Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Dear Santa,

We have been very, very good taxpayers this year.

We have gritted our teeth and put up with Mayor Gahan's lies and mismanagement of our money, David Duggins and Shane Gibson's dumb ideas, along with them trying to TIF our entire city. 

And Shane Gibson's bad advice and him being paid for what he thinks he's worth.

We held our heads down in shame when our Mayor Gahan split up our parks, annexed Charlestown Road and switched to in house billing. And Mr. Gahan put a $19.6 bond backed with our property taxes.

We have learned not to ask where the TAXPAYERS money goes, because they won't tell us the truth. Mr. Coffey tells everyone we have plenty of $$$$ but we all know that's a lie!

Since WE have been so good Santa, WE want...

A toilet that flushes.

A local newspaper that prints the truth instead of what the mayor wants and we feel Santa our local newspaper should keep their opinions to themselves instead of playing politics.

A sump pump for OUR basement to keep the raw sewage from mounting up and having our homes condemned.

A fire hydrant that works ...

A new calculator for our new controller so she can find our m$ney.

We want sewer lift stations with alarms, vinyl sewer pipes to replace the old clay ones.

Santa can you PLEASE find Mr. Gahan, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Robison, Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Caesar, Mr. Phipps, Mr. Blair, Mr. Gonder and Mr. Coffey a real job at the North Pole? We're really tired of them free loading on us taxpayers.

And there's more Santa.,,

We want a Council that doesn't cut deals, one who will put the Lords Prayer back in our council meetings, ones who can read a green bar and will give us more than 5 minutes to state our complaint. And, we want them to remember they work for us taxpayers instead of the Democrat Party or the Mayor.

We want our council to have more people like the famous"gang of four" - who cared about us taxpayers.

We want a Street Department that cleans up our alley's instead of the Neighborhood Associations areas.

And Santa, were sorry for voting for our new mayor in 2012. We promise to vote him out of office like the last mayor we had. 

A mayor and council who will say what they mean and mean what they say! 

And Santa, we hope our future mayor will fix problems instead of creating problems and who can be compassionate for us taxpayers.

We hope our future mayor will keep his campaign promises and won't continue to commit malfeasance, or move our funds from one account to another.

Santa, we know our list is long after all we pay a lot in taxes and don't get what we pay for, but we deserve all the nice perks that the Mayor, his relatives, and the 3rd floor employees and the Police Dept. gets. 

Santa can you please explain to some people that we don't need to take a bond out to build a water park, or to even pave streets. We don't need to turn one way to two way, or to hire more police and fireman by borrowing money we cannot afford to pay back.

And please Santa, tell them we don't need more new police cars becauses they're running the wheels off out of the county.

And Santa, we are sorry we could not leave your favorite OREO cookies this year, thanks to soon-to-be X Mayor Gahan the only thing we can afford is an off brand peanut butter sandwiches for you.

P.S, One last thing Santa, we sure miss our favorite council member: Councilman Steve Price. Maybe you can talk him into to running again in 2015.

"Merry Christmas Santa!"

Freedom Of Speech Staff

Monday, December 22, 2014


Twas the night before Christmas, all thru the Estate in Hawaii.
Obama sat stirring, with J. Biden the mouse
Golf stockings were hung by the fireplace with care

In hopes the Tea Party wouldn't notice them there

The girls were nestled all snug in King Obama's bed
While visions of Maui still danced in there heads
With Michele in her pj's, and I in my cap
We just counted money, and settled down for a nap

When out on the lawn, there arose such a clatter
We sprang from the bed to see what was the matter?
Then away to the window. I flew like a flash
I tore off my cap, then threw up the stash

The moon on the breast, on the white fresh sand
Gave my own droopy eyes a view of people below
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
A blue chevy van, with six persons I fear

With a slender ol' driver, so lively and quick
I knew in a moment it was Clint from that flick
More rapid than Eagles, The Fox friends all came
Clint whistled and shouted; He called them by name:

Now Riley, Now Megan, Now Hannity, Now Malkin
Go Greta Go Get, The Benghazi's chief Vixen
To the top of the porch, to the back of the hall
Now Dash away, Dash away, Dash away all

As dry sand before, this same truth will fly

With media cover-up. They'll fly to the sky

In back of the Estate in a quickness they flew
The van full of men, and Clint Eastwood too

