Sunday, June 03, 2012


Letter to the Editor:

After serving thirty years as a criminal justice professional, followed by six years as a criminal justice educator, I have wrestled with the concept of "justice". One vexing reality is that the ones who truly pay for crime are the victims, rarely the offenders.

This is particularly true of the Linden Meadows atrocity perpetrated upon victims living in the surrounding area.

Once a beautiful park, sitting on land donated to the city and protected by a reversionary clause, it is now a rotting eyesore. Like throwing acid in a baby's face, city leaders took the land, sent in the bulldozers, and transplanted houses which have set and rotted for eight years.

I suggest there are only two ways "justice" can be done:

1) restore the park or
2) return the land to it's rightful owner

Otherwise, NO matter how many millions of dollars are wasted, "Linden Meadows" or "Captain's View" will be a curse on the lips of all who utter the name.

Leonard O. Gardenour
New Albany

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

First of all, there is NO reason that this letter could not be published in our local newspaper. Editor Shea Van Hoy refuses to put on his big boy pants and making sound, sensible decisions on what is printed on the "Letter to the Editor" page.

Man up Mr. Van Hoy and demonstrate some of the ethical integrity in which "your newspaper used" to take pride in.

What ever happen to Freedom Of Speech in the City of New Albany?

Our final thoughts:

It is very interesting to us that NO one has ever question the law that was passed in 1991 which says: that if people had a "reversionary clause" on their deed, they had 30 years to request their land back!

Over the last several years the city and the local newspaper made this fight about neighbors VS low income housing. Which was a total lie. What the real issue was about was property rights.

It could have been a win-win situation, but the Mayor and CHDO refused to listen. Now is the time to undo all the wrong and return it back to the ball park and honor the Fawcett families wishes.