Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We Thank You Councilman Coffey for the courage to stand up and protect us taxpayers!

We think your resolution to rescind the pledge of Edit Funds for Scribner Place Project-is the right thing to do.

We understand your resolution is based on two thoughts:

1. WE need the Edit money to relieve the Sewer Fund financial problems and avoid a sewer rate increase on taxpayers.

2. To remove the property tax back up on Scribner Place Bonds. And keep it off our property tax bills.

Freedom Of Speech knows the bottom line is this: TAXPAYERS do we need our sewers fixed or do we need a swimming pool and a brewery on Main Street?

The bumper sticker just says it all:

Jimmy has taken New Albany to the cleaners!

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Mr. Mayor,

You have signed away over $17,000,000 in our tax dollars and $400,000 a year in our Edit Funds for the next 17 years. And you have done this without the consent of the voters. We know the council voted for this expenditure but how do you or they know this was with our permission?

A few years ago the Caesars Casino was put on the ballot as a referrendum. Why was this not done with the Scribner Place pool?

Now before everybody gets into a tizzy, we just want note that the question concerned the pool not the YMCA itself. As we understand it, the YMCA will not be a burden on the taxpayers and if people are allowed to join regardless of their financial circumstances that is wonderful. But we still cannot understand why it is such a necessity to build this pool. If Ceasars wanted to donate money for a good cause that is fine. Certainly there are other causes besides a swimming pool.

You always complain about the legacy Mrs. Overton left for you, what about the legacy you are leaving your successor?

We must ask, Mr. Mayor, why did you do a complete turn around regarding the whole Scribner Place compound? As a City Council Member who said the city could not afford this but as the Mayor you were 100% behind it. You never did give the voters a valid reason for changing your mind. Well sir, you will be the one remembered for this decision. The buck stops with you, there is no one else to blame when the people move out of New Albany in greater numbers because they cannot afford to pay their property taxes.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Those involved in the lawsuit regarding the Howard McLean Ballfield have filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals May 3, 2006.

Freedom Of Speech would like to know about the two houses that CHDO moved across the street on Linden Street and remodeled about 6 month's ago. They are for sale and have been for sale for several months.

During one of the many public meetings, John Miller said there was a list of 250 people waiting to buy these houses. If that is so, why aren't these two houses sold? Could John have been lying?

And, we noticed last week that CHDO has put "For Sale" signs on several of the "as is" houses in "Linden Meadows".

NOTHING appears to have sold, despite the alleged list of 250 people. Was the public shamed again by this administration and a park shamefully destroyed?

And how can CHDO be spending money on rehabilitating these homes, the streets being built, etc., when the matter is still in the courts and ownership of the land still in question?

Mr. Miller ~How can you ask the Sewer Board to forgive sewer tap-in fees for CHDO and ask the City Council for Tax Abatements when you are in litigation?

Could it be you have cut another deal with the Mayor?

After reviewing the March 7, 2006 Sewer Board Minutes:


Adam Dickey presented the Linden Meadows plat on behalf of CHDO and requested signatures from the board. He added that all legalities have been completed and John Miller was present to answer any questions.

Mr. Seabrook asked if the deadline to file an appeal had passed.

Mr. Miller replied that he thought it had.

C'mon Mr. Miller what kind of crap are you trying to pull? It makes us angry that you say the heirs and neighbors are against low income housing. That is not it at all...But Mr. Miller the real issue is PROPERTY RIGHTS, not CHDO.

It is very interesting that no one has ever question the law that was passed in 1991 which says that if people had a reversionary clause on their deed, they had 30 years to request their land back!

Freedom OF Speech is concerned that the city and CHDO are going on with the houses. CHDO won't be able to sell then due to having no clear title until this court matter is settled.

We are surprised that CHDO and Mr. Miller are taking the chance in going on with building the subdivision because if they lose, the Jensens want the houses torn down and the park rebuilt. It makes us citizens mad because they talked to the city and CHDO about ALL of this before the first house was moved...they moved the houses anyway.

It could have been a win-win situation, but the Mayor and CHDO refused to listen.

So, the bottom line is that the Appeals process has started. "Three judges from The Court of Appeals will decide the case." This process could take up to a year to get a decision.

Freedom Of Speech support the Linden Meadows heirs and neighbors for fighting for and protecting the Fawcett families wishes. We feel this is a real issue worth taking all the way to the Supreme Court!

As we stated before, we are disappointed that Roger's blog says that some Councilmen have tried to "thwart" Linden Meadows? I don't know how he can make such a statement. No one on the council has had anything to do with this.