And then in a twinkling, I heard from the road
Fox newsmen were speaking of my crazy tax load
As I drew in my head and was turning around
There stood the "Donald", not making a sound

Suited up for business, from head to toe
He wasn't the person I had cared to meet
A big bundle of records was flung on his back
I thought of a peddler, while he opened his pack

His eyes how they sneered, his face cold and stern
I knew he would leave me a lesson to learn
His droll little mouth was drawn down like a bow
He was mad his toupee had fallen in fresh sand

The stump of his pipe, he held in his teeth
The smoke encircled Michelle like a wreath
Trump knew the secret I would never reveal
Not even the votes I would willingly steal

I yelled "Give Up Now On this Mission" 
Trump smirked, then laid the forms on my shelf
With a wink of his eye, and a nod of his head
I thought "could it be; I have nothing to dread?"

He spoke not a word, went straight to his work
Then left my birth record, social security, pass port
and college records, and turned with a jerk
Then pointed his finger up toward my head
Then said "You are Fired; we want Hillary instead!"

He sprung to his Limo, leaving me and the mouse
With Michelle looking worried of finding a house
Then I heard him exclaim, as he rode in the night

We Gotcha  you fraud.... and 
"Merry Christmas to aaall and to aaall a Goodniiiiight!"

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Obama supporters are like Christmas lights. Not very bright and half of them don't work.

Merry Christmas,
From a FOS Supporter


Did you hear about Santa and his reindeer's landing on top of the Outhouse? Santa looks around for a moment, then hollered "No, No, Rudolph. I said the Baylor's house on Spring Street."

Monday, November 10, 2014


I hope your NOT like Obama, when he said only 1/3 of Democrats voted on Election Day. Wake up Democrats. It was us Democrats who voted the Republicans in, because we're sick of how you operate in Floyd County.

You play your stupid little games and not support the right candidates who deserve to be elected. Candidates who truly fight for the taxpayers of Floyd County.

This should be a real wake up call for you, Mr. Chairman.

A short messago also to Mr. Confidential, thanks for attacking State Rep. Ed Clere and his wife Amy.  They're NO  two better and nicer people in the City of New Albany.You make it easy for us Democrats to see right through your agenda and your "Bull-Shit!" I sure hope you are enjoying all those big trucks going down Spring Street. It couldn't have happen to a better person then you.

 Why don't you get a real job instead of blogging all day and attacking good decent people. 

Our final thought:

"What the Hell happen Danny Boy?" Name us one other candidate in Floyd County who has ever got beat by well over 5,000 votes?

It's time to put the Taxpayers first instead of the Party.

We approve this message to the Democrat Chairman Adam Dickey.....

Freedom Of Speech Staff

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


It's Election Day next Tuesday. It's time to vote for the person instead of  your Political Party. Each one of you reading this needs to look at who is the best qualified candidate for the job.

For example: Just because you are a registered Democrat or a Republican doesn't mean you have to vote for your political Party. 

Do your homework before you go to the Polls.

Who we encourage you to support, after many months of researching all the candidates, based on their past or current voting recorders, and past performance.

Print this LIST off before you go Vote next Tuesday:

Congressman - Todd Young  (R)

State Senator - Ron Grooms (R)

State Representative - Ed Clere (R)

Floyd County Sheriff - Frank Loop (R)

Superior Court Judge No.1 - Susan Orth (D)

Superior Court Judge No. 2 - Maria Granger (D)

County Auditor - Scott Clark (R)

County Commissioner District 1 - Mark Seabrook (R)

County Council District 1 - Tom Pickett (D)

County Council District 2 - Barbara Sillings (D)

County Council District 3 - Lana Abersold (R)

County Council District 4 - John Shellenberger (R)

Floyd County Township- Steve Burk (R)

New Albany Township Board (Pick three) -

Carol Shope (D)
Bob Horning (R)

Floyd County School Board -

Lee Ann Wiseheart - At Large

Danita Burks - At Large

Donna Corbett - District 1

Sue Williams - District 2

If your name does not appear on this list it's because we here at Freedom Of Speech "DO NOT feel, support or believe you are qualified and do not have the best interest" of the Taxpayers of Floyd County.

Remember folks, it's time to VOTE for the best candidate,  the most qualified candidate, and NOT the party....

