Wednesday, October 31, 2007


As your city council representative, I pledge to listen and to vote YOUR CONCERNS! I will not vote to use YOUR property taxes to pay for downtown projects as did my opponent Councilman Jack Messer. I will note vote to INCREASE TAXES as my opponent has suggested.

I will treat all citizens of New Albany with respect, unlike my opponent who states "We need a better class of people in the city" during a council meeting.


* I pledge to attend all meetings, putting YOU first, unlike my opponent

* To spend your tax dollars wisely, in ways to benefit all citizen's of New Albany

* To work to clean up our neighborhoods and to tear down dilapidated houses

* To work with our police department, hire more officers, and work with you to solve the crime and drug problems facing our community

* To expand our ambulance service

* Not privatize one of our services that our community depends on

* Fix our roads, alley's and sidewalks

Let's all work together, and build a better New Albany.

Thank you for your support.
James "Jimmy" Hollis
City Council at Large

Paid for by Jimmy Hollis for City Council at Large

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The article listed from the Courier - Journal dated Oct. 26, 2004 clearly states the facts:

Ex-New Albany mayor under investigation
England, motorist had confrontation
By Ben Zion Hershberg

"Former New Albany Mayor Doug England is under investigation by the Floyd County prosecutor after he confronted a motorist and allegedly claimed to be a county sheriff's deputy.

Prosecutor Keith Henderson confirmed yesterday that the incident is under investigation. He said he has not decided whether to file charges.

Attorney Nick Stein, who is representing England, confirmed that an incident occurred between his client and another motorist, Stein said England has asked him to speak for him about the incident.

"There is absolutely no crime here, " Stein said, adding that "this thing is blown way out of proportion."

The motorist who filed the complaint is David White of Floyd Knobs, a cameraman for WDRB-TV.

In an interview, White said England apologized during a meeting that included John Mattingly, a former aide to the ex-mayor.

White said he no longer wants to pursue legal action.

According to the complaint, made in the form of an interview with Floyd County Detective Neal Houglin, the incident occurred about 11:30 p.m. Sept. 16, when Whit was on his way home after work. He was driving a marked WDRB vehicle.

After getting onto westbound Interstate 64 at the Ninth Street entrance ramp in Louisville, he noticed another vehicle to his right, near the area where the ramp merges from two lanes to one. White said in the complaint.

He accelerated to keep from hitting the vehicle, White said, and then saw the vehicle was swerving back and forth behind him and flashing its headlights.

White said he took the New Albany exit and stopped at a parking lot on Market and Scribner streets to drop off some aluminum cans in a recycling bin. His complaint said the car that had been behind him-a maroon Honda Odyssey-pulled up beside his vehicle.

White said he and the Odyssey's driver remained in their vehicles, speaking to each other through open windows.

The driver of the Odyssey identified himself "as a Floyd County sheriff's deputy," White said his complaint, and displayed "a gold star that was in some type of dark I.D. case."

White said he recognized the man as England, whom he had photographed before.

England "was going on about how he was driving and was cursing at him and being belligerent, "the complaint said, "at one point threatened to kick his ---."

England drove away, the complaint says, when White offered to call the sheriff's department to summon a marked car.

Initially, White said, he filed the complaint because he was concerned such incidents might happen to other members of the public, including his daughter, who recently started driving.

But after being invited to a meeting with England by Mattingley, a friend of the former mayor, White said he decided not to pursue charges.

In the Oct. 7 meeting with England at Mattingly's apartment, Whit said, the former mayor apologized and said he has gotten rid of the badge.

"I think it was an error in judgement on his part," White said of England. "i don't think he will do it again."

Stein said the criminal statue for impersonating a public servant requires an intent to mislead and induce someone "to submit to false authority."

That would involve some "detrimental action," Stein said, perhaps a search or handcuffing someone. Nothing like that happened, Stein said.

"We thought this thing was taken care of among gentlemen and was over," he said. "It's embarrassing, but beyond that it's nothing."

Floyd County police Chief Frank Loop said that Sheriff Randy Hubbard gave England an honorary sheriff's ID card several years ago for his support of the department. The card bestows no police powers, he said.

"Certainly, anytime anybody misrepresents themselves as a police officer or as affiliated with the police department, we are concerned," Loop said.

The department investigated the incident and referred it to Henderson last week, Loop said."

Freedom of Speech would like to say that this article describes a person impersonating a law officer.


Was not charged nor prosecuted.

The voters have a choice between...A person who was a certified Law Officer


A person who tried to impersonate a Law Officer. make the choice.

Vote Nov. 6, 2007

footnote: Freedom of Speech would like to know: Is this the same John Mattingly who recently was contacted about unpaid sewer and water bills totally $4,500.00?

Monday, October 29, 2007


Where do your political loyalties lie?

Are you a true-blue Democrat or a red-blooded Republican?

This election is about more than Doug England or Randy Hubbard.

It is not about being Republican or a Democrat.

It's about a call for change.

Many voters are still deciding whether England has really changed. Would we be in a worse mess than he left us?

Will the voters be lied to again?

And so my fellow Americans, ask not what
your country can do for you; ask what you
can do for your country.
~John F. Kennedy

Source: WNAS

You are "NOT" John F. Kennedy...Mr. England!

