Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As they say in local Politics 101:

The Democrats put you In and the Democrats take you Out.

We suggest that Mayor England and several Council members start updating their resumes.

As they say:

"Screw us once shame on you, screw us twice and shame on us, screw us third time, so much for England's so called Change!"

We Told You So...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our City Council needs to have a two-part plan, essential items to keep the city running, and review any and everything England brings before this council!

You'd think that a responsible administration would be diligently addressing the money problem with a real plan for cutbacks and increased efficiency.

Not another "scam to pave streets and annexation" in New Albany!

England who is wanting a 10 year bond for $4-$5 million for additional paving is not good business!

$3 million for police, fire and communications. He wants to borrow $1.5 from TIF and $500,000 from Rainy Day, $500,000 from EDIT and $500,000 from River Boat Fund.


England wants to renegotiate the Sanitation contract which is not up until 2012 and extend it until 2015. If he accepted bids we could get even a better rate, but he won't.

What's in it for you Doug?

We need to wake up the council to the fact that our local government needs to be better managed, that we need a process for setting priorities, and that we all need to stay better tuned to what is going on.

This doesn't mean that projects won't be possible, only that we are going to have to find new ways for paying them.

This will first require that we establish a form and style of governing that we can all trust and have faith in.

In the big picture of things, the problems rest on our council.

Case in point:

Council sets policy and controls the purse. There have been no shortage of warning signs for months now.

Meanwhile ka-ching, ka-ching $$$$$ by England, and Malysz ...spending taxpayers money.

Typical England style... Tax and Spend!

Your kids and grand kids will be paying off the debt our Mayor and the Council is about to incur on behalf of all of us citizens for years to come!

We have said before and will continue to say. The vast majority of our City Council and our Mayor, Deputy Mayor do not have the talent, educational background, foresight, creativity, or general know how to govern a city.


* We want to see the Annexation Study that the council approved and appropriated $75,000 for.

* If the Street Department, Police Department, and Fire Department are all underfunded and need to hire more employees and they need additional equipment how can the mayor justify annexation?

* Didn't Mr. Mayor tell Councilman Price without the LOIT Tax annexation would cost the city?

* How much are we paying Crowe Horwath for Draft and when will we see the real annexation plan?

* Why is the North Side Christian Church being exempted from annexation?

Council members wake up, haven't you learned when England throws a Resolution at you, he's already cut deals with developers, businesses and other board members.

Stop and smell another increase on our sewer rate!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Every other week England is trying to find ways to increase fees, but in the next breath he wants to renegotiate a Sanitation Contract which is not up until 2012.

Let's take a look at his recent s**m he is trying to pull. You be the judge:

Current Contract Terms:

* Scheduled to end 2012

* Current charge by Contractor to City for 2010 is $16.03 per house.

*Current charge by City to residents for 2010 is $16.63 per house.

* Contractor has an annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase included in contract for 2011 and 2012.

* Pick up household garbage and recyclables.

Proposed Contract & Terms:

* All terms under contract plus these additional or amendments:

- Rate charged by Contractor to City is reduced to 2009 level of $15.18 and frozen to end of contract (2015). No CPI yearly adjustment, however adjustment for fuel costs will be part of contract should the cost of diesel go above $3.00 per gallon.

- Contractor will install garbage lids bought by city for residents cans at no additional charge to citizens or city will maintain future lid issues on cans (excluding the purchase of new lids as may be needed over a reasonable period of time based upon prioritization).

- Pick up normal yard waste (excluding unforeseen storm events that create massive debris and per attached specifications).

- Pick three (3) bulk items (which may include 1 passenger tire oer week as a bulk item).

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Has anyone checked the price of diesel fuel lately? Current prices are $2.90-$3.00 per gallon. Which if the new contract was enforced/signed the rate would automatically go up.

Common sense tells you if the company that has the contract and picks up our sanitation, damages the trash cans and lids shouldn't they be held liable for the damage?

Why not rebid the contract out? We know of two local company that will do what they are offering for less than $13.00 per resident!

If the contract is not up until 2012, why is England even involved? Is that fair to the new mayor elect in 2012?

What's in it for England to renegotiate this contract?

