Monday, August 26, 2013


Is it true Councilman Dan Coffey will be running for Commissioner in 2014?

Could the City of New Albany be that lucky?

"Run Dan Run!"

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


On October 1st, millions of Americans will be required to enroll in Obamacare and could lose access to their doctors and be forced to pay higher taxes.

Republicans in Congress can stop Obamacare if they refuse to fund it.

It was reported yesterday under Obamacare, unknown governments agents will have the authority to force their way into your home unannounced,

Yes, you read that right!

Our federal government is already allocating hundreds of millions of dollars for state programs for "evidence-based home visits" at this very moment.

Is this what you as a citizen and a taxpayer want?

If the House of Representatives (democrats and republicans) submits a spending resolution to Obama and Harry Reid that defunds Obamacare, both will have a choice.

It is our opinion that the republicans were never serious about repealing healthcare, we think it has been lip service from the get-go.

We have some simple choices to make. Is independence more important than dependency or is dependency more important than independence? Is our safety more important than our freedom, or is our freedom more important than our safety. 

How you answer those two questions should determine if you support Obamacare or NOT.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We are all familiar with our public schools. You might have attended one, or your children might go to one, or you might be familiar with the one down the street from you. But most of you are NOT familiar with what happens at School Board meetings.

Case in point: News & Tribune article: New Albany-Floyd County approves bonds, August 13, 2013.

Every governing body from top to bottom needs at least one member who will stand up for us taxpayers. The only one we see is School Board member Rebecca Gardenour period. 

What the hell is wrong with the rest of you?

Why are they wasting our tax dollars?

More money is spent on facilities construction and maintenance than is necessary and budgets are NOT based on what things actually cost.

Teachers feel disenpowered. Students feel apathetic. Parents feel frustrated. And many taxpayers 
\feel in the dark.

Our readers need to wake up and see where they are spending our hard earned tax dollars and besides next year is an election year for some school board members.

 Mrs. Gardenour and we quote "I have a problem with, three years ago in the expedditure reduction, it ask to close down Galena," then Gardenour said. "And yet now, we're going to pour more money into Galena. We were telling the community, the parents, the teachers, who were going to save this school, and now were going to turn around and spend $1 million on it."

She also stated: "though the $270,000 may get Galena's projected started, she thought the district would end up spending more than that."

In case your dementia is acting up this afternoon. In 2010, our local school board closed other schools including Galena as part of a cost-saving initiative. 

Freedom of Speech would like to say:

The idea that our deputy superintendent Brad Snyder and DJ Hines school board president would mislead  us taxpayers is truly appalling and sickening!

Mrs. Gardenour has this exactly right. Enough of the wasteful spending.

Our final thoughts: The following four members sitting on our school board deserve to be voted out of office in next years 2014 election. Remember these four names:

* DJ Hines
* Roger Whaley
* Mark Boone
* Jan Anderson.

The following four school board members are nothing but lap dogs for Brad Snyder. We ask our readers to become informed school board voters in 2014.  These four members "are not fit to sit on our school board" and they don't give a damn about We the Taxpayers.

Bravo, Mrs. Gardenour. 

We need five more citizens like Mrs. Gardenour sitting on our School Board!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

ME TOO.....

Nearly all local government union contracts in the City Of New Albany have the "me-too" clause in them, in effect guaranteeing that any benefit negotiated by one union will be shared by others - without the corresponding concession that resulted in the first union gaining the benefit.

While we believe such clauses distort the negotiation process and are bad in a significant number of ways, today we have a prime example (an 'unintended consequence" effect) showing why they should be banned.

The NAPD had filed a grievance went to court and won and City Attorney Stan Robinson did not appeal and he should have. So now Mr. Gahan is throwing the NAPD a few crumbs to screw over the others involved into this me-too clause.

Well Mr. Gahan, they all met today and they are going back to court on August 20. They NOT only buy you BS of $3,000 and a 1% raise. The NAPD is going to WIN and you are going to cost us tax dollars $$$$ we don't have.

What Mr. Gahan doesn't get this is in the union contract and arbitrators and judges who decide such things are NOT bound by common sense - or even taxpayer interest. They are bound to examine Mr. Gahans contract with NAPD who can make a strong argument under the me-to clause.

Personally we are sick and tired of our elected officials giving away the farm to a very small minority of constituents and our tax dollars we pay. It seems to us once the man gets into office there is NO way to hold our "Mr. Gahan" accountable to any promises made prior to taking office.

Who in the hell would be dumb enough (other than Jeff Gahan and Stan Robinson) to allow a clause like that, anyway?

This will be another court hearing Mr. Gahan and City Attorney Stan Robinson won't win.....

What the State of Indiana needs is a "Recall law" so we can throw these SOB out of office.

examine the terms of Mr. Gahan's CONTRACT before them and NAPD can make a strong argument under their me-too clause.   