It is the neighbors and the heirs who are fighting this.

We just love these conspiracy theories...instead of the truth...Roger!

Monday, May 22, 2006


Really Mr. Goldberg how hard is it to answer the following 4 questions?

Questions to Former Councilman Goldberg: (See May 7, 2006 post)

1. Are the above IC Codes and Council minutes correct for 2002?

2. Why did you, Mr. Goldberg, withdraw the Redistricting Ordiance in 2002?

3. Why didn't you, Mr. Goldberg, table the Ordinance and keep it alive for further discussion in 2002?

4. Is it not a fact that Councilman Schmidt, Councilman Coffey and Councilman Kochert did vote "YES" for Redistricting?

Remember~~ Mr. Maury you did pull that ordinance off the table and caused it to be dead in the "water".

Looks like the democrats give you no respect at all now~Do they Maury?

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Accidents reported at Council Meeting on May 18, 2006

* A 15 year old girl was hit by a car & killed as she walked on Daisy Lane in the 600 block toward Grantline Road. The car hit her and hit a utility pole in the next yard.

* A mailbox on Daisy Lane was torn down so many times that the owner replaced it in 5 feet of concrete. Within a month, a car hit the mailbox and knocked the concrete into the yard next door.

* A 21 year old young man was killed on Daisy Lane as he leaned out the passenger side of a car his friend was driving. He smashed his head on a mailbox on narrow Daisy Lane.

* Late one night, a car crashed into a utility pole at 630 E. Daisy Lane. The radiator was crushed and all 4 doors were left hanging.

* A car tried to back out at 624 E. Daisy Lane and the driver had to drive her car into a neighbor's driveway to avoid a crash with a speeding car.

* On East Daisy Lane, the owner built a brick pond and flower containers in his front yard. He also built a brick wall there for protection. In recent years, the pond, flower boxes & brick wall have been destroyed 6 or 7 times. The last wreck in this yard on Daisy Lane was March 22, 2006.

* At 630 E. Daisy Lane, a huge maple tree in the yard was hit by a car and the owner had to pay to have it removed.

The accidents listed took place on East Daisy lane.

There have been many reports of accidents and property damage on Schell Lane which is on Daisy Lane near the planned exit for Daisy Lane Developers project of 138 units for residents.

What about the Heavy Traffic and accidents on the other 2/3 of Daisy Lanes?

Oh-yes- I just remembered---The Developer's Engineer says there is "no traffic problems."

Mr. Tucker-again, we ask you what price you place on safety and lives lost?

Freedom Of Speech Mr. Tucker would like to ask you:

How can you balance those "dollars" made in the Daisy Lane Developers Project against human lives lost and injuries?

We also feel in your reporting... you have again failed to give all the facts about this project!

Mr. Tucker, where was your Tribune reporter when these facts were read at the May 18 Council meeting?

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Mr. Tucker, do you really have all the facts?

The developer should not have bought the land without approval for the project. Has anyone even told the Daisy Lane Developers "TO LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP"?

What traffic study did they use?

Does this traffic engineer even live in New Albany and use Daisy Lane during daytime traffic? The traffic plans the engineers used was based on Senior Citizens not driving much, and that is a complete joke!

The developers reduced the number from 162 to 138 houses or apartments. Yell Right!... When I go down Daisy Lane and try to get through--there will only be another 138 cars in my way.

Mr. Tucker-- do you even travel Daisy Lanes each day? We surely don't believe you do!

Also Mr. Fifer needs to decide which side of the table he wants to sit on. Is he working for us the taxpayers or for the Developers? Is this a Conflict of Interest? You damn right Mr. Tucker it is! Some City Council members have asked for Fifer's resignation and he evidently has refused to resign.

How many Conflicts of Interest problems on this Daisy Lane Project are there? And -- Mr. Tucker, you choose to ignore these possible Conflicts of Interest problems exist. Mrs. Crump sells for Schuler-Bauer. It was almost a joke to sit and watch Council President Gahan allow Mr. Bauer, of Schuler- Bauer to go on and on speaking to sell the Daisy Lane Project to the Council.

While asking private citizen Bernie Nolot to leave. And then turn around and make light of the whole situation. These are citizens who pay taxes and support our city. How can you make fun of them?

Is it true that the Daisy Lane Developers only requested a minimum of sewer credits so that they could avoid doing the Sewer Engineering Study for their Subdivision?

Several neighbors stood up at that Council Meeting and read long lists of auto accidents, injuries and even some fatal accidents on Daisy Lane.