He's the mayor and he can do anything he wants, as long as he has the council stacked with his "I've got the dirt on you" wannabes.

Are we right, or wrong...Kevin, Diane or Jack?

It is our point of view here at Freedom Of Speech that until our local government gets back to the basics of governing, our City will continue to be a train wreck.

In order to solve many of our problems, we will have to do these things:

* Audit our entire 16 checking accounts

* All property in our City should be assessed properly [no more political favors]

* All fees, fines, permits and liens should be collected

* All departments salaries should be frozen

* All current contracts should be reviewed and rebidded out

* Our city should be run like a business and local government should live within the city budget

* Repay the following loans:

$5.3 million back to Sewers

$117,000 loan borrowed from our Sewer Fund and loaned to our General Fund in November of 2007

* Make all necessary cuts like take home cars, cell phones, free gasoline and city credit cards

* Park all take home cars our elected officials and appointed officials are driving

* Place all city budgets, financials and contracts on line for taxpayers to see

* We want our City Council to propose an "Ethics Law for accountability" to taxpayers

Our final thought is this:

Doug England is habitually saying one thing to one group, then something entirely different to other people. That is, if he thinks they want to hear it, or if it will benefit him.

"Duplicity, which Webster's dictionary defines as, contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action: the belying of one's true intentions by deceptive words or actions" perfectly describes this character flaw in England.

However, a more commonly used term is two-faced.

He is a man of true duplicity, who turns things for his own personal agenda and advantage.

We here at Freedom Of Speech "dare anyone" to prove us wrong!

Footnote: As they say: "You can't fix incompetence, it is what it is!"

Friday, June 25, 2010


" We're Americans, we're not big on quitting... In America, there is no chasm too deep, no ceiling too high, for all who work hard, have faith in God and our country, and each other."

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Paving - Alternative Funding Sources:

* TIF Funds
* Riverboat Funds

The Council needs to review the Financial Report of the TIF Fund, and the Riverboat Fund.

Redevelopment Commission should review their funds for possible transfers to help with paving.

The Redevelopment Funds are specified to help improve the Inner City GDBG areas.

Many streets in the Inner City/GDBG area are terrible and need repair.

Yes! The Streets need Paving!

Freedom of Speech would like to say:

Yes, this paving issue seems to rank #1 with England and with some council members. We suggest they are largely out of touch and living in their own little ego chamber bubbles.

No wonder citizens are getting frustrated as streets damage their cars.

Yet more bonds, more spending, is something England and some council members seem to think is the answer to everything.

Again, they are largely out of touch and tone deaf!

The ignorance of this administration is astounding. It is more important for England to keep a campaign promise then to do what is needed first.

Again, when Mayor England had $5,034,429.08 balance in TIF's at the begining of 2009, why didn't he use some of this money to repair streets?
Shame on you England!

Source: End of the year 2009 Financial Report

Why in the "hell would you want to pave streets first, when we have millions of dollars of sewer and stormwater problems to fix?"

Does that make sense?

Our final thoughts:

Doug England and some council members will continue to represent only a small minority of the city population downtown and continues to neglect the rest of our city.

Would someone please lower Mayor England's dosage of whatever it is he's taking...he's out of control!

Talk about putting the cart before the horse...

What has happened to NEED vs WANT?

Sunday, June 20, 2010


In typical puff pieces from out local Tribune, Mayor England puts his spin on his many plans for New Albany.

Annexation, renegotiation of a 2012 Sanitation Contract, LOIT Tax, paving more streets, $1.5-$2 million for police and fire, $3.5 million Water Park, $12 million NEW Parking Garage, a new ball park, investing in the Industrial Park and blah, blah, blah.

Then two additional puff piece this week he had a Meet the Mayor Form, and a DNA fundraiser.

Two photo-ops in one week. Gosh, does this guy ever work?

We've decided to discuss "Annexation" with our readers this Sunday afternoon.

If the proposed annexation by the city is approved, it will result in a significant loss of revenue.

The City of New Albany would see a decline in services and revenue generated by the Economic Development Income Tax, Local Road and Street and Motor Vehicle Highway funds from the state and other funding mechanisms.