Freedom Of Speech Staff

Saturday, October 25, 2014


The  experience Floyd County deserves:

2004 - Chief
1998 - Interim Chief
1993 - SWAT Commander
1991 - Lieutenant
1989 - Detective
1988 -  Sergeant
1982 - Patrolman
1978 - EMT

For the past 32 years, Frank Loop has served on the Floyd County Sheriffs Department and has obtained thousands of hours of training from law enforcement agencies around the country. 

Ask yourself one question before you Vote: Do you want a sheriff with over thirty years of experience or do you want a Democrat Rent A Cop? 

Because Experience matters....

Freedom Of Speech ask you our supporters to VOTE for Frank Loop for Sheriff.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


We are asking our Freedom Of Speech readers to email us your thoughts on this weeks question of the week:

Is the New Albany Police Department Corrupt?

Let's hear what you folks think.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


"We're a little surprised this route was taken,"  said Shane Gibson Corporate Council for the City of New Albany. "It looks like, after reviewing these real quickly, that a lot of this was work-related issues and the normal process is to file a grievance with the union and have that process taken, and that wasn't done here."

First, of all Mr. Gibson has selective memory. He was present in the room in 2010 with Union President and Officer Schook, who is he bull shitting?

Is this what we pay billable hours for?

Our final thoughts:

Where is City Attorney Stan Robinson? Why are we paying him a big fat salary if he doesn't work.

And, where did Gibson get his new title "Corporate Council?"

More lies by the Gahan administration.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Memorial Day is one of those national holidays that offer a three day weekend and the time to kick back doing whatever you, your family, your friends chooses to do.

But the reason for the last Monday in May being a holiday is often lost in the rush to make those plans.

It is hardly a day of rest or relaxation for those in uniform deployed in places where they will dodge RPG's, avoid IED'd and shoulder their own weapons while trying to win the hearts and minds of whatever place they've been sent.

They do, however, know what Memorial Day is all about.

The men and women of America's Armed Forces understand what sacrifice means. They have seen it. They know exactly why Memorial Day exists.

Memorial Day offers us the opportunity to remember those who fought and died in America's wars - past and present.

So as you pop the top on your favorite brand of beer, and grill those T-bone steaks or Ballpark hot dogs, consider taking time on your day off to reflect on those who served and didn't have the opportunity to join the rest of us this Memorial Day - 2014.

God Bless America
Freedom Of Speech Staff

Friday, May 23, 2014


Todd Bailey will be named new Police Chief.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Mr. Bailey falsified 170 reports, so why is he to be Chief?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Grand Jury in. Press Conference today.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


May 20, 2014

Dear Mayor Gahan,

Please accept this letter as my formal request for reassignment to my former position within the Detective division of the New Albany Police Department.  After consideration, I have concluded that it is in the best interests of my family and myself, to transition out of my position as Chief and spend more time with my family. I will continue to focus on serving the citizens of my community as a member of the New Albany Police Department.

I want to emphasize my appreciation for the opportunity to serve as Chief pf Police. It has been an honor to be the first female appointed to that position. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve as Chief.

Sherri Knight 

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Gahan would not say the Knights and Pennell requests  related to any corruption investigations, although he did say the grand jury would be considering indictments involving members of the New Albany Police Department.

Gahan also declined to say whether Knight and Pennell were forced to ask to be reassigned.

Freedom of Speech feels Mayor Gahan looked like a "deer in headlights" tonight when asked why Mrs. Knight had resigned. Hey Jeff, how about telling the citizens of New Albany the truth. If you won't we will....


It has been leaked from Mayor Gahan's Office to us, Chief of Police Sherry Knight will be replaced.

Bye, bye Mrs. Knight...

Karma has a way of coming back and biting you in the ass.

Thanks Shane for the info....


"The city of New Albany has got to be competitive," Gahan said. "Part of being competitive is having good quality-of-life projects."


And they are all backed up with our property taxes.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Several scandals and allegations of the New Albany Police Department have occurred throughout the department's history, even misconduct....

Freedom Of Speech will present the case against NAPD Chief Sherry Knight:

* "Major Knight, rather than investigating, rather than discipline, I mean, you are talking about thousands of taxpayer dollars, here, rather than doing anything, she told Jon Tucker, Gary Humphrey, and the captain on the shift at that time, who was Eric Higdon, told all of them that Laura Schook was ratting them out."

