Friday, February 13, 2015


District 1

Dan Coffey

District 2

Bob Caesar (D)
Irv Stumler (R)

District 3

Greg Phipps (D)
Dale Bagshaw (R)

District 4

Pat McLaughin (D)
Ross Heinz (R)

District 5

Dustin Collins (D)
Diane Benedetti (D)

Danita Burks (R)
Tonya Rutherford (R)

District 6

Cliff Staten (D)

Larry Belcher (R)
Noah McCourt (R)
Nicholas Vaughn (R)


Shirley Baird (D)
Brad Bell (D)
James Garner Sr. (D)
John Gonder (D)
Adam Keeler (D)
Hannegan Beardsley Roseberry (D)
David Barksdale (R)
Bon Hornung Jr. (R)
Dr. Al Knable Jr. (R)

We  here at Freedom Of Speech feel the entire Mayor's race is a joke. We're still waiting to see if R-O-G-E-R can come up with the signatures required to run.  The Democrat Party is a joke and so is Adam Dickey.

As they often say: Same ole SHIT just a different year. God help the citizens and taxpayers of New Albany.