hell bent "no compromise state of mind" with our New Albany fire fighters?

Also, Mayor Garner why did you have the Board of Public Works and Safety enact a firefighter-hiring procedure, by allowing The Board of Works an ordinance :

Which stipulates that applications will be accepted each August; and applicants must pass an agility test, a test of job skills and a criminal-background check to reach an interview with Fire Chief Ron Toran to become eligible to be hired at the discretion of the Board of Works.

Source: New Albany Tribune
April 4, 2007

We "smell politics" all over this entire decision you've made Jimmy!

Now tell us taxpayer's once again Mayor Garner and Chief Toran, who is making a "mockery" of our democratic process?

Have you forgotten something?

"Jimmy G. You Still Work For Me!"

The incompetent with
nothing to do can
still make a mess of it.
~Laurence J. Peter

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Bravo to firefighter John Proctor!

So you got a 36 hour suspension and a one-year probation for reference to "Mayor James (the maverick) Garner." If our memory has not failed us, wasn't it a former Tribune reporter who once called Garner the maverick?

It's about time someone had the guts to stand up to Former Mayor Garner... Ooops!

Well hell Jimmy, you only got 21 days to hear what the citizens of New Albany have to say about "all those great things" you have done for us.

In fact Jimmy, you will soon hear "the will of the people" come this May 8th.

Real people do have real desires and real values.

Jimmy, have you ever heard of "Freedom of Speech."

And when the mayor ignores them and oppresses them, that oppression is real too.

"The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representative of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them."
~Karl Marx

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The Board of Works And Safety of The Civil City of New Albany, Indiana, held it's regular meeting today April 3, 2007.

Mayor Garner today played his last and final political race card.

What do we mean?

He got his Board of Works political croonies to give him authority to hire New Albany "FIREMAN" and not follow the law on the New Albany Code Book.

This is the law Mr. Mayor:

32.80 Title
32.81 Agility test
32.82 Written test

Mayor Garner as a City Councilman voted "YES" on these laws on 6/02/03.

These laws are in the New Albany Code Book. (check them out on the internet)

Doesn't everyone have to follow the law?

For example: If the New Albany Code Book of laws states you can go 30 miles per hour down Spring Street, then can Mayor Garner and his Board of Works croonies say that you can NOW go 60 miles per hour down Spring Street?

It is sad that Mayor Garner is trying to make this a race issue!

We the citizens of New Albany respect each and every citizen. We have always worked together in the past and we plan to continue working together in the future.

Does Jimmy think it is legal to not follow the laws in the New Albany Code Book?

Is this politically motivated?

And you Sir, are not above the law as Mayor!

Again we ask...Is this the final nail in Jimmy's political career?

We no longer have rule of law and any
notion of equality before the law is lost
when the Mayor thinks he is above the law.
- Anonymous