Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dear Executive Editor,

First, we support Freedom of the Press and Freedom Of Speech.


First, we forget that you actually pay Roger Baylor to write this crap.

"BAYLOR: Beware, yuletide oupistophober. I'm watching."

Noneless, it is when good men sit back and do nothing that people like him get this kind of opportunity.

Secondly, we was told by Kozarovich a long time ago that if enough people wrote in to say they don't like his column, they'd get rid of it!

So what we want our readers to do is this:

If you're tired of reading crap like this, write to the Tribune to let them know that you want Roger Baylor's columns to stop running. They are giving him free space to write destructive nonsense that is unhelpful.

Here's the link to the story: BAYLOR: Beware, yuletide oupistidophbes. I'm watching. @ Then decide if this is the garbage and crap you want to read in our local Tribune newspaper.

Third, He can have his blog, but it is truly a problem that the Tribune is PAYING Baylor to put crap in there like that.

We, believe in freedom of the press, and freedom of speech, but the paper chooses NOT to put in a lot of things that need to be in there. It's high time they choose not to include this.

It's really offensive and is NOT the kind of thing that ought to be included in a decent newspaper.

But to attack Christianity and Christmas is just too much.

At the very least, the Tribune needs to know they're paying for this crap.

If you agree with us, Contact:

Tribune Publisher & Executive Editor Steve.Kozarovich@newsandtribune. com or contact him by phone: 812-206-2148 or drop him a note: 303 Scribner Drive, New Albany, IN 47150.

Tell him Roger Baylor has got to go...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Yesterday evening, at the Bank Street Brewhouse, a reindeer walked in the door, bellied up to the bar and ordered a pint. Without batting an eye, the bartender poured him a TafelBier, set it in front of the reindeer, and accepted the twenty-dollar bill from the reindeer's hoof.

As he handed the reindeer some coins in change, he said, You know, I think you're the first reindeer I've ever seen in here."

The reindeer looked hard at the hoofful of change and said, "Hmmmpf. Let me tell you something, buddy.

At these prices, I'm the last reindeer you'll see in here!"

I'm outta here... I'm going to PASTIME Bar & Grill for a real beer.

"Good choice Rudolph, I'm coming with you!"

Source: Merry Christmas from a
Loyal Reader

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


1. Why were two Sellersburg police officers directing traffic on Grantline and Daisy Lane yesterday?

2. Who will pay the loss sewer revenue once the city annex's the Charlestown Road area?

Let's just make it three questions.

3. If we do not have the employees to cover our city's needs, how can you Mr. Mayor, cover the new annexed area and how do you plan to pay for all of this....?

Hell will freeze over before you get the votes for a LOIT TAX!

Friday, December 03, 2010


An engineer (ex-NASA project director) has what we think is the near perfect solution for airport security!

Here's a solution to all the controversy over pat downs and full body scanners at the airports.

Have a booth that you must step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on you.

It would be a win-win for everyone, and there would be none of this crap about racial profiling and this method would eliminate a long and expensive trial.

Justice would be quick and swift.

Case Closed!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


U K News reported, it was a five-on-five contest involving family and friends, including Hillary Clinton, Obama's Secretary of State.

The White House's internal sports trainer, Reggie Handles, told UK News:

Hillary had him over a barrel. She was dribbling; cutting and faking like a bat out of hell.

During the second quarter Hillary broke the penetration zone with a match-up zone defense. Obama came in from the short corner, ball side, and tried to overload the zone.

That's when Hillary "bitch slapped" Barack with her bony elbow. He went down like a sack of potatoes!"

As he laid there on the court with blood flowing everywhere and his Secret Service guys laughing.

Hillary stated: Barack, this one's for the 2008 election!

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Hillary, you only have 17,999,999 left and please make the next one for us...

The British have a talent for caustic satire and painful put downs and that's a fact.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Although legend has it that this expression alludes to appropriating the estates of St. Peters Church, in Westminster, London, to pay for the repairs of St. Paul's Cathedral in the 1800s, the saying first appeared in a work by John Wycliffe about 1382.

End of our history lesson for today.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul, means to take from one to give to another, shift resources.

Did you read the Nov. 21st Tribune article:

TIF may be answer for New Albany budget deficit. England proposing $2.1 million in TIF be transferred to balance spending.

"According to Mayor Doug England, $600,000 of TIF funds can be moved to offset general fund spending without approval from the New Albany City Council. Another $1.5 million can be shifted to the Economic Development Income Tax fund if the council votes to amend some of the TIF districts, England said."

Someone once told us: If you want to know what's really going on, follow the money.

In a recent article we posted: Basic Theory of TIF, Freedom Of Speech repeats: when the TIF Bond cost are paid off, the TIF area is discontinued (rescinded) so that the tax money can help the General Fund!

When they talk about amending, that means they are planning to extend the TIF area.

Watch and see if we are right!

This is another boondoggle of England's.

What he is planning on doing is "bailing out" the Police and Fire Department with the $1.8 million instead of making the hard decisions.

As we continue to say: TIF's are killing our General Fund. They want more TIF's and less revenue.

Freedom Of Speech feels that $300,000 of EDIT should be used to rebuild Camille Wright Pool!

It's our money and we should have a right to say what it should be used for.

Reality simply doesn't matter. England will say or do anything and lie to your face, even when the facts are sitting bald and naked right in front of everybody.

It is our opinion, the only difference between Bernie Madoff and Douglas B. England is Bernie got caught and England continues to Rob Peter to Pay Paul.

It's just a matter of time...Mr. England. You just don't get it!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

H.E.L.P. BILL...

State Representative Jeff Thompson will author a H.E.L.P. bill during the upcoming General Assembly session.

H.E.L.P. is an approach that first, second and third grade teachers use to measure how well a community provides "Mature Homework Partners" to help students effectively complete meaningful homework every school day. A Mature Homework Partner can be a parent, guardian, relative, neighbor, or anyone at least 14 years of age.

The H.E.L.P. Rate is the percent of students that submit homework satisfactorily completed under the supervision of a Mature Homework Partner everyday the students attended school during the week.

Elementary school principals would be the only school officials allowed to reveal the names of Grade 1, 2, and 3 students to prospective Mature Homework Partners.

