Sunday, September 12, 2010


In our current political environment it's ok for liberals to protest about an issue in which they disagree while launching sortie after sortie of untruth's.

But, let conservatives [like us] try to express a well thought out opinion based on facts, and he or she is labeled un-American or a political terrorist.

Damn you...Representative Baron Hill!

We're happy to finally meet and see not only conservatives, but average Americans, stand up and speak their minds. Clearly, these town hall meeting and the 1stMarch on Washington showed that the average American is concerned about the socialistic direction in which the Obama administration is trying to take the country.

Regardless of what the left wishes for you to believe, this IS "Democracy in Action."

These people ARE the MOST American because they care about how American will look in 5, 10, or 20 years, and they are willing to speak up about it.

We understand that Obama's vision of "hope and change" will ultimately result in "ropes and chains" for America as our freedoms continue to erode.

Look at our city, what did England's campaign of "change" get us?

Nothing but the same ole Tax & Spend and Campaign Promise paybacks!

This is the late 80's an 90's all over again!

Wake up New Albany and America, our city and country is in big trouble!

Remember when Pelosi loved it when the anti-war demonstrators appeared at one of her speeches. So much in fact, that she paraded them up front and had them stand in front of the podium while she finished her speech.

Now, because WE disagree with her and her liberal colleagues like [Baron Hill] we are branded as un-American, nazis, political terrorist, brown shirts, and mouth pieces for the RNC.

Do you want to know what is un-American?

* $787 billion Stimulus Bill

* Tarps

* Golden parachute

* $8 billion IN earmark funding

* Auto, Bank, and Insurance bailouts

* Wall Street

* Bailout of Fannie and Freddie

* Healthcare Bill


* 34 Czars

That is what is un-American!

A word for President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara "Senator" Boxer, Baron Hill, Doug England and the rest.

Our anger is real, and we don't need the RNC or any other organization telling us what to say or think.

We are Americans, and we know how to speak for ourselves.

Moreover, we know how to correct problems at the ballot box when our so called representatives and elected officials fail to hear us.

"A Proud Group of "American" Political Terrorist!"

God Bless America...