Monday, July 29, 2013


When it comes to race - one cannot dismiss the most disquieting and pressing reality facing the black community: Black on black crime.

Now, we know this issue is taboo among many - but the facts are just to blantant and chilling to ignore.

Here are the real facts most won't discuss: According to national law enforcement statistics, over 95% of all blacks murdered in the United States are murdered by other blacks. Most of these murders take place in inner cities such as Detroit and Chicago by young black thugs who enjoy preying on children, the elderly and other highly vulnerable individuals.

We firmly believe that racial politics is the last refuge of cowards. It is the very place where spineless bastards and shameless vermin retreat to when the debate is lost.

As they say: you can't argue with the facts and these are the facts.

Friday, July 26, 2013


This is sung to Taylor Swift's song, "We are never, ever getting back together"

I remember when you first become the Mayor
saying: "I will put an end to Doug England."
 Closing off the riverfront and all culture,
Hoping we won't mind. What?!

And then you come around again and say,
"City, I need you so I can pay my maid!
Please....I'll use the extra money for my cruise."
We say, "No way, Jose!"

Shame on youuu!
You destroyed the Parks Department.
If, you think that we'll elect you again,
You...are crazy, crazy, crazy.
In a bad way.

Youuu are 
destroying our city.

Please, Jeff Gahan, stop this nonsense,
Make our city home.
'Cause youuuu
Aren't welcome on our ballots....
Next election! (or ever).

HC Concern Taxpayer

Freedom Of Speech would like to thank this creative artist for taking the time to write this song and sharing it with us and our readers.

Keep those emails coming....

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Mr. Gahan, why have you ordered Horseshoe Casino signs to be taken down?

* Brandon's House
* Greenway 
* Rauch Inc.
* Cancer Care Center

* Business Loans
* New Albany Police Fire Department
* NAFC School System
* NAFC Parks Department
* Howard Steamboat Museum Inc.
* Floyd County VFW
* Floyd County Community Corrections
* Friends of the Culbertson Mansion Inc.
* Animal Shelter
* St. Marks
* Community Park 
* Floyd County Head Start 
* Division Street School
* Scholarships
* Carnegie Center 
* St. John's Lodge

The above list is just a few of the hundreds of grants handed out in Southern Indiana.

Also, "Mr.BULLY," Roger A. Baylor received a $50,000 HFFC Small Business Loan too. 

We at Freedom of Speech are confused. Why is Mr. Gahan doing this?  Is it the bylaws that state: that a democrat and a republican must be allowed to sit on the Horseshoe Foundation Board? 

Or, is it because the Horseshoe Foundation refused to give him $$$$ for "HIS" Water Park and Sports Complex? 

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

The consequences of what could happen as the casino has the freedom to purchase huge billboards to replace any inconsequential signs Gahan might remove. And they can work with local businesses in the city to have space on their properties to erect signs there.

Our final thoughts:

How petty, juvenile and ungracious you have become, Mr. Gahan.  It is not a forward thinking plan as it would be a smack in the casino's face. and burning bridges that should NOT be burned. This is cutting off your nose to spite your face and if we were you, I'd think twice about doing something so incredibly shallow and stupid.

Considering the history of this current administration, such behavior is really only icing on the cake of a series of ridiculously destructive typical short sighted maneuvers....

Shame on you  Mr. Gahan!

The gifts of the Horseshoe Foundation will continue to shape our community.


Monday, July 22, 2013


It was recently reported: but NOT very publicly, that Rural/Metro Ambulance service missed the interest payment that was due last Monday on a 2013 bond issue.

This follows an industry report from Moody's Investor's Service on May 30 when they downgraded Rural/Metro's credit rating to junk status.

Moody's also increased their probability of default.

Gahan SCREWS up again.....

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Barrack H. Obama while giving his race-baiting speech on Friday said: "He was profiled 35 years ago at stores, because4 he was black."

How does he know it wasn't his white half that was being profiled?

Just a reminder: Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson: Two poverty PIMPS who got RICH from perpetuating RACISM.

Friday, July 12, 2013


How long will it take Mayor Gahan to ask Kay Garry to return as Controller for the City of New Albany?

Answer: Secret meeting between Jeff and Kay Garry next Tuesday July 16, 2013,  in the Mayors office....

How about a NEW qualified CPA?

Monday, July 08, 2013


We are deeply sadden to hear about the death of our friend Randy Hubbard. 

He was a good man and a GREAT husband, father and grandfather. 

We often sat in Randy's office discussing politics, the democrat and the republican party, and what should and could be done to help US taxpayers. In our eyes Randy was a problem solver. He often told us: Floyd County had given him so much he just want to give back to the people.

Former Sheriff Hubbard sure loved his family, he took pride in his grand kids and cared deeply about the city and county residence.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Hubbard family. Floyd County has lost a great public servant....

Freedom Of Speech Staff