* Landenwich claims that Knight's failure to take action as a supervising officer resulted in not only the officers not being held accountable for the alleged misconduct, but it put Schook in serious danger as an officer.

Our understanding is that on Friday morning Officer Humphrey will be called to face a Grand Jury.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

While on duty it is the officers job to enforce the laws not break the laws. They do not need to be watching porn, and it's been reported from the locals that our  some local officers have been seen getting blow jobs down by the K&I Bridge, watching movies or running their side business during their shifts, or decorating the float for Harvest Homecoming. 

Why is Jeff Gahan so out of touch with the citizens of New Albany?

It has also been reported to us, that our police officers chatting in Community Park on one side, that taxpayers have seen several drug deals going down on the other side of the park. What the hell are we paying you officers for?

Also, any supervisor who sets any officer up regardless of gender with NO back up should be fired.

Is this history repeating itself?

Mr. Gahan, if you had any balls and sense, you would call for a full investigation of your Police Department. These are very serious allegations. And the buck stops at your door....

Our final thoughts:

NAPD Chief Sherri Knight it is time for you to resign. You are NOT a leader and even you are not above the law....

We would recommend to Attorney Landenwich that you get a court order for each computer in every police car in the department. It is time we hold those officers accountable to us taxpayers.

Freedom of Speech will continue to aggressively pursue any officer that commits any criminal act in our City of New Albany.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Happy Mother's Day to all Freedom Of Speech readers and thank you for choosing to make us part of your day.

And for our male readers, don't forget to call your mom. It wouldn't be Mothers Day for them without at least hearing your voice!

Happy Mother's Day
Freedom Of Speech Staff

Friday, May 09, 2014


You Betcha!

Freedom Of Speech applauds Laura Schook for bring a lawsuit against the City of New Albany.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Today is Primary Election Day.

Each of us have one and only one vote.Voting is one of the few times when we each have an equal  say. No matter how much money you have or who your friends are, you only get one vote.

If you think that your opinion doesn't matter about who's sitting as Commissioner, County Council member, Judge, Auditor, County Clerk or Sheriff, think again!

The people in office now are making decisions that will affect your life, your taxes, and your wallet. 

Regardless of party you need to look at each candidate. If they sit on the County Council look at their voting record. If they are currently in office and run for another position, look at what they did in the other office. Some office holders are career politicians. They jump from one position to another to live off us taxpayers and build their pensions..

We ask you to NOT vote for the Party but the person. If they have wasted your tax dollars, why even vote for them. That is called a under vote. 

Grandstanding has NO place in politics or elections.

If an elected official tells you: You just don't understand. What that means is "your not smart enough" to see right through their lies and BS.

It is time to go vote. 

Be sure and pick up your: We The People sticker after you Vote.

Monday, May 05, 2014


The city is currently borrowing a fire laddar truck from Sellersburg. The trucks typically have a service life of 20-30 years.

Freedom of Speech would like to say: Mayor Garner, Doug England and now Jeff Gahan have each bought new fire trucks right before a re-election.

Won't  photographs of NEW Police cars and a NEW Fire truck look good on a political mailer?

Questions to our readers:

How many police cars, fire trucks and salt trucks have we purchased in the last few years?

How come last winter we couldn't afford salt, but it's important now to buy another salt truck?

If we have cash on hand why borrow $$$$$?

Saturday, May 03, 2014


The 2014 Kentucky Derby is the 140th renewal of The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports.

Churchill Downs, the world's most legendary racetrack, has conducted Thoroughbred racing and presented America's greatest race, the Kentucky Derby, continously since 1875.

Off to the Derby!

Thursday, May 01, 2014


On April 17, 2014 Obama declared the success of Obamacare. Insurace providers have released the following figures:

* under 18 - 9 percent
* Ages 18 to 25 - 10 percent
* Ages 26 to 34 - 15 percent
* Ages 45 to 54 - 23 percent
* Ages 55 to 64 -29 percent
* 65 and older - 1 percent

Obama declared the debate repealing the law is over and Obamacare is here to stay.

Everytime we hear the Left or the Right say it is too late to get rid of this monstrosity. Our blood boils. Gentleman, Ladies it is never too late to face a mistake and correct it. The problem is that the Republicans are too weak and to concerned with their own political careers to do what is necessary. So at the next election we are going to relieve you Democrats and Republicans of your duty and find someone who is in office for the right reasons. Those reasons are to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to do the best job they can for us the American People not their political party or their personal interests. 

