Sunday, December 31, 2006



The events of the last year in municipal affairs have caused taxpayers great concern. It is now time for us and those who care about the direction of our city to speak out. We have held back too long.

There have always been people in our local government; who were more concerned about the welfare of the citizens than their own political future.

For nearly 3 years it has worsened as the Mayor and certain City Council Members have allowed our citizens to twist in the wind of ethical lapses, policy blunders, and perhaps even questionable activities.

You will not read these facts in the newspapers.

But this is the REAL state of our city, and it's called CHAOS."

Let us begin:

* The Fire Department is in the "red"
* The Police Department is in the "red"
* The Street Department is in the "red"
* The Sanitation Department is in the "red"
* The (new) Stormwater Board is in the "red"
* The Fire Dept. Ambulance Service is in the "red"

What was that line from the movie O Brother Who Art Thou, "We got to get some of that reform!"...

We need to talk about reform, but most of all, we need to stop the secrecy of decision-making that has taken place.

Our city is in a "deeping" crisis...

Per the New Albany Tribune, Garner's "state of the city" address focused on a theme of tight economic times, though he noted that in its first year of private control the Sanitation Department was expected to finish with a $185,000 surplus, about a $600,000 swing from 2005.

You sir, are a liar!

Lets look at the real documented facts: The Sanitation Department is in the "red" because the fact that the aforemention debt to the Sewer Department is still outstanding from 2004.

The Sewer Department is in the "red" because you loaned the sanitation money and never paid it back. We suggest you go to the 2006 Sewer Board minutes and read Mayor Garner's statements.

Now ask yourself this taxpayers:

Why is the sewer plant and the sanitation company showing a profit since its privatization and not when the CITY owned and operated them?

Shouldn't money paid by the citizens stay in New Albany?

It would appear as if "outsiders" are better at managing the money generated by these utilities than our City administration is.

But as you know, we here at Freedom of Speech are known for our "diggin" up facts.

Why are these departments in the "red" after 3 years you ask?

The Street Department is in the "red" because of accumulated debt since 2004. And you Mr. Mayor have moved alot of the sanitation work to the Street Department.

And the new Stormwater Board is in the "red" because no approved budget for 2006, the mayor is using "our stormwater fees" to set up a City Billing Office.

How can the Stormwater Board contract to hire an attorney for $14,000 a year with NO approved budget? Check out the Sewer Board minutes the "stormwater board" has spent over $229,000.

We would like to ask our readers, is this why New Albany is in this financial mess?

Wait...there is more!

Another example, a request came before the Council to adjust a City employee's salary by increase of about 30%. This office reportedly filed property liens of over $300,000 for delinquent sewer bills. Which was a lie! Actually liens had not been filed until November 18, 2006 for about $39,000. Why should our tax dollars be used to reward someone for "not doing" her job?

And if you know anything about property liens it takes about 18 months before any lien can be attached to property taxes. But if the property is sold before the lien is in effect it is not collectable based on Indiana Law. All this information is documented in the Auditor's Office, Recorder's Office, and Treasures Office.

Our sewer rates are raised, and then raises are handed out. Does this make sense to you? Could this contributed to the mess our city is in?

We would like to ask our readers, is this what New Albany's all about?
* Selective Billing
* Selective Enforcement
* Developers being catered to
* Selective Projects
* Selective Board Appointments
* Selective Raises

Maybe we need to ask ourselves, how does this benfit the taxpayers?

Another example: Break In - Sewer Plant

Police report filed. About $12,000 spent on a security system. EPA Investigator visits. About a million gallons of raw sewage ends up in the Ohio River. But you forgot one thing. Did an employee at the sewer plant sign an affidavit stating "no break - in"? Could this be another way to avoid another EPA fine? We wonder who else signed affidavits.

Another example: Daisy Lane Project

The initial Phase 1 plan entailed starting at State Street to Green Valley Road. Could it be that by starting in the middle the Daisy Lane Developers would receive additional monetary gain? There is talk about the City purchasing property owned by Adam Dickey, employed by the City Plan Commission. Is this our tax dollars at work?

Another example: Mayor Garner recent actions and comments:

We would like to bring to the citizens' attention. As fact, Mayor Garner went before the Caesar's Foundation and requested a grant for $1,000,000 for Linden Meadows. The Caesar's Foundation asked the Mayor if this project was in litigation, he replied that it was NOT!
A private citizen produced the evidence that Linden Meadows was indeed in litigation and submitted this information to the Caesar's Foundation and the grant was denied.

