Wednesday, August 07, 2013


A compendium of idiotic and maniacal utterances by our current council members and Mr. Gahan:

"Whenever I would have any occasion to talk with her about anything, she was always helpful and patient because that's not my strong suit - dealing with Budget issues"  Councilman John Gonder 

"They make a huge profit." Councilman Dan Coffey

"I've got some real questions about how some money was spent." Councilman Dan Coffey

"But we've needed roads for the past 20 years". Councilman Dan Coffey 

"Camile Wright is a much better choice for a pool than it is a fire house." Mr. Gahan

"The city council, administration and redevelopment commission will be working together to determine which tool in the toolbox we're going to use to complete the work." Mr. Gahan

"The administration will continue to seek other sources of funding for the projects, including a Horseshoe Foundation grant." Mr. Gahan"

We don't have enough money to pay for infrastructure needed for the city, but there's enough in there for a parking garage." Councilman Dan Coffey

"That he would not vote for what the mayor wanted, or for even what his constituents desired, but for what he believed was the correct decision." Councilman Greg Phipps  

"I think it's inherently the structure isn't working for us." Councilman Scott Blair

"This is more of a redevelopment issue than a council issue." Councilman Dan Coffey

"This is NOT a problem with the road but a problem with the hill." Councilman Bob Caesar

"Really is a major artery, and it is used quite extensively by everybody on that side of the hill." Councilman Bob Caesar

  As our readers can tell Coffey has to comment on every issue and you can tell he has been fed a bunch of bullshit by ankle biter Gahan. Coffey doesn't make sense, his questions don't make sense and everyone who reads the News & Tribune knows he is Mr. Gahan's mouth piece and lap dog.  At council meeting his outburst lost IQ points just having to listen to his moronic "grandstanding" nonsense.

The shenanigans continue.....