Mr. Tucker, how can you turn your back on the safety issue on traffic on Daisy Lane?

Mr. Tucker-- We will try to get you a copy of that Daisy Lane accident list.
Did your reporter Eric sleep through that discussion too?

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask you 2 questions Mr. Tucker:

1. Do you honestly believe that the City of New Albany can build new projects without our sewers being fixed?

2. Was your article based on your own Personal Opinion or your Newspapers Opinion?

So Mr. Tucker where do you get off stating that the Council gives City bad Reputation.

When several Councilmen are doing their job looking out for the citizens, and knowing the severe sewer problems we do have in New Albany!

Maybe it's our opinion that you Sir are not getting or giving the correct information to us. You, Mr. Tucker, are giving your paper a bad "REPUTATION" when you don't print all the facts!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Political subdivisions are authorized in certain circumstances to reallocate existing money.

1. Temporary transfer for an economic development purpose of money held for a different purpose.

Interfund Borrowing:
Pursuant to IC 36-1-8-4, a political subdivision may authorize the transfer of money to a depleted fund from another fund which has sufficient money on deposit. Any amounts transferred must be returned to the orginal fund no later than the end of the budget year in which the transfer occurs.

Borrowing Utility Funds:
A city or town may borrow existing surplus moneys from a utility owned by the city or town (which in most cases would include water and electric utilities, but no municipally owned sewage utilities) pursuant to IC 8-1.5-3-12 the loan must be used for current purposes and is payable from taxes levied and to be collected during the current and following year. The loan may not be in an amount greater than 50% of the anticipated taxes to be collected and must be repaid on or before thirty days after the last date for payment of such anticipated taxes.

Other Borrowing:
Depending on the nature of the project, other ways to obtain funds may be specifically authorized by statue. Pursuant to IC 36-7*14-24 moneys from the general fund of a county, city or town may be transferred without appropriation, or in the event no unappropriated moneys are available in the general fund, may be transferred from another fund or loaned (in the same manner as other transfers and loans are made) to a redevelopment commission to pay certain project cost incurred prior to the collection of special taxes levied. The amount of such transfer or loan may not exceed $50,000 and must be repaid by the redevelopment commission.

2. Appropriation for an economic development purpose of money orginally appropriated for a different purpose.

Additional Appropriations: Political subdivisions have the authority under IC 6-1.1-18-5 to authorize and additional appropriation, limited to avaliable revenues in excess of revenues anticipated in the orginal budget. A political subdivision may also appropriate moneys under IC 6-1.1-18-5 which have become available through the reduction of an existing appropariation. (See IC 36-4-7-8: IC 36-5-3-5) Any such additional appropriation requires a properly noticed public hearing. If the additional appropriation is made from a fund that receives distributions from the motor vehicle highway account ( IC 8-14-1-1) or property taxes, approval by the Department of Local Government Finance is required.

Thursday, May 18, 2006



* For misleading us to get our vote
* For privatizing Sanitation
* For planning to raise my sewer bill soon
* For raising my garbage rates come Jan. 1, 2007
* For raising the Stormwater fee
* For mismanaging the taxpayers money
* For breaking up the local union
* For managing our city on Mastercard instead of "Pay as you go"
* For dividing our city
* For turning your back on the working class
* For not supporting our senior citizens

* For giving new meaning to the following words:

Past due accounts
Over spending
Conflict of Interest

Now my property taxes have increased.

Why don't you listen to the residents?

The results of your actions are:

1. Sewage backs up in basements.
2. Streets are full of "potholes" that tear up our cars. You say you don't have money for street repair.
3. Drainage is so bad that it floods the street and my yard.
4. You take good care of the developers and the residents are ignored.
5. You pay the Building Commissioner to inspect trashy, rundown houses, and he takes no action on clean-up.
6. You continue to spend and throw the burden back on the taxpayers.

Mr. Mayor you claim you have no money to solve New Albany problems.
However-you are putting "17 million dollars" into Scribner Place while you turn your back on New Albany City problems!

You Mr. Mayor are totally out of touch with the Citizens of New Albany!

But Thank You Mr. Mayor.... cause were saving all of our "nickels and dimes" to support a Mayor with vision and someone who truly works for the people!

The buck stops here!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006



November 4, 2002 Council Minutes:

G-02-14 Redistricting of New Albany Voting Districts Councilman Garner voted "NO."

May 18, 2006 CJ: Garner said he remembers having some concerns about a redistricting plan that was presented in 2002 but said he doesn't recall how he voted.