We need to ask ourselves is Mayor Garner so out of touch with the City that he was unaware of this litigation?

Why not a grant from Caesar's to fix sewers, pot holes, and remove abandoned homes?

Another example: Mayor Garners comments

In a recent Tribune article, Mayor Garner said some of the "firefighters" are "popping off at the mouth". Could it be that the Firefighters know what is going on? It is to our understanding as taxpayers each fund is designed to support only the needs of that department, paying additional expenses, such as lease payments, are bound to have a negative effect. Like running in the red.

The City Council seems to be taking alot of blame for the "state" of our city.

We have a Council Member who is also employed by one of our city's largest real estate companies. Would this not cause a conflict of interest when one has to choose between what is good for the City and good for one's own employer and personal monetary gain?

We also have other Council Members who are employees of the city. With the Mayor being the "boss" does this not have an influence on the outcome of the voting.

The Mayor has all the "power" no one else does folks!

Many times people only know what they read in the newspapers. We citizens need to attend the Council meetings and see for ourselves.

Are you getting the real picture yet?

So, when we have abandoned houses infested with rats and other vermin; sewers in total disrepair and no money to fix any of these problems. When the Health Department had forced families out of their homes because they are unsafe for habitation due to raw sewage secretion in the basement.

Shame on you Mayor James Garner! Do you have rats up on Silver Hills?

The citizens of New Albany expect and must receive the highest standard of accountability from all those in the public service. City officers and employees must be independent, impartial and responsible in the performance of their duties.

Last, but certainly not least. Lets look at the $220 thousand dollar bond for a tennis court at IUS. Did you know that according to the New Albany Floyd County Parks and Recreation we currently have 15 tennis courts. Call me against progress, but doesn't 15 tennis courts seem like enough for a 47 thousand citizen population?

Do your homework...citizens. If you really want to see the real "State of our City 2006."

The bottom line is this. The Mayor is the one who controls what happens in the city within the law.

He bypassed the 2 % debt limit but at the end of the month the payments have to be made.

The Council can only make decisions based on the projects and information they are presented.

So who do we blame for the mess were in?

Happy New Year!

We only have 366 days to go!

Thomas Jefferson said,"Information
is the currency of Democracy"
And information doesn't come

Truth excludes contradiction!

Friday, December 29, 2006


With 2007 upon us it is only fitting to reflect back on the "hot" issues of the year. All of us at Freedom of Speech want to thank those of you who give us feedback. Please know that every single email that is sent is read.

With that in mind, we want to share the issues that most concern the citizens of New Albany based on your response.

Were the slum lord's forced to bring their properties up to code??? It would cost HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars. You know it. They'd have to increase their rent fees and probably then lose the current low rent renters.You do NOT screw around with the money tree. - (309 positive emails)

* For misleading us to get your vote!
* For privatizing Sanitation
* For planning to raise my sewer bill
* For raising the Stormwater fee
* For mismanaging the taxpayers money - (321 positive emails)

Local governments are creditble if they are able to deliver services such as keeping the city clean and public utilities working efficently - (337 positive emails)

Attorney Greg Fifer does not see any problem with being the attorney for the Sewer Board while representing various developers in Floyd County. - (349 positive emails)

Just so this adminstration knows that the wool hasn't been pulled over the taxpayers eyes, but since you have chosen to take away our options. We want you to know that we know a lot more than you give us credit for. As if it isn't bad enough that the taxpayers are left holding the bag on numerous projects and the only options explored are the ones that has financial gain. (361 positive emails)

Freedom of Speech felt we needed to look at the process of approval of the city claims for 2006. We also feel we need to look at what is currently going on with taxpayers' money. Are we making the same mistakes over and over again?
It is Kay Garry's job as Controller to submit the claims to the Board of Works for approval. Members of the Board of Works are Tony Toran, Chairman and Chas Hunter, Vice Chairman. After approval by the Board of Works, Mrs. Garry then cuts the checks. And the claims are paid.
Sounds simple? Wrong... (378 emails)

"This is a 9 million dollar bailout of a utility that's failing, and that comes on the heals of a $40 million dollar project."--Council President Jeff Gahan stated. (386 positive emails)

How can CHDO be spending money on rehabilitating these homes, the streets being built, when the matter is still in the courts and ownership of the land still in question? Mr. Miller how can you ask the Sewer Board to forgive sewer tap-ins fees for CHDO and ask the City Council for Tax Abatements when you are in litigation? (397 positive emails)

Mr. Tucker,
While some people justify the spending, and give excuses for inactions, it is what it is, the facts:
Parks Department: spent $11,000 cell phone bills
Sewer Board: Voted 4-0 money shall not be taken from the sewer to fund any other departments.(Balance owed $540,000)
Unpaid Sewer Bills:(Over $1.3 uncollected sewer bills)

Before I close, I leave you with one more fact. The definition of rape according to Webster's Dictionary is as follows; abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice.

