Sunday, June 29, 2008


New Albany's very own Reverend Wright aka NA Confidential, Roger Baylor continues to spew his venom towards us little people.

"God damn those little people of New Albany" he screams from his pulpit.

Sound familiar?

Freedom Of Speech members and supporters unlike Reverend [Baylor] Wright have not sold our souls to the devil or Mayor England for financial gain...

Unlike Reverend [Baylor] Wright, some people utilize e-mails, and cell phones as a form of communication between Citizen Activists Groups of Indiana.

We also obtain permission to re-print an article.

Check out our link on "Hoosiers for Fair Taxation" [VoiceOfNA]

Also scroll down and enjoy several Freedom Of Speech postings through out Hoosiers for Fair Taxation archives and 14 other Indiana blogs.

Unlike NAC, we all work together for one common goal "the taxpayers of New Albany and Indiana."

Do your homework Reverend Wright!

Wouldn't you just love to know who all we know.

Our Thanks to:

Melyssa Daughtery ~ blog administrator for Hoosiers for Fair Taxation

Attorney Abdul Hakim - Shabazz ~ blog administrator for Indiana Barrister

"We the People" are working!

One May 30, 2008, former President William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton told us this:

"The great divide in this country is not about race, gender or even income, it is by those who think they are better than everyone else and think they should play by a different set of rules."

Did we just hear a hammer hitting the nail right on the head Reverend [Baylor] Wright of New Albany?

Freedom Of Speech
Staff Members

Another "GOTCHA" moment!

Friday, June 27, 2008


A few simple rules that people in politics should follow that can save them a lot of grief and hassle.

*We figured a few more rules might be in order for those who didn't get it the first time:

* If you ever start a sentence with "Do you know who I am?" you are guaranteed a bad result

* Never do anything with anyone who doesn't have as much to lose as you do

* Discretion really is the better part of valor and never take anything personally

* It's also okay to change your mind about an issue as long as you have a well-thought out reason for doing it

* Every elected official should have to spend time in both the majority and the minority so they can know how life feels on the other side of the fence

* Stupid really is as stupid does and no one has a monopoly on it or bright ideas

* It's not your money

* Be mindful of the toes you step on today because they will be connected to the rear end you may have to kiss tomorrow

If more people would follow these rules, we'd get a lot more done in this city, granted our job would not be as interesting, but we'd still get more done!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


From The Kitchen of Obama

Take one heaping spoonful of inexperienced elitist white male seeking self-validation through exploitation of his African-American genetics. Combine two parts black liberation theology clerics spewing intolerance with two parts of unrepentant intellectuals committed to the destruction of America. Stir in one cup of militant Black wife harbouring the overwhelming desire to stick it to Whitey and one spoonful of typical white person grandmother. Mix well. Pour a gallon of anti-patriotism into tall glasses and sprinkle with naive foreign policy iterations. Serve on a platter of meaningless oratorical hyperbole with a generous dollop of wealth re-distribution. Sprinkle liberally with the zest of white guilt. Serve large portions to the undiscerning and spellbound masses convinced that the Second Coming is upon America.

Now you have the complete recipe for Disaster!

Contributor: Brad

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The Daniels administration has backed off a controversial purposed rule that critics say would have shifted the property tax burden from businesses to homeowners.

Just days before a public hearing on the issue, Cheryl Musgrave, Department of Local Government Finance commissioner, said "it is the right move, but this might not be the right time."

The change - which no longer would have focused on the current use of a property -- was contained in a proposed manual of rules for the next statewide reassessment, which is scheduled for 2011 and would affect property tax bills paid in 2012.

The manual must be adopted by July 1, and a public hearing on the issue is scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday in the Indiana Government Center Auditorium.

Indiana currently uses "market value in use" to assess property, which means an appraiser or assessor ignores what the market may dictate as the most profitable use of that property and values it according to it's current specific use.

But Musgrave and her staff wanted to move the state to "market value in exchange," which is the standard relied on predominantly in 48 other states.

Manufacturing plant "A" sells at a lower price to a buyer who plans to turn the facility into a warehouse.

Manufacturing plant "B" can then point to that sale as a similar property that sold for less in an effort to get it's own assessed value reduced. The use of the facility would no longer matter under market value in exchange.

This means assessing the property based on it's potential use.

This change may seem subtle, but it will create a new set of "winners and losers" in the property tax system.

In a perfect world, designing an assessment system from a blank slate, [we] would advocate for a market value in exchange standard.