With the caps on property taxes approved by the Indiana legislature, it could result in a significant shortfall in revenues.

Source: DLGF Department of Local Government Finance

See what happens when you do your homework, Mayor England?

The biggie here folks is "sewer" revenue!

The area that England wants to annex pays 1 1/2 times what we pay here in the city. Which means their sewer bill will be the same as ours and we will lose big time revenue and then he will increase all of our rates again!
Do any of you remember what Fifer stated when Benedetti ask: what would happen if they annex this area about the sewer fee?

Answer: Fifer stated he would have to renegotiate a higher sewer fee and we could be forced to increase taxes if the annexation goes through!

This again proves England is totally incompetent and out of control.

Questions the Council needs to ask Malysz and England:

1. Why would the Mayor and [Illegal] Deputy Mayor want to take the responsibility in an enlarged area for:

a. Police Protection

b. Fire Protection

c. Garbage pickup

d. Trash pickup

e. Street paving

f. Sewer maintenance

g. Cleanliness of properties (no junk, no trash, no tall weeds, and tall grass)

h. Animal problems

New Albany now looks like one big mess and current New Albany problems need immediate attention.

2. If the area is annexed, will the Mayor and Illegal Deputy Mayor allow the taxes collected there to go into the New Albany General Fund to help solve New Albany problems, or....will the Mayor and Illegal Deputy Mayor push to put the area in a "Tax Increment (TIF) Area so the taxes will all go into a TIF Fund pot that they can use for their "special projects?"

3. Will the municipal residents face higher taxes and fees?

4. Is the annexation in the best interests of the municipality and the annexed area?

5. Will the county be harmed by the annexation?

Freedom Of Speech would like to first ask:

Is this a bad deal for New Albany Citizens, or a Good Deal for?????

Will it also get England some campaign donations? Don't know, but this does not pass the smell test and this does not sound like a good deal for those of us who are paying higher fees.

So again....Mr. Mayor is willing to press ahead with this even though this is a money losing proposition and we are in a recession.


Happy Father's Day!

Freedom Of Speech Staff

Friday, June 18, 2010


UCLA Students protesting a 32% tuition hike. Pipe down whiners. You wanted hope and change.

Well you got it!

Is everything that you voted for happening? Is your life better since January 20, 2009?

We would like for someone to explain to us how this enormous deficit is helping anything?

Since taking office Obama pushed through a $787 billion stimulus, a $33 billion expansion of the child health program known as S-chip, a $410 billion Omnibus appropriations spending bill, and an $80 billion car company bailout.

He also pushed a $821 billion Crap-and-Tax trade bill through the House and has a nearly $1 trillion health-care bill.

All these stimulus bills that were supposed to help, now insurance reform, and crap and tax, how is any of this helping anyone?

Unemployment is still going up and their is talk of a second stimulus in the making.

From our friends in Washington:

What else does Pelosi, Reid and Obama have planned for us taxpayers?

We sure hope you are all sitting down for their upcoming spending of our tax dollars:

* FCC Net Neutrality Bill for $7.5 billion dollars paid for by us Tax Payers and the Government gets to control the Internet.

* The Crap and Tax Trade Bill paid for by Tax Payers for starters $1,761 annually per average family and the Government gets to control your energy usage.

* Remember the Cash for Clunkers? $45,354 cost to taxpayers per vehicle when each car purchased averaged $22-$27,000.

* $18 billion dollar Education Plan yet to be introduced paid for by Taxpayers.

* $5.7 billion dollar Americorp Service Program yet to be introduced paid for by taxpayers.

* The planned Immigration Reform aka: Amnesty with a path to citizenship is estimated to cost between $1-$10 billion dollars paid for by you the Taxpayers and producing between 12 and 20 million new voters.

* The estimated cost of the Afghanistan War is $55 - $100 billion dollars per year for the 69,000 troops already there.

* War Tax...

Is the Kool-Aid wearing off yet people?

President Obama sold you [not us] on his Hope and Change.

Voters didn't realize [or didn't care] that beyond Hope and Change, he really didn't have anything to offer - there was nothing on his skimpy resume indicating that he was even minimally prepared for the job.

