Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our City Council needs to have a two-part plan, essential items to keep the city running, and review any and everything England brings before this council!

You'd think that a responsible administration would be diligently addressing the money problem with a real plan for cutbacks and increased efficiency.

Not another "scam to pave streets and annexation" in New Albany!

England who is wanting a 10 year bond for $4-$5 million for additional paving is not good business!

$3 million for police, fire and communications. He wants to borrow $1.5 from TIF and $500,000 from Rainy Day, $500,000 from EDIT and $500,000 from River Boat Fund.


England wants to renegotiate the Sanitation contract which is not up until 2012 and extend it until 2015. If he accepted bids we could get even a better rate, but he won't.

What's in it for you Doug?

We need to wake up the council to the fact that our local government needs to be better managed, that we need a process for setting priorities, and that we all need to stay better tuned to what is going on.

This doesn't mean that projects won't be possible, only that we are going to have to find new ways for paying them.

This will first require that we establish a form and style of governing that we can all trust and have faith in.

In the big picture of things, the problems rest on our council.

Case in point:

Council sets policy and controls the purse. There have been no shortage of warning signs for months now.

Meanwhile ka-ching, ka-ching $$$$$ by England, and Malysz ...spending taxpayers money.

Typical England style... Tax and Spend!

Your kids and grand kids will be paying off the debt our Mayor and the Council is about to incur on behalf of all of us citizens for years to come!

We have said before and will continue to say. The vast majority of our City Council and our Mayor, Deputy Mayor do not have the talent, educational background, foresight, creativity, or general know how to govern a city.


* We want to see the Annexation Study that the council approved and appropriated $75,000 for.

* If the Street Department, Police Department, and Fire Department are all underfunded and need to hire more employees and they need additional equipment how can the mayor justify annexation?

* Didn't Mr. Mayor tell Councilman Price without the LOIT Tax annexation would cost the city?

* How much are we paying Crowe Horwath for Draft and when will we see the real annexation plan?

* Why is the North Side Christian Church being exempted from annexation?

Council members wake up, haven't you learned when England throws a Resolution at you, he's already cut deals with developers, businesses and other board members.

Stop and smell another increase on our sewer rate!