If the Republicans really want to take back the Senate and this country. Run on repealing Obamacare and make it happen.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


What we here at Freedom Of Speech believes is for those opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our lives, and attempts to monoplize opinion or suppress freedom of thought, expression and worship.

It's just that simple.....

Monday, April 28, 2014


Who will run for Mayor?  This is who we have heard will throw their hat into the political ring in 2015.

* Jeff Gahan
* Doug England
* Jack Messer
* Irv Stumler
* David White
* Matt Dennison
* John Gonder
* Diane Benedetti-McCartin
* Roger "Bully" Baylor

Our final thoughts: A message to Mr. "Bully" Baylor. Hell would freeze over before Freedom of Speech would EVER Support or Endorse you.

Sorry Rog the only thing your good at "is kissing ass or bullying people...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We are deeply sadden to hear about the death of Leonard (Len) Gardenour.

A special message to Rebecca and  daughter Abby (Hilyard) Gardenour:

Wishing you peace to bring you confort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you through this difficult time.

Freedom Of Speech Staff

Friday, April 18, 2014


* A new Fire truck

* New Police cars


How come the News & Tribune never reported about:  Mr. Gahan's new (Chevy) take home car?

Is Legal Beagle Shane Gibson printing $$$ for Gahan?

We can purchases NEW toys for the City of New Albany Police & Fire Department, but we can't fix the pot holes, trim trees, fix Slate Run Road, or have paint for lines down the streets.

I guess this all falls under the: Quality of Life, but whose? 

Saturday, April 12, 2014


We hope to see all of our friends and supporters of Freedom Of Speech at Buckheads tonight. Just maybe we might run into Mr. Gahan. We understand he gets free tickets again this year.

Enjoy this great weather and enjoy Thunder Over Louisville.

Thursday, April 03, 2014


Why is the City removing 31 planters when they have illegal Handicap Parking Signs in front of the City County Building?

They act like they are so concerned for the local handicap citizens... Yell Right!

Hey, Mr. Nash, why don't you check it our and "refund all the $$$$ for illegal parking tickets" their giving too.

Tear Down those Illegal Parking Signs, Mr. Gahan.

Monday, March 31, 2014


We're now out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Guess who got a new contract?

Yes, our famous City of New Albany Police Department. 

Guess what's in their new contract package?

* $8,000  in Back Pay each,  thanks to former Mayor Doug England's Excutive Order 

* Raise - 3% and 1% Longivity pay raise

*  Insurance for "significant others."

* Increase in uniform allowance

* Vacation pay will "apply" to their pensions plan - time upon retirement

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask: what do they mean by significant others?

A person, such as a spouse, or lover, with whom one shares a long-term sexual relationship.

Source: The Free Dictionary

Your mate, spouse, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, steady and/or lover, used when the details are nobodys business.

Source: Urban Dictionary

We as taxpayers have a right to know where our TAX $$$$ are going. Let's see the News & Tribune print this one.

Our final thoughts on this contract:

Elect a boob and you get boobery.

Re-elect a boob and you get EVEN more boobery. Oy vey! 

Anyone but Gahan and England in 2015.

How in the "HELL" are we taxpayers going to pay for this contract?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Maria Granger, who is the "most qualified" for the position of  Floyd County Superior Court 3.

If you do not know Maria, here is some important information that we hope will make your voting decision easier:
She is uniquely qualified to serve as Judge and will bring to our new court her experience on the bench deciding cases as an appointed Indiana Judicial Officer as well as serving the public in the courtroom fighting for the rights of children, elderly and the abused as attorney for the Floyd County Office of Family and Children and as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Floyd and Clark Counties.

Her experience reflects her commitment to our community which also includes helping individuals and small business owners protect their legal rights in her general law practice and teaching students inside the classroom as an Adjunct Professor of Business Law at Indiana University Southeast.

In 2004 she received the honor of being chosen by Chief Justice Shepard of the Indiana Supreme Court as a Hearing Officer to conduct attorney discipline hearings. Her duties include hearing all testimony and ruling on motions and evidence, making findings of fact, issuing conclusions of law and recommending terms of attorney discipline to the high court. This appointment followed a complete background investigation and is a non-partisan judicial appointment based solely upon her character, temperament, judgement and fitness for judicial office.