"Is England a wishy-washy- flip-flopper, depending on which group he's speaking with?"

As they say
"a leopard never changes his spots."

Did you notice that Doug has no plan how he can pay for:

* revitalization downtown

* two way streets

* city courts

*rental inspection

* moving city offices to a new building

* building a new firehouse

England's "pie in the sky" list goes on and on ~ with no means to pay the bill.

Freedom of Speech would like our City to do more for it's citizens but we just haven't heard England put forth a creditable way to do this without raising fees, and taxes on us citizens.

England said that for the sake of businesses, "they need to be two-way streets."

Source: New Albany Tribune

How do you plan to pay for this Candidate England?

"Why is England only catering to downtown businesses? What about the rest of us in the city?

The "rah rah" downtown crowd doesn't seem to have any problem promoting the England scheme for votes!

Boys...are you all in for a rude awakening!

Ask yourself this voters...why didn't England revitalize downtown during the 8 years he was in office?

On November 6th, the citizens of New Albany will go to the polls throughout the city and vote for and elect a Mayor, 9 Council Members and a City Clerk.

Freedom of Speech believes in responsibility and accountability; it is the responsibility of the Mayor and Council to protect the financial well being of the City of New Albany. Your efforts should be focused on working to improve service and cutting expenditures throughout city government.

Our city needs to become more efficient while at the same time directing internal savings towards more pressing needs like:

* property taxes

* city infrastructure

* street repairs

* pipeline and valves upgrades and mapping

* improve storm drainage

Our next mayor should practice "smart growth" as he seeks opportunities for the community and us citizens.

Fiscal leadership over the last sixteen years, has been a nightmare. Without attention to our City's spending priorities, well, we're on a path that is only going to put more burden on the backs of New Albany taxpayers.

New Albany taxpayers are suffering from increase tax bills because local government is "not controlling" their spending!

Candidate England, we have not heard you say how you would hold down city government spending and help lower our tax bills.

So, voters you decide "if you want 4 more years" of broken promises!

Remember: Vote for the person and not the party!

One of my main concerns is that you, the voter, vote for the candidates you feel is the most qualified rather than vote a straight party ticket. If you are really serious about the election results, and I hope you are, you should understand that voting a straight party ticket is a very bad mistake for both the community and for the two major political parties.

~Ronald Schad

"You have Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams for us taxpayers to pay for ~ Mr. England."

VOTE Tuesday November 6, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Freedom of Speech has received thousands of emails over the last several months.

Voters want action not empty promises!

What voters are interested in now is honesty and competence. Who can manage the city monies better and fix our problems?

*Property taxes

* sewers


The citizens of New Albany are not the problem. They are more interested in local politics than ever before.

Why? because they are mad as hell!

They do care about the bread - and - butter issues that affect their lives, they do care about their community and neighborhoods.

But...The voters are now looking for change!

Some candidates have not bothered to attend council meetings and they do not keep up with the current issues.

But...they think they have all of the answers, and solutions to our city problems!

If you read some of these platforms, some of the candidates are making "pie in the sky" promises that the taxpayers will have to pay for out of their pockets.

They have no plan.

And how are they going to pay for these projects?

Candidates should look at the money in the bank, and the 2007 Financial report of the general fund.

What are their platform plans to over come this deficit?

Freedom of Speech would like to say the voters are not going to buy this "crap" about City Courts, rental inspection and revitalization of downtown New Albany.

When taxpayers have spent about $80 million on sewers and they are still not fixed.

Make no mistake, these so called "sewer issues" are the problems which affect the lives of every citizen in New Albany.

So what is the real priority here candidates?

"We give the community a platform
and resource to voice their concerns
on political issues."

-Savanaha Lamp

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Is anyone else out there sick and tired of the current "batch" of candidates and their party chairman's who continue to bash each others party during this campaign?

If we read another letter from Todd Bailey in our local newspaper about England, we will cancel our subscription. The only thing left for Bailey to say about Candidate England is that Doug can now walk on water!

We thought England had promised the NAPD Chief's position to Councilman Jack Messer, not Officer Todd Bailey.

The political situation in New Albany continues to deteriorate with half-truths. As we have said before, it seems that no politicians are willing to talk openly about the real issues at hand.

* property taxes

* sewers

* utility fees

* streets, pot holes, and mismanagement of taxpayers dollars

Instead, they hide behind the blanket of their partisan positions, blathering back and forth and using propaganda and deception to mislead the voters. Every general election, candidates just seem to get more negative, focusing on the weaknesses of opponents instead of the strengths of their own ideas!

This has occurred in every mayoral election, with both sides throwing mud back and forth.

If you voted a candidate out why would you want to vote that candidate back in office?

What about Councilman Messer, Gahan and Zurschmiede? Should we as voters review their voting records?

Candidate England should justify his past record of service and tell voters his solutions and plans for New Albany.

No wonder people get turned off of elections.

There are just seventeen days until election day, and now the gloves have come off for mayoral candidates.

Matthews: GOP chairman digs into England's past
By Dave Matthews
Local Guest Columnist

So after attending a recent organizational meeting with Randy's campaign staff, I decided to spend a few hours at the New Albany Public Library looking up old newspaper articles and find out for myself whether or not any of these stories were true.

