Friday, August 07, 2015


Floyd County Democrat Chairman:

We are proud to announce that Matthew Nash has been selected (not elected) as the Democratic nominee for New Albany 5th District.

Question: Isn't Matt Nash related to Warren Nash the ass kisser of Mayor Jeff Gahan and current President of the Board of Works?

Answer: Absolutely.

Question: Will Matt Nash give up his writing column with the News & Tribune?

Answer: Let's Contact Chris Morris and see. Who reads his stupid column anyway....

Freedom Of Speech would like to give a "shout out" to Adam Dickey Democrat Chairman of Floyd County: Are you really seriously or just that "stupid" to pick Matt Nash over current councilwoman Diane Benedetti?

Did Matt lose his job at Walgreens?

You dumb ass Democrats have just handed the 5th District to Mrs. Burke....

Shame on you all....

You, Mr. Matt Nash could not get elected "Dog Catcher" in Floyd County.

"No wonder our city is going to HELL in a hand basket!"

Tuesday, May 05, 2015


It's Election Day in Floyd County. It's time to take this lying Mayor out of office. Remember, if you don't VOTE you don't have a right to B-I-T-C-H about local government....

See you at the polls...

Thursday, April 30, 2015


To The Editor:

How come you refuse to print political letters against Mr. Mayor? What has happen to Freedom Of Speech?

No wonder they call you the News & Tribune Rag.....

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Why did Mr. Mayor refused to debate Candidate David White?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


How come Mr. Mayor is paying a House Inspection employee $50.00 an hour?

Friday, March 27, 2015


How can you terminate Officer Schook's paycheck and health insurance as of today, March 27, 2015, if she continues to be employed with the NAPD?

Is Mayor Gahan and the Merit Board setting the taxpayers up for another Civil Lawsuit?

Even Officer Messer was entitled to receive a paycheck and his health care when they investigated him. Something smells about this entire case. Maybe it's time for Chris Morris of the News & Tribune to investigate what is going on here with the recent cutting of Officer Schook's pay and benefits...

Freedom Of Speech would like to suggest to Mr. Morris that he pulls the ISP Report and Interm Investigation Report of Sherry Knight. Then tell us, this isn't a cover-up by Mr. Mayor and the Merit Board.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


After reading the recent Tribune article on TIF's.

Does Mr. Mayor think that TIF is a "pie in the sky" balloon filled with "thousands of dollar bills?"
We had to laugh... 
Should Mr. Mayor be called "Dumb and Dumber...?" 

The current economy is too shaky to have expanded TIF areas.

Let alone thinking of float any more TIF Bonds. If more New Albany TIF Bonds are issued, the debt payment could fall on the backs of the property taxpayers.
Have you ever heard the ole saying "Buyer Beware"...Don't buy Mr. Mayor's "crap" taxpayers.
They are laying the ground work for more BONDS!
Does this surprise you?
Mr. Mayor has stated in the past, "I think it's a false conclusion to say that TIF districts cause any fiscal harm to the taxpayers."

Boy, you sure haven't done your home work.

You need to pick up the phone and call the following people because we did:

Charlie Pride: 317-232-2521 State Board of Accounts

Gail Snyder: 317-407-2433 Indiana Department of Local Government for Floyd County

Where is this guy coming from? We're actually paying him about $93,000 for these bad decisions.
Good Grief!
Let's cut to the chase...shall we?

Let's give you, the taxpayers and our Council members some truth for a change.

 We count 10 TIF Districts, not 5.

1. Downtown TIF
2. State Street Area TIF
3. Grantline Road TIF
4. Park East TIF
5. Charlestown Road TIF
6. Add on to State Street TIF
7. Add on to Grantline TIF
8. Add on to Downtown TIF
9. Main Street - Scribner Place TIF
10. Monon Corridor TIF on Grantline Road

Are we correct Mr. Mayor?

"At this time the Downtown TIF has NOT repaid the $3,613,698 back to the EDIT Fund."

A News Flash for you the Taxpayer's of New Albany. Are you aware the City of New Albany is $89 million dollars in debt?

Let us educate you on TIF's:

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is an area with designated boundaries (like a circle) drawn on a city map and labeled as a TIF area. The taxes in that TIF area are frozen at the time the TIF area is approved. The current property taxes continue to go into the City General Fund and to the other entities (Schools, County Government and Library).

As new development is made on that plot of ground, those "new taxes do not go into the City General Fund" or to other entities (NA-FC Schools, Floyd County Government and NA-FC Public Library).
All those new taxes on the "new development go into an account for that TIF area only" for use in the TIF area for improvements such as roads and sewers.

That new money does not go to our City General Fund.

The need for extra Police and Fire Protection is increased, but new additional money does not come out of the TIF district. So the City Council has to find other ways to pay for all the extra services needed in those TIF areas including sanitation.

This may need to be done by cutting back on all departments throughout the city.

The burden of paying for the additional services is shifted to the other taxpayers!

With too many TIF areas, the whole city could suffer because services are spread too thin and there is not enough money to sustain them. The "new tax money is gone" that could have been used for New Albany General Fund Services.

Source: Indiana Department of Local Government Finance 

Freedom of Speech would like to say: 

* All Developers should pay for the Public Improvements they need to construct their own projects.  Stop these damn bond commissions and these friggin feel good projects....

What Mr. Mayor doesn't get is this:

"The State Street Parking Garage TIF Fund still owes our EDIT Fund $3.6 million. If this $3.6 million was repaid to EDIT, those FUNDS could be used for streets, Stormwater repairs and Sewer over flow problems that should be Mr. Mayor's No.1 priority!"

We are not against growth.

What we property owners, don't understand is why we are being lied too.
Why can't Mr. Mayor, and Shane Gibson look the citizens in the eye and tell them TIF's affect property taxes. New tax dollars collected in TIF Districts are restricted and are NOT used to help hold down property tax rate.Tax abatements affect property taxes but most of all local government spending affects our property tax bills.

Should TIF's be considered Corporate Welfare? Should Developers pay for the needed infrastructure, themselves?
The bottom line is this, who are you going to believe property owners:
Indiana Department of Local Government Finance or Mayor Gahan on TIF's?

Our final thought is this:

We smell the LOIT Tax and Wheel Tax coming to New Albany in 2016 or before.....