Sunday, June 24, 2012


If the houses in Linden Meadows aren't liveable, we can understand tearing them ALL down. In fact we would rather see our EDIT money going to remove this eyesore. It is not only in Ghetto New Albany but it affects the property values of all the homes in the surrounding area.

Again we say: turn Linden Meadows back into the ball park it was intended to be used for!

As reported in Friday's News & Tribune New Albany Building Commissioner David Brewer received an emergency demolition order for 817 Linden Meadows Court.

Freedom Of Speech has obtained a list of several properties and garages to be demolished:

Demo List:

1.) 714 Linden Meadows Court
2.) 2527 Broadway
3.) 2529 Broadway
4.) 2535 Broadway
5.) 620 E. 9th
6.) 1526 E. Oak
7.) 1930 Division
8.) 932 State Street
9.) 502 Culbertson Ave.
10.) 813 Cherry Street
11.) 717 Cherry Street
12.) 247 Green
13.) 423 W. 7th
14.) 314 W. 7th
15.) 416 W. 7th
16.) 522 E. 4th
17.) 1917 McDonald Ave. (garage only)
18.) 1943 McDonald Ave. (garage only)
19.) 1620 East Main Street

We here at Freedom Of Speech believe ALL Past CHDO Board members and their Director should be accountable and sued by HUD and PNC Bank.

It is our opinion that our local Redevelopment Directors John Rosenbarger and Carl Malysz and Redevelopment Board members, Sewer Board members, City Attorney Gibson, and the former Mayor Douglas B. England should be accountable and sued for mismanaging taxpayer dollars on Linden Meadows.

Our News & Tribune should publish the names of the people involved in the original group that defaulted on the original loan.

Isn't that right, Councilman John Gonder?