Thursday, December 31, 2009


16 percent picked Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton as the most admired woman in America. Sarah Palin was second with 15%. Daytime talk show host Oprah Winfrey came in third with 8 percent, edging out first lady Michelle Obama.

Over the last seventeen years Mrs. Clinton has been voted fourteen times "the most admired woman in America."

Love her or hate is what it is!

We maintain that both Clinton and Palin are amongst the best things to happen to the 2009 Democratic Party since Watergate.

Now, THAT is "hope" and "change" we can believe in.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

THE WORST OF 2009...

10. PNC Bank files for payment of Linden Meadows

9. Daisy Lane work over Budget

8. New Albany councilwomen says "I'm innocent"

7. New Albany Sewer Board lowers penalty, ask Georgetown for $25,000

6. Gibson: New Albany didn't have funds to prevent Aug. 10 flood

5. State Audit raises questions about New Albany's bookkeeping

4. New Albany City Council keeps it's healthcare

3. Council says no to flooding, police funding request

2. EPA looking into complaints in New Albany again

1. Two years of Reign: Mayor England reflects..."

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

You call this leadership, Mr. Mayor?

England is committed to seeking re-election in 2011.

Surely, that was a joke or a misprint?

Not only he shouldn't be our mayor again, he needs to be responsible for all this damage he did to this city and it's people.

"You Mr. England, are the "worst mayor ever" in the history of New Albany!"

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Just because:

*Your mortgage is far more than your house is worth.

* Your roof is badly in need of replacement.

* Your property tax escrow payment is for as much as your mortgage.

* You lost your job.

* Your mortgage will soon be foreclosed.

"That's no reason not to put $50,000 in solar panels on your roof now!"

If the weather experts with the training, the degrees, the titles, and all the expensive equipment, cannot get the weather right for tomorrow, why should we believe that Al Gore can predict the weather 10, 20, or 50 years from now?

Good point huh!?!

Sure computer models can make predictions based upon historical data. But what good are predictions when that data is flawed or misinterpreted.

"Mother Nature" has always been able to "check" the extremes. These "checks" can be positive or negative in their effects on life on earth, yet the earth survives.

Should we be good stewards of our environment, absolutely!

However, not at the expense of disrupting entire cultures for the sake of what may not be "An Inconvenient Truth".

Ask yourself these questions:

* Is it scientists that came up with the idea of "Crap and Tax?

* Is it scientists who are going to mandate smaller and smaller cars?

* Is it scientists who are going to give away more and more of our wealth to third-world nations?

* Is it scientists who will tax us, restrict us, ban this and that - outlaw this and that?

Has there been any scientific data that suggest smaller cars will oppress Global Warming?

Is there some scientific data that suggests giving away more and more of our wealth will oppress Global Warming?

Do we have scientific data that will PROVE that any and all of these actions will stop Global Warming?

It's not "scientists" we distrust folks, it's the charlatans and politicians!

See, it doesn't take "rocket scientists" to figure these things out.

It's called: "common sense!"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Twas the night before Christmas in the White House
Not a creature was stirring, not even the louse
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
In hopes that more money soon would be there.

Obama was nestled all snug in his bed
While visions of unemployment danced in his head
Michelle on her "kerchief, and Barack in Mao cap"
Had just settled down for their long winter nap.

When on the front lawn there arose such a clatter
Barack crawled from his bed to see what's the matter.
Away to the window he made a quick dash
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash
When, what to his watery eyes should appear:

But an old clunker sleigh and eight sickly reindeer.

Santa said not a word, but continued his works
Stacking up earmarks and lobbyist's perks
Santa looked straight at Obama and finally spoke

"Thanks to you Mr. President, now I'm flat broke
It took my life savings to pay my tax bill
and what I have left is just next to nil."

I can't even afford to light up Rudolph's red nose!

With a flip of one finger up the chimney Santa rose.

Then Santa exclaimed as he flew through the rain:
"Oh, how I wish our President's name was McCain!"

Your friends in Washington D.C.

p.s. "Mail your packages early so that Obama's post office can lose them in time for Christmas."

Monday, December 21, 2009


You might be ready, but if you think that pack of whores who comprise the bulk of Congressional Democrats has any intention of standing up to the insurance and drug lobbies later when they didn't have the balls to do it now, then you're dreaming!

