Friday, February 28, 2014


The Farmers Market seems to be in the news a lot lately. Some of the City Council members want to move the market to our downtown parking garage. They think the property is too valuable for something that is only open one or two days a week.

One member of the council, Shirley Baird, wants to expand the market so more vendors can set up and more people can come downtown to shop. The Mayor's office seems to agree with her, and some of the downtown merchants do also. They see the market as a starting place for new businesses. A couple of new business owners seem to back this up. They started out with a booth at the market and now have successful businesses downtown.

The market is run by Develop New Albany but the property is owned by us taxpayers. Some merchants think that the market is getting preferred treatment by he city and some of the council members agree. We believe this arrangement is the only one of its kind in New Albany and that is what is irking the merchants. 

They don't realize how much help the New Albany Brewhouse received from the city, the new sidewalks, patio and half the street for instance.

We at Freedom of Speech would like to say:

The Farmers Market has done a lot to help downtown. Many times a shopper comes downtown to the market and they continue to shop at the stores, eat at the restaurants, visit the parks, etc.

Businesses help each other succeed...

We applaud Councilwoman Baird for trying to improve OUR downtown. 

Monday, February 24, 2014


Seems like another England Executive Order has slipped out of the secret files in Gahan's 3rd floor office. Could it be that England is spreading. rumors of another run in 2015 and Gahan wants to squash him in his tracks?

This is the sneakest underhand crap Dougie has ever pulled.

Exclusive: Read it here first on: Freedom Of Speech.

Executive Order Setting Salary for Dennis Smith

In 2009, the City took on the project of implementing a tow in lot for vehicles in violation of city ordinances. The City did not have a tow in lot before this time. Dennis Smith was instrumental in organizing and implementing the tow in lot. Dennis Smith has operated the tow in lot since it began. He has taken on additional duties and responsibilities above and beyond what his original job position required of him. By his efforts, Dennis Smith has been able to increase the revenues of the City through his work with the tow in lot.
During 2009, Dennis Smith did not receive additional compensation for his work with the town in lot above his normal salary relating to his other duties. The Mayor, hereby, acknowledges the benefits received by the City through the additional work performed by Dennis Smith.

Therefore, by the authority vested in me, Mayor of the City of New Albany and the powers granted me under Indiana Code 36-4-7-3, which permits the Mayor to increase the compensation of an employee at anytime during the year, the Mayor authorizes the additional compensation of $10,000 per year to Dennis Smith out of the tow in lot funds.
This is effective immediately.

Dated: 1/13/10

Douglas B. England
Mayor, City of New Albany

So this is why we're paying B-I-G $$$$$ for billable hours to former/current City Attorney Shane Gibson?

Where is the Tribune on this issue? Maybe we need to fax this information to  Charlie Pride at the State Board of Accounts. 

Can anyone verify that Mr. Dennis Smith is currently employed by the City?

This is just another "crock of crap" England pulls when in office....

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Freedom Of Speech supports the following candidates regardless of Party. Change is good, but as they say: if it isn't broke don't fix it.

County Council:

Barbara Sillings (D)
Tom Pickett (D)
Lana Abersold (R)
John Schellemberger (R)

County Sheriff:

Frank Loop (R)
Jeffrey Topping (D)

County Auditor

Mary Lou Byerly (D)

County Commissioner 1st District:

Mark Seabrook (R)

Clerk of the Circuit Court:

Darrell Mills (D)

State Senate, District 46:

Ron Grooms (R)

State Rep., District 72:

Ed Clere (R)

Judge Superior Court, No.2:

Richard Rush (D)

Judge Superior Court No. 3:

Maria Granger (D)

New Albany Township Board: (pick 3)

Carol Shope (D)

We ask our readers to support the following candidates in the 2014 Primary Election

Saturday, February 08, 2014

WHO'S - WHO IN 2013.....

Liar/ Phony of 2013 - Jeff Gahan

Biggest Bully of 2013 - Roger Baylor

Best School Board Member of 2013 - Rebecca Gardenour

Biggest Gahan mistake made in 2013 - $19.6 million dollar bond backed up with our property taxes

Biggest Political Joke of 2013 - Coffey vs. Seabrook

Worse Council President 2013 - Pat McLaughlin

Flip-Flopper of 2013 - Dan Coffey

Man of the Year - John Shellenberger - President of Floyd County Council

Women of the Year - Rebecca Gardenour NAFC School Board

2014 should be even more exciting...