Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PROFIT & LOSS 101...

How many attorney's get paid from our Sewer Utility?

Here we thought Greg Fifer was the only Sewer Utility Attorney.

Wait until you read this crap....

A very interesting thing happen the other day. We received a Profit & Loss statement of 2011 concerning our Sewer Utility.

Our local "Mr. We Back Jack" candidate has been telling everyone who will listen, that he plans to raise and we mean RAISE our "sewer rate" when he becomes Mayor. He feels we are spending to much of our General Fund, EDIT, Rainy Day and Boat Money dealing with our sewer problems.

Well, Mr. We Back Jack: maybe you should question who gets all the money. Since you are promising and now seems to be acting as a kind of employment agency for England's staff for your new administration.

We thought our readers had a right to know who is making extra pocket money off us rate payers.

Legal fees from January 1 through August 8, 2011 - Sewer Utility:

1/4/2011 - Gibson........$596.56

1/7/2011 - Gibson........$120.00

1/20/2011 - Gibson.....$285.00

1/26/2011 - Gibson.....$435.00

2/4/2011 - Gibson.......$180.00

2/15/2011 - Gibson.....$825.00

2/16/2011 - Gibson.....$30.00

2/28/2011 - Gibson....$360.00

3/6/2011 - Gibson......$300.00

3/16/2011 - Gibson....$615.00

3/23/2011 - Gibson....$270.00

4/5/2011 - Gibson......$180.00

4/13/2011 - Gibson....$711.04

4/20/2011 - Gibson...$555.00

4/27/2011 - Gibson....$345.00

5/10/2011 - Gibson....$1,050.00

5/23/2011 - Gibson....$390.00

5/27/2011 - Gibson....$285.00

5/31/2011 - Gibson....$90.00

6/8/2011 - Gibson.....$270.00

6/15/2011 - Gibson...$600.00

6/29/2011 - Gibson...$330.00

7/13/2011 - Gibson.....$75.00

7/20/2011 - Gibson....$420.00

7/28/2011 - Gibson....$60.00

Source: Wilkerson - Sewer Board

WoW...is this NOT the same Gibson who is our City Attorney?

Isn't this the same Gibson who refused to sign about 1,000 sewer liens when he ran for State Rep. and got his butt kicked by State Rep. Clere?

Is this NOT the same Gibson who screwed us ratepayers out of $425,000 owed to us from the Georgetown Sewer Utility deal?

See folks, many council meetings ago in 2010, Dictator England along with his incompetent controller cut a deal with five council members to make Mr. Gibson a full time City Attorney, (like a city of about 37,000 citizens needs to be paying a full time City Attorney a $150,000 + salary).

England and Garry explained by doing this it would eliminate all those other Attorney's on each board and save the taxpayers. (cough) We didn't buy it for one second, but as usual Dictator England had the dirt on those five council members, he cut a deal and got his way.

So in 2011 England made a new (Employee) contract with "Slacker Gibson" a $50,000 salary plus billable hours and other sweet perfs.

Looks like to us: "slacker Gibson" got a real sweetheart deal...

Hmmm...Thinking out loud: (Isn't it amazing England never, ever, got one ounce of dirt on Councilman Steve Price!) Our final thoughts: Our "general election" is November 8, you better look at the mayor's race and council races with great concern. If you like us has been hearing about "Mr. We Back Jack's campaign promises" like:
*Larry Sharlow new Deputy Mayor

* Increase our sewer rate
* Lee Miller - Police Chief
* a $12 million dollar parking garage
* a new LOIT Tax
* (Slacker) Gibson City Attorney
And many, many, more promises and deals being cut, too.


Do you folks, really want England sitting on our council? Remember when he told us to turn our cable off so we could "pay our sewer bill" and if we didn't like the way he was running our city "we could move out!"

The real tragedy of all this, is that the taxpayers and rate payers of the City of New Albany are suffering from the damage all these people have done and what they all make off of it.

Your hard earned money!

As of August 8, 2011, legal fees spent out of our Sewer Utility Fund is $277,764.45 and we are $1,106,156.82 over our 2011 Budget.

Now, England wants a 6 million dollar bond for Stormwater.

"God Help us All!" span>

Friday, September 23, 2011


Pressure is mounting on Barack Obama to throw in the cards and announce that he won't seek re-election as president. Obama is in real trouble when he lost the support of The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board and The New York Times.

Obama got a decidedly downbeat message from his hometown newspaper on Monday - please don't run for re-election.

Chapman, said that Democrats have more-than-able replacement candidate in Hillary Clinton. "Not only that, Clinton is a savvy political veteran who already knows how to run for president."

Oh, and a new Bloomberg poll finds her to be merely 'the most popular national political figure in America today.'