In 2005, she advanced from a Judge Pro Tem and was appointed to the bench being named by presiding trial court Judges Nicholas South and Roger Duvall as Referee of the Superior and Circuit Courts in Scott County in charge of conducting hearings and managing a regular caseload. She continue to serve in these judicial capacities. As a member of the American Judges Association and the Association of Women Judges, she interacts with other judicial officers and looks for new approaches to improve our system of justice.

In 2006 she was humbled with the distinction of Woman of Achievement and recognized with a listing in Who's Who among Metropolitan Executives and Professionals.

We are proud to share with you our readers that since 2005, she continues to serve with Chief Justice Shepard on the Advisory Board of Indiana CLEO, a program which assists disadvantaged college graduates to obtain a legal education and enter the legal profession. This program is close to her heart because as an aspiring law student her future as an attorney was dimmed by socio-economic and other disadvantages. Indiana CLEO gives an opportunity to talented students who are beating the odds to let their light shine and brighten their futures and the lives of those they touch through legal service.

She stays active as a member of the American, Indiana, and Floyd County Bar Associations, Business and Professional Women, Floyd County Women's Democrat Club, American Legion Auxiliary, FOP Auxiliary, Tri Kappa Sorority, NAACP, One Southern Indiana, and as a Judge for "We the People" constitutional education program for local middle and high school students.

She is a graduate of Indiana University having earned a Bachelor of Science in Secondary English Education and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis.

She lives in New Albany with her husband Steve Mennemeyer and her son Drake attends college now. They attend church at St. Mary's. Their daughter Sarah is a nursing graduate. Their eldest son, Sgt. Steven P. Mennemeyer, courageously gave his life August 8, 2006 serving his country as a Medic in Iraq, but his strength and gentle heart lives on in their grandson Andrew.

Her work on the bench is very fulfilling and rewarding. In the courtroom, she listens carefully with patience and understanding, uses common sense to make fair decisions, and treats everyone with dignity and respect. As judge, she will stress "integrity and fairness" in our Floyd Superior Court 3. She believes we need tough penalties for deserving violent and repeat offenders. Jail overcrowding and the caseload burden will be decreased by resolving cases in a timely and efficient manner.

Her recent endevors has been setting up a Veterans Court and a special Divorce Court.

Floyd County is her home, and she wants to give her best to our community to improve and raise confidence in our court system with integrity, fairness and respect.

Aside from her distinguished public career, it is also what we know about Maria personally that prompted us to support her candidacy. She has a well deserved reputation for honesty and integrity. She is fair and impartial. These characteristics, combined with her vast experience, are what makes her the best and only qualified candidate.

Freedom Of Speech is proud to endorse Maria Granger for Judge of the Floyd Superior Court 3, again.

Your VOTE is vital to achieving this important goal for our community.

Freedom Of Speech is asking you our readers to VOTE for Maria Granger again in May and the General Election in November 4, 2014.

Your VOTE for Maria will ensure dedicated "judicial leadership" in our Superior Court 3.

"Help us get Maria Re-elected!"

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


"Won't be a traffic study" but traffic will be studied."

We really do believe Mr. Speck says whatever pops into his head without forethought at all. $75,000 is just another EASY pay check and some free beer to him.

Talk about a Conflict of Interest.

Why are they wasting $75,000 of our money when there are "more important issues" that need dealt with?

A message to Mr. Warren Nash: How do you sleep at night?

Mr. Baylor if you want a walkable city, why don't you just do us all a big favor - move and stop "bullying downtown business owners."  Several businesses have told us, they put those stupid signs up just to shut you up!

Like the bible says: "the truth shall set you free."

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


How many Street studies does one city need?

Why do we need a group of 9 council members when the Board of Works runs OUR city?

Mr. Coffey and Mr. Gahan says we have plenty of $$$$ to spend, but we had NO $$$$ to buy street salt?

Our final question:

Why did Mr. Gahan take $538,000 out of our Sewer Fund and place it in the General Fund?

Sounds like Mr. Gahan is moving $$$$ around to cover up all of his wasteful spending.

Friday, February 28, 2014


The Farmers Market seems to be in the news a lot lately. Some of the City Council members want to move the market to our downtown parking garage. They think the property is too valuable for something that is only open one or two days a week.

