Friday, June 29, 2012


Obama might have WON this battle but he has NOT Won the War.

A sleeping giant has just woken up!

The Tea Party is alive and well and ready for a battle against Obamacare...

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today, at around 10:15am, the Democrat-left-media complex will launch the most aggressive and substained attack on the institution of the Supreme Court in the history of our Republic.

When the Court throws out all or at least some portion of Obamacare. Obama and his partisans on the left and in the media will declare war on the third co-equal branch of government and seek, in every possible way, to undermine the Supreme Court.

Glimpses of these attacks have been around since oral arguments back in March, but when the reality of the Courts rejections of Obama's signature "achievement" becomes clear, the ferociousness of the attacks will be like nothing we've ever seen.

If we've learned anything about Obama in the past three and half years, it's that he doesn't take defeat well!

Remember that when the left yells that tomorrow's action by the court is merely some partisan act. When they shout that the Court is acting on behalf of "corporate interests", remember the sweerheart deals the Democrats cut with the unions, AARP, the drug companys and health insurance industries to win passage of the bill. They bought off and had the support of virtually every corporation involved in healthcare.

But they couldn't buy off us the American public, and tomorrow the Supreme Court will speak for us.

We personally want to thank our fellow Tea Party Patriots (about 1.6 million of you) that help spark a nation wide grass roots movement that led to sweeping losses of Democrats in 2010 and now Obamacare!

Source: Bret's Blog

Americans deserve better than Obamacare.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


If the houses in Linden Meadows aren't liveable, we can understand tearing them ALL down. In fact we would rather see our EDIT money going to remove this eyesore. It is not only in Ghetto New Albany but it affects the property values of all the homes in the surrounding area.

Again we say: turn Linden Meadows back into the ball park it was intended to be used for!

As reported in Friday's News & Tribune New Albany Building Commissioner David Brewer received an emergency demolition order for 817 Linden Meadows Court.

Freedom Of Speech has obtained a list of several properties and garages to be demolished:

Demo List:

1.) 714 Linden Meadows Court
2.) 2527 Broadway
3.) 2529 Broadway
4.) 2535 Broadway
5.) 620 E. 9th
6.) 1526 E. Oak
7.) 1930 Division
8.) 932 State Street
9.) 502 Culbertson Ave.
10.) 813 Cherry Street
11.) 717 Cherry Street
12.) 247 Green
13.) 423 W. 7th
14.) 314 W. 7th
15.) 416 W. 7th
16.) 522 E. 4th
17.) 1917 McDonald Ave. (garage only)
18.) 1943 McDonald Ave. (garage only)
19.) 1620 East Main Street

We here at Freedom Of Speech believe ALL Past CHDO Board members and their Director should be accountable and sued by HUD and PNC Bank.

It is our opinion that our local Redevelopment Directors John Rosenbarger and Carl Malysz and Redevelopment Board members, Sewer Board members, City Attorney Gibson, and the former Mayor Douglas B. England should be accountable and sued for mismanaging taxpayer dollars on Linden Meadows.

Our News & Tribune should publish the names of the people involved in the original group that defaulted on the original loan.

Isn't that right, Councilman John Gonder?

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Unnecessary? The weapons went to Mexico, two Americans were killed with the same weapons and Obama and Holder refuse to provide the documents!

A Democrat in this administration calling anyone "divisive." Obama literally screams false slurs about anyone that doesn't immediately agrees with him. He has never encountered a compromise that he couldn't destroy. The man reeks divisive.

Who is hate speech targeted at today? The Supreme Court, the Congress, state governments, business leaders, or religious organizations?

The fact remains that Border Patrol Agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata were murdered by weapons that was acquired during the bungled Fast & Furious operation.

Holder first claimed all of this was done under the Bush administration and has NOW changed his statement.

Operation Wide Receiver was under Bush in 2006 and ended in 2007. The difference, the ATF worked WITH their Mexican counter parts to conduct complete surveillance of the weapons to the ultimate destination then arrest were made: NO US Agents were murdered!

Now, spin all you want Democrats but again the fact remains Agent Terry and Zapata were murdered in the line of duty as results of Fast and Furious, which the Mexican Government had NO knowledge of.

Our questions are:

* What does Obama and Holder have to hide?

* When and what did Obama or any other member of the Obama administration know about Fast and Furious?

* Do the family members of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata not have a RIGHT to know the truth WHY their boys died?

How do you spell Watergate?

Oh yeah, we remember - O.B.A.M.A.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Did you read June 11, 2012 News & Tribune?

Well, it seems like the News & Tribune and City Controller Prestigiacomo only told part of the story.