If this horrible legislation passes we will be stuck with it for many, many years, people will continue to die and be sick because the insurance companies are free to concoct new ways to deny coverage, and there is not one shred of restraint imposed on wither the insurance or drug companies to keep prices down.

In short, the legislation, particularly in the Senate, is going to screw the common people, no improvements will be made to relieve any of the rotten special interest provisions benefiting insurance and drug companies at the expense of the people, and when the people realize what a bad deal this is for them they are going to punish the Democrats far worse at the polls than if nothing has passed at all.

The entire line of argument that "we" must pass something now and we can improve it later is just nothing but pure bullshit!

How bad is the bill?

The Senate health care bill is an ungodly mess of errors, loopholes, and massive giveaways. When the American people find out what's actually in this bill, they will revolt!

Here's why:

* Forces you to pay up to 8% of your income to private insurance corporations -- whether you want to or not. If you refuse to buy the insurance, you'll have to pay penalties of up to 2% of your annual income to the IRS after being forced to pay thousands in premiums for junk insurance, you can still be on the hook for up to $11,900 a year in out-of-pocket medical expenses.

* Massive restriction on a woman's right to choose, designed to trigger a challenge to Roe V. Wade in the Supreme Court.

* Paid for by taxes on the middle class insurance plan you have tight now through your employer, causing them to cut back benefits and increase co-pays.

* Many of the taxes to pay for this bill start now, but most Americans won't see any benefits -- like an end to discrimination against those with preexisting conditions -- until 2014 when the program begins.

* Allows insurance companies to charge people who are older 300%more than others.

* Grants monopolies to drug companies that will keep generic versions of expensive bio tech drugs from ever coming to market.

*No re-importation of prescription drugs, which would save consumers $100 billion over 10 years.

* The cost of medical care will continue to rise, and insurance premiums for a family of 4 will rise an average of $1,000 a year -- meaning in 10 years, your family's insurance premium will be $10,000 more annually than it is right now.

Wait until you read this crap, "We this and We...THAT."

And one wonders who "we" is.

It certainly does not include people like you and us.

"We" is the corrupt, corporate /DLC Democrats of Washington who are thinking only of themselves and to "hell" with the interests of the common American.

We desperately need health care reform. But we can't pass the Senate's bill.

Merry Christmas everyone, especially if you are an insurance or pharmaceutical stockholders!

So how's that "hope and change" working for you?

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Oh Little Bank Americard
(sung to the tune "Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem")

Oh, little Bank Americard
You bring me Christmas Cheer...

Without your clout, I have no doubt
No gifts I'd give this year.

Your credit line allows me to run up bills quite large
And when I'm through exhausting you, I'll use my Master Charge.

(Same tune, sung in late February)

Oh, little Bank Americard, you bring me discontent
I calculate your interest rate is over Thirty percent.

Each month, your cry for payments, my letter-box bombards;
I'm one more sap, caught in your trap.


Happy Holidays,
Sandy & Gary Wynn

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The Founding Fathers created a Republic, but 60 Senators are poised to take it away.

With the pending disaster of the passage in the Senate of a bill nationalizing one sixth of the U.S. economy and our entire healthcare system at a cost of over $2.5 trillion, we are faced with a crucial question: are the Republican senators using every means at their disposal to stop the looming, tyrannical abuse of power?

Unfortunately, the answer appears to be "NO!"

This healthcare bill is the most intrusive, most damaging, most costly, more dangerous bill to the economic and personal freedom and liberty of individual Americans that congress has ever considerate.

If there is any bill that deserves being stopped by shutting down the Senate, it is this one!

The Senate, unlike the House of Representatives, has parliamentary rules and procedures that give the minority the ability to stall legislation. In fact, unlike the House, the minority has the ability to virtually paralyze the Senate.

There are a whole series of parliamentary maneuvers that could be used by Republican senators to stop this healthcare bill.

How could this be done?

Freedom Of Speech contacted former Senator Birch Bayh a well known Constitutional Scholar and a Constitutional attorney, and here is some key points in his response:

* To start with, they should STOP constantly agreeing to "unanimous consent" requests from the Democrats.

* If the Republicans want the news media to cover what they are doing to educate the American people even further about the atrociousness of this bill, they have to create drama on the floor of the Senate. And the only way to do that is through an all-out fight with NO holds barred.

'They need to look like Braveheart, fighting to the end to save freedom. Because, in fact, it is our very freedom and liberty that is at stake!"