* August 1993 questioned conflict of interest

* October 1999 England raised $18,600 in corporate contributions after promising not to accept them

* October 2004 "Former New Albany Mayor Doug England is under investigation by the Floyd County prosecutor after he confronted a motorist and allegedly claimed to be a county sheriff deputy.

However, I firmly believe, whether Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, like me, all the Southern Indiana Hoosiers I've spoken to recently still care about honesty, integrity, and accountability in their elective officials.

Source: New Albany Tribune

Democrat Response:

To the Editor: Republican Chairman Contradectory

I was taken aback when I read the mud-sling letter of Republican Chairman David Matthews, coming on the heals of a conversation that I had with him just about a week before.

Let me use this opportunity for just such a teaching moment.

* Lesson 1: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

* Lesson 2: Before removing the splinter from your brother's eye, remove the plank from your own

* Lesson 3: Forgive us our Debts as we forgive our Debtors

Randy Stumler
Floyd County Democratic Chairman

Source: New Albany Tribune

Ah, there's something to be said about political mudslinging. Perhaps the beauty of mudslinging is that it allows you to attack opinions you do not like without actually having to back up your claims, which comes in handy when your own claims are either unfounded or incomprehensible.

How about asking each candidate if they have ever filed Bankruptcy?

There's also something to be said about backing your words with actions. You can sit back and philosophize about improving your community, but unless you are willing to put theory into reality and "put your money where your mouth is." Well enough said...

Democrat Voters ask yourself this:

Are the local Democrats being embarrassed by their leaders?

Freedom of Speech has received emails from many Floyd County Democrats regarding statements made by the Chairman of the Democrat Party in a local newspaper article.

"They want to know what made him so high and mighty" as he used bible quotes in his article?

"The current Central Committee members have divided our party not united it."

"Randy Stumler should step down as Democrat Party Chairman."

Is he really a preacher?

We know that there is one proclaimed preacher on the Democrat Central Committee, But, we were not aware that the Democrat Central Committee had two preachers on board.

We also heard that Democrat Chairman Stumler had a bible on his arm and held it up to make quotes at a past Democrat meeting at the Knights of Columbus.

We suggest, Mr. Stumler you make a decision and either be a professed preacher or a professed politician! Boy--you must have the progressive-Atheists all shook up as you are mixing Religion and Politics.

Politics 101 rule 26 states: You never mix Religion and Politics Democrat Chairman Stumler. Maybe that's why you got beat by your own party in the Commissioners race.

Mr. Stumler, you failed to list the bible chapters of the quotes you used in your newspaper article. Please...if you are going to make bible quotes, then give the authors of those bible chapters the credit they deserve from those worthy comments.

Now let us review the comments that you used to advise the Republican Chairman:

* Lesson 1: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

* Lesson 2: Before removing the splinter from your brother's eye, remove the plank from your own

* Lesson 3: Forgive us our Debts as we forgive our Debtors

Freedom of Speech would like to suggest that you, Democrat Chairman Stumler, stand in front of a mirror and offer those comment suggestions to yourself and your Democrat Central Committee.

We wish that they would stick to the issues and stop saying what the other candidate "cannot" do.

Mr. and Mrs. Candidates, and Party Chairman's do us all a favor and start running an HONEST campaign and stop all the mudslinging...the VOTERS are tired of it!

Voters want solutions, facts, and truth...not mudslinging!

VOTE~November 6, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007


What is the role of a newspaper in a community and in readers' lives.

The First Amendment, protecting freedom of expression from abridgement by any law guarantees to the people through their press a constitutional right, and thereby places on newspaper people a particular responsibility.

Every effort must be made to assure that the news content is accurate, free from bias and in context.

And that all sides are presented fairly.

Reporters should be honest and fair in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.

Significant errors of fact, as well as errors should be corrected.

Case in point:

New Albany district shuffle set for first vote Thursday
By Eric Scott Campbell

'If the redistricting ordinance passes in that matter, before Nov. 6 election, it would present an odd scenario. The law would take effect immediately, moving voters in six of New Albany's 34 precincts--10, 11, 19A, 19B, 26 and 28 -- to new districts.'

Good try Plaintiffs!

It is our understanding that the new redistricting, if approved, would not take affect immediately. As printed in a local newspaper Tuesday Oct. 16, 2007. Voters WOULD NOT be moved immediately to new districts causing voters confusion.

The local newspaper article stated that "voters would have to choose candidates in their old districts."

The local newspaper needs to get their "facts straight" before they go to print!

Is this another example of local newspapers misleading the public?


We suggest that the local newspaper print a "correction" on this Oct. 16, 2007 article.

Freedom of Speech would like to say:

It is well known that the voters are fed-up with the political mess in our community. Voters are reluctant to go to the polls and newspaper articles like this discourage voters even more.

Freedom of Speech also suggest that the local newspaper do their homework and research.

If the Lawsuit Plaintiffs wanted to create an election mess...they have achieved their goal!

