Wednesday, June 06, 2012


So much for public union power!

The story today is Wisconsin and how Barack Obama abandoned Big Labor. Yet Barack Obama expects Big Labor to cough up tens of millions of dollars to make up the shortfall in donations for the Bank of America Dimocratic convention in right-to-work state North Carolina.

If Big Labor does not tell Barack Obama to go to Hell after he abandoned Big Labor in Wisconsin then Big Labor deserves to drop dead officially because Big Labor is useless.

The entire point of the recall was supposed to be the collective bargaining law. Barrett and the Obama Dimocrats in Wisconsin abandoned the collective bargaining argument.

The media is NOW hilariously transparent. The WI recall, when it started, was a HUGE story to them. National implications! The be-all end-all of democracy in action, and they covered it breathlessly as the most important thing in the country.

Now that Big Labor has lost they are quietly backing away and all but ignoring the results. It now means nothing it's not important. Nothing to see here, move along. Wait, we thought it was an indicator of the mood of the whole country?

Btw, the Tea Party is alive and well just look at what they did in Wisconsin!

We the People works...