School-level efforts to provide information on effective homework supervision and coordinate the provision of Mature Homework Partners would be paid for by an annual state grant of four dollars for every Grade 1, 2, and 3 students.

Additional information about Homework Enhances Learning Potential can be found at http.//

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Obama was warned in his first week in office that the housing and job issues had to be addressed prior to anything else. He and Congress chose to go after the democrats pet project of 20 years, health care.

Over a year working on nothing but that bill producing a piece of trash legislation that has already gone past the trillion dollar cap by 4 trillion and climbing as the bits and pieces emerge from the bill.

You elected a person [not us] who has no leadership abilities and let the Congress dictate priorities.

Millions out of work and Pelosi grants millions to a mouse, turtle walks and shuts down farms in California for a fish, killing even more jobs.

The Obama White House made lots of claims about stimulus, including up to 3.6 million private sector jobs. So far they are 3.5 million jobs short.

Of some one out there soon can't figure out how to manufacture, sell and buy US goods this country is screwed no matter what happens.

Nothing this administration has done for the public has any teeth in it or a real direction out of the recession.

Home modification loans are a farse, the banks will not lend they will make it because they lose money if they for close and write it off they get more back from our tax dollars.

So, how's that "hope and change" workin for ya?

Friday, November 12, 2010


In case you've been living in a cave, there's a painful credit crunch underway. The culprit is the subprime mortgage a species of risky home loans to buyers with dubious credit and income.

Instead of letting lenders and subprime mortgage holders suffer the consequences of their actions, politicians and grievance mongers are riding to the supposed rescue. In a supreme irony, the very same champions of the needy who complain constantly about the lack of "affordable housing" are now fighting tooth and nail to keep housing prices high...

Let's boil this down to fundamentals: Why should the rest of us have to shoulder the burden because some buyers made poor choices, overextended themselves and bought more house than they could afford? And why are falling home prices such a catastrophe to be "fixed" in the first place?

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has proposed that government-sponsored mortgage enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac be allowed to raise their loan limits and have their debt explicitly guaranteed by the public dole.

Who'll bail us out from this perversion of the American Dream?

Sunday, November 07, 2010


It took six years for Valla Ann Bolovschak to make history with the Main Street Quiet Zone and it only took two years of waiting for Mayor Douglas B. England to TRY and STEAL her credit!

What do we mean?

Read this and you will be outraged:

"Train Quiet Zone Enforced In New Albany"

After a two-year process, New Albany residents have a new quiet zone for train horns along the historic East Main Street corridor following an agreement city leaders were able to reach with Norfolk Southern Railroad.

The quiet zone officially began at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

The areas affected include the crossings at East 6th, East 10th and West 14th streets.

Mayor Doug England said the city first filed notice to apply for a quiet zone April 15, 2008.

Norfolk Southern Railroad administrators said the crossings needed upgrades to let engineers know if the crossing gates and lights are properly working.

After months of negotiations, city and railroad leaders reached an agreement to install those upgrades on Nov. 17, 2009.

The work was finished last May.

The city then re-filed notice of the quiet zone last month, which was approved by the railroad and began Friday, "England said."

By Andy Alcock/ WLKY

One of the great things about blogging is the ability to present all the facts when others don't and won't.

We're talking about the Mayor and local Tribune.

However, there are somethings totally left out of the press conference and in the interview with Mayor England by WLKY.

While attending a victory celebration party for Ed Clere, there just happen to be two TVs on and what should appear, an interview and press conference with Mayor England over the new Quiet Zone.

("Talk about tooting your own horn!")

While watching this interview everyone was taken back that England was taking credit (or trying too) for all of Valla Ann's hard work. If you haven't seen the interview/press conference we suggest that you Google and type in the words: New Albany Quiet Zone.

What all this boils down to is this: The-All-About-Me-Mayor England, is a LIAR.

Yes, this time we are not going to let England slide and think he can get away with this lie.

Since Mayor England claims he done all the work on the quiet zone and he feels he deserves all the credit, we have a few questions for him to answer:

* How many pages was the Notice of Establishment you negotiated?

* What date did you received full funding approval and what was the amount?

* How was the funding obtained and from whom?

* How many gates and lights were installed?

* Why would you call a press conference and not include Valla Ann Bolovschak?

Mayor Doug England stated on tape: the city first filed notice to apply for a quiet zone April 15, 2008.

Would you like to retract your statement before we expose you for the "liar" that you are?

At least Mayor England if you are going to try and take credit for the quiet zone you ought to have done your homework before you tooted your own horn!

Now, here are the facts and they are documented:

Valla Ann received full funding approval from INDOT and Norfolk Southern, in the amount of $160,000 and $323,000 from Norfolk Southern.

In the history of Norfolk Southern they had never invested this amount of money ever in a quiet zone, but with Valla Ann's ability to negotiate she achieved the funding (no grants) and the City of New Albany received the check for $483,000.

Freedom Of Speech obtained documents dating August of 2004 reflecting acknowledgement of the financial commitments and agreement with INDOT and Norfolk Southern.

We guess England forgot he didn't take office as Mayor until 2008.

Was that "another gotcha Doug moment?"


Valla Ann presented to the England administration a 30 page Notice of Establishment. Which was already drawn up, Norfolk Southern required it to be put on City of New Albany letterhead and signed and that was it.

Matt Dennison unwilling to take educated guidance procrastinated and another glitch popped up to delay the Main Street Quiet Zone.

The only reason city had to get involved is because rules changed and power outage indicators had to be installed.

The cost was estimated about $5,000 and the final bill ended up being $15,000. Our understanding the city paid way over what power outage indicators normally cost.

After six years Valla Ann and the Citizens of New Albany finally have a quiet zone!

Freedom Of Speech believes in giving credit where credit is due.

You can expect a jealous neighbor to not say a simple "thank you", but for Doug England not to give Valla Ann the credit she deserves tells you the character and class of our mayor.

This is about principals, folks!

The sad part about all of this, on Friday evening at 12:33 am it was Valla Ann alone standing there to thank the engineers and NO one else bothered to showed up.

To Mayor England, you are always the first to want the credit, and nevcr do the work.

Have you NO shame?