"A newspaper produces two kinds of influence, societal influence, which is not for sale, and commercial influence, or influence on the consumer's decision to buy, which is for sale. The beauty of this model is that it provides economic justification for excellence in journalism."
~ Hal Jurgensmeyer

Sunday, October 14, 2007


As an important Mayoral election draws near, candidate England has been promising everything but solutions. Why? Let's look at:

Doug's Vision:

My vision for New Albany, like that of most citizens who love our community is positive. All of us want a growing, bustling, beautiful community with happy, safe citizens. We have laid out an ambitious program for New Albany's future. Will that vision be fully realized in the next four years? Of course not. The problems facing New Albany are significant and we will begin addressing them January 1, 2008

* Economic Development

* Public Safety

* Streets and Infrastructure

* Housing/Code Enforcement

* Downtown Development

* Neighborhood Associations

* Cooperation With Other Public Officials

* Clean Up New Albany

The only one correct statement we read so far was: Will that vision be fully realized in the next four years? "Of course not."

Is this more pie in the sky promises from Candidate England?

Is this England's previous campaign repeating it's self?

"Today we are going to ask the hard questions," We as voters want to know:

First, how do you plan to pay for all your so called "Visions and campaign" promises?

1) What is your primary reason for seeking this position?

England states: "I have seen New Albany from both inside and outside city government. My years as Mayor, extensive background in private industry and active involvement in many community organizations have given me a unique perspective and insight into the problems and opportunities in our city. I feel that I have the experience and the knowledge to cooperate with the City Council, citizens, community groups and the business community so that New Albany can live up to it's potential."

Source: Election Q & A: New Albany Mayor's race

Obviously, there are many, many questions we at Freedom of Speech must ask our candidates during this critical election. We must demand the accountability and question the ethics of Candidate Doug England.

Freedom of Speech believes in asking the tough questions:

Candidate England, we would like to know if you had 8 years of perspective and insight to New Albany's problems, why were our problems not corrected when you were Mayor?


* sewers

* 15th Street Corridor

* streets

* downtown

How do you plan to pay for these projects?

Why should we trust you Candidate England?

What can you say to show us "non believers that you have changed" that would make us choose you over Republican candidate Randy Hubbard?

What is your reason as to why New Albany was fined by EPA during your time as Mayor?

Do you feel after taxpayers have spend over $60 million dollars in sewers, should we trust you that you will do what you are promising?

Freedom of Speech would like to know Candidate England why you are willing to give up your position with the Hughes Group, Inc. as Director of Business Development to be our Mayor?

Aren't you taking "one hell" of a cut in pay Doug?

In the past England you were labeled the developer's friendly mayor. Will you put the developers needs before citizens needs?

Have you ever received kickbacks on any project or items as our previous mayor?

* Kickback definition: A kickback is a payment of money, favors, or some other valuable to another to perform a certain desire action, contract or to make an important decision.

Is it true Candidate England that Quarry Bluff Development project is currently going bankrupt and you need a job?


Voters don't make the same mistake twice!


4) How do you believe you could get the railroad companies' attention or take control of the local corridors especially downtown to make them safe and more passable?

England states: "Fifteenth Street is of particular concern because the rail cars sway as they pass homes and business along the corridor. This is a dangerous situation that the railroad must address. "I will coordinate street and railroad repairs and that of all other utilities so that improvements made by one will not interfere with the permanent improvements of the other."

Source: Election Q & A:New Albany Mayor's race

Candidate England: Is it not true we had a train derailment during your time as Mayor along 15th Street? Why? How is the current railroad situation any different now, than when you were Mayor?

Didn't the rail cars "sway" when you were in office as Mayor?

Where do you plan to get the millions of dollars in funds to fix the 15th Street Corridor?

Candidate England have you even seen or read: Geotechnical Investigation Phase 1-15th Street Sewer Corrections & Hydrogeologic Conditions Along 15th Street?

* We suggest you read these reports before you make anymore campaign promises.

Is it true Candidate England you have promised all kinds of political jobs if you are elected? You have told several citizens that this is not true but we hear otherwise down at the City County Building...So who is lying? You or them?

You had 8 years in office to correct our infrastructure. And YOU did not solve our sewer problems why should we give you a second chance?

If 82.7% of our budget is used for Police and Fire. Which is for every $10.00 - $8.00 goes to those departments. How can you meet the needs of our citizens without raising rates or borrowing more money?

Why does it seem like your platform Candidate England is based on certain areas of voters? Downtown, Neighborhood Associations, Police and Economic Development.

It looks like to us the voters you are playing to certain groups for their votes?

Are you telling them what they want to hear or misleading all of us?

In recent days Candidate England we have read about you pulling over and flashing your badge. Would you like to explain why you did this, and why you were not charged for impersonating an officer?

Candidate England is it true that you assured US EPA that all homes on Main Street were put on sewers during your term as Mayor?

If that is true. Why was Freedom of Speech contacted this week by taxpayers, at two separate locations, that found out, after 20 plus years, that they had been paying sewer bills and were not on sewer lines. They even spent three days running from office to office to get the necessary permits and were told they could only get permits on certain days from 9am to 11 am.

They were also told that it is not the city's responsibility to have them on sewers. Residents are completely responsible and if not done the city would condemn their house and put liens on the property, if they don't pay the sewer bills.

