Sunday, December 13, 2009


The debate over healthcare has come to it's most critical point.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to federalize one-sixth of the American economy with his $2.5 trillion health care reform bill, a bill that would usher in the largest single expansion of government that our country has ever seen!

We have organized, called, emailed, written, faxed and protested. Still, some senators have NOT listened.

So, we are going back to WASHINGTON and let them know, we will NOT pay hundreds of billions in escalating cost, or NEW taxes, and WE will NOT accept government-forced health insurance backed by penalties of fines and jail time.

And, if they pass healthcare, we will VOTE them OUT in 2010!

Had enough?

Join us in Washington on:

Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Location: Upper Senate Park on Constitution Ave. (between New Jersey & Delaware NE)

Rally Start time: 1:30 pm

Dispersal to Senate offices: 3:00 pm

Confirmed Speakers: Senator Coburn MD, Senator DeMint, Rick Scott, Tim Phillips, Laura Ingraham, Senator Mike Pence and many others.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Obama and the Democrats is leading us all to ruin. Record bank failures, record deficits, records unemployment, record business closings, record losses in Afghanistan, record government spending, White House busted for making up Congressional Districts to bolster their record failure of a stimulus bill.

Then next, our government wants to force Crap & Tax down our throats, just like Healthcare!

Meanwhile, the rest of us are broke, unemployed, worried, or on the battlefield!

We are the only thing that can stop Harry Reid and his massive expansion of government. Don't let the holidays come and go without telling the Senate and the world that we will not put up with them ignoring the voice of "We, the people!"

It's all or nothing, it's time to show up for the showdown!

Can't make it to Washington on December 15th?

Visit Senator Evan Bayh's local office at: 1201 East Tenth Ave. or Phone: (812) 218-2317, Fax: (812) 218-2370

Tell Senator Bayh: "You want healthcare reform that puts patients first!"