May 18, 2006 CJ: The mayor said that the lawsuit raises an issue "that needs to be addressed."

May 18, 2006 CJ: Garner said he had nothing to do with the lawsuit and denied meeting with the plantiffs, other than sometimes chatting in passing.

November 21, 2002 Council Minutes:


"Councilman Goldberg withdrew the bill from the table".

Indiana Code-2002

IC 36-4-6-3 (g)
The divisions under subsection (b) shall be made in 2002, and every ten years after that.

IC 36-4-6-3 (b)
The legislative body shall adopt an ordinance to divide the city into six (6) districts.


Withdraw: means to pull off the table and this action kills the bill.

Table: Means to postpone for further discussion at a later date.

Questions to Former Councilman Goldberg:

1. Is the above IC Codes and Council minutes correct for 2002?

2. Why did you Mr. Goldberg withdraw the Redistricting Ordinance in 2002?

3. Why didn't you Mr. Goldberg table the Ordinance and keep it alive for further discussion in 2002?

4. Is it not a fact that Councilman Schmidt, Councilman Coffey and Councilman Kochert did vote "Yes" for Redistricting?

Freedom of Speech feels that you Mr. Goldberg are the only person who can answer the following questions. Feel free to respond on your "BLOG" with your answers.

We will be more than happy to supply you with the full set of 2002 Council minutes for you to review. Freedom Of Speech will wait for your response.

You are the only person who can and will clear up these issues!

Freedom Of Speech

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Mr. Baylor how about telling the truth for once in your life!

These are the real facts:

1. The City of New Albany is legally bound to operate under the laws set up by Indiana Code.

2. NA Confidental article says that they want to have a citizens committee to study the city's precincts and propose a way to shuffle them and produce six reasonably equal districts.

Mr Baylor these are the Laws & facts:

The State of Indiana says in Indiana code:
IC 36-4-6-3
SEC. 3 (a) This section applies to Second Class Cities.
(b) The Legislative body shall adopt an Ordinance to divide the City into six (6) Districts.

Perhaps Mr. Baylor...Their Attorney should read the Indiana Code. It does not mention their Citizens Committee.

3. Fact: November 4, 2002 Councilman Schmidt, Councilman Kochert and Councilman Dan Coffey voted FOR G-02-14 Redistricting of New Albany Voting Districts.

4. Fact: November 21, 2002 Council Minutes
Quote: Councilman Goldberg withdrew the bill from the table."

5. Fact: November 4, 2002 Council Minutes: Councilman James Garner voted "NO" on Redistricting.

6. Your written comment: Speaking of laws, CM Schmidt's name, employment status and length of tenture unsurprisingly do not appear carved in the stone of state legal passages relevant to this topic reported. But your personal attacks against Councilman Schmidt is carved in stone on NAC.

* Councilman Schmidt did not set up the boundaries for his 2nd District to be so big.

* Councilman Schmidt has been saying for years that his district is about 1/2 the town and no one has listen. (Mr. Baylor if you had attended Council Meetings in 2002 you would be aware of all this information)

* The main point Mr. Baylor you can not stand and deal with: The fact is that the voters in Councilman Schmidts district went to the polls and elected him their Councilman. He was elected by the "VOTERS."

* You are jealous and mad that Councilman Schmidt beat out your buddy John Gonder.

* And all the other so called progessives got beat.
Get over it Roger & Randy!

The only outcome from this so called "Lawsuit" could have been handled by the City Council. Your so called buddy "the mayor" could have had one of his cronies introduce the Ord. to Redistrict.

So I ask you Mr. Baylor is it really going to be a real victory for you progressives?

Didn't the primary tell you folks something Roger & Randy?

Note to: Randy Smith

Mr. Smith I personally would like to see it legal for your name to be on the ballot on each of the 6th Districts for you to run for Councilman. Because no matter what district from 1-6 "You still can't WIN!"

These are the facts!

Monday, May 15, 2006



The Open Door Law of Indiana states that "... the general assembly finds and declares that this state and it's political subdivisions exist only to aid in the conduct of the business of the people of this state. It is the intent of this chapter that the official action of public agencies be conducted and taken openly, unless otherwise expressly provided by statute, in order that the people may be fully informed."
Indiana Code 5-14-1.5-1

What is "Official Action?"

"Official action" means to recieve information, deliberate, make recommendations, establish policy, make decisions, or take final action.

What is significant about Executive session?