Thanks to Valla Ann Bolovschak citizens advocate who contacted Barbara R. VanTil of US EPA Region 5, Water Enforcement and Compliance and US EPA attorney, Erik Olson. [Ms. VanTil has replaced retired US EPA attorney, Deborah Carlson.]

Valla Ann has ask US EPA Region 5 for a Federal Investigation of noncompliance.

Freedom of Speech would like to know:

How many other locations throughout the City of New Albany are not on sewers and where is that sewage going?

Maybe Barbara VanTil and Erik Olson can make the city tell them were it is going.

City sewer bills were sent out to residents for a service that was not received. We ask you Candidate England, is that not mail fraud? Didn't US EPA order New Albany to check all the sewers in the Main Street area when you were Mayor?

We suggest all the citizens of New Albany had better find out, if they are connected to the sewers.

If you have ever gone through this nightmare with the city, we ask that you email Freedom of Speech at:

One final question Candidate England:

If elected mayor how would you help these taxpayer's get back over $14,000 + for out of pocket expenses to be connected to New Albany sewers after paying sewer bills for over 20 years?

Silence your critic's once and for all Candidate England and answer the voters hard questions.

Freedom of Speech feels the biggest issues in the 2007 New Albany Mayor's race that nobody's talking about is: fixing sewer's, EPA, city audits, cutting spending, budgets and paying back the $5 million dollars owed to sewers.

What our readers are telling us:

Citizens of New Albany should be able to trust Public Servants to decide controversial issues in a manner that protects all the citizens...not a selective few...but this is too often not the reality.

Taxpayers of New Albany were denied a public referendum vote on Scribner Place. We dare any elected official to deny this. Referendum votes must be used more often so that the citizens can give direction to their Public Servant "employees" when they are deciding controversial issues.

New Albany needs "Smart Growth."

Taxpayers should not have to pay for negative growth. The citizens should vote to approve or disapprove major proposed projects.

Growth should not be decided by the entities that profit from growth!

Freedom of Speech believes it is reprehensible to intentionally distort the facts for the last 16 years about the real financial state of New Albany.

The street situation in New Albany is an insult to its citizens.

City Government must prioritize its financial resources. And understand what the meaning of NEED vs. WANT is.

Developers are important in the local economy, But...they should not be permitted to undermine the decision making process. "No more free rides!"

Too many tax dollars is spent in too many wrong places. It is time to redistribute those much-needed dollars to the citizens all over town...It's called property tax relief!

All public Officials should be expected to abstain from voting on any issue that benefits his or her major campaign contributor...and/or especially their connections to "PRIVATE COMPANIES AND CRONIES." This includes our current elected officials, future candidates and future Mayors as well.

It's time for our candidates to PUT UP---not KISS UP!

So you have a decision to make voters. Do you want the England politics-as-usual, good ole' boys club, bought and paid for by the powers that be?

Or do you want change?

You the VOTERS will decide on November 6, 2007


Freedom of Speech would like to say:

Is it history repeating itself, again, or is there an air of change in New Albany?

Voters want change.

We hear it daily that citizens of our city want a government that will listen to them and act on constituent wishes instead of the usual good ole' boy politics.

We have said a thousand times what is important and necessary is simply doing the right thing --vs. doing the wrong thing.

Let us throw "political correctness" out the window. Let us throw partisan politics out, and let us simply implore some basic common sense and do the damn'd right thing!

We believe the voters will indicate their intolerance regarding the direction our present Mayor and his Administration have led us.

Voters are angry about sewers, property taxes, outraged about service fees, the appearance of greed and corruption in our local government.

The list could go on an on.

Will one election change everything?

No, obviously not.

With the choices of candidates running now. We think it will take 4 more years for them to finally "get it."

To our many readers:

We will continue to stand against political and social pressure and government oppression. We will continue to uncover truth and then stand by it. We stand against media bias. We stand for our right to...Freedom of Speech

Thank the many citizens of New Albany for all your thousands of emails and for all your GREAT support!

"Team ~Freedom of Speech"

Blessed is the group who can take bricks thrown at them and build a strong foundation for success. ~ HI

footnote: There were 15 firefighters treated for heat related illness at a house fire this week. On this fire, firefighters were using 4 or 5 air bottles before taking a break and the results were heat exhaustion. These additional 5 firefighters: Greg Wenning, Ron Brown, Dexter Parker, Ben Fee, Justin Howard, were treated at Floyd Memorial Hospital.

Why was this not reported in our local newspaper? Freedom of Speech "supports the men and women" of the NAFD.

Thanks firefighters ~ Your the best!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Ohio River Greenway Commission invites you to join honorary co-host Congressman Baron Hill for the Inaugural Ohio River Greenway 5K Celebration Saturday, October 13, 2007 8:30 a.m. Cource highlights historical sites and landmarks along the Ohio River Greenway.

All proceeds benefit the Ohio River Greenway. Check-in begins at 7:00 a.m. at the Terrace Lawn in Jeffersonville. TARC trolleys will provide transportation to the race starting line. Race begins at Mill Creek Bridge and ends at Jeffersonville Terrace Lawn. Dedication and celebration for recently-completed portion of Jeffersonville Greenway will take place immediately following awards ceremony.