What do you call what's being done to the citizens of New Albany? (419 positive emails)

And the Number 1 Article selected by you the readers of Freedom of Speech for 2006 is:


Elected officials strongly desire to be identified as "persons of principle." The problem is everyone isn't motivated by the same principles.

Everyone in the community knew that the real credit should go to Valla Ann Bolovschak for saving the 2.3 million dollar grant for the Greenway Project.

Why couldn't Mayor Garner been gracious enough to tell the local newspaper the name of the person who really did the hard work?

A true community leader would have done so.

Lets look at the real facts, and you decide who deserves the real credit. (466 positive emails)

Freedom Of Speech would like to say "thank you" to our many readers for your suggestions, opinions and the hundreds of emails of your continuing support in 2006!

Happy New Years!

Monday, December 18, 2006


The Little Kroger Boy...

"Government" they told me
Pa rup a pum pum

"A fortune I'd make"
Pa rup a pum pum

"Our finest Adminstration we'd bring"
Pa rup a pum pum

"Soon we will hear ka-ching"
Rup a pum pum, rup a pum pum, rup a pum pum

"We have not lied to you"
Pa rup a pum pum

"(Boy, are you dumb)"

So I played the political game...
Pa rup a pum pum

I landed in the Hall of Shame!
Pa rup a pum pum

Lost my job and a city car
Pa rup a pum pum

Now I'm being paid by the hour
Rup a pum pum, rup a pum pum, rup a pum pum

What a fool am I
Pa rup a pum pum

(Yes, that's so true)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Dear Darling Son and That Person You Married,

Merry Christmas to you, and please don't worry. I'm just fine considering I can't breathe or eat. The important thing is that you have a nice holiday, thousands of miles away from your ailing mother. I've sent along my last ten dollars in this card, which I hope you'll spend on my grandchildren. God knows their mother never buys them anything nice. They look so thin in their pictures, poor babies.

Thank you so much for the Christmas flowers, dear son, I put them in the freezer so they'll stay fresh for my grave. Which reminds me -- we buried Grandma last week. I know she died years ago, but I got to yearning for a good funeral so Aunt Viola and I dug her up and had the services all over again. I would have invited you, but I know that women you live with would have never let you come...

I bet she's never even watched that videotape of my hemorrihoid surgery, has she?

Well son, it's time for me to crawl off to bed now. I lost my cane beating off muggers last week, but don't you worry about me. I'm also getting used to the cold since they turned my heat off and am greatful because the frost on my bed numbs the constant pain. Now don't you even think about sending any more money, because I know you need it for those expensive family vacations to Europe you take every year. Give my love to my darling grandbabies and my regards to whatever - her - name - is -- the one with the black roots who stole you screaming from my bosom...

Merry Christmas,
Love, Mom


At this time of year I thought Freedom of Speech might be interested in this project. Just one extra Christmas card this year might touch the heart of our young Soliders or Marines wounded in Iraq or Afghainstan. There are many wounded heroes at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Why not send a Christmas card to one or more?

Here's the address...
A Recovering American Solider
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20307-5001

I'm sure many of you are currently writing cards to friends and family. If you can, please send an extra one to our American military heroes who are recuperating from wounds this Christmas Season.

Please enclose a short note thanking them for their service and personal sacrifice. The are the protectors of our freedom, we must let them know. Your small act of kindness will be greatly appreciated.

I would also like to thank Freedom of Speech for defending us citizens of New Albany. God Bless you!

Retired Major Bishop
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Stormwater Ordinance was created to comply with the EPA mandate.

Section 8, "The New Albany Stormwater Board shall present by June 15th each year to the "Common Council" a budget for review and approval."

Freedom of Speech would like to know how Attorney Mike Summer can be the Stormwater Board Attorney with out the Council approval? Does he work for free?