Executive sessions are significant because the Open Door Law permits governing bodies to meet privately under certain circumstances. "Executive session" means a meeting from which the public is excluded, except that the governing body may admit those persons necessary to carry out it's purpose. Indiana Code 5-14-1.5-6.1 (b) sets out the specific matters about which a public agency can hold an executive session.

Exceptions, In order to have an executive session, the meeting must fall into one of the recognized exceptions- these are the exceptions to the general rule of openess:

These include situations such as government strategy discussions with respect to collective bargaining and litigation, interviews of prospective employees, job performance evaluation, the implementation of security systems, for discussion of the assessment, design, individual's alleged misconduct, for discussion of records classified as confidential by state or federal statue, and the purchase or lease of property by the public agency.

Example: A local public works board decides to meet in executive session to open bids for a sewer project. Unless authorized by federal or state statute, or the bids are classified as confidential by statute, the executive session would violate the Open Door Law.

In conclusion when an executive session is held, any vote on a motion, proposal, resolution or ordinance must be taken at a meeting open to the public. No secret ballots are ever permitted.

Freedom Of Speech would like to thank the staff of the Attorney General's Office for the above information.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


54.01 (A) It is herby the policy of the City that all new developments constructed within the jurisdiction to the City Plan Commission shall be built consistent with the provisions set forth in the STORM WATER MASTER PLAN. New developments shall share the cost of storm drainage improvements throughout the City.


54.02 (B) The drainage method depicted on said plan shall be consisted with the provisions of the STORM WATER MASTER PLAN and any drainage plan approved by the City Plan Commission, or other municipal storm drainage facility approved by the City Engineer.

54.03 Fees

(A) The following drainage fees shall be collected for new developments:

(1) Single-family residence or duplex residence. $100 per unit. There shall be no charge if a new single-family residence is a replacement of previous structure having been demolished within 366 days previous to applying for a building permit or demolished in conjunction with said building permit.

(2) Commercial or industrial buildings or residential apartments buildings containing three or more units, $.08 per square foot of building and impervious areas including parking lots.

(B) The drainage fees imposed in subsection (A) above should be collected by the New Albany Sewer Utility in conjunction with any fees collected for sanitary sewer connection or other charges collected in accordance with Chapter 51 of the code.

(C) The Building Commissioner shall furnish a receipt of payment for the fees imposed and collected through subsection (A) and (B) above prior to the issuance of any building permit. (Ord. G-98-280 passed 11-19-98)

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Responsibilities? Authority? Supervision? Funding?


1. Plan Commission Stormwater-Drainage


(A) fund the improvements of STORM DRAINAGE FACILITIES within the jurisdiction of the CITY PLAN COMMISSION.
(B) Controller shall place all fees collected under this chapter in a special non-reverting DRAINAGE FUND for purposes set forth in (A).
(C) The Drainage Advisory Committee shall....

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask the City Plan Commission:

*What is the drainage plans-enforcement?
* Who are the advisory committee-members?
* Where are the fees deposited?
* And in what fund?


IC 36-9-29-2 (1) construct or install the flood control works necessary to exclude, divert, remove, reduce, or prevent flood waters caused by the overflowing of watercourses or by storm or surface waters in or about a flood control district established under this chapter

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask the New Albany Flood Control Board:

* What is your Board Salaries- Staff Salaries-Your Responsibility?


New Albany City Council
Drainage Committee--9 Council Members


* How can a new board be approved without the knowledge of the actions and authority of the current drainage and flood water boards?

Freedom Of Speech would also like to know:

* Can the taxpayers afford the cost of 4 Drainage Boards?

* Why does the Mayor want us to establish and to pay a 4th Drainage Board?

* Are these current Boards doing their job now?

Freedom Of Speech is outraged to find out about all these other "paid" Drainage Boards.
We would also like to know why the Garner Adminstration won't come clean and start telling the taxpayers the truth?

And just how many "damn paychecks" do you need Mr. Mayor?

Friday, May 12, 2006


As my first friend mother,
you introduced me to a life
enriched by your love and

you helped in the way I feel
about the world and my
place in it today.

Your confidence in me helped
me to believe in myself, your
support and respect enabled
me to appreciate my own worth
and my many blessings.

You guided without control
and encourage without pressure
You gave your bring out
the best in me.

You taught me to have compassion
and understanding for others and
how to never take anything for

You taught me to think my own
thoughts and to follow my dreams,
to be proud of my achievements
and accepting of my mistakes,
to find peace in my heart and joy in
my friends.