Freedom Of Speech believes in giving credit where the credit is due, you never gave up, you never gave in, and your the one Valla Ann that made it happen!

Thank You,

Freedom Of Speech Staff

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


They tried to trash his image and attack his character, it did not work!

The democrat and republican voters saw right through all the mudslinging and nasty mailers.

They respect Ed Clere and what he stands for.

Freedom Of Speech is proud to have supported the best candidate. Ed Clere will again represent us all in Indianapolis.

Freedom Of Speech Staff

Thursday, October 28, 2010


This update focuses on how the 2010 property tax caps will impact Indiana's city and town municipal government.

The key points include the following:

* The 2010 property tax caps will have NO significant impact on essential service delivery by the great majority of Indiana's 566 cities and towns.

* Anyone who uses property tax caps in Indiana to justify the imposition of a LOIT Tax is making or intentionally misleading you.

* The constitutional property tax caps in Senate Joint Resolution 1 must be passed to make unconstitutional any Distressed Unit Appeals Board decision that would bypass a local taxing unit's property tax caps.

Indiana Legislative Services Agency has estimated the impact of the 2010 property tax caps on all local government units that impose a property tax. The LSA estimates compare the caps impact only to those budgeted funds that receive revenue wholly or partly from property tax levies. The full effect of the 1%-2%-3% property tax caps will first be felt in 2010- they will be phased in at a 1.5%-2.5%-3.5% level in 2009.

Indiana has 566 city and town municipal government. The great majority of cities and towns- 450 or 79.5% - will have their budged funds that include property tax levies impacted 5.0% or less by the 2010 property tax caps.

The remaining cities and towns will have their 2010 property tax funds impacted 5.1% or more: 84 cities and towns will have 5.1% to 10.0% less for their budgets, 25 cities and towns will have 10.1% to 15.0% less, and 7 cities and towns rely so much on high property taxes that their budgets will impact 15.1% or more.

Anyone familiar with their local government spending knows that a 5% reduction will have NO impact on essential service delivery. That is exactly where New Albany's at with a 5% reduction.

Tell Mr. Mayor and Shane Gibson they are both full of crap, if they tell you anything different!

Friday, October 22, 2010


It seems like to us a lot of people are trying to take credit and thank the wrong people for the Quiet Zone. Just in case you didn't get the October 20, 2010 Tribune, here it is:

* "Dealing with the railroad, we feel like it's a huge achievement," said Matt Denison, president of the Board of Public Works and Safety.

* "It's taken a long time and a lot of negotiating, and the city getting involved strongly, Mayor England said."

Then we received the following email dated October 20, 2010 and wanted to share this with you our readers:

Peter et al,

This is indeed good news, barring any unforeseen hurdles presented by Norfolk Southern, as was the case with the last Notice of Intent filed.

I certainly hope that the MSPA intends to send a formal letter of thanks to our mayor and the City of New Albany for seeing this process through despite several setbacks. While many of us advocated strongly for the quiet zone, it would not have become a reality had not the administration approved our request, allocated funding and assigned staff (namely Matt Denison), to handle the myriad, tedious details involving in the establishment of the quiet zone. Matt has been extremely professional throughout this process, and we all owe a big thank you to him. and the city, for bringing this to fruition.

Ann Streckfus

Freedom of Speech would like to ask: What in the hell is wrong with you people?

This administration has done nothing other than send the Notice of Establishment out, which Valla Ann wrote in Valparaiso with Tammy Wagner of the Federal RR administration.

All the city had to do was transfer it to their letterhead and sign it.

Our question to Ann Streckfus, why didn't you give the credit to the one person who spent her own money, time from her business and we will even bet, today Valla Ann is still talking with Norfolk Southern and INDOT checking on the Quiet Zone.

Why can't you thank the one person who raised $468,000.00 to make this project happen?

Are you that jealous of her, obsessed with her many accomplishments or even her ability to make things happen?

Are you people that selfish and stupid that you would deny her that honor or a simple "thank you?"

You people make us sick!

How about Freedom Of Speech giving credit to the "one person" who made all this possible and who made our quiet zone happen.

Let us tell the real story and forget about all the above bullshit, and crap floating around and being written in our local Tribune!

So here's the real story...

A private citizen decided about 6 years ago to make a "quiet zone" happen. Most people just turn away and hope that someone else steps up to the plate and gets it done.

Especially with a project of this caliber.

A private citizen and business owner Valla Ann Bolovschak has been working diligently for about 6 years on completing the requirements in order for the crossings between Fifth Street to 14th streets to qualify for the "Quiet Zone" designation.

Now we are not talking about making a few phone calls, calling INDOT or calling Norfolk railroad or even sending several faxes.

We are talking about trips to Virginia, Chicago and hosting several meetings with Norfolk representatives at her Admiral Bicknell Inn.

That's not even counting many meetings and several trips she made to Indianapolis to meet with INDOT at her own expense.

Does any one of our readers remember that famous January 5, 2005 council meeting?

Yes, we are talking about Valla Ann confronting Mayor Garner about not attending Norfolk Southern meetings and her famous line was "Jimmy G. you work for me."

(That was truly a night to remember, one of the best council meetings we ever attended.)

When we researched the process of a "Quiet Zone" procedure we were amazed how she was able to complete this task so quickly and other various projects that she was totally committed to.

Why Valla Ann took on this project:

* Establishing a "Quiet Zone" would have a positive impact on property values and tax assessments, thereby increasing revenue for the city

* Enacting a "Quiet Zone" will greatly enhance our "Quality of Life," for area residents which is one of Valla Ann's priorities for her neighbor's and the City of New Albany

A WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved!

Valla Ann started this back in 2004. She established the good relationships with Norfolk Southern, the Federal RR administration and INDOT to raise the money

Valla Ann actually negotiated with Norfolk and INDOT and raised
$483,000 worth of improvements to make this project happen!
This does not mean that they will never again sound their horns. It WILL mean that they don't have to unless they perceive a need to do so.

This, our readers of Freedom Of Speech, is a fine example of determination, hard work, long hours, to see a project through.

It also shows that problems we have in New Albany that there are solutions.

You just got to roll up your sleeves, do your homework, over come obstacles, find solutions, and have the conviction and passion to make a project of this caliber happen like Valla Ann Bolovschak did.