We're left with a President who is in far over his head, slugging to comprehend [and doing a poor job of explaining] complex issues.

Obama is not totally responsible for getting us into our current mess. He "is responsible for making it" much worse!

His economic policy has vastly increased our debt with little if anything to show for it.

But it's the middle class that must pay for his appetite.

But we gotta admit, Obama was not afraid to swat that fly!

And for his paranoia about Fox News, he exhibits the same behavior as Kim Jong Il in expecting that ALL people should adulate him.

Last week in a Wal-Mart parking lot we saw a bumper sticker on a pick-up truck that read, "How's that Hope N Change working out for you?"

Why is anybody surprised?

America elected a hustler from the mean streets of Chicago, via Africa. Why the shock? You got the complete package, as advertised.

"Hope and Change!"

Government is to set structure but never dictate or take away our freedom of choice. But with this administration our choices seem to become less and less.

Time for common sense and hard line decisions that benefit the American citizen and if it bothers you or disturbs those who are not citizens then so be it!

America has got to start taking care of America.

The "buyer beware" signs were posted before the sale was closed November 2008.

So, FORGET your so called "educated book smarts," it's time for US common sense people to STEP UP and VOTE them Congress members out of office!

"It's hard to keep up with the out of control spending, isn't it?"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Obama will call for a clean energy bill in his Oval Office address on the oil spill tonight, as part of a renewed push for the once all-but-abandoned legislation.

It is our opinion it should be "abandoned" and the reason why is we have read the bill!

Trust us, if this bill passes:

1. We can not and will not, or won't even be able to sell our homes.

2. Gasoline and electricity will be out of most of our range for affordability.

For Obama to change his stance on this subject only makes the president look weak. Obama is the one that defended and authorized offshore drilling. Either he authorized the drilling on a whim, without knowing the possible consequences that came along with it, or he did despite knowing the consequences.

So now we see the real reason he was slow on stopping the spread. Political use of the disaster and because of this environmental disaster we will raise your energy cost (Crap and Tax Bill) to punish you and us for using fossil fuels.

Energy, health care, banking regulations, national deficit, unemployment, declining manufactured, and etc.

It's a big wack-a-mole.

Everything needs to be attended to at once but typically an administration is forced several steps behind the curve attending to the most recent crisis with less opportunity for investing in the preventative.

The Office of the President of the United States is not a place to make mistakes like these. When you do, the country has to pay for it.

We think any Bush hater can agree to that!

We still believe in and support:

"Drill Baby Drill!"

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Why our city is in the mess we are in:

Part 1:

Salaries and Wages

Salaries - $3,600,000
Off Duty Court - $8,000
Holiday Pay - $360,000
Overtime - $75,000
Total - $4,043,000.00

Employee Benefits

Social Security & Med. FICA - $57,000
P.E.R.F. (civilian) - $57,000
Unemployment Comp. - $1,000
Dental & Other Insurance - $70,000
Total - $133,200.00

Other Personal Services

Clothing Allowance - $65,000
P.E.R.F. (Police) - $775,000
Ins. Administrative Fee - $41,000
Ins. Medical Claims - $951,000
Total - $1,832,000.00

Total Personal
Services - $6,008,200.00

This gets even more interesting:

Part 2


Office Supplies - $14,000
Printing - $5,000
Official Reports - $500.00
Total - $19,500.00

* Operating Supplies

Gasoline - $160,000
Oil & Lubricants - $4,000
Tires & Tubes - $15,000
Medical - $1,000
K-9 Supplies - $4,000
Total - $184,000.00

Repair and Maintenance Supplies

Other Garage Supplies - $36,700.00
Equipment Repair Supplies - $3,000
Total - $39,700.00

Other Supplies

Criminal Investigative Division - $7,000
Total - $7,000.00

Total Supplies - $250,000.00

Professional Services

Contract Legal Fees - $0.00
Contract Services - $2,500
Total - $2,500.00

Communication & Transportation

Postage - $500
Travel Expenses - $3,000
Phones - $40,000
Total - $43,500.00


Police Liability - $80,000
Workers Compensation - $50,000
Total - $130,000.00

Repairs & Maintenance

Pager - $4,000
Equipment Lease (Copiers) $4,000
Total - $8,000.00

Other Services & Charges
Training - $15,000
Total - $15,000.00

Machinery & Equipment

Police Vehicles - $200,000
Total - $200,000.00

2010 Total NAPD Budget Estimate - $6,727,400.00

Source: Submitted 2010 Budget NAPD Chief Crabtree

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask why:

Line item 4324 - telephone was $22,000 in year 2007 and now in 2010 Budget, it increased to $40,000?