* Food

* Door Prizes

* Live Music featuring Hugh E. Birs

Some of the historical sites and landmarks along route include:

* Mill Creek Bridge-MILL creek was the site of the departure of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

* Site of first school in Clarksville

* George Rogers Clark Homesite

* The Ohio River Railroad Bridge-Completed in 1870, it was the longest single span in the country at that time

* Terrace Amphitheater at Riverside and Spring-Site of the Louisville Ferry landing and a route of the Underground Railroad

Registration fees:


$15.00 before October 5

$20.00 after October 5

Awards given to overall male and female runners. Awards given to top 3 male/female walkers.

Performance t-shirts to all participants.

Special Thanks to:


Hugh E. Birs


Print Center

Congressman Baron Hill

Commission member: Valla Ann Bolovschak

Executive Director: Shaunna Graf

For additional information:

You may also register online at:

Freedom of Speech strongly supports New Albany's Greenway Project. If you're as excited about the Greenway as we are come join Congressman Baron Hill and participate in the Inaugural Ohio River Greenway 5K Celebration.

Thank you Valla Ann Bolovschak for your tireless efforts have lead to a great deal of the saving of the federal funding. And for your major role in our local greenway project and your many hours of hard work. We can safely say that because of your involvement in this planning with the City of New Albany's Greenway Project will reflect the values important to our community.

You have left an indelible mark on this project.

Come show your community support on Saturday October 13, 2007!

Community service is important to me because it helps people in my community and because it has pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and take initiative."

~Valla Ann Bolovschak

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

NEWS FLASH ~ " R-07-35 A" ~ PASSES...

R-07-35 A~

Freedom of Speech believes in the Constitution of the United States. Which says "OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE."

Thank you to the City Council members who voted down the "Outrageous Request" and Cost by the 18~Regressive Plaintiffs.

You had the courage to stand up For..."WE THE PEOPLE" of New Albany!

My father always taught us:

Whatever you do, you need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs. Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks to the following Council members: Dan Coffey, Bill Schmidt, Donnie Blevins, Larry Kochert and Steve Price!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Freedom of Speech intends to present the facts and information to you the readers. You and us the taxpayers of New Albany will be footing the legal bills. Is this blackmail as stated by Council Member Donnie Blevins in a recent Newspaper article?

Is this strictly political? Or is this for financial gain to build a brewery downtown?

This Redistricting issue is about a small group of citizens who feel their 14th Amendment Rights have been violated. So...what about the rest of us?

Why do they think they are so special?

Could it be the Plaintiffs have promised certain candidates they can deliver maybe 20 or 30 votes for them if they speak out for their Redistricting plan?

They waited almost 4 years before filing this lawsuit. They had all the opportunity for over 3 years to bring this issue before our council.

So what does this tell you the citizens of New Albany about the Plaintiffs?

Their demands are outrageous!

It appears that this document was not drawn up by an attorney.

Why is it that this group of Plaintiff's think they have the right to change the law? Why are their demands so ridiculous? New Albany is not a 3rd World Country.

They think they have a right to be part of the legislative body. If that's true, then, they need to run for Council and be elected instead of trying to act like legislators!

This is our summary of what they are demanding:

They want the Council to approve and pay for their CDBC Commission (Council District Boundaries Commission) expenses for:

* Office material

* Material expenses

* Funds to hire an expert

* Professional Assistance

* Allowance for Public Communication

* Per Diem expenses ($50.00 per meeting for Committee)

By the way Plaintiff's -- "You forgot to include "Cell Phones, Longevity Pay, Comp Time, 1 -Commission Attorney, Personal days, Sick leave, Insurance benefits, Life Ins., Liability Insurance, Holiday pay, City Pension Plan, City take home cars and FREE PARKING in the State Street Parking Garage" for each member of your Commission!

Did we leave anything out?

IC 36-4-6-3 requirements to redistrict are " as nearly as possible, equal population".

The plaintiff's request is that this shall mean "No district shall exceed in population another District by more than 100 people". Are they trying to alter Indiana Code?

The Council will be OBLIGATED to approve a plan submitted by the CDBC COMMISSION and NO OTHER.


Council and defendants will pay from CITY FUNDS the court cost of about $400.00.

Council and defendants will pay the attorney's fee's incurred by the plaintiff's.

When you have a problem, you set up a new committee or board and pay additional staff members. Freedom of Speech believes this situation is just like all government solutions:

Then, the taxpayers foot the bill and nothing gets done!

Plaintiffs--- you need to get a pencil and paper and your calculator and get busy with the numbers. Why don't you lay your suggested plan on the table?

We suggest to all of our readers to read the full and complete demands and then contact Council President Larry Kochert at (812) - 945-7652 and voice your DEMANDS. "It's our tax dollars paying the bill!"...

The Redistricting Plaintiffs complete..."DEMANDS!"

Accordingly, the parties agree to perform the following actions:

1. The Council will refuse to take up for consideration any plan to redraw the city's legislative districts except as outlined in this agreement, including any plan now proposed to Council or subsequently presented before the end of the current term in January of 2008.

2. The Council will immediately pass an ordinance or resolution establishing a County District Boundaries Commission (CDBC, or, Commission). The ordinance or resolution will provide for the reasonable expenses of the Commission during the term of its members, including office and materials expenses, funds to hire such expert or professional assistance as the Commission may require to perform its duties, allowances as the Commission may require to perform its duties, allowances for public communications and notice of the Commission's proceedings, and per diem expenses as outlined below.