However, the lack of knowledge regarding potentially negative impacts of this new rule leads us to recommend that the new rule NOT be adopted.

Although not directly affecting residential values, if the assessed value in one category goes down dramatically, the tax rate for everyone goes up to make up the difference.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


City of New Albany

Summary of Financing Scenarios for Proposed Economic Development Income Tax Revenue Bonds for 2008

City of New Albany Debt Limit

Pay 2007 Net Assessed Valuation.......$1,532,260,987

One third of Net Assessed
Valuation Times: 2% Debt Limit.........$510,753,66

City of New Albany Debt Limit...........$10,215,073

Economic Development Income Tax [EDIT] Revenue

2008 EDIT Revenue...........................$2,731,466

Existing Pledge of EDIT
for 2006 Lease Rental........................$114,250 - 116,750
Annually through 2021

Financing Scenarios

Maximum Proceeds with Annual Debt Service of Approximately $875,000

Par Amount of Bonds: $7,940,000

Interest Rate: 7.00%

Maximum Annual Debt Service: $874,350

Final Maturity: 1/15/2024

Approximate Term
[In Years]: 15

Project Fund: $6,800,000

Financing Scenarios

Maximum Proceeds with Annual Debt Service of Approximately $875,000

Par Amount of Bonds: $9,170,000

Interest Rate: 4.83%

Maximum Annual Debt Service: $874,622

Final Maturity: 1/15/2024

Approximate Term [In Years]: 15

Project Fund: $7,975,000

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

The problem with New Albany in the eyes of most taxpayers is that this is not a priority. Why would we want to put this debt on our children and grandchildren?

"Just to line someone else's pockets!"

Hasn't anyone ever taught these idiots the different between a WANT and a NEED?

Good Grief!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


20 of Freedom Of Speech staff members will be participating on Saturday June 21, 2008 in the upcoming 5K Walk, Run & Festival for Champion 4 Her.

Where: Festival Plaza at Waterfront Park
Cost: Festival Admission Free
$25 - Walk/Run early registration fee includes an event t-shirt while supplies last
$35 - Walk/Run late registration fee

Route: Begins at Festival Plaza and Withenspoon Street, crosses the Clark Memorial (Second Street) Bridge and returns to the start line.

Freedom Of Speech has entered two teams of Ten Runners and Walkers to compete for the various prizes.

Each team has selected the following two non-profit organizations:

The Center for Women and Families


Teams who raise a minimum of $1,000 will have a separate check- in point.

$1,000 Plaque plus an additional $100 donation to Beneficiary Partner of Choice

$2,500 Plaque plus an additional $250 donation to Beneficiary Partner of Choice

$5,000 Plaque plus an additional $500 donation to Beneficiary Partner of Choice

$10,000 and above
Plaque plus an additional 10% of total raised to Beneficiary Partner of Choice

Freedom Of Speech would like to thank all of our families, friends, supporters, and the many citizens and businesses of New Albany who have donated hundreds of dollars for the Center for Women and Families and Mayhurst.

We would also like to thank the many citizens who went door to door collecting donations!

Those nickels, dimes, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills sure add up fast.

Freedom Of Speech exceeded all of our expectations!

Thanks Again,

Freedom Of Speech Staff

We invite our community to walk, run, raise awareness, raise funds, and to celebrate the spirit of possibility!

footnote: Freedom Of Speech would like to also dedicate this race "In Loving Memory of Evelyn M. Cook" of Louisville who passed away Thursday June 19, 2008, mother of Richard and Susan Johnson.

Our Deepest Sympathy goes to the entire Johnson Family.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Same SHIT...Just a DIFFERENT Year"

Don't you just love it when you pick up your daily Tribune and the article says...New Albany council asked to appropriate $1 million - New Albany seeks to simplify spending.

"Sounds like a scam to us" - what do you think?

Sure sounds like the past when England was in office before. Doesn't this mayor ever have enough of our money?

He has the same controller Kay Garry and the rest of his buddies around him. It was interesting when going over one of his green bars we came across a very interesting name.

Freedom Of Speech would really like to know why John Mattingly was cut a check for $2,900.00?

When you think things can't get much worse you read about more appropriations brought to our council.

First of all who brings a resolution before our Council this coming Thursday for a million dollars without even giving a good reason why they should appropriate this million dollars.

Hey, President Jeff, don't you need to question this one?

"Deputy Mayor Carl Malysz and Controller Kay Garry stated: that the administration is asking for the money to be appropriated now so officials can act quickly if funding is needed, not that they have any specific projects in mind."