And no matter what to always stand
up for what I believe in...

But most of all mom you taught
me to always be true to myself and
to always have faith in God.

Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, May 11, 2006


The Common Council of New Albany, Indiana, will be having a work session to discuss stormwater drainage board, fuel costs and sewer utility project spending on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. at the City-County building, on the third floor in the Assembly Room. Should you have any questions regarding this meeting, please see the City Clerk in Room 332

Marcey Wisman
City Clerk

To Council President Jeff Gayhan & Marcey Wisman:

Did you both lose your copy of The Open Door Law? Feel free to contact Freedom Of Speech and we will be more than happy to email you the law!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Project Name: Westgate
Required Credits: 15,000
Requested Credits: 10,000

Project Name: Autumn Cove-Steve Hines
Required Credits: 16,430
Requested Credits: 9,300

Project Name: Wolfe View Ct-Phase 2
Required Credits: 1,860
Requested Credits: 1,860

Project Name: Crimson Creek Sub-Phase 2
Required Credits: 4,960
Requested Credits: 4,960

Project Name: Guerin Inc/Sister Barbara
Required Credits: 4,300
Requested Credits: 4,300

Project Name: Scribner Place
Project Location: Downtown
Inner City: Commercial
Required Credits: 7,600
Requested Credits: 0

Project Name: Lake Forrest
Required Credits: 6,200
Requested Credits: 1,850

Project Name: Autumn Springs
Required Credits: 8,050
Requested Credits: 8,050

Project Name: Reflection Ridge Subv.
Required Credits: 12,710
Requested Credits: 1,550

Project Name: Reflection Lake
Required Credits: 4,960
Requested Credits: 1,550

Project Name: Murl & Rita Davis
Required Credits: 10,000
Requested Credits: 0

Project Name: LaFollette Station-phase 2
Required Cedits: 20,000
Requested Credits: 14,000

Project Name: Glenwood Springs
Required Credits: 24,490
Requested Credits: 6,200

Project Name: Talus Pointe/Pam Kelly
Required Credits: 10,000
Requested Credits: 0

Project Name: Blackberry Ridge
Required Credits: 3,410
Requested Credits: 1,550

Project Name: Mike Davis
Required Credits: 4,895
Requested Credits: 520

Project Name: Wright Woods Subv.
Required Credits: 20,970
Requested Credits: 2,600

Project Name: Copperfield Subv.-Harbison
Required Credits: 17,670
Requested Credits: 3,720

Project Name: Dr. Pruess Office Bldg.
Required Credits: 800
Requested Credits: 0

Project Name: Spring Hill Subd.
Required Credits: 29,450
Requested Credits: 0

Project Name: Dairy Queen Corp.
Required Credits: 2,300
Requested Credits: 2,300

Project Name: Reflection Ridge-Patio Homes
Required Credits: 7,130
Requested Credits: 1,550

Project Name: W.M. Kelly Inc.
Required Credits: 800
Requested Credits: 0

Project Name: The Meadows
Required Credits: 14,400
Requested Credits: 1,500

Project Name: Pine Hurst/Sprigler
Required Credits: 8,680
Requested Credits: 0

Project Name: J&S Properties
Required Credits: 10,500
Requested Credits: 10,500

Project Name: Edwards Property
Required Credits: 18,000
Requested Credits: 0

Project Name: Steve Pry/Upton Pry
Required Credits: 15,500
Requested Credits: 1,550

Project Name: Mike Lamer-Patio Homes
Required Credits: 12,250
Requested Credits: 1,750

Project Name: Silver Heights Camp
Required Credits: 3,510
Requested Credits: 3,510

Project Name: Daisy Ln. Developers
Required Credits: 48,000
Requested Credits: 12,600

Project Name: Brookview Glen
Required Credits: 16,200
Requested Credits: 16,200

Project Name: Stonecrest Apts
Required Credits: 63,200
Requested Credits: 4,800

Project Name: Stonecrest-Comm/Offices
Required Credits: 5,000
Requested Credits: 5,000

Project Name:Autumn View-Winterheimer
Required Credits: 22,320
Requested Credits: 0

Project Name: Brookstone Subv.-Ruckman
Required Credits: 31,000
Requested Credits: 1,550

Project Name: Savannah Gardens
Required Credits: 8,870
Requested Credits: 1,850

Project Name: Baylor-Blackberry Ridge
Required Credits: 2,480
Requested Credits: 2,480

Project Name: Talus Pointe/Pam Kelly
Required Credits: 76,350
Requested Credits: 0

