Friday, March 30, 2012


With both the Obama administration and its challengers at various points contradicting themselves and making arguments they can't possibly believe. There is plenty of blame to go around: You can blame the lawyers and politicians on both sides of the Obamacare issue.

Consider the question that the court took up on the first day of oral arguments: Should the justices decide the case or wait until April 2015, when the first penalties for refusing to buy health insurance are due? In order to decide this question, the Court has to determine whether the penalty associated with the individual mandate is or isn't a tax.

As Justice Samuel Alito told the solicitor general on the first day of oral arguments: General Verrilli, today you are arguing that the penalty is not a tax. Tomorrow you are going to be back and you will be arguing that the penalty is a tax.

Tuesday's oral argument at the Supreme Court was not the finest hour for health care reform, or for Solicitor General Don Verrilli or even for Obama. The two issues that either one can kill the bill is the mandate and the no existing severability clause. That's the question of whether, by invalidating one part of the law, the court must invalidate the whole thing. Normally, laws include a 'severability' clause, stipulating that the statute can survive even if the court throws out one part. The Affordable Care Act lacks such a prevision.

Who do we blame?

The Democrats and Obama!

Back in 2008 the democrats had a majority House and Senate. Obama and the democrats decided to shut out the republicans. Do you remember this one: "Hey, John, remember, I won and now we begin to drain the swamp" it set such a poisonous tone for the healthcare debate.

What we all wanted from healthcare 1) health care should be available to all and 2) that it should be affordable and 3) nobody should lose their house due to a severe illness. There was actually a ton of common ground there.

The crime here is that democrats took all this common ground and tossed it away, and immediately went back to their normal "Them damn republicans want to kill Grandma" that has been their go to for the last 50 years.

And now they (democrats) are paying the price for flaunting their ignorance. What an enormous waste of time, tax dollars and energy.

As long as we live we will never forget the "Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickbacks!"

America is not for sale and we the owners are mad as hell. The left, the Right, and the Center are witnessing the collapse of the Obama Presidency.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Here you all thought the "Tea Party" was dead and gone. LOL!

It'll feel like a reunion of the tea party protests of 2009 and 2010. We're alive, and well, and were going back to Washington, DC for:

Hands Off My Healthcare Rally

When: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time: 1:00 PM (ET)

Where: Corner of Constitution Ave. and Delaware Ave. NE Washington, DC.

It's a fight worth fighting! A fight we must win if we are going to kill Obamacare, and replace it with a healthcare plan that will not raise our taxes, will keep you in charge of your family's medical decisions and will preserve the freedoms guaranteed to each of us in the Constitution.

With its big government mandates, Obamacare is nothing short of a direct assault on our Constitution, and an insult to every freedom loving American.

Freedom Of Speech has prided itself on defending the Constitution, and Obamacare is an attempt by a leftist Congress and Executive Branch to fundamentally and unconstitutionally alter our founding documents. America has not seen such an assault on and blatant disregard for our Constitution since September 17th, 1787 when it was adopted and ratified.

Whether the Supreme Court strikes down the mandate and throws Obamacare out in its entirety, or the Congress repeals it, "Obamacare must NOT stand!"

God Bless the United States of America and our Constitution

Friday, March 23, 2012


Headline from the Associated Press: "Obama Defends Handling of Keystone as He Puts Another Oil Pipeline on Fast Track."

Another! Another? When was the first one?

What he did today was nothing but a con job on the American people. The lower pipe line was already in place, it was already happening, this particular portion of the pipeline!

One year ago Bill Clinton was out there saying we've gotta get these permits up and we've gotta start drilling for oil because it will affect the gas price.

Ever since then, Obama has been saying, "There's NO magic bullet! There's NO silver bullet! You can't go out and drill for oil.

Folks, this part of the pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas was already in the works, it's already done, it's already approved. Obama is doing nothing but showing up and claiming credit when he had nothing to do with it. He's trying to convince you and everybody else that he just today authorized the Keystone pipeline.

This is the same guy throwing our money away on wind , solar and electric cars!

There is NO Keystone pipeline, folks! You can't fast track Keystone by denying it's application.

Our final thoughts: Mr. President, your problem is we are paying attention, and we know how you're making all this up. The President's attempt to satisfy those upset about high gas prices while catering to his special interest groups isn't going to cut it.

You Mr. President, are nothing but a con man....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Did you know that every time "Diesel Fuel hits $4.00 a gallon" our Sanitation Bill goes up? I suggest you get a copy of the contract hidden some where on the third floor of the City County Building.

You will be surprise at what the current Gahan administration doesn't want you the taxpayer to know.

So much for change and transparency!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


After months of discussion, several work sessions, and all the paper work. This is what it's all about:

$6 millon Dollar Bond = Bond Commission = Stormwater Increase

It's just that simple...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


There is an awful lot of Kool-Aid being drunk by Liberals. This election Obama has a record and let's just look at the facts:

Obama inherited from Bush:
AAA Credit Rating
7.8% Unemployment
$1.81/ Gallon Gas
$10 Trillion Debt
2 Wars
26 Weeks of Unemployment Benefits
An Annual Budget

What we have NOW under Obama:
AA Credit Rating
8.3% (Really 11.0-15.0) Unemployment
$3.89/ Gallon Gas
$16 Trillion Debt
3 Wars

99 Weeks of Unemployment Benefits
NO Annual Budget in three years

Hmmm sounds like he's made a mess of things, not inherited one.

See, Obama has been whining for 3.2 years. How funny the Obama administration blames Bush for everything but now Obama is taking credit for more drilling when it's Bush's fault that there is more drilling on private land!

Americans just saw through the charade he and Pelosi tried to play on the American people with the staged FRAUD Sandra Fluke and the feigned contraception distraction.

What Obama has accomplished:

Obama is the best "blame-r in chief" that has ever held the office of "President of these United States" and he has has done more to divide the people of our great country than any president in our history. He refuses to take blame for anything he has done, instead pushing it onto anyone and everyone he can, even when the FACTS are there and easy to find!

So how's that Hope and Change workin' for ya?

Friday, March 09, 2012


These amounts are the balance in each TIF account as of 1/1/12:

Grantline Road TIF - $2,414,892.31
Park East
Industrial Park - $1,826,854.60
State Street/ Green
Valley Road/West
Street Vicinity - $1,702,572.98
State Street
Parking Garage - $350,387.96
Charlestown Road - $3,042,783.57
Old Monon
Corridor.............. - $891.387.97
Loop Island/
Tannery District.. - $5,128.74
Total .................. $10,234,008.13

The question downtown should be: To TIF, or not to TIF or if you borrow from TIF's you pay them back.

You have to have some people that know how money works. Unfortunately the City of New Albany doesn't. That's the key - people who know that if you're going to make this investment, that you have a great chance of recouping it, not just doing a project for political reasons.
Just think how much more money our General Fund would have if Carl would stop adding or expanding TIF areas.

We can only wish...right?

Sunday, March 04, 2012


We are asking all of our readers to join us in supporting the families and businesses impacted by the violent storms that claimed lives and destroyed homes in Henryville.

You can drop off blankets, toys, clothes and other items at the following locations.

Henryville Disaster Relief Drop off locations:

* 600 E. Main Street - 812- 981-8000
* PC Builders on Cherry Street -502-533-4107

Valla Ann and Bob at PC Builders will deliver all items.

We ask for your prayers and your generosity it will make a difference in the lives of all those affected in Henryville. Let's open our hearts and our wallets it could have been the City of New Albany instead of Henryville.

We thank you in advance for your support for those affected by this tragedy!