One member of the council, Shirley Baird, wants to expand the market so more vendors can set up and more people can come downtown to shop. The Mayor's office seems to agree with her, and some of the downtown merchants do also. They see the market as a starting place for new businesses. A couple of new business owners seem to back this up. They started out with a booth at the market and now have successful businesses downtown.

The market is run by Develop New Albany but the property is owned by us taxpayers. Some merchants think that the market is getting preferred treatment by he city and some of the council members agree. We believe this arrangement is the only one of its kind in New Albany and that is what is irking the merchants. 

They don't realize how much help the New Albany Brewhouse received from the city, the new sidewalks, patio and half the street for instance.

We at Freedom of Speech would like to say:

The Farmers Market has done a lot to help downtown. Many times a shopper comes downtown to the market and they continue to shop at the stores, eat at the restaurants, visit the parks, etc.

Businesses help each other succeed...

We applaud Councilwoman Baird for trying to improve OUR downtown. 

Monday, February 24, 2014


Seems like another England Executive Order has slipped out of the secret files in Gahan's 3rd floor office. Could it be that England is spreading. rumors of another run in 2015 and Gahan wants to squash him in his tracks?

This is the sneakest underhand crap Dougie has ever pulled.

Exclusive: Read it here first on: Freedom Of Speech.

Executive Order Setting Salary for Dennis Smith

In 2009, the City took on the project of implementing a tow in lot for vehicles in violation of city ordinances. The City did not have a tow in lot before this time. Dennis Smith was instrumental in organizing and implementing the tow in lot. Dennis Smith has operated the tow in lot since it began. He has taken on additional duties and responsibilities above and beyond what his original job position required of him. By his efforts, Dennis Smith has been able to increase the revenues of the City through his work with the tow in lot.
During 2009, Dennis Smith did not receive additional compensation for his work with the town in lot above his normal salary relating to his other duties. The Mayor, hereby, acknowledges the benefits received by the City through the additional work performed by Dennis Smith.

Therefore, by the authority vested in me, Mayor of the City of New Albany and the powers granted me under Indiana Code 36-4-7-3, which permits the Mayor to increase the compensation of an employee at anytime during the year, the Mayor authorizes the additional compensation of $10,000 per year to Dennis Smith out of the tow in lot funds.
This is effective immediately.

Dated: 1/13/10

Douglas B. England
Mayor, City of New Albany

So this is why we're paying B-I-G $$$$$ for billable hours to former/current City Attorney Shane Gibson?

Where is the Tribune on this issue? Maybe we need to fax this information to  Charlie Pride at the State Board of Accounts. 

Can anyone verify that Mr. Dennis Smith is currently employed by the City?

This is just another "crock of crap" England pulls when in office....

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Freedom Of Speech supports the following candidates regardless of Party. Change is good, but as they say: if it isn't broke don't fix it.

County Council:

Barbara Sillings (D)
Tom Pickett (D)
Lana Abersold (R)
John Schellemberger (R)

County Sheriff:

Frank Loop (R)
Jeffrey Topping (D)

County Auditor

Mary Lou Byerly (D)

County Commissioner 1st District:

Mark Seabrook (R)

Clerk of the Circuit Court:

Darrell Mills (D)

State Senate, District 46:

Ron Grooms (R)

State Rep., District 72:

Ed Clere (R)

Judge Superior Court, No.2:

Richard Rush (D)

Judge Superior Court No. 3:

Maria Granger (D)

New Albany Township Board: (pick 3)

Carol Shope (D)

We ask our readers to support the following candidates in the 2014 Primary Election

Saturday, February 08, 2014

WHO'S - WHO IN 2013.....

Liar/ Phony of 2013 - Jeff Gahan

Biggest Bully of 2013 - Roger Baylor

Best School Board Member of 2013 - Rebecca Gardenour

Biggest Gahan mistake made in 2013 - $19.6 million dollar bond backed up with our property taxes

Biggest Political Joke of 2013 - Coffey vs. Seabrook

Worse Council President 2013 - Pat McLaughlin

Flip-Flopper of 2013 - Dan Coffey

Man of the Year - John Shellenberger - President of Floyd County Council

Women of the Year - Rebecca Gardenour NAFC School Board

2014 should be even more exciting...

Saturday, January 25, 2014


The heart of a city is it's people. These men stand up for the best interest for New Albany citizens.

