Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Dear Santa,

We have been very, very good taxpayers this year.

We have gritted our teeth and put up with Mayor Gahan's lies and mismanagement of our money, David Duggins and Shane Gibson's dumb ideas, along with them trying to TIF our entire city. 

And Shane Gibson's bad advice and him being paid for what he thinks he's worth.

We held our heads down in shame when our Mayor Gahan split up our parks, annexed Charlestown Road and switched to in house billing. And Mr. Gahan put a $19.6 bond backed with our property taxes.

We have learned not to ask where the TAXPAYERS money goes, because they won't tell us the truth. Mr. Coffey tells everyone we have plenty of $$$$ but we all know that's a lie!

Since WE have been so good Santa, WE want...

A toilet that flushes.

A local newspaper that prints the truth instead of what the mayor wants and we feel Santa our local newspaper should keep their opinions to themselves instead of playing politics.

A sump pump for OUR basement to keep the raw sewage from mounting up and having our homes condemned.

A fire hydrant that works ...

A new calculator for our new controller so she can find our m$ney.

We want sewer lift stations with alarms, vinyl sewer pipes to replace the old clay ones.

Santa can you PLEASE find Mr. Gahan, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Robison, Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Caesar, Mr. Phipps, Mr. Blair, Mr. Gonder and Mr. Coffey a real job at the North Pole? We're really tired of them free loading on us taxpayers.

And there's more Santa.,,

We want a Council that doesn't cut deals, one who will put the Lords Prayer back in our council meetings, ones who can read a green bar and will give us more than 5 minutes to state our complaint. And, we want them to remember they work for us taxpayers instead of the Democrat Party or the Mayor.

We want our council to have more people like the famous"gang of four" - who cared about us taxpayers.

We want a Street Department that cleans up our alley's instead of the Neighborhood Associations areas.

And Santa, were sorry for voting for our new mayor in 2012. We promise to vote him out of office like the last mayor we had. 

A mayor and council who will say what they mean and mean what they say! 

And Santa, we hope our future mayor will fix problems instead of creating problems and who can be compassionate for us taxpayers.

We hope our future mayor will keep his campaign promises and won't continue to commit malfeasance, or move our funds from one account to another.

Santa, we know our list is long after all we pay a lot in taxes and don't get what we pay for, but we deserve all the nice perks that the Mayor, his relatives, and the 3rd floor employees and the Police Dept. gets. 

Santa can you please explain to some people that we don't need to take a bond out to build a water park, or to even pave streets. We don't need to turn one way to two way, or to hire more police and fireman by borrowing money we cannot afford to pay back.

And please Santa, tell them we don't need more new police cars becauses they're running the wheels off out of the county.

And Santa, we are sorry we could not leave your favorite OREO cookies this year, thanks to soon-to-be X Mayor Gahan the only thing we can afford is an off brand peanut butter sandwiches for you.

P.S, One last thing Santa, we sure miss our favorite council member: Councilman Steve Price. Maybe you can talk him into to running again in 2015.

"Merry Christmas Santa!"

Freedom Of Speech Staff