One day soon, we hope to have a Mayor who has the guts and courage to stand up to the New Albany Police Department and renegotiate their "sweetheart deal" contract.

We also agree with Council member Keith Fetz of Jeffersonville, that all police officers should meet reasonable "fitness standards and have open public negotiations!"

Mr. Mayor if you push this annexation, where will you get the money to provide police protection for the new annexed area?

Our final thoughts:

It's time Mayor England earns the money we are paying him. It's time for him to stop making excuses why these two Department (Police & Fire) cannot sacrifice, and live on a budget just like the rest of us.

To Mayor England,
It's time you show real leadership as a mayor or resign!

Remember folks, 85 cents of every dollar in our General Fund now goes to the New Albany Police and Fire Department, and now England wants our council to give them $2 million more and claims they're both underfunded!

What a CROCK of BS, England is afraid of what might come out if the Police and Fire Department follow through and do a forensic audit!


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Indiana doesn't have a Recall Law. After days of researching Indiana Code, we found that there is a way of removing an elected official from Office.

Indiana Code: 5-8-2-1 Section 1. Any person holding any office under the Constitution or laws of this state who shall voluntarily become intoxicated within the business hours of the office, OR is in the habit of becoming intoxicated by the use of intoxicating liquors, shall be removed from office under IC 34-17.

(P.L. 1-1998, SEC.68.)

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

No elected official should be above this law. Could this be part of the reason our city is in the mess we are in? Are too many deals being CUT at the local Studio's Bar?

Maybe we should start having council meetings there and let the rest of us in on what is really going on in our city.

No wonder the ISP is keeping close tabs on New Albany downtown bars.

Like the Commanding Officer of the Sellersburg ISP Headquarters told us: We work for the citizens of Indiana and not Mayor England...we will continue to enforce the laws of the State of Indiana.

Don't worry Mayor England... Freedom Of Speech has your back!

Monday, June 07, 2010


Why our city is in the mess we are in:

Part 1:

Fire Chief - $66,681
Deputy Chief - $48,290
(6) Battalion Chiefs
& (5) Intermediate Chiefs - $622.938
(19) Captain's - $1,075,446
(18) Sergent's - $957,286
(27) Firefighters - $1, 261,694
(1) Secretary - $24,261
Total Estimate - $4,066,603

This gets even more interesting:

Part 2:

Off Duty Court Appearance - $500.00
Holiday Pay - $471,606
Overtime Pay - $100,000
Diff. Pay - $30,000
Vacation Sell Back - $70,000
Mon. Fry. - $58,500
Sell Personal Days - $25,000
Other Payroll - $80,000
Total Estimate - $835,606

Part 3:

Social Security - $66,000
Perf Civil - $1,100
Clothing Allowance - $125,000
Perf Fire Dept. - $1,000,000
Ins. Admin. - $80,000
Ins. Claims - $1,000,000
Wellness - $12,000
Dental Insurance - $80,000
Total Estimate - $2,364,100

Total NAFD Personal Services - $7,266,309

Urban Dictionary says it best:

"Phrase used to claim there are too many bosses, not enough workers!"

source: 2010 City Budget

Freedom of Speech would like to ask:

* Where did the money go that Controller Garry has been deducting from retired firefighters: pensions and health care premiums?

* Our understanding is two firefighters are no longer on the fire department. So where did that money go?

* Why is the NAFD sacrificing and NAPD are not willing to give up anything?

To Mayor England,

Please explain to us taxpayers how in the hell you can claim "our Fire Department and Police Department is under funded!?!"

Our opinion is this: If it comes down between the fire department and the police department. As homeowners, we feel we would rather have the fire department put the fire out, instead of being told: they're too busy to take a police report!