Since no Stormwater Board budget has been approved, the expenditures of the Stormwater Board must be approved as additional appropriations by the Council.

It seems like the Stormwater Board is spending alot of "taxpayers money" without approval. This system is costly to operate and maintain, and facing stronger regulatory requirements from the EPA.

We have heard that Chairman Tim Deatrick is now pushing to receive a salary for this board.

Mr. Deatrick you have only been "chairman" since Sept. 29, 2006. Good grief...Timmy!

Have you forgotten what you said? Well let us refresh "your memory" and we quote: "It needs to be done in a cost-effective way and it needs to be customer-driven."

You do know what "cost-effective" means Mr. Deatrick?

The Stormwater Board was not created to pay salaries.

Mr. Deatrick the council amended the Stormwater Board bill to set salaries at $0 per meeting for each of the three members.

Salaries for Stormwater Board members would only add strain to city finances.

Freedom of Speech needs to remind you Sir, that several citizens had volunteered to work on the Stormwater Board for free. And we also believe those same citizens would be willing to step right into your position today!

Is it stated in the Ordinance G-06-07 that the mayor can use stormwater money to set up his billing department?

And could the mayor's "selective billing" be part of OUR money problem?

We have a Flood Control Board, Drainage Committee and a Stormwater Board. We have all of these "boards" and residents are being flooded out of their homes with no city help. You have to ask yourself, does one board know what the other board is doing?

Freedom of Speech would like to ask how much does it take to buy Tim Deatrick's loyalty? A position on the Stormwater Board?
You got it!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Christmas Rum Cake

1 Tsp. Sugar
1 Quarts of Rum
1 Cup Dried Fruit
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Tsp. Soda
1 Cup Butter
2 Large Eggs
1 Tsp. Baking Powder
3 Juiced Lemons
1 Cup of Nuts

Before starting, sample rum to
check quality. Good isn't it? Now

Select large mixing bowl,
measuring cup, etc.

Check rum again. It must be just
right. To be sure rum is of proper
quality, pour one level cup of rum
into a glass and drink it as fast as
you can. Repeat.

With electric mixer, beat 1 cup of
butter in a large fluffy bowl.

Add 1 seaspoon of thusar and beat

Meanwhile, make sure rum is still
alright. Try another cup. Open
second quart if necessary.

Add leggs, 2 cups of fried druit
and beat til high. If druit gets
stuck in beaters, pry loose with

Sample rum again, checking for

Next, sift 3 cups pepper or salt
(really doesn't matter).
Sample rum.

Sift 1/2 pint lemon juice. Fold in
chopped butter and strained nuts.
Add 1 bablespoon of brown sugar-
or whatever color you can find.
Wix mell, Grease oven. Turn cake
pan to 350 gredees. Pour mess
into boven and ake.

Check rum again and bo to ged.


Monday, December 11, 2006


"We don't like the idea of spending $270,000 on a tennis court when we don't have money for projects taxpayers in New Albany really care about like:

* Hiring more Fireman
* Ambulance Service
* Pot Holes
* Sewers
* Aging police cars

We are outraged with Mayor Garner and Indiana State Representative William C. Cochran (D) trying to force a Council decision to spend Hotel Tax money on something that is not a high priority.

Is Indiana State Representative William C. Cochran (D) on the IUS payroll?

Why did the City Controller run the Legal Ad to accept bids on the Tourist Bond before the required approval by the City Council?
Is this legal?

The City Council should ask for a detailed report on the signs by cost, location, and subject.

The Council needs to do alot of research before approving this bond.

Council Members ask yourself "If this project is not costing the taxpayers why is it being brought before the Council for approval?

What guarantee do we have there will be enough Hotel Taxes collected to cover this bond?

City of New Albany has had:

* 8 years of Doug Englands - mismanagement

* 4 years of Regina Overton - wasteful spending

And now 3 years of James Garner's strong arming the Council to make quick decisions.

And Jimmy continues using his typical stupid phrases like:

* "This is only the first reading"
* "We can fill in the blanks later"
* "11th hour do or die proposals"

Is this the way to run a city?

Thus, for New Albany, the question is not whether "IUS Tennis Courts" would be nice -it would be for IUS students. The fundamental question is whether it is worth the $270,000 it will cost. At this point, there is every reason to believe this project would be, quite simply, a waste of money.