Chapman goes on to say "The sputtering economy is about to stall out, employment is high, his job program may not pass, foreclosures are rampant, his approval rating is at its lower level ever, and the poor guy can't even sneak a cigarette."

Obama's problem is that he knows nothing about the negotiation with those who disagree, because he has always been surrounded by yes-men in his Chicago days.

Obama is damaged goods!

Our final thoughts:

Although we do have to wonder all this talk about him stepping down isn't some way to provide an "OUT" for the brewing scandals: Solyndra and Lightquard.

Keep your eye on former Senator Evan Bayh. There was a reason he retired during Zero's (Obama's) first term. And, he took his $13,000,000 war chest with him.

1+1 still = 2

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Liberals have always played the class warfare game. Barack Obama is a classic example of that type of liberal.

With a dismal failure of a record on economy where the majority of the public disapprove of his handling of it, the country suffering the highest rates of unemployment under Obama, higher deficits than have ever been seen, and raising the national debt higher than any other president'

Obama is making the political calculation to distract from those issues and focus his base on the unfairness of some people being more successful in business than others.

Class warfare is the only thing Obama has left!

Obama has made campaign stop after campaign stop, mentioning over 90 times that he wants his supposed job bill to be passed "NOW", fast before anyone truly figures out that despite his promises to the contrary his numbers don't add up!

What is inexcusable is that he isn't changing course, he is doubling down on his failed policies.

When 72.8 percent of the country, ordinary Americans, see the country is going in the wrong direction one would think that a smart man, (cough) and Barack definitely thinks he's smart, would undoubtedly see what everyone else sees...yet he continues his class warfare games, he continues to allow regulation after regulation to attack small businesses.

Class warfare rhetoric is exactly that, rhetoric.

Obama claim that the so-called rich aren't paying enough, hoping that ordinary folks like us won't actually look for themselves to see that the "rich" are already paying more than anyone else!

Obama isn't just putting his party above the well being of the country, he is doing something far worse.

Obama is putting his own reelection aspirations above party and country.

This is unacceptable!

So how's ALL that "Hope and Change" work'n out for Ya?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

911 UPDATE...

On Tuesday, the County Council tabled the 911 Project.

Tonight's final Council vote on the 911 merger was a 4-4 split vote, with Council member Steve Price absent.

Our sources tell us unless the county is willing to use the entire city's 911 fund, this 911 Project will never pass!

As my mother use to tell us: "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

Btw...Councilman Coffey, when do you plan to bring to the Council your Resolution for an Audit?

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Last night as the Republicans debated, a primary challenge was at the top of the Drudge Report and many other newspapers and other media outlets following smart analysis in Cheney to Hillary: "You're our only hope!"

The former VP did say on his book tour that Hillary might be the "only hope" that Democrats have of keeping the White House in 2012, and he's probably right.

Speaking of Hillary, our source in Washington emailed us that: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, in remembrance of the victims of the September 11 attacks.


Tonight's 7:00 supernova of boobery began, as with all things, in the cradle. We're not referencing Obama in the manger. No, we are saying that tonight's boobery was begat in boobery. Obama wanted a grand jewel box to display his wares so he attempted to big foot last night's debate. Like a flaccid 100 year old without the blue pill on his wedding night, the Obama jewels to be displayed tonight will be nothing but cheap little plastic baubles.

Tonight will feature more Obama payroll tax "holidays" more unemployment benefits and Tax & Spend. Tomorrow will feature more "Hillary Save Us" articles.

Just watch and see.

Same Obama shit, just another stimulus deal!

More of don't blame me, blame "George Bush and the Tea Party" crap.

President Obama is running out of time to remedy a threat far more lethal to his political survival than a cratering economy a growing perception he just isn't up to the job!

So those of you who choose to listen to his repackaged Stimulus Package 2, the rest of us will be looking to a coin toss at another arena.

"Are you ready for some
F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L !!!!!!!!"

"Go - Green Bay Packers"

Saturday, September 03, 2011


I know a man, Obama is his name.
Since he's been in charge, we've never been the
No jobs, no future, just promises of hope and
Still no hope, no change.
Obama you remind me of Bela Lugosi,
Not only you, but Biden and Pelosi.
No guts, no backbone, you're bleeding our country dry.

Christina Houston

Keep those emails coming!

Friday, September 02, 2011


At last nights Council meeting they left the 911 merger where it should be.


Have they figured how to pay for this merger after the first year with our city on the verge of bankruptcy?

What city would spend a one time amount of $300,000 - $500,000 to remodel a location for the 911 office?

It's a known fact when they don't have the votes....they table the project.

Smart move Doug & Bob, you sure don't want to piss the voters off NOW, do you?

Vote November 8, 2011