Anyone interested in the other details or facts can contact Valla Ann.

She will show you her file drawers of paperwork from 2004 forward that authenticate her journey.

Nobody on Main Street or in this administration has a clue, she did this Quiet Zone pretty much solo because nobody had the patience and determination that she did to complete.

Congratulation Valla Ann our entire community benefits when it's a WIN-WIN situation like this for all of us. It has been a long journey for you in getting this Quiet Zone but we always knew you would make this happen.

Patience is a virtue and six years has been a long time, but look at the end results you achieved!

We the citizens, of New Albany would like to publicly "Thank You, Valla Ann" for our new "Quiet Zone." New Albany will be the 5th Quiet Zone in the entire State of Indiana.

Let's celebrate on November 4th and 12th when the parties involved will be here!

Freedom Of Speech Staff

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

VOTE "YES"....NOVEMBER 2, 2010

Public Question #1

Constitutional Amendment

Shall Property Taxes be limited for all classes of Property by amending the Constitution of the State of Indiana to do the following:

(1) Limit a taxpayer's annual property tax bill to the following percentages of gross assessed value.

(A) 1% for an owner-occupied primary residence (homestead)

(B) 2% for residential property, other than an owner-occupied primary residence, including apartments

(C) 2% for agricultural land

(D) 3% for other real property

(E) 3% for personal property

The above percentages exclude any property taxes imposed after being approved by the voters in a referendum

(2) Specify that the General Assembly may grant a property tax exemption in the form of a deduction or credit and exempt a mobile home used as a primary residence to the same extent as real property.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Why should we homeowners have to find room in our budgets for income or other tax increases? Why should we do with less so that our local government can get larger and more bureaucratic and unfair?

We want local government to find room in their budgets to cut excessive spending and stop mismanagement of our tax dollars.

If our bond rating goes down because our incomes goes down, is that necessarily a bad thing? We don't want local government borrowing more money because HELLO...we can't pay it back!

Our local debt to income ratio is out of control.

Raising property taxes is not the answer, when our local government doesn't give a damn about us property owners!

Local taxpayers are also wiser now to local government of "bait and switch" with our money. We know you use our homes as collateral, we know you are only doing something now because there was public outrage, and we know you are all afraid for your you should be!

Most of you won't see another term in office.

"VOTE ~YES on November 2, 2010."

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This is Freedom Of Speech, and we approve this message:

It's coming time for us to vote on our elected representatives but today there are so many negative ads about Ed Clere.

The negative ads that we've seen come out by Shane Gibson "dodge the real issues we face, what he really believes, and what he stands for! "

Any candidate who has to stoop to insult their opponent instead of speaking of their own ideas and voting record immediately looses our vote.

"Personally, we are sick of it."

Stand on your record as City Attorney and see how far you get.

Talk about the $450,000 you cost us in the Georgetown Sewer deal.

Is it true Mr. Gibson you collect 4 % of any bonds issued by the city in addition to your $150,000 salary?

Tell the people how you refused to sign sewer liens and you are for the LOIT Tax, against Property Tax Caps and you wanting us taxpayers to foot the bill for city employee health care.

And, what about the times you've mislead our council with half truths?

Here's our philosophy, Shane: If you go into a job interview for upper management (or any job, period), you demonstrate your own abilities, and you NEVER belittle your competition. Why should politics be any different? As the people doing the hiring, we shouldn't put up with this bull-shit of your... mudslinging!

How dare you blame Mr. Clere for the closing of four schools!!!

That is a damn LIE and you know it!

Ed Clere stands WITH the citizens of New Albany, but what about you Mr. Gibson?

So what if Ed Clere done something in college 17 years ago. Has anyone bothered to call him and ask him what it was he did?

We did, and it is typical College Fraternity Hazing...

Our turn is coming and it's coming November 2 and we're going to vote!

The time has come to step up and to perform our duty as citizens of New Albany and to quit
sitting on the sidelines - bitching our way through our city's issues.

It's time you talk about what you bring to the table and what your record is Mr. Gibson, Ed Clere has proven to us citizens what he can do and has done for our city.

Be an informed voter, ask yourselves one question: what has Shane Gibson ever done for the Citizens of New Albany?

Friday, October 15, 2010


Benefit Concert for Trent Waggoner
Sunday, October 17 at 12:00pm
Location: Steinert's Grill & Pub

Monday, October 11, 2010


As Hillary departs for the Balkans and Bill is campaigning in Louisville, Kentucky today.

Freedom Of Speech staff would like to wish them a "Happy 35th Anniversary" to a beautiful couple, and Godspeed Madam Secretary on your mission!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Would Mayor England pay US for all the information we got on him?

We wonder where all of England's skeletons are buried?

Would our readers like to hear what Charlie Pride (State Board Of Accounts) told us about the City of New Albany?

Enjoy Harvest Homecoming this weekend.

We've got a lot to share with our readers and even our enemies. So check back next week!

We're taking the weekend off so we can enjoy Harvest Homecoming too.

Happy Harvest Homecoming,
Freedom Of Speech Staff

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Answer: New Albany Police Chief Crabtree.

Rumor (fact) is over the next few days there will be a new Police Chief.

Guess who that will be?

Answer: Todd Bailey

Anyone want to put "money" on this upcoming....Dog and Pony show?

We sure hope for Mr. Bailey's sake he didn't visit Doug's tailor in Louisville...

footnote: Will England ever learn in a town of about 37,000 citizens, some people just can't keep a secret or keep their big mouth shut!

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Happy Harvest Homecoming, to all of our readers and fans!

Enjoy the parade today.

Freedom Of Speech Staff

footnote: Over the next few months we will present to you our readers: The case against Douglas B. England.

Friday, October 01, 2010


Let's be realistic. The 6 main causes of New Albany's budget mess are:

1. To many TIF'S

2. Giving to many Tax Abatements

3. Mismanagement of Tax Dollars

4. Misappropriation of Tax Dollars

5. Police & Fire get eighty five cents out of every dollar of our General Fund

6. Malfeasance

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Our city is facing the financial abyss, and the Mayor and the council, we the voters elected to represent our best interest, either can't or won't take the steps necessary to correct the problems we face.

What has to happen before the council and the mayor get their act together?