3. Under the ordinance or resolution, the Commission will consist of three (3) persons from among the plaintiff's, as designated by the plaintiffs, and the three (3) persons who during their terms of office serve as at-large members of the Council. Upon the expiration of an at-large member's term, that seat on the Commission will be assumed by the person (s) sworn to a new term in 2008.

4. The Commission will be charged with examining the data from the 2000 decennial census, taking public testimony and other submissions, and preparing a lawful plan to redraw the city's legislative districts in compliance with the Stipulations above and the Statute and submitting same to Council at any time in 2008, but no later than September 1, 2008.

5. The Council will be obligated to approve a plan submitted by the Commission, and no other, and pass an ordinance effecting the plan, or, in the alternative, to reject the plan by returning it to the Commission, with comments, for further deliberation. The Commission will continue to submit plans for approval by the Council until a plan is approved and made effective by ordinance, provided that the Council shall, before December 31, 2008, approve a plan submitted by the Commission, at which time the terms of the members of the Commission will end. The ordinance creating the Commission, however, shall remain in effect and may be activated for future activities at the discretion of the Council, who may by ordinance or resolution determine a manner for choosing its membership.

6. The Commission shall meet no less often than two times each calendar month, beginning with the month of October 2007. to perform it's duties, and its members each shall be entitled to submit claims for a per diem of $50.00 per meeting, until the terms of its members expire with the passage of an ordinance that lawfully draws legislative districts for the city.

7. The Commission will conduct all its meetings under the provisions of the Indiana's "Open Door Law" and the "Access to public Records Act" as they apply to the legislative bodies of second class cities, including all provisions for public notice and access. Furthermore, the Commission will solicit public comment by means of open hearings and all other means and will accept proposals, testimony, comments, questions, and suggestions by oral or written submission by6 interested parties, including but not limited to past or present members of the Council, other elected officials, party officials, and others, except as limited by statute.

8. The Commission shall elect from among its membership a chairman, vice chairman, and recording secretary and shall conform to Robert's Rules of Order to settle parliamentary questions. The chairman shall call and conduct the meetings and proceedings of the Commission. The vice chairman shall preside in the absence or recusal of the chairman. The recording secretary shall keep the minutes of the Commission.

9. The Commission shall establish a Web site to solicit submissions and to disseminate notices and other proceedings of the Commission, including all documents submitted to them and other documents it deems to be necessary in order to understand the proceedings and proposals considered by the Commission.

10. The parties agree that the Council and defendants will pay from city funds the filing fees and court costs of plaintiffs, estimated to be approximately $400.00, and to pay the attorney's fees incurred by the plaintiffs in prosecuting this lawsuit, stipulated to be $2,500, to date.

11. Once lawfully approved by a majority of Council, this consent decree shall become effective and be incorporated in plaintiffs' motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

12. Unless properly signed by the parties and submitted to the clerk of the court of jurisdiction, the U.S. District Court for Southern Indiana, New Albany Division, on or before October 2, 2007, this offered to enter a consent decree and dismissal of the lawsuit will be deemed to have expired.

The parties to the above-captioned lawsuit stipulate:

1. Under the statutory provisions outlined in IC 36-4-6-3 (Statute") and incorporated by citation into this agreement, the Common Council for the City of New Albany ("Council") has an affirmative duty to, after each decennial census, draw legislative districts that, among other requirements, contain, as nearly as is possible, equal population, and

2. To date, Council has not complied with the provisions of the Statute following the 2000 decennial census, and

3. The city's six legislative districts are, as defined by the 2000 decennial census, grossly unequal, violating the Statute, the equal protection clauses of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Section 23 of the Indiana Constitution, and

4. Upon reliable testimony of the Circuit Court Clerk for Floyd County, New Albany is believed to be unique among Indiana cities in that its legislative districts are not only grossly unequal in population but that they do not cross precinct boundaries to achieve districts that contain, as nearly as is possible, equal population, as directed under part (d) of the Statute, and

5. To achieve districts that contain, as nearly as is possible, equal population, it will be necessary to cross precincts boundaries as they currently exist, and

6. The interest of the public in the drawing of legislative districts makes it imperative that all discussions regarding the process and the creation of the required ordinance to draw the districts be conducted in public and with the utmost participation by the public, including submissions, comments, and questions, and

7. The drawing of lawful districts should be performed in a deliberate and measured manner and should not be conducted in such a way as to create suspicion by the public and should not be done under threat of false and arbitrary deadlines or conditions, and

8. The drawing of lawful districts is necessary to enable residents to organize and otherwise plan electoral actions with sufficient notice of how those districts boundaries will lie, and

9. No necessity exists for such boundaries to be drawn in haste and that delay will not compromise the interests outline in Stipulation 8, and

10. For the purposes of this consent decree and as between the parties, the provisions in the Statute that require districts to be drawn that "contain, as nearly as is possible, equal population" shall mean that no district shall exceed in population another district by more than 100 people.