The most powerful words in the Senate are "I object." Senate Republicans should have been shouting those two words on the Senate floor early and often from the moment this bill was considered, instead of the complete silence we have heard - other than to constantly agree to conduct business through unanimous consent. Here are just a few ways these words can [and should] be used in a very effective way:

* The rules of the Senate require that a quorum be present to transact business. A quorum is 51 Senators.

* If a Republican Senator suggested the absence of a quorum, Democrats could not transact business on the bill. It is common courtesy to allow the quorum call to be dispensed with, without requiring 51 members to show up on the Senate floor [we've been told to get 51 Senators to appear without a roll call vote is very time consuming].

* When the Democrats ask unanimous consent that the quorum call be dispensed with, the Republicans shout immediately shout "I object!"

* If at any moment at least 50 Democrats are not on the floor, a Republican Senator could again suggest the absence of a quorum and start the process over again, causing huge delays in the legislative process being able to move forward.

* No amendment can automatically or without substantial delay receive a roll call vote without every member of the Senate agreeing. Again, the Senate generally operate on collegial courtesy, but a $2.5 trillion courtesy is too much!

* Once an amendment is pending, it only takes one Senator to step in front of this freight train. If a Senator objects to ending debate on the amendment or having the amendment set aside, the majority must file cloture on the amendment. First cloture has to ripen and it cannot ripen until the next day's session of the Senate, so that kills a day of the majority's time. Assuming 60 Senator's voting in favor of ending debate, the Senate is then required to spend 30 hours of its session time before voting on final passage for the amendment.

Bayh states, Senators have an obligation to protect the Constitution and the budget and points of order can be raised on both. He points out that numerous bill provisions, particularly the individual mandate, are unconstitutional. Under the Senate's rules, constitutional points of order are debatable. The Republicans should be constantly bringing up constitutional points of order, one after another, or even questionable provision.

The healthcare bill violates 425 (a)(2) of the Budget Act, which prohibits consideration of any legislation that contains an unfunded intergovernmental mandate in excess of $69 million per year.

We asked former Senator Birch Bayh, what the Republicans should do, and this is his reply:

The Republicans should be offering one amendment after another on all of their favorite issues such as guns, abortion, elimination if the death tax and ending the TARP program. Nothing connotes trench warfare like non-germane amendments on hot-button social issues.

When I look back at all the great filibusters of past decades, they almost always involved non-germane, explosive amendments on contentious social and other issues. Republicans should be offering hundreds of such amendments on every topic and using the rules to force votes on every single one. And the Republicans should be forcing the reading of the bill and every single amendment, not consenting to waiving that requirement.

Source: former Indiana Senator Birch Bayh

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Some might argue that Republicans should not look like "obstructionist."
But they are wrong - the vast majority of Americans don't like this bill and don't want it to pass. The Tea Party movement was the upheaval of millions of ordinary Americans who are scared and angry about the out-of-control growth of the federal government, federal spending, and the national debt.

We want to see the Republicans obstructing passage of this bill and if we think the Republicans are not fighting with every tool they have at their disposal, then any advantage that the Republicans think they will get in next years elections from such a bill being passed will evaporate.

If they don't start acting forcefully quickly and immediately, not only will they allow the country's future to be unalterably damaged, they will be hastening the end to their own careers in the elections coming down the road faster than they can imagine.

Finally, we often hear that Senators express frustration when we dare to tell them how to fight, and that their frequent refrain is "you just don't understand how the Senate works." Actually some of us understand better than they do how it should work [whether they agree with every particular parliamentary tactic described], and the current frustration they feel with us will be nothing like what they may feel if they don't stop this bill at all costs and act to preserve our Republic!

Kill the Bill, McCain...or we will vote you republicans out also!!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


The debate over healthcare has come to it's most critical point.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to federalize one-sixth of the American economy with his $2.5 trillion health care reform bill, a bill that would usher in the largest single expansion of government that our country has ever seen!

We have organized, called, emailed, written, faxed and protested. Still, some senators have NOT listened.

So, we are going back to WASHINGTON and let them know, we will NOT pay hundreds of billions in escalating cost, or NEW taxes, and WE will NOT accept government-forced health insurance backed by penalties of fines and jail time.

And, if they pass healthcare, we will VOTE them OUT in 2010!

Had enough?