We at Freedom of Speech feel it is time for our city government to do what is best for all the people.

Instead of for the mayor's personal political agenda!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


If you take a drive around New Albany, you will see the growing number of properties for sale.

Why are so many people leaving New Albany during the last 3 years?

Why have more dilapidated buildings became trashy eyesores?

Why won't the Building Commissioner take any action on these trashy buildings when he is informed by the Code Enforcement Officer?

Why do we even pay a Building Commissioner when that paid position has not helped clean up New Albany during the past 3 years?

We are sad to see residents leaving the city, but we understand their disgust with rising taxes and fees and the unsightly trashy buildings.

* Rising Taxes
* New Stormwater Fee
* Sewer Bill Increase
* Flooding not being corrected
* Garbage Rates to be increased Jan. 1, 2007

Freedom of Speech feels Mayor Garner has put all of our eggs into his Re-Election basket. Millions being poured into the Downtown area. It seems to many of us taxpayers that the rest of our city is going to hell in a hand basket!

Oh Yes!..."Welcome to New Albany."
The once upon a time All American City!

Saturday, December 09, 2006



Dated December___,2006

Registered Owner:
Amount: Two Hundred Seventy Thousand Dollars ($270,000)

THE CITY OF NEW ALBANY (the "City"), a municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Indiana (the "State"), hereby promises to pay (but only from the sources hereinafter mentioned) to ____________, or registered assigns, the principal sum of Two Hundred Seventy Thousand Dollars ($270,000) and interest at the rate of ___percent (%) per annum on the unpaid balance of such principal sum from time to time outstanding hereunder, payable in __________Dollars($_____) each, on the 1st day of _____in each year, commencing January 1, 2000___and continuing to and including January 1, 20___ or until the entire principal sum hereof together with accrued interest thereon has been paid, except as the provisions hereinafter set forth with respect to prepayment prior to maturity may be and become applicable hereto. (We suggest you pick up a copy of this Contract and Ordinance Bill No.G-06-20 for your own viewing)

Freedom of Speech would like to again thank Councilman Steve Price for standing up for the taxpayers on the IUS Bond. After attending last Monday night's council meeting and hearing CM Price's points we decided to do our own investigative research to better understand the scope of this issue.

We were amazed at the amount of information that was withheld from our City Council members.

How can a city council vote on an issue dealing with another debt, which has again by passed the 2% debt limit, without knowing financial information? Is this another one of Jimmy's deals: Vote now and fill in the blanks later?

Here is just a few of the major flaws we have uncovered thus far in our search for the facts and truth.

* The amount of revenue, collected by the Clark-Floyd County Tourism Hotel Tax has been purposely withheld from the ordinance.

* How much money is Floyd County receiving from the Floyd County Tourism Hotel Tax?

* Who is going to absorb the issuance cost of the bonds? The total bond amount proposed is $270,000. With $220,000 for the IUS tennis court and $50,000 for signage throughout New Albany. (after all people will come from miles to actually see what a pot hole-bankrupt city looks like).

* Is our mayor that self-absorbed to think that he can get this one pass the citizens of New Albany? We have spoken with several local business owners who is dumbfounded by this ordinance. They too are in amazement by the ordinance that was presented to the council for a vote. How can you make a good business decision without supporting financial information?

* Another issue brought up by several citizens is that of the competence of our City Clerk Marcey Wisman. As a City Clerk whose duties is to be that of a liaison between local government and its citizens how can she give the ordinance to the council members with out filling in the vital information?

* If this is a legal contract why are the blanks not filled in? No logical person would ever sign a contract with all these blanks. Would you?

* A "big red flag should go up" when Mr. Mayor says this is free, it will not affect our credit borrowing rate for future bonds. And it will not cost the taxpayers nothing!

What Freedom of Speech has also found out that on December 6th 2006 the Tribune published a legal notice for "NOTICE OF BOND SALE" City of New Albany, Indiana, Capital Development Tourist Fund Revenue Bond, Series 2006 IU Southeast Recreation Project. How can a notice of bond sale be published if the council has only passed 1 of the 3 mandatory readings? What are they trying to pull on taxpayers again?

Who is going to receive the issuance fee we ask? You got it...none other than City Attorney Shane Gibson! Read it yourself:

14. Appointment of Bond Council. The law firm of Barnes & Thornburg LLP, Indianapolis, Indiana, is hereby appointed as Bond Council to the City in connection with the authorization, issuance, and sale of the Bond. Shane Gibson, Esq., City Attorney, is hereby appointed as counsel to the City in connection with the authorization, issuance, and sale of the Bond and is hereby authorized and directed to assist Bond Counsel in all matters relating to the authorization, issuance, and sale of the Bond.