They work hard and play by the rules. And most of all they look out for their neighbors, co-workers, and the many needs of the "little people" of New Albany.

It's well known these men have:

* Supported the best interest for New Albany citizens

* Worked with local groups to provide food and supplies for the needy

* Listened to concerns of the public

* Not afraid to stand up for the rights of us citizens

* Supports the best interest of fellow employees

* They put their lives on the line for all New Albany citizens

* Successful businessman who give back to our community

* Goes above and beyond to bring detailed information to the table

* They always lend a helping hand to the citizens of New Albany

* Dedicated to real public service

Freedom Of Speech salutes and appreciates these outstanding 10 men, and their courage to stand up for what is right. These men through generosity and compassion devote themselves to helping others.

They are a great example of leadership in New Albany:

Todd Bailey - Former Police Chief

David Brewer - New Albany Building Commissioner

Ed Clere - State Representative

Brian Gadd - Asst. Fire Chief 

Roger Jeffers - Newly Appointed Floyd County Parks Superintendent

Chris Morrison - New Albany Tribune

Steve Price - Former Council member and Citizen Activist

Mark Seabrook- Commissioner

John Schellenberger - 4th District County Council

Bill Schmidt - Former City Councilman, and private citizen


 Freedom of Speech Staff
footnote: The following names are listed in alphabetical order only.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


These 10 Outstanding Women have embarked on becoming a new class of leaders for the City of New Albany and that means "Commitment to our community."

It means taking a proactive stance, through involvement in our community that makes a difference.

It means standing as an example for the rest of the community.

It means being leaders, mentors, judges, elected official, advocates, educators, businesswomen, citizens activist, city or county employee, children's advocate that calls on citizens to respond, inspiring all citizens of our community to want to make a difference and get involved.

So, let us tell you about these 10 Outstanding Women:

* She is the first female judge in Floyd County history. She served 15 years in the Floyd County prosecutor's office as chief deputy prosecutor.

* Her tireless effort to establish a safe place for teenagers to meet, thus keeping our children safe and off the streets

* They're bipartisan approach to all citizens makes their offices the most taxpayer friendly in the City County Building

* Successful businesswoman who is dedicated to helping local citizens while protecting the rights of New Albany taxpayers, families and children.

* Devotion to improve education

* Gives hope to the disadvantaged

- child advocate

* Demonstrates outstanding leadership and acts with courage and nerve

* She is the second youngest judge elected in Floyd County.

These 10 Outstanding Women of New Albany impact each and everyone of us.
Freedom Of Speech is proud to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you for your hard work and acknowledge the tremendous debt this community owes to everyone of you.

We're well aware how difficult and sometimes unrewarding it can be but you can be assured what you 10 Outstanding Women do is "appreciated and is important." 

They are a great example of Leadership in New Albany.
Without question, these 10 women have had a significant impact on this city we call home:

Lana Aebersold - County Council, and Business Woman 

Shirley Baird - City Council woman

Lois Endris - Floyd County Recorder

Maria Granger - Superior Court Judge

Rebecca Gardenour - Floyd County School Board member, Educator, Retired Social Worker, and Court Appointed Special Advocate and CASA Coordinator 

Diane McCartin - Benedetti - Former Council President

Amy McCord - Clere - A true Educator of Foreign Languages

Anna Schmidt - Private Citizen - Taxpayer Advocate

Letty Walters - Private Citizen, sits on several local boards 

LeAnne Wiseheart - Former School Board member, CASA member and Real Estate Appraiser

Freedom Of Speech would like to say: We applaud these 10 women and many other women in our community who also work hard to make our community a better place to live. It comes down to individuals making a difference for what they believe in. It shows to the rest of us what is possible.

Freedom Of Speech Staff

footnote: The following names are listed in alphabetical order only.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Due to the self-interest, personal agendas, wheelings and dealings that many of our elected officials have done in 2013, Freedom of Speech has recently purchased a new box of 64 crayons with a sharpener in preparation of our mayor and several council members. 

They have made several mistakes in 2013 that we, the taxpayers will hold them accountable for. 

 NO more bonds secured by our property taxes.

"BEWARE" we are going to hold you accountable and responsible for wasteful spending and mismanagement of taxpayer's dollars in 2014.

Citizens deserve better...But, we're stuck with you all for two more year.
We've done our homework...have you?

Happy New Year!

Freedom of Speech Staff