Join us in Washington on:

Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Location: Upper Senate Park on Constitution Ave. (between New Jersey & Delaware NE)

Rally Start time: 1:30 pm

Dispersal to Senate offices: 3:00 pm

Confirmed Speakers: Senator Coburn MD, Senator DeMint, Rick Scott, Tim Phillips, Laura Ingraham, Senator Mike Pence and many others.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Obama and the Democrats is leading us all to ruin. Record bank failures, record deficits, records unemployment, record business closings, record losses in Afghanistan, record government spending, White House busted for making up Congressional Districts to bolster their record failure of a stimulus bill.

Then next, our government wants to force Crap & Tax down our throats, just like Healthcare!

Meanwhile, the rest of us are broke, unemployed, worried, or on the battlefield!

We are the only thing that can stop Harry Reid and his massive expansion of government. Don't let the holidays come and go without telling the Senate and the world that we will not put up with them ignoring the voice of "We, the people!"

It's all or nothing, it's time to show up for the showdown!

Can't make it to Washington on December 15th?

Visit Senator Evan Bayh's local office at: 1201 East Tenth Ave. or Phone: (812) 218-2317, Fax: (812) 218-2370

Tell Senator Bayh: "You want healthcare reform that puts patients first!"

Monday, December 07, 2009


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will attend the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition Dinner on Monday, December 7 at 7:00 p.m. at the Grand Hyatt Washington.

The USGLC will honor Secretary Clinton for her lifelong commitment to public service and her efforts to elevate America's smart power tools of development and diplomacy.

NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell will serve as Master of Ceremonies and the dinner will be co-chaired by James Bell, Corporate President and CFO of the Boeing Company, and Richard Steams, the President of World Vision.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Hillary Clinton has always had public service goals that capture her focus. She never let's rumor, criticism, praise, or celebrity deter her from her goal of making the U.S. and the world a better and safer place for families and children.

Civil rights, women's rights, children's rights, peace and prosperity - those are her priorities.

She has not and will not waiver as long as there is work to do!


Just in time for Clinton's 100th day, as Secretary of State. Time Magazine just named Hillary one of the 100 most influential people in the world, placing her in the "leaders and revolutionaries" category!

Hillary Clinton is a "Class Act" just the kind of women we need as President...

"Run Hillary Run!"

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Have a job summit - invite the unions and leave out the businessmen.

We assume ACORN and SEIU was invited?

They have some fairly creative ideas on creating jobs.

This administration is just being true to form.

When Obama took office in January, the unemployment rate was 7.0 percent. He quickly called for action and in March he signed into law a $787 billion "stimulus" package that would allegedly create 3.3 million new jobs and "save" million more.

Let us see if we have this right:

* The US has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world - 39+%

* Threat of additional taxes through new health care system; cap and trade; war tax and etc.

* The current administration seems delighted in making villains of those successful in business, and then squanders tax money of those who fail.

What kind of "model for success" is this?

Before prescribing solutions, let's define the problem:

* Millions have lost their jobs in the recession

* Private enterprise [especially small business] employees the vast majority of people in the U.S.

* Private enterprise is very skittish about making hiring decisions in this environment

The goal, therefore, is to increase permanent private sector jobs.

If the President is truly concerned about jobs, both he and the Congress should abandon their reckless policies and spending.

We need to get back to what the founding fathers had in mind. There is now to much government. To many rules and regulations to abide by. The country needs to be returned back to it's rightful owners. "the U.S. Citizens". The elected officials need to work for the good of the people and not for what is good for Washington and the special interest groups which are now running this nation.

And we need to stop the Obama care and the crap and tax and all of the Socialist agenda.

Let's get back to "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!"

Thursday, December 03, 2009

H.R. 4154

The House is about to try to make the death tax permanent.

Under current law, the death tax will disappear at the end of the month and those who pass away in 2010 will pay zero taxes on savings they want to leave to their children.

But H.R. 4154 would swoop in at the last minute and levy a huge 45 percent tax, permanently.

The death tax is fundamentally a moral issue.

We do not believe that death should be a taxable event.

The Founders of our country believed this so strongly that they included a clause in the Constitution that forbids seizing an estate at death as a punishment for treason.

Tell U.S. Representative Baron Hill to let it expire as scheduled, and don't punish those of us who play by the rules!

Contact number on Washington: (202) 225-5315
Jeffersonville: (812) 288-3999
Fax: (812) 288-3873