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


A compendium of idiotic and maniacal utterances by our current council members and Mr. Gahan:

"Whenever I would have any occasion to talk with her about anything, she was always helpful and patient because that's not my strong suit - dealing with Budget issues"  Councilman John Gonder 

"They make a huge profit." Councilman Dan Coffey

"I've got some real questions about how some money was spent." Councilman Dan Coffey

"But we've needed roads for the past 20 years". Councilman Dan Coffey 

"Camile Wright is a much better choice for a pool than it is a fire house." Mr. Gahan

"The city council, administration and redevelopment commission will be working together to determine which tool in the toolbox we're going to use to complete the work." Mr. Gahan

"The administration will continue to seek other sources of funding for the projects, including a Horseshoe Foundation grant." Mr. Gahan"

We don't have enough money to pay for infrastructure needed for the city, but there's enough in there for a parking garage." Councilman Dan Coffey

"That he would not vote for what the mayor wanted, or for even what his constituents desired, but for what he believed was the correct decision." Councilman Greg Phipps  

"I think it's inherently the structure isn't working for us." Councilman Scott Blair

"This is more of a redevelopment issue than a council issue." Councilman Dan Coffey

"This is NOT a problem with the road but a problem with the hill." Councilman Bob Caesar

"Really is a major artery, and it is used quite extensively by everybody on that side of the hill." Councilman Bob Caesar

  As our readers can tell Coffey has to comment on every issue and you can tell he has been fed a bunch of bullshit by ankle biter Gahan. Coffey doesn't make sense, his questions don't make sense and everyone who reads the News & Tribune knows he is Mr. Gahan's mouth piece and lap dog.  At council meeting his outburst lost IQ points just having to listen to his moronic "grandstanding" nonsense.

The shenanigans continue.....

Sunday, August 04, 2013


All levels of our city government have an addiction to spending. However, at all levels of our local government, there is bloat. While we will be the first to point out there are some hard working people (a few) who work for the city government, there is a lot of fat.

Fact:1 in every 620 homes in the City of New Albany is in Foreclosure.

Fact: The NAFD and NAPD rank Number 5 AS highest paid employees in the State of Indiana.

City of New Albany Employees:

1. Charles L. Miller (police)............$141,440.09
2. Matthew M. Hunter (fire)...........$98,035.42
3. Christopher Rainbolt (fire)..........$96,062.57
4. Scott L. Carpenter (fire)..............$96,062.57
5. Keith Whitlow (police).................$88,312.62
6. Tim W. Kron (fire).......................$88,304.35
7. Dexter A. Parker (fire)...............$82,909.30
8. Richard L. Denny.......................$87,541.41
9. Greg Pennell (police).................$86,973.39
10. Matt E. Julot (fire)..................$86,839.73
11.Maurice A. Stubbins (fire).......$84,791.88
12.Mike Lawrence (police)..........$84,356.95
13. Jerry Banet (fire)...................$84,310.60
14. Albert E. Higdon (police).......$83,750.33
15. Sherry Knight (police)...........$83,564.08
16. Joel Baylor (fire)...................$82,875.26
17. Merle A. Hall (police)...........$81,692.28
18. Brian Gadd (fire)...................$81,039.74
19. David Sparks (fire)...............$80,805.59
20. Jeff Gahan (mayor)..............$83,368.87

Fact: Eighty four cents of every dollar in our ($20 million) General Fund goes to our local fire and police departments. Our question is how do they run the other departments on the sixteen cents left.

Here are three different mayors with three different salaries:
1. James Garner......$50,000 salary
2. Doug England......$75,000 salary
3. Jeff Gahan...........$83,368.87 plus he's also paid to sit on two different board. So his salary is now over $100,000 + a year.

Why? What has happen to Public Service in our City? 

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

What is destroying our city: Salaries, Benefits, Bonds, TIF's, Tax Abatement's, Mismanagement, Greed and the good ole boys mentality. 

If GREED was a crime in the City of New Albany we would have to build 10 new jails. And to think, City Attorney Shane Gibson wants to run for Prosecutor. Must be nice living on the backs of us taxpayers drawing a billable hour paycheck and being paid additional $$$ to represent 5 different boards.

It's obvious that our city, like the federal government, has a spending problem, not a revenue problem and what Gahan is doing to the residents of New Albany is mismanagement and borders on malfeasance.

Friday, August 02, 2013


We were NOT surprised at today's disclosure and announcement about the City Controllers job. The sad part, right there in print was another Gahan Twenty Million $$$$ Lie.

Check this out:

Gahan's statement: "I think Linda Moeller is the perfect person for the controller's office," Gahan said "She has had quite a few years of municipal experience dealing with the DLGF (Department of Local Government). I think she will be an excellent fit for New Albany."

Moeller's statement: "It's going to be a new challenge for me, "Moeller said from her office on Thursday," I think it will help me grow professionally, I will be doing things I have NEVER done before and tackling new projects."

Damn Jeff, she was the County Clerk. She knows nothing about City government nor has she ever really dealt with DLGF. Yes, she has worked with the State Board of Accounts and her County Budget, for her own office but that's it..

Our question to Mr. Gahan is this: Why has it taken over a year to publish the 2012 Year End Financial statements - one of the most essential and basic task of any mayor - a clear indication of inept management.

The city is supposed to maintain infrastructure, safety, trash pick up, not "on the job training" for a new controller.. That's not what we pay taxes for.

We need a Controller with a financial background to help this City not a former County Clerk who yearns to stay in the public eye because she is running for Auditor in 2014 and it's our opinion, Moeller isn't qualified for that job either. 

Our final thoughts:

Freedom Of Speech would love to know who will train Mrs. Moeller?  Kay Garry or Shane Gibson?

Mrs. Moeller you are in "way over your head", who is dumb enough to take this job after all the playing with the numbers and moving of tax payers money.  Anyone who puts party politics over us taxpayers should NOT be appointed, or in office.

No wonder our city is on the verge of municipal bankruptcy.

God help us all....

Thursday, August 01, 2013


Is it true County Clerk Linda Moeller will be the NEW City Controller?

"God Help Us All!"