They just can't wait to get their grubby hands on the $1 million. Who do they think they are kidding?

They have NO APPROVED 2008 Budget.

They have only one interest and that is to bankrupt our city.

Yes, we said are spending our taxpayer dollars on raises and new cars. You are letting auxiliary people fill up their cars with gas at the station, compliments of New Albany taxpayers.

England has our Street Department Staff alternate days off when there is a neighborhood clean up. That is why they don't have time to pick trash items up or time to fill potholes because they are too busy with neighborhood associations.

Our garbage contracted company has "breached their contract" by not picking up what the contract agreement states. Now we know why the street department is complaining about not enough time and men to get the job done.

This administration has violated so many laws and our so called council is not even smart enough to realize they are going to be the ones blamed for England's mess.

You, Mr. England can always say: well the council approved it...right?

Then, we read Ron Carroll your "legal advisor" might hold off on saving us $1.5 million on the land for a new sewer plant.

Is this the same land John Mattingly owns on Hwy. 111?

What does simplify mean?

Webster definition of simplify is: a. to reduce to basic essentials b. to diminish in scope or complexity.

Surely Mr. Kaukas this was a misprint.

And BTW is Mr. Ron Carroll still working for free?

Isn't he the man who is the current President of the Board for Hughes Group?

Our next concern is this resolution way of doing taxpayer's business.

Do you taxpayers realize how many Resolutions England has rushed through since taking office?

Our question is what's the rush Doug?

Don't you think with Malysz having 30 minute work sessions they can truly understand what the hell you're all trying to pull?

After attending the last work session on TIFS and seeing Malysz spoon feed our council WE collected a nice cold case of Coors on a bet saying "this guy Malysz can talk for hours" and not say a damn thing!

Thanks Carl...

Then we have good OLE Messer being quoted as saying:

His concern is the "Police Department and Street Department."

Isn't this a "Conflict of Interest" Councilman Messer?

Freedom Of Speech feels you should abstain from voting on Police issues.
Again, we have selective enforcement, selective billing, and selective property taxes, in fact everything in this town is selective!

As we say:

" Same SHIT Just a DIFFERENT Year"


11:19 pm: Courier Journal on line Reports: England pulls his request for Ordinance for $1 million in Riverboat money. Sewer Board delays their decision to recommend "Sewer rate increase to Council."

"Smart move Doug..."

Saturday, June 07, 2008


2007 City Overtime:

January ....... $52,008.21

February...... $44,850.14

March ......... $53,806.09

April............ $69,506.46

May ............ $69,893.33

June ........... $73,122.19

July ............ $67,279.93

August........ $70,823.93

September.. $73,472.22

October...... $96,132.50


December.. $55,944.43

Source: Kay Garry Controller

If these amounts were spent as listed for City staff overtime in 2007, then, it is a fact there is a shortage of City employees. England should be giving more attention to this overtime problem before he spends millions to change one-way streets to 2 way streets.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


"For more than 90 years "Hallmark" has designed greeting cards for life special moments.

I'd like to rant about the four issues I have with store-bought greeting cards, like those produced by Hallmark in the millions.

The first is the price. On average, $4-$5 for a folded piece of a card with a stock photo and humdrum messages seems just a little overpriced to me.

Second, the messages themselves are so generically impersonal some times, I have a hard time believing you couldn't write something better yourself that's really from the heart. That's why, if I am absolutely in a rush and have no time, I'll buy a blank card and write the verse myself.

Third, the printing of the price on the back of the card, I know, I'm not cheap. But it's the first thing people look at when they're shopping for cards. It's kind of a "yes, I like that person...but only enough to buy this $5 card."

That person casually glances at the back of the card you do buy and says "hmm, they like me...I'll be moving them up my blackberry speed dial list."

Finally, it's the occasions now available:

* Congratulations on taking the toll road this morning

* Sorry to hear your ex-wife got remarried

* You had your bladder removed, and your on the mend... here's a bouquet of flowers and a box of depends

* Happy Vasectomy! Hope you feel zippy
"Cause when I had mine, I got real snippy "

* Your computer is dead, it was once so great...
Don't you regret installing Windows "98?"

* You totaled your car, and can't remember why...
could it have been that case of Bud Dry?

* "As you grow older, Mum, I think of all the gifts
you've given me. Like the need for therapy..."

If you can think of it, there's a card for it.

Argh... Sorry, rant over!"

Now back to finding that perfect Hallmark Birthday card just for you.

Happy Birthday
Freedom Of Speech Staff