Source: Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Speech would like to say if you don't want your Tax Dollars wasted on these "outrageous demands" contact your council members:

Council President Larry Kochert at (812) - 945-7652

Councilman - Donnie Blevins (812)944-4856

Councilman - Jack Messer (812) 949-9638

Councilman - Kevin Zurschmiede (812) 945-7827

Councilman - Dan Coffey (812) 949-1262

Councilman - Bill Schmidt (812) 945-7386

Councilman - Steve Price (812) 941-9032

Councilwoman - Beverly Crump (812) 948-2603

Councilman - Jeff Gahan (812) 949-9314

In today's America, because of political maneuvering, deal cutting, lies and corruption, propaganda, and for other countless other reasons, many people think it is the people who must serve local government.

That is not how our Nation was created, and that is not the law.

Understand this: Our local government, created by the people, serves the people. Our Constitution is now, and has been, for many years, the only thing that has kept this Nation and our City from outright tyranny.

Our duty as citizens is to protect it so it can protect us. Not hide behind the Constitution for financial and so called political gain!

Freedom of Speech believes since the "laws" were created by the People and for the People and affect the People, then, obviously, our Mayor is over the line to try to force a settlement when it is not in the "best interest of us the taxpayers" of New Albany.

Has the Mayor read Indiana Code?

IC 36-4-4-3 Mayor: The Mayor exercises the "Executive Authority" of the city and is primarily concerned with the day to day operations.

IC 36-4-4-4 Common Council: The Council exercises the "City Legislative Authority", makes the laws that govern the City and Appropriates the cities monies.

Source: Indiana Elected Municipal Officials Handbook

Everyone in this City has the RIGHT to his/her opinion. We welcome all opinions. Although we may not agree with all expressed opinions, we, as taxpayers of New Albany, support your RIGHT to say anything you want.

Our "opinions" are based on and supported by fact, law and the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Harry Truman said it best: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

Friday, October 05, 2007



The Mayor has called a special meeting of the Common Council of New Albany, Indiana, pursuant to New Albany City Code 30.15 (c) on Tuesday, October 9,2007 at 6:00 p.m. in the County Commissioner's Room on the second floor to discuss the following:

R-07-35 Common Council of the City of New Albany Resolution Relating to the Settlement of Litigation Pending Against the Civil City of New Albany. And the Common Council thereof

And, to discuss the New Albany Fraternal Order of Police 2007 contract.

Should you have any questions regarding this meeting, please see the City Clerk in Room 332

Marcey Wisman, City Clerk

Freedom of Speech would like to say the government of cities is divided between the Mayor and the Common Council.

Looks like to us...Jimmy has crossed the line!

IC 36-4-4-3 mayor: The Mayor exercises the executive authority of the city and is primarily concerned with the day to day operation.

IC 36- 4-4-4 Common Council: The Council exercises the City Legislative Authority, makes the laws that govern the city and appropriates the cities monies.

Source: Indiana Elected Municipal Officials Handbook

Thursday, October 04, 2007


The Common Council of New Albany has called Special Meetings pursuant to New Albany Code 30.15 (c) on:

Tuesday October 9th at 4:30 p.m. and Wednesday October 10th at 4:30 pm.

To discuss the Redistricting of the New Albany City Council Districts. Any question regarding these meetings please see the City Clerk in Room 332.


Your Invited to the Third District Debate

Candidates: Councilman Steve Price ~ Brenda Scharlow

When: Wednesday ~ October 10, 2007

Place: Muir Manor

Time: 7:30 PM

Republican ~ Brenda Scharlow


1. Enforce Ordinances
2. Clean Up Our Neighborhoods
3. Improve City Parks
4. 2-way VS 1-way Street Evaluations
5. Promote Business in the Downtown

Democrat ~ Steve Price


1. Strong advocate of fiscal responsibility
2. Uses integrity to fight for credibility and fairness
3. Value's your taxpayer dollars
4. Stands up for what is right
5. Identifies problems and implores solutions
6. Ask the tough questions
7. Bridges the gap between city government & citizens

Key Principles

* Integrity
* Accountability
* Accessibility
* Fairness

Check out Councilman Steve Price's voting record at:

"Don't take the wrong side of
an argument just because your
opponent has taken the right side."
~Baltasar Gracian

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Politicians would never try to mislead us would they?

The citizens of New Albany deserve honesty from local government; but one would be hardpressed to prove that, in practice, we receive anything but the opposite.

In a perfect world politicians wouldn't lie.

We, as a society, have hard choices to make. It would be nice if our politicians would tell us the truth, explain the tough issues, and give us some solutions for how to solve these problems.

But until there is a grassroots movement supporting discussion of difficult issues --until the supporting winds blow hard enough for politicians with their fingers in the wind to sense the need to do it--most local politicians will continue to leave the tough issues alone.

Until we the voters demonstrate that we can handle the truth, we can expect our politicians to keep lying to us!

What should we expect from our politicians? Should we expect them to do the job they were hired to do? We elect people to do a job. Our "leaders" really aren't leaders as much as public servants. They work for us. They are our employees. And we need to keep reminding them of that to keep them in their place, but that's a different subject.

I think it is time to chop down the pedestal and put these people out of office!

"It is inaccurate to say that I hate everything, I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for public office."
~H.L. Mencken