Let's see what the LWG (London Witte Group) has to say about our city books:

"LWG reviewed the financial records of the city for three months of 2011 as well as the specific transactions listed in the findings. LWG found that the identified problem in timely reporting of each transaction was pervasive throughout the year. Additionally, the ultimate reporting of certain debt transactions was non-existent. Additional testing was NOT performed as the necessary financial information was NOT made available."

Indiana Code 5-13-6-1 (c) states that in the event that a bank balance is less than the balance reported in the accounting records of the city "then the responsible official or employee may be held personally responsible."

City Controller Mary Ann Prestigiacomo said: "many of the London Witte Group's recommendations have already been applied."

Oh really, Mrs. Prestigiacomo?

If this is true why did your mother (former controller) Kay Garry print out monthly financials for our Council from 2009-2011 and you can't?

Could it be that you and others have been instructed by the new Gahan administration NOT to release any financials?

Let's dig a little deeper in this audit report and see what else we find!

"The Council should require: monthly financial statements, listing of fund transfers, listing of debt payments, and related bank reconciliations with deposit and expenditure listings reconciled to the financial statements in order to fulfill the obligation to monitor the reporting of all financial transactions."

We never read the above statement in the News & Tribune article did you?

Summary of Recommendations:

1. The bank reconciliations discrepancies should be identified and eliminated. Either by the City staff or by LWG.

2. The council should review monthly bank reconciliations (which reconcile to the financial records of the city). In addition, the supporting information, such as a deposit listing, transfer listing, and expenditure report, should be included with the reconciliations.

3.The Council should receive and review and review a monthly budget to actual report.

4. The Council should review the policies and procedures in place for the City's financial reporting and compare them to the SBOA Accounting and Uniform Compliance Guidelines Manual for Cities and Towns. Weakness of deficiencies should be corrected.

5. The Council should consider developing its own specific written policies and procedures manual which accomplishes the goals of the SBOA Manual but increases efficiencies within the specifies of the Cities design.

6. The Council should review the annual CT AR-2 prior to submissions and compare it to the financial records of the City.

7. The Council should work with the city and consider changing the software system currently used to report the accounting records of the City in order to improve the financial reports and allow for proper monitoring of the control system.

8. The Council should address the inadequate oversight resulting from the delegation "of authority" to the Board of Public Works and Safety in a manner that allows for the Council to fulfill its duties and still promotes working efficiencies.

We never read these recommendations in the June 11, 2012 News & Tribune article did you?

We found some misleading (false) statements printed in the: New Albany gets oversight recommendations.

* "As for monthly financial summaries, Prestigiacomo agreed with Caesar that the city's computer software needs to be more "user friendly" in order to provide more succinct reports for the council."

It's amazing that our new city controller is blaming everything on the software. This is the same software that has printed out monthly financials for the last four years. Maybe we just need a "friendly" controller who knows what she is doing.

On second thought we need a CPA as controller it is apparent since 2000 the same controller made the same mistakes or was the instructions handed down to the controller from former mayors and the current mayor?

* "The board of works is a three person body and all the members are appointed by the council."That is totally false. The three person board is appointed by the Mayor NOT the council and it is also a paid board.

Could this be the reason Momma Grizzly (Garry) is back in the city controller's office or is it Momma Grizzly who also needs employee healthcare too?

Talk about killing two birds with one stone...

Our final thoughts:

It's time to take the power away from the Board of Works it has been nothing but a "slush fund" for every Mayor. BTW, did you know the Board of Works budget is about $6,000,000? What the Mayor couldn't get from the council they had the Board of Works to approve and pass.

It's our opinion the council needs to VOTE to replace our current city controller and turn the office over to a CPA from LWG.

It's also our opinion the local News & Tribune needs to print the facts instead of sugar coating or using selective information they print, the taxpayers have a right to know the whole truth.

Saturday, June 09, 2012


Bill Clinton, master campaign strategist has, with Barack Obama at his side grinning helplessly, systematically demolished Barack Obama's campaign messaging and narrative.

Bill Clinton did say, with grinning idiot Obama forced to listen at a recent fundraiser ostensibly held to help Obama, that Bill himself balanced the budget for four years. Bill Clinton repeated the fact and we can only imagine that Obama died inside knowing that Bill Clinton was openly taunting his trillion dollar budget deficits.

Poor Bam Bam...

Barack Obama might be an idiot (yep he is) but Obama knows that our buddy Bill is goading and slapping him publicly without shame or restraint.

What can Bam-Bam do? Fire Bill? Fire Hillary? As if...

Barack Obama knows that Bill Clinton knows that
Barack Obama knows that Bill Clinton knows that
Barack Obama needs Bill Clinton to try to reach all
those white working class "folks" that Obama snubbed
and mocked for years now!