Let's hope not, but don't hold your breath.

If England can get $70,000 for One Southern Indiana, he can appropriate another $70,000 for an audit of the General Fund, Sewers, and Stormwater!

For England to stand before citizens, Council and Councilman Price and call him a "smart-ass" who in the hell does he think he is?

For Haub to tell Councilman Price I have a message from the police officer to the citizens and him: "Fuck You!" we'll take you to arbitration and not take the health care.

Our reply, Mr. Haub: "Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out of the NAPD. You chose that job, stop whining, Charlestown, Clarksville and Jeff ARE hiring!

Why can't the police and fire be satisfied using 85% of our city budget?

Don't we citizens deserve better than this?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Join us in the local fight against HIV/AIDS!

The 18th Anniversary Louisville AIDS Walk provides funding for multiple, local, non-profit organizations that deliver a myriad of support services for our neighbors who are living with HIV/AIDS.

Sunday, September 26, 2010 Louisville AIDS Walk 5K Run and Pet Walk.
Freedom Of Speech will have 6 staff members running the 5K in Joshua's Memory.

Joshua contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion when he was only 3 months old. Our special little friend died at the age of 9.

Freedom Of Speech will match dollar for dollar that is raised in Memory of Joshua.

To donate $10 text commit to 20222 standard messaging rates may apply.
We miss and love you Joshua!
Freedom Of Speech Staff

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Did you notice several comments in his announcement:

* 1. "He said he is selling his house in hopes of moving to the downtown district."

2. Many city employees were spotted going into the Culbertson West reception hall along Main Street. (Be sure and check out the photo appearing in the Tribune today and see.)

3. England stated, he's stands with the Police and Fire.

4. "However, England said we are going to build a water park (pool) and a sports complex."

A question for Democrat Chairman John Wilcox.

Since you are the democrat chairman of the party why are you coming out in England's support when there will be other democrats running for mayor?

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Over the next few month's we are going to present the case AGAINST soon to be former Mayor Douglas B. England.

"The best an Educated Voter!"

This will fun!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Of course England will run...The question is will the scumbag win?

He wants that free Riverfront Condo, and if he runs he can be beat.

Obviously, a lot of voters have a lot to learn about kickbacks, mismanagement, misappropriation and malfeasance of funds before 2011!

Maybe an unknown can come from the shadows and lead this city out of destruction, corruption and financial disaster.

If England decides not to run, we sincerely hope that in his retirement, England, Carl Malysz, John Rosenbarger, Shane Gibson and Kay Garry, moves to some remote Caribbean Island that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the United States.

God help and God bless the citizens of New Albany.

footnote: Maybe it's time for Lil Steve to put down his guitar, cut his hair and shave, so he can clean this city up.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


There's plenty of speculation who will run against Obama in 2012.

Nevertheless, the first television ad for the 2012 election supports Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president.

A Chicago dentist named William De Jean spent $5,000 to create the ad, which is currently airing in Washington, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles and Houston as well.

We saw it during our brief visit in Washington.

"I'm a dentist and I don't think this country is headed in the right direction, "he told CNN. He said Clinton is the "most qualified" to be president.

The ad is 30 seconds long of pure adulation, with a portrait of Clinton rotating to symphonic music.

"She has more experience working in and with the White House than most living presidents," the caption reads. "She is one of the most admired women in our nation's history. Let's make sure the president we should have elected in 2008 will be on the ballot in 2012."

"When there's a Hill, there's a way."

In our opinion, we need the Clinton's back in the White House to fix this country!

Run Hillary Run....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Do you have an ink pen, pencil or crayola and a scratch piece of paper handy?

No, you say? Will wait!

Ok, folks...

Now write this down and do the math.

Police, Fire and Communications
bailout - $2,000,000.00

City Annexation - Fire District
repayment back to the County - $2,000,000.00

Healthcare for city employees, we would
pay $500.00 per single employee and
$1,000.00 for a family plan = $ ?

1% Longevity paid to Police and Fire = $ ?

$70,000 to One Southern
Indiana - $70,000 out of EDIT

$150,000 to TG Missouri - $150,000 out of EDIT

Did we forget anything?

"In the August 26, 2010 Evening News and Tribune. City Attorney Shane Gibson and City Controller Kay Garry presented summaries of the financial balances in the three reserve accounts being considered - EDIT, rainy day and riverboat-which equate to about $4.4 million in unemcubered funds for the rest of the year."



"Gibson said that included in the budget projections is a stipend to be paid by the city to employees that take the HSA option. A single-buyer would get $500 deposited into itheir HSA account, and a worker on the family plan would get $1,000 only in 2011 under the administration proposal."

Do the math...folks!

Where is all this money going to come from?

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

How do you feel about England using YOUR tax dollars to pay city employees healthcare, when most of you can't afford your own healthcare?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A message to Roger Baylor:

Since you seem to have so much time on your hands, why don't you come out from behind your keyboard and get Southern Indiana (New Albany) to line up on the bridges with signs and protest the toll.

It's really not that hard Mr. Baylor, if you are as strong in your convictions to stop this toll.

It's a lot easier to sit behind a keyboard instead of standing up to fight (an issue) for which you believe in!

Sometimes Roger, you just have to offer more than LIP service.

Take the advice of a group who stood in four inches of snow, (several times) and fought for Property Tax Caps, along with many others who stood for what they believed in.

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease and the loudest complaints get the most attention."

Look it up in the urban dictionary: It means that if you bitch longer and loud enough, you eventually get your way.

Btw, Freedom Of Speech supports "NO" toll fees.

Footnote: Leaders lead, followers follow and actions speak louder than words.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


In our current political environment it's ok for liberals to protest about an issue in which they disagree while launching sortie after sortie of untruth's.

But, let conservatives [like us] try to express a well thought out opinion based on facts, and he or she is labeled un-American or a political terrorist.

Damn you...Representative Baron Hill!

We're happy to finally meet and see not only conservatives, but average Americans, stand up and speak their minds. Clearly, these town hall meeting and the 1stMarch on Washington showed that the average American is concerned about the socialistic direction in which the Obama administration is trying to take the country.

Regardless of what the left wishes for you to believe, this IS "Democracy in Action."