Freedom of Speech feels we should be able to use the Tourist monies for other projects for New Albany. IUS is a State Funded College. Why should part of this $270,000 be used for IUS?

Freedom of Speech also suggest you contact your City Council Member and ask some serious question about this Clark-Floyd County Convention and Tourism Bureau Bond and Ordinance:

Donnie Blevins (812) 944-4856
Jack Messer (812) 949-9638
Mark Seabrook (812) 944-9644
Dan Coffey (812) 949-1262
Bill Schmidt (812) 945-7386
Stephen Price (812) 941-9032
Larry Kochert (812) 945-7652
Beverly Crump (812) 948-2603
Jeff Gahan (812) 949-9314

Freedom of Speech would like to know is this another political favor? Or just a feather in Jimmy's cap for Re-Election?

footnote: City Council "report cards" will be released next week.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


The Mayor and his City Operation Director Tony Toran were seen at Wal-Mart ringing the bell and singing for the taxpayers today.

"Deck the Halls"

'Tis the season to be greedy!
Fa la la la la, La la la la!
Treat ourselves, forget the needy!
Fa la la la la, La la la la!
Charging gifts with wild abandon!
Fa la la la la, La la la la!
Credit limits not withstandin'!
Fa la la la la, La la la la!

Sing we now the spendthrift's carol!
Fa la la la la, La la la la!
Buying presents by the barrel!
Fa la la la la, La la la la!
Throwing parties, being merry!
Fa la la la la, La la la la!
Till bills come in January!
Fa la la la la, La la la la!

Freedom Of Speech thinks the Mayor and his City Operation Director should stand on the front steps of the City-County Building and ring the bell and try to solve our many City problems.

Guess this was just another "photo op" for you Mr. Mayor!

footnote: We would like to thank our Freedom Of Speech Creative Director and the check is in the mail. Words furnished thru dezert-rose.

Monday, December 04, 2006


What got our attention here at Freedom Of Speech was the recent Tribune article dated December 01, 2006. The comments made by former Councilman Kenny Keilman's and we quote: "I just decided, when this opened up again, I've got the experience" to fill the seat, said Keilman, who served four four-year council terms.

As the council's lone Republican, Seabrook's replacement will have to also take his role on the Sewer Board, for which Keilman said he'd be qualified after seeing years of sewer problems near his Green Valley Road home. "I'm well aware of the sewer problems we've had in New Albany for the last 30 years, Keilman said. "Hopefully, we've got that pretty well taken care of."

Freedom Of Speech would like to say to former Councilman Keilman. Where have you been for the last 15 years? You Sir, were part of the problem in the past along with former Councilman Bliss.

We have had nothing but 30 years of good ole boy - screw the taxpayers, and not fix our sewers. We as taxpayers are fed up! You like many of us who have been affected with sewer problems. Today the problems continue to exist. To make a stupid comment like "Hopefully, we've got that pretty well taken care of." Again we say where have you been Mr. Keilman? Do you and your neighbors have your sewer fixed yet?

And why would any Republican Caucus want to vote for a former Councilman Keilman or Bliss? They were both part of the problem and not the solution to the City of New Albany problems. And while were at it how many council meetings have the list of other candidates attended in the last 3 years?

All of a sudden an opening for Mark Seabrook's position comes open and now all these Republicans have all the answers in solving the City of New Albany's problems.

It's time for new Republican blood on our Council. Someone who can sit on the Sewer Board and demand answers! And hold this Administration accountable for sewer money and fixing our sewer problems.

Who has got the Republican guts and the courage to stand up for all the taxpayers of New Albany?