Barack Obama knows that Bill Clinton knows that
Barack Obama knows that Bill Clinton knows that
Barack Obama needs Bill Clinton to try to raise money
now that the Hopium Guzzlers are penniless in this
Obama economy and Hillary supporters REFUSE
to donate money to a boob.

The great thing about the last week or two is: Barack Obama can't do a damn thing about Bill Clinton. Obama has to grin and bear it...

Bill Clinton flatly contradicted Bam Bam nonsense that the country is on the "right track" economically. Bubba made it clear that the United States is headed in the "wrong" direction. Bill Clinton flatly and authoritatively shouted out:


A recession? How can that be?

Bush is out of office and the great source of light and intelligence is gracing us with his mastery of the world shining like a beacon of "hope" since he was ten years old in Indonesia.

A recession? How can that be?

Barack Obama keeps telling us that we're on the "right" track and things are trending in the right direction.

Bill, you mean Obama is not telling us what we need to hear?

Bill, you are the guy that balanced four budgets and surely you know what you are talking about. Are you saying Obama is an AMATEUR, a boob, out of his element, in over his grey head?


As they say in politics: timing is everything.

Bill Clinton went public war against Obama just as the bad economic numbers burped out. Tuesday as Obama destroyed the Wisconsin Dimocratic Party and Wisconsin Big Labor, Bill Clinton struck again.

"Hit'em when they're down."

Keep your enemies close - until it is time to strike them down. Bubba knows all the tricks and Barack is only now realizing he is outmatched in his Chicago thuggery by the former president from Hope Arkansas...

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


So much for public union power!

The story today is Wisconsin and how Barack Obama abandoned Big Labor. Yet Barack Obama expects Big Labor to cough up tens of millions of dollars to make up the shortfall in donations for the Bank of America Dimocratic convention in right-to-work state North Carolina.

If Big Labor does not tell Barack Obama to go to Hell after he abandoned Big Labor in Wisconsin then Big Labor deserves to drop dead officially because Big Labor is useless.

The entire point of the recall was supposed to be the collective bargaining law. Barrett and the Obama Dimocrats in Wisconsin abandoned the collective bargaining argument.

The media is NOW hilariously transparent. The WI recall, when it started, was a HUGE story to them. National implications! The be-all end-all of democracy in action, and they covered it breathlessly as the most important thing in the country.

Now that Big Labor has lost they are quietly backing away and all but ignoring the results. It now means nothing it's not important. Nothing to see here, move along. Wait, we thought it was an indicator of the mood of the whole country?

Btw, the Tea Party is alive and well just look at what they did in Wisconsin!

We the People works...

Sunday, June 03, 2012


Letter to the Editor:

After serving thirty years as a criminal justice professional, followed by six years as a criminal justice educator, I have wrestled with the concept of "justice". One vexing reality is that the ones who truly pay for crime are the victims, rarely the offenders.

This is particularly true of the Linden Meadows atrocity perpetrated upon victims living in the surrounding area.

Once a beautiful park, sitting on land donated to the city and protected by a reversionary clause, it is now a rotting eyesore. Like throwing acid in a baby's face, city leaders took the land, sent in the bulldozers, and transplanted houses which have set and rotted for eight years.

I suggest there are only two ways "justice" can be done:

1) restore the park or
2) return the land to it's rightful owner

Otherwise, NO matter how many millions of dollars are wasted, "Linden Meadows" or "Captain's View" will be a curse on the lips of all who utter the name.

Leonard O. Gardenour
New Albany

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

First of all, there is NO reason that this letter could not be published in our local newspaper. Editor Shea Van Hoy refuses to put on his big boy pants and making sound, sensible decisions on what is printed on the "Letter to the Editor" page.

Man up Mr. Van Hoy and demonstrate some of the ethical integrity in which "your newspaper used" to take pride in.

What ever happen to Freedom Of Speech in the City of New Albany?

Our final thoughts:

It is very interesting to us that NO one has ever question the law that was passed in 1991 which says: that if people had a "reversionary clause" on their deed, they had 30 years to request their land back!

Over the last several years the city and the local newspaper made this fight about neighbors VS low income housing. Which was a total lie. What the real issue was about was property rights.

It could have been a win-win situation, but the Mayor and CHDO refused to listen. Now is the time to undo all the wrong and return it back to the ball park and honor the Fawcett families wishes.

Friday, June 01, 2012


Today, Facebook will start using your photos in acts targeting your contacts and fb friends. It is legal and was mentioned to you when you opened an account.

To prevent this do the following:

* click on Home Account Settings
* Facebook Ads (Bottom of left hand navigation panel)
* Adverts shown by third party
* Edit third party advert settings
* then choose "No One" in the list and save the changes

Copy and share this with all your facebook friends....