These people ARE the MOST American because they care about how American will look in 5, 10, or 20 years, and they are willing to speak up about it.

We understand that Obama's vision of "hope and change" will ultimately result in "ropes and chains" for America as our freedoms continue to erode.

Look at our city, what did England's campaign of "change" get us?

Nothing but the same ole Tax & Spend and Campaign Promise paybacks!

This is the late 80's an 90's all over again!

Wake up New Albany and America, our city and country is in big trouble!

Remember when Pelosi loved it when the anti-war demonstrators appeared at one of her speeches. So much in fact, that she paraded them up front and had them stand in front of the podium while she finished her speech.

Now, because WE disagree with her and her liberal colleagues like [Baron Hill] we are branded as un-American, nazis, political terrorist, brown shirts, and mouth pieces for the RNC.

Do you want to know what is un-American?

* $787 billion Stimulus Bill

* Tarps

* Golden parachute

* $8 billion IN earmark funding

* Auto, Bank, and Insurance bailouts

* Wall Street

* Bailout of Fannie and Freddie

* Healthcare Bill


* 34 Czars

That is what is un-American!

A word for President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara "Senator" Boxer, Baron Hill, Doug England and the rest.

Our anger is real, and we don't need the RNC or any other organization telling us what to say or think.

We are Americans, and we know how to speak for ourselves.

Moreover, we know how to correct problems at the ballot box when our so called representatives and elected officials fail to hear us.

"A Proud Group of "American" Political Terrorist!"

God Bless America...

Friday, September 10, 2010


Get ready Pelosi, Reid and Obama here "We the People Come!"

Sunday, the people will once again converge on Capital Hill to make their voices heard. Congress didn't listen to the people in September 2009 at the Taxpayer March on DC. They didn't listen in November when the people showed up by the thousands for Rep. Bachmann's House call.

They haven't listen to your phone calls, emails, letters and faxes over the past eighteen months and they still passed ObamaCare.

We will remind them once again that we are watching their votes, and we will remember come election time.

Sunday looks like it will be nice 82 degrees and partly cloudy, great protesting weather.

"Let's just see how FAST Obama get's out of Washington this weekend!"

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Food!!! Fun!!! Candidates!!!

Date: Sunday, September 12th

Time: 12:00 p.m.

Garry E. Cavan Park
aka Edwardsville Park
6485 Corydon Ridge Road

Shelter #1-large covered barn

Please bring a covered dish or desert to share, all additional dinner items will be provided.

Friday, September 03, 2010

COUNTDOWN TO 09.12.10....

We The People...have had enough of the out of control spending, the bailouts, the growth of big government and the soaring deficits.

We reject the future tax increases to pay for all of this spending and debt down the road.

We are gathering to deliver our message in person!


Monday, August 30, 2010


On Tuesday, November 2, 2010, Hoosier voters will decide in a referendum whether or not they want the property tax caps placed in the Indiana Constitution.

The referendum requires a majority to make the caps permanent and place them in the Constitution.

If voters approve the referendum, property tax rates would be capped at 1 % for owner-occupied homes, 2 % for rental properties and farmland and 3% for business and industrial properties.

Property taxes have impacted most Hoosiers throughout the state; some counties have been hit harder than others. It should be up to the voters to decide whether or not the caps should be made permanent and just how much local government they can live with and live without.

Vote Yes!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


The issue that caught our attention was the recent attack on School Board Vice President Mrs. Gardenour at a recent School Board meeting.

We thought the School Boards primary responsibilities are to:

* Set the vision and goals for the district

* Adopt policies that give the districts direction to set priorities and achieve it's goals

* Hire and evaluate the superintendent

* Adopt and oversee the annual budget

* Manage the collective bargaining process for employees of the district

We have attended a few school board meetings and found a typical meeting will include many business items, such as approving the school calendar, adopting curriculum, overseeing construction, and approving contracts without side vendors.

Maybe the following School Board members: Neal Smith, DJ Hines, Mark Boone and School Board President Roger Whaley needs to figure out what the real definition of transparency is.

In fact we'll do it for them.

Definition of transparency: the condition in which nothing is hidden.

What others had to say:

Elaine wrote: "Yes the Superintendent was picked by the board and they are his boss. For him to insist that they be his puppet is ridiculous. And the media and the public has every right to know what is going on during the meetings."

Gail Parish wrote: "This is America this is a democracy not a dictatorship and every person be they on the board or not has a right to disagree with the superintendent AND speak to the press. I think it's called Freedom Of Speech."

Mark said it best: "I find it odd that a majority voted to remove Gardenour from her VP post but then voted to remove or severely edit most of the items that she objected to. Perhaps some of the majority may want to examine their own hatred. They obviously agreed with her points."

Source: New Albany Tribune

We totally agree Mark!

Freedom Of Speech would like to add and state our position on this issue:

In our opinion, it is sad and unfortunate that D.J. Hines, and Neal Smith did not have enough confidence in their own arguments that they resorted to behind the scenes tactics along with School Board President Roger Whaley to attempt to oust Mrs. Gardenour as Vice President.

Unfortunately, Mark Boone new to the School Board chose to be a part of this misguided effort.

We also believe the citizens of New Albany, for whom they are accountable need to understand what happened and why it must not be tolerated.

Was this political or personal?

We say both!

Is the School Board now fracturing into an us-versus-them mentality that will result in bruising power struggles over key decisions?

Board members aren't elected to warm seats, build power bases, belittle other school board members, dole out personal favors or take advantage of what few perks come with the office.

Board members are elected to ask questions, to closely scrutinize budgets for waste and make difficult decisions about spending limited funds. They're supposed to hold staff accountable for explaining proposals so that the public understands what's happening in their schools.

Our community needed to know that these four school board members and Asst. Supt. Brad Snyder was about to pull the wool over their eyes and Mrs. Gardenour was not about to let this happen!

If you know anything about Mrs. Gardenour, she would never be a rubber stamp for the School Board or any board she might sit on.

And if you ever think this woman is a "coward" you are in for a fight as she has never been one to back down from a fight or what she believes in.

She makes her decisions based on facts, and believes in accountability, checks and balances and transparency.

We applaud School Board Vice President Rebecca Gardenour for standing up and taking those personal attacks.