Project Name: Edwardsville Trace
Required Credits: 3,500
Requested Credits: 1,500

Project Name: Stemler Developers
Required Credits: 2,200
Requested Credits: 2,200

Project Name: Hitachi Cable-expansion
Required Credits: 1,000
Requested Credits: 1,000

Project Name:MGM Developers
Required Credits: 1,600
Requested Credits: 1,600

Project Name: Rainelle Woods-Blankenbaker
Required Credits: 20,150
Requested Credits: 1,550

Project Name: West Oaks Subv.-Ruckman
Required Credits: 31,000
Requested Credits: 1,500

Project Name: Zurschmiede-Apts.
Required Credits: 1,200
Requested Credits: 1,200

Total Credits Required- Inter City 174,750

Total Credits Required-County/Fringe- 350,755

Total Credits Required-Georgetown - 125,510

Total Required Credits - 651,015

Inter/City Requested Credits- 36,7101

County/Fringe Requested Credits- 86,140

Georgetown Requested Credits- 26,930

Requested Credits Total- 149,780

City's Credit Balance- 407

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


On many occasions, letters and memorandums have filtered their way down from the 3rd floor of the City County Building. I think they call this the upper management (of City Government) only to find their way into the circular file, namely the trash can.

However, there are a few memo's that do end up on many office holders desk that do warrant better consideration...This apparently was a real memo seen by several city & county employees.

And we also bet you will laugh as hard as we did.....Enjoy !!!!

MEMO: The problem concerns a computor peripheral problem.

If a mouse fails to operate or should it perform erractically, it may need a ball replacement. Mouse balls are now available in the Mayor's office between 8:00-4:00 pm. Because of the delicate nature of this procedure, replacement of mouse balls should only be attempted by properly trained personnel.

Before proceeding, determine the type of mouse balls by examing the underside of the mouse. Domestic balls will be larger and harder than foreign balls. Ball removal procedures differ depending upon the manufacturer of the mouse.

Foreign balls can be replaced using the pop off method.

Domestic balls are replaced by using the twist off method.

Mouse balls are not usually static sensitive. However, excessive handling can result in sudden discharge upon completion of the ball replacement, the mouse may be used immediately.

It is recommended that each employee have a pair of spare balls for maintaining optimum mouse performance.

Please keep in mind that a mouse without properly working balls makes your job harder.

Have a great day
City & County Employees!

Thanks for sharing with us citizens the lighter side of City & County Government...

Monday, May 08, 2006


Congratulations to the following Democrat & Republican Committeepersons:

Bill Schmidt
Valla Ann Bolovschak
Patty Walker
Darlene McCoy
Dan Voyles
Ryan Bergman
Larry Kochert
Linda Moeller
Richard Berryman
Matthew Denison
Teresa Plaiss
Linda Berger
Mark Seabrook
Steve Mennemeyer
Ronnie Grangier
Lucille Percy
Lisa Curry
Lana Aebersold
Juanita Zeller
Esther Rhoads
Carl Schindler
Ruth Ann Becht
Myron Huth
Ron Crisp
Jennifer Mayfield
Deborah Howell
Billie Flener
Melanie Adams
Ronny Hornung
Laura Townsend
Charlie Zipp
Russ Zwilling
Dan Coffey
Mellissa Jacobs
John Coffman Jr.
Mathew Nash
Letty Walter
Stephen Nale
Wendy Stepro
Don Gibbons
Jan Rose
Pat O'Rear
Jim Goad
Lee Mook
Debra Thompson
Beth Hardin
Brenda Egge
Rick Jones
Joshua Lewis
Thomas Boofter Jr.
Paul Deorn
Scott Evans
Betty Atkins
Sue Kinney
Donald Loughmiller
Angela Thompson
Janet Hockman
Elaine Mauch
Wayne Longest
John Wilcox
Raymond Cousins
Scott Evans
Martha Prow
Edward Stoess
Thomas McCulloch
Dan Shirley
Jennifer Shoemaker
Doris Mann
Chris loop
Bruce Pelham
John Shellenberer
Jack Travillian
Sherri Kendall
Patty Nelson
Bill Ford
Dolores Von Allmen
Donna Wall
Keith Megrew
Mary Lou Tindle
Kevin Evans
Anna Leffler
Jean Ogle
Billy Haller
Mike Mills
Carole Shope
Jeff Gahan
Randall Stumler
James Hollis
Marcey Wisman
Doug England

May 16, 2006:
* Voters Registration Opens for the 2006 General Election

POLITICS 101-Lesson Number Two:
Understanding Politics

Note to: Mr. Smith
If you want to run for public office, why don't "YOU" move into the precinct where you want to run?
Rather than shaking up the whole town to redistrict & move your precinct to a new district.
You should buy a house in the district where you want to run. Like we all did.