Sunday, December 03, 2006


The following procedures should be followed:

The elected official must submit a resignation in writing and may specify the date when the resignation takes effect. (IC 5-8-4-4)Local elected officials should file the resignation with the circuit court clerk. If the officeholder was elected or appointed as a candidate of the Democratic or Republican Party, the officeholder should also send a copy of the resignation to the appropriate county chair. (IC 5-8-3-5-1)

Notice must be given for the Caucus:

The county chair must send a written notice by first class mail to each caucus member at least 10 days before the date of the caucus. The notice must state the chair's name and the date, time, place and purpose of the caucus. (IC 3-12-11-4)

Rules for conducting a Caucus:

State law requires each caucus to begin its work by adopting caucus rules of procedure. You may wish to contact the state committee of the appropriate political party to obtain suggested caucus rules or guidence on procedural points. State laws specifies that the county chair breaks any tie vote that occurs in the caucus. (IC-3-13-11-8)
State law also specifies that a majority vote of those casting a vote for a candidate is required for the caucus to fill the vacancy. A secret ballot is required by state law. (IC 3-13-11-10)

Procedure for Officeholder who has been elected to another office:

If the officeholder has submitted a written resignation with a delayed effective date or the officeholder has been elected to another office, the political party may hold the caucus before resignation takes effect or the official assumes the other office. The caucus notice requirements still apply, and the person selected by the caucus to fill the vacancy will not take office until the resignation takes effect or the person assumes the other office. (IC 3-13-11-3)

Who can vote in a Caucus?

A precinct committee person must: (1) be of the same political party that elected or selected the person who vacated the office; (2) represent a precinct in which voters were eligble to vote for the vacated office; and (3) if appointed, have been serving as precinct committee person on the 30th day before the vacancy occured. An elected precinct committee person is eligible to participate in a caucus regardless of when the vacancy in the office occured (IC 3-13-11-5)

Are proxy votes permitted in a political party Caucus?

Only vice committee person may serve as proxies for precinct committeeman in a caucus. A vice committeeman may vote as a proxy for a precinct committee person if. (1) the precinct committeeman meets the requirements listed in (1) and (2) above and is not present at the caucus; (2) the vice committeeman needs the requirements listed in (1) and (2) above; (3) the vice committeeman serves under an elected precinct committeeman and the vice committeeman is appointed at least 5 days before the caucus, OR the vice committee person was appointed at least 30 days before the vacancy occured (IC 3-13-11-9)

Candidate for selection by the Caucus:

A candidate must file a declaration of candidacy with the county chair at least 72 hours before the time of the scheduled caucus (IC 3-13-11-7) The declaration of candidacy form, CEB-5 form, is available from the Election Division.

Freedom Of Speech would like to thank Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita and his staff for supplying us with the following information.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


We now pay $3.17 fee per month to support this new board. What are they doing with our money? What are they collecting each month?

Is it true that the Mayor is using $800,000 of this new Stormwater Fee to set up a Sewer Collection Office?

All of the money the Stormwater Board is spending is not putting a shovel in the ground to help our problems.

We have heard the new Stormwater Board wants to hire their own attorney. We are now paying a City Attorney, Council Attorney, Plan Commission Attorney, and a Sewer Board Attorney.

Why do we need to pay another attorney?

And when will the City Council appoint Engineer Elizabeth Coyle's replacement?

Freedom Of Speech feels that taxpayers can not afford to pay the bill for what seems to be mass confusion!

Friday, December 01, 2006


In all the world, there is no one exactly like me.

Because I alone choose who I am.
I own everything about me.

I own my body, my feelings, my attitudes, my actions,
all of my decisions.

Whether they be towards myself or others I own them.

I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hope, and, yes,
even the fears.

I own my triumps and my successes and I own the
responsibility for all my failures and my mistakes.

I alone own what becomes of me. I alone accept the
responsibility for me being HIV/AIDS.

I can become intimately acquainted with myself.
By doing so I can be friendly with myself, and
even love myself.

But as long as I am friendly and loving to myself
and others I can courageously and honestly look
for ways to find out more about me.

However I may look and sound, whatever I say and do,
whatever I think and feel at any given moment in time
is authentically me.

If later there are looks, thoughts or feelings that
turn out to be unfitting just for me, I can discard
those that I do not want and keep the rest.

As long as I can see, hear, feel and think, I own
the tools to survive.

Survive, I own the tools to become a better person,
I own the tools to be productive. I own the tools
to make sense and order out of this disease called HIV/AIDS.

With these tools I own, I can always accept me, as
I will always strive to be a better me. For god
now owns all of me.

In loving memory of Janice
Here essence was that of Love
Her inspiration was that of hope!

footnote: HIV/AIDS needed to redress the enormous preceived
distances between "the general public" and "the AIDS infected,"
between "doctor" and "patient" between "straight" and "gay" by
examining the language of political and medical expediency and
finding common bonds of the human in all of us.