Most citizens knows this was nothing but a set up and these School Board Members were out of their league when they chose to take Gardenour on.

As Kevin Bacon said in "A Few Good Men," those are the facts of the case and they are not up to dispute.

Footnote: To all our readers. We ask that you contact the following School Board members and voice your opinion on their personal attack of Mrs. Gardenour and transparency:

Roger Whaley, President:
D.J. Hines, Member:
Mark Boone, Member:
Neal Smith, Member:

Sunday, August 22, 2010


General Fund Year End (Deficit)/Surplus:

Mayor James Garner:

2004 - Deficit.....$2,794,627
2005 - Deficit.....$640,833
2006 - Deficit.....$1,695,512
2007 - Deficit.....$2,218,707

Mayor Doug England:

2008 - Deficit....$2,335,047
2009 - Deficit....$2,558,158
2010 - Deficit....$1,778,766

Like no one saw this coming?

England Plan 2011 - Deficit....$752,056
England Plan 2012 - Surplus..$200,596

We sure hope he didn't purchase any pain medicine from our favorite Assessor. Because this guy is totally fried if he thinks people will buy his recent scam and besides he'll not be elected again, he's as toxic as Obama is to the Democrat Party.

England claims our city is underfunded, but "we all know" he has mismanaged our money!

This is what happens when you just keep spending and spending like there's no tomorrow.

There are no pleasant (easy) fiscal options left for heavily indebted cities like New Albany anymore.

We are bankrupt.

The time to trim the bloated union payroll and cut retirement benefits is long past. Quit screwing around Doug and do what needs to be done!

Gotta love England's strong arm tactics...first, they are given generous raises, by the City Council...then he turns around and raises fees. Now, he's threatened to close a firehouse and lay off Firefighters.

Has anyone notice he never threatens the Police with layoffs?

He then comes up with a current "scam" for cutting employee insurance and we taxpayers will pick up the tab.

The Madoff caper is a drop in the bucket compared to what the last four mayors (England, Overton, Garner and England again) have done to the citizens of New Albany.

At least Bernard Madoff went to prison!

So now what, Mayor Doug????

You'd better talk to your "hand-picked" board members, your illegal Deputy Mayor and your over priced City Attorney.

What a racket you all have going on. And all at the expense of the taxpayers.

The City of New Albany has the making for a new movie that will be titled "Scam City!"

"Vote them all out in 2011!"

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today President Clinton celebrates his 64th birthday. Given the scare he gave his loving wife and daughter this past winter, we hope he celebrates many, many more. We think Mr. President's birthday week is a good time to reintroduce his hugs and kisses with Madam Secretary.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many more with your lovely partner for life!

Freedom Of Speech Staff

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Will five council members finally stand up to Mayor England this Thursday?

We believe the council will get a "wake -up call" from the public regarding Police, Fire and the Communication Department at this Thursday's council meeting.

Mayor England is banking on, but believes that with $2 million needed, "they'll hit the snooze button" and will they crumble under his threats and pressure?

Will Dan Coffey finally vote "no" against giving $2 million to Police, Fire, and Communications to save his council seat?

Will Officer and Councilman Messer stand up and vote "no" and explain how the New Albany Police Department continues mismanaging our tax dollars to pad their salaries for a bigger retirement check?

Will Diane Benedetti break the chains of bondage from Doug England, or is she just blowing smoke up our butts.... when she states she is now a "no" vote against funding the police and fire.

We only need five votes folks, do five of the nine council members plan on running for re-election in 2011?

You five sure don't want to get caught making a choice that may come back to haunt you in 2011.

We have been told if the 2011 primary was held today the Mayor and several Council members would be voted out of office.

Our final thoughts:

Who is printing up "Wanted Dead or Alive" posters against Councilman Jack Messer and is that legal?

Why is Police Officer Isom in Car - 272, hassling Councilman Price?

Maybe it's time for us citizens to file a complaint with the Indiana State Police and let them investigate the City of New Albany.

To many questions and not enough answers!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


77 Days - until the Polls open November 2, 2010 and the great "Ejection Election" begins.

We feel a tingle up our leg, to borrow a phrase from Chris Mathews.

As the time draws near we do believe the time for bleating over Obama is past. We all know what he is and is not.

In the final push to November there are great Conservative candidates out there deserving of our support.

The clock is ticking on the days of one party rule in D.C. We know the country craves the kind of leadership that will bring us back to the economic growth, fiscal responsibility, and limited government that has made this country great.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


(1) "Beyond that, it may surprise you to know that property taxes in New Albany used to be calculated at a much higher rate than they are now. Even with trending, we pay less per assessed value than the locals did even during the Depression."

"Property tax rates have not dramatically increased over the past few decades. They're actually decreased over that stretch and Indiana ranks low nationally in terms of the average tax burden on citizens."

Freedom Of Speech would like to know what city you live in, surely not New Albany?

(2) "Given the fact that the board could now see the end of rigid EPA monitoring and the end of the environmental consent decree."

Freedom Of Speech would like to say we heard from (promoted) EPA Supervisor of District Five, Mrs. Barbara Vantil that New Albany will not see the end of their rigid EPA monitoring for a long, long time!

(3) "But voting no without a legitimate plan to cut future expenses while protecting the city would be a foolish move."

(4) "The administration believes annexing the Charlestown Road commercial corridor effective in 2012 will boost the general fund in 2013"

(5) "England added that he doesn't support closing a fire house or firing employees due to safety concerns."

(6) "He said the city has no intentions at this point of paying the township."

(7) "One Southern Indiana's involvement has aided in the creation of 1,600 jobs, $62 million in payroll $82.5 million in new, taxable capital in New Albany."

(8) "Haub said the police union didn't ask for raises this year because it knew the condition of the city's general fund."

(9) "England defended his police and fire chiefs, as he said they are managing their budgets as tight as they can."

Best comments so far:

(1) "If we don't get a mayor willing to deal with the contracts, I don't know how we can."

(2) "There were accusations made by Councilman Jack Messer that police mismanagement of staff has increased overtime pay unnecessarily."

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

One, this is the most narcissistic Mayor and dysfunctional council we've ever seen.