You progressive folks still have alot to learn about New Albany Politics!

Sunday, May 07, 2006


INDIANA CODE...... 2002

IC 36-4-6-3 (b)
The legislative body shall adopt an ordinance to divide the city into six (6) districts.

IC 36-4-6-3 (g)
The divisions under subsection (b) shall be made in 2002, and every ten years after that.

On Novemebr 4, 2002, an Ordinance to redistrict was placed on the City Council agenda for a vote.



"Councilman Goldberg introducted Bill G-02-14 for the 1st reading and the motion was seconded by Councilman Coffey. A discussion ensured about the changes being requested-and shouldn't there have been a committee formed to discuss these changes?

President Schmidt assigned Councilman Goldberg, Councilman Percy and Councilman Garner to further investigate the redistricting.

The Clerk read BILL G-02-14 in it's entirety and read the roll call of membership for the first reading.

The vote for the first reading was Ayes 7 and Nays 2.
"Councilman Pearcy and Councilman James Garner voted Nay."



"Councilman Goldberg introduced Bill G-02-14 for the 2nd and 3rd readings. Councilman Pearcy suggested that this item needs further examination. Mr Pearcy ask City Attorney Keith Henderson for his opinion. Mr Henderson responded that the statue is clear. The redistricting process should have been completed by November 8. He advises against proceeding. Stan Robinson concurred with Mr. Henderson's opinion and the November 8 date.

Councilman Goldberg withdrew the bill from the table."

Freedom of Speech would like to ask the following QUESTIONS:

1. Why did Councilman James Garner vote "NO" on the first reading on the Ordinance to redistrict council districts?

2. Why did Councilman Maury Goldberg pull the ordinance to redistrict off the table and, thus, kill the ordinance?

3. Why didn't Councilman Maury Goldberg table the ordinance in order to continue the discussion?

4. The ordinance to redistrict was voted on for the first reading and was approved on November 4, 2002 which was prior to the November 8 date being discussed.

5. Did City Attorney Keith Henderson and Attorney Stan Robinson produce documentation to verify the necessary November 8th deadline to the City Council?

Freedom of Speech would also like to ask former Councilman Maury Goldberg to justify his lack of actions in regards to "Redistricting of the New Albany Districts."

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Daisy Lane Development proposal to build 162 units at top of Daisy Lane Hill.

Some points to think about:

1. The Redevelopment Commission has "NOT" held the public meetings to show the Daisy Lane residents the current proposed plans to renovate Daisy Lane. Those plans have changed repeatedly.

Question is: Does the Redevelopment Commission even have a plan?

A few years ago:
A public meeting was held at Green Valley School gym to explain the old Daisy Lane plans.

We need to request John Rosenberger, Councilman Jack Messer and Councilman Steve Price to hold that meeting before the work starts on Daisy Lane. This would show that Daisy Lane will not be built to handle any additional traffic. Only new sidewalks and curbs will be added.

2. The cries by Daisy Lane Developer Scott Adams that they have bought the land and spent so much money is "hogwash". By the way "WHO" told them to jump in and buy all that land before they had permission to build 162 Units?

The old saying is, "LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP".

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Congratulations to the following Candidates:

Mike Sodrel
Baron Hill
Darrell Mills
Lodema Applegate
Jeanie Freiberger
Roger Whaley
James Zoeller
Lee Ann Wiseheart
Don Sakal
Tom Pickett
Charles Wilson
Patty Nelson
Larry McAllister
Steve Mennemeyer
Randy Hubert
Dennis Roudenbush
Jeanetie Seewer
Carl Schindler
Barbara Sillings
Patty Walker
Rick Jones
Bill Schmidt
Carol Shope

General Election Calendar:

May 16, 2006:
* Voters Registration Opens for the 2006 General Election

October 9, 2006:
* Voters Registration Closes for the 2006 General Election

October 30, 2006:
* Deadline for absentee by mail applications to be received

November 7, 2006:
* General Election Day
(Polls are open 6:00am-6:00pm)

POLITICS 101 -Lesson Number One: Understanding Politics
"Our attitude is you have great Republicans, great Democrats and then there's the little-known third group the progressives who caused themselves to get beat."

You folks have alot to learn about New Albany Politics!