At Monday's Council meeting, Mayor England is requesting:

$1.5 million from TIF (a supposed loan, but we all know how England does, he never pays nothing back)
$500,000 from River Boat Fund
$500,000 from Rainy Day Fund
$500,000 from EDIT Fund
Total: $3 million for Police, Fire and Communication.

Now you each know why Mayor England refused and wouldn't use TIF's, EDIT, River Boat and Rainy Day Funds to lower our sewer rate.

Watch and see who votes to give the Police and Fire their "bailout!"

"Our money is on Price: A solid NO vote!"

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Today, June 6, in 1944, the Allies landed on Normandy Beach, the shores of France, to liberate the tortured souls of Europe from a maniac who twisted freedom into a feel-good nationalism that abused and killed millions.

Why are there no flags flying today?

Why is the media silent?

We've seen the movie "The saving of Private Ryan", the grizzly scenes.

Some of us, including yours truly, have seen video footage from the War Memorial Museum, D.C. you know; the kind where standing over a 5' partition only adults may view the horrors. Some of us may be privileged to hear live testimony from our Dad or others.

We remember Pearl Harbor, but somehow the media takes less notice in D-Day, just as it took no notice of any commemoration of Dec. 15th for the Bill of Rights or Dec. 16th for the Boston Tea Party. Such dates elude most of us.

But to let this date go by without notice does not speak well of our appreciation for those who gave so much that we who are alive can commemorate their sacrifice.

Contributor~ Paul Wheeler

Friday, June 04, 2010


On this the 21st anniversary of the violent suppression of demonstrations in Tiananmen Square by Chinese authorities, we should remember the tragic loss of hundreds of innocent lives and reflect upon the meaning of the events that preceded that day.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets for weeks, in Beijung amd around the country, first to honor the late reformist leader Hu Yaobang and then to demand basic rights denied to them.

A China that has made enormous progress economically, and that is emerging to take its rightful place in global leadership, should examine openly the darker events of its past and provide a public accounting of those killed, detained or missing, both to learn and to heal.

This anniversary provides an opportunity for Chinese authorities to release from prison all those still serving sentences in connection with the events surrounding June 4, 1989. We urge China to cease the harrassment of participants in the demonstrations and begin dialogue with the family members of victims, including the Tiananmen Mothers.

China can honor that memory of that day by moving to give the rule of law, protection of internationally-recognized human rights, and democratic development the same priority as it has given to economic reform.

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
June 4, 2010

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Here we are folks, a ring side seat to Chicago politics on a national scale.

To many questions need to be answered and we need a special prosecutor appointed. This regime is the most radical and dishonest group that has ever stepped into the White House.

Friday, on Fox News little scumbag, Bob Beckel, summed up what the Democrats think about the law, and about rules in general.

When asked whether Obama broke the law by bribing Sestak, Beckel replied, "It's not breaking the law if you do it right." In other words, it's not bribery if you get away with it in other words, rules don't apply to Obama!

Obama will deny everything and they will have a fall guy ready to take the hit followed by a cushy job in one of the democrats political arms like Acorn, Alliance Foundation, Freddie or Fannie.

You can bet your sweet bippy Eric Holder is going to be hiding under his desk on this one. No way is he going to recommend a "special prosecutor" to look in to this sordid mess.

As for as anyone saying they don't think this is a big deal, neither was a little break-in at the Watergate. It's been three months, so there has been a cover-up, and that is almost always what brings down the high-and-mighty.

And Obama is a serial offender at "soliciting or receiving any thing of value, in consideration of the promise of support or use of influence in obtaining for any appointive office or place under the United States. "

See his record with "not one, not two, but three Democrats (Sestak, Romanoff and Blagojevich) all implicating the agent of "Hope and Change" in dirty backroom schemes".

We say "waterboard" Sestak until he breaks!

It has always amazed us, how, when the Dems are caught with their hands, buried up their elbows in the cookie jar and their mouths covered in cookie crumbs, will immediately deny, then accuse and then blame.

Try as they may however, this time, "it's George Bush's fault" just isn't going to cut it!