It's time to take politics out of the decision making. Stop the personal agendas, cutting of deals, and political paybacks and favors. It's time for the Mayor and Council members to make the hard decisions.

It is our opinion that the local newspaper (Tribune) needs to stick to reporting the news, instead of playing politics!

We've read enough lies in our local newspaper over the last two years to last us all a life time.

When is enough a enough?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


How long has it been since you last received a raise from your employer?

Let us show you what certain employees are making an asking for more $ in 2011:

2010 Salaries -2011 Salaries with 3% Raise

2010-C. Cotner - $30,538.35 - 2011 - $31,454.80 Mayor's Asst.

2010-K. Garry - $38,522.25 - 2011 - $39,677.90 Controller (See Sewer)

2010-S. Boofter - $33,102.00 - 2011 - $34,095.05 Sep. Controller

2010-D. Clark - $26,758.50 - 2011 - $27,545.80 Payroll Clerk

2010-M. Millburn - $22,068.45 - 2011 - $22,735.50 Clerk's Clerk

2010-B. Berger - $32,146.20 - 2011 - $33,110.60 Code Enforcement

2010-T. Teives - $35,000.00 - Code Enforcement

2010-T. Zeller - $12.00 hr. part time and now full time at ?$ - Code Enforcement

2010-K. Smith - $26,000 - 2011 - $26,780 Atty. Asst.

2010-M. Dennison - $35,000 - 2011 - $33,110.60 Asst. Director Operations

2010-P. Link - $23,852 - 2011 - $24,567 Public Safety Clerk

2010-M. Jefferies - $23,935.50 - 2011 - $24,653.55 Records Clerk

2010-P. Rainey - $23,935.50 - 2011 - $24,653.55 Records Clerk

2010-S. Barger - $23,935.50 - 2011 -24,653.55 Records Clerk

2010-D. Smith - $28,597.05 - 2011 - $29,454.95 Parking Violations Officer plus 2010 - $10,384.00 -2011 - $10,384.00 Abandon Vehicle Officer

2010-T. Hammond - $24,262.20 - 2011 - $24,990.05 Fire Secretary

2010-D. Hall - $38,286 - 2011 - $39,434.55 Dir. Animal Control

2010-T. Stilger - $28,134 - 2011 - $28,978 Animal Ctrl. Coordinator

2010-C. Mooser - $26,563.95 - 2011 - $27,260.85 - Animal Care Coordinator

open position - $22,287 - 2011 - $22,955.67 Animal Ctr. Officer

open position - $22,287 - 2011 - $22,955.75 Animal. Adoption Coordinator.

2010-J. Dolan - $27,299.70 - 2011 - $28,118.70 Vet Technician

2010-R. Jefferies - $50,307.20 - 2011 - $51,816.40 Parks Director

2010-K. Wilkerson - $46,899 - 2011 - $48,306 Recreation Dir.

2010-G. Huber - $39,519.90 - 2011 - $40,705.50 Maintenance Director

2010-G. Houston - $33,805.35 - 2011 - $35,495.20 SISC Manager

2010-B. Mastin - $33,119.55 - 2011 - $ 34,775.50 Athletic Director

2010-A. Miller - $33,280.20 - 2011 - $34,944.20 Program Coordinator.

2010-S. Crispin - $30,096.90 - 2011 - $31,000.00 Operation Coordinator.
Open position - 2010 - $25,000.00 Recreation Coordinator.

2010-V. Macom - $22,501.80 - 2011 - $23,176.85 Clerk

2010-Pam Badger - $25,203.15 2011 - $25,959.25 Pay/Claims

2010-Cindy Krauss - $37,384.20 - 2011 - $38,505.75 Financial/ Compliance Manager

2010-S. Holmes - $31,074.30 - 2011 - $32,006.50 Public Services/ Facilities Spec.

2010-J. Collier - $23,849.10 - 2011 - $24,564.60 Clerk/Typist/Recept.

Open position - 2010- $24,260 - 2011 - Adm. Asst.

Open position - 2010 - $37,364 - Rehab. Services

* 5 Maintenance @ hourly Rate of $13.85

* (Some of above reimbursed when carry pager)

2010 Salaries - 2011 Salaries listed below with a 4% Raise:

C. Malysz - 2010 - $41,224.95 Plan Commission
C. Malysz - 2010 - $28,674.80 Economic Dev.
C. Malysz - 2010 - $5,100.00 Redevelopment

John Rosenbarger - 2010 - $66,238 - 2011 - $68,226 TIF Project Coordinator

T. Marinaro - 2010 - $55,000.00 - 2011 - $56,650.00 Engineer (50% Sewer, 25% Stormwater, 25% Board of Works)

Scott Wood - 2010 - $50,720.85 - 2011 - $52,242.45 Asst. Director

K. Streips - 2010 - $34,020 - 2011 - $35,721 Planner

K. Cousins - 2010 - $24,853.50 - $26,096.15 Adm. Asst.

Attorney - 2010 - $13,560.75 - 2011 - $13,967.50

* (The Plan Commission put in for an 8% raise)

D. Brewer - 2010 - $43,377.10 - 2011 - $44,699 Bldg. Director

B. Lenz - 2010 - $35,896.50 - 2011 - $36,973.40

open position - 2010 - $35,896.50 - 2011 - $36,973.40

R. Bruner - 2010 - $23,577.55 - 2011 - $24,285.10

M. Thompson - 2010 - $42,627.60 - 2011 - $44,758.95 Street Comm.

J. Johnson - 2010 - $34,627.50 - 2011 -$35,666.30 Garage Supv.

Source: Kay Garry, City Controller

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

What about the additional pay for sitting on all those boards?

We think the city employees should fore go raises for the next two years. They should thank their lucky stars that they still have a job in the midst of this deep recession, and that their job provides them with health insurance, retirement, paid holidays, vacation and sick days.

To keep asking for, more, and more when so many others are suffering is insensitive at best and selfish at worst.

Do the math, the money has run out!

EDIT will be cut 18 to 20% next year. England "does not" have the votes for a LOIT Tax, annexation will increase fees and loss of more revenue.

The Police, Fire and Communication still wants $1.8 million.

"Same ole - SHIT... just a different year."

Right, Mr. Mayor?

Our New City Slogan should be:"Hope For Real Change in 2011!"