Monday, January 31, 2011


When Mayor England tells you he has to raise your sewer rate again and he cries, we ain't got "NO MONEY" for sewer repairs, now you know why:

Master File Sewer Lien Records


Sprigler Family Limited.........................$85,924.80

University Woods...........$47,503.10

Silver Street
Property LLC.................$17,295.13

Cedar Ridge Apts..............................$13,658.10

Jacque Hunter...............$10,111.00

Four Coin Laundry........$9,293.75

Windsor Resturant........$9,189.01

State of Indiana.............$6,089.16

Main Source
Bank (NACC)................$4,888.76

St. Charles Partners......$4,832.78

RJ Hunter....................$4,775.80

Donald & Sharon Hill...$4,361.30


Ann Snider.................$3,565.00

ABR Properties...........$3,171.18

John Mattingly...........$3,422.00

Gwendolyn Alkhoury.$2,686.17

Doug & Dana Mansfield.$2,604.18

Margret Calvert.........$2,285.84

William Logsdom......$2,201.26

Tribe #276...............$1,996.05

Annella Barker........$1,939.08

Lonnie Yarbough....$1,785.81

Ronald Joshua

Jaybill Properties...$1,772.30

Mendal Properties.$1,760.62

Source: Sewer Billing Department @ 812-948-5399.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

We don't know what the City of New Albany is doing that they would let people skip their sewer payments like that. Unless these people got the hookups with city officials or political favors from the mayor.

Our final thoughts:

Why are we paying City Attorney Shane Gibson $150,000 if he is NOT going to do the job and go after these unpaid bills? Whose best interest is he looking out for?

Maybe if Gibson and England spent more effort taking care of the real issues in New Albany and less time attacking and plotting their next move against State Rep. Ed Clere maybe we would not be on the verge of bankruptcy as a city.

Why don't you get off your ass and do your job...Shane!

How do you ratepayers feel, now that you know who a few of the deadbeats are?

Thursday, January 27, 2011


It's simple: get the government and the unions out of the classroom. Allow teachers to teach; support the concept that students must study and not just prepare for government mandated tests.

To young to remember when an honest grade allowed parents to judge how their children were actually doing in school? Well we need to get back to honest grading, supported by strict and honest parenting and stop "educators" from indoctrinating our children with the latest fad in social engineering and political correctness.

Not everyone needs a college degree or be deemed a failure. A good mechanic, plumber or electrician is just as important to society as any politician or a lawyer.

The cost of such a fix?

A huge refund of taxpayer dollars resulting with proud, industrious and well educated students.

How about classes on common sense.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The voters in November told the government what we want, but here they go, both parties, acting like things are back to normal-that being the people are stupid and we in Washington. DC must continue spending what we don't have to maintain our big, bigger government.

Unfortunately, Obama just does not get it.

With Obamacare, health insurance cost increased...big surprise!

In just 2 years Obama has run the debt up from 10 trillion to nearly 14 trillion. Unemployment is at a 50 year high. Jobs and job growth is at a 50 year low.

We must first renegotiate NAFTA's agreement bringing back a percentage greater than 50% of industry.

You can fix social security by not giving anyone a dime who hasn't paid in. No social security for greedy congressmen and women unless they put in their 40 quarters, like the rest of us, and reach an age of 62 or greater.
No social security for illegals or non citizens.

We should talk about how and who chased American business off shore and across the globe with regulations, taxes, and free trade.

As individuals, be we rich, poor, or the government elite, must begin to practice personal responsibility. We spend what we earn, not what we want to earn. We buy houses we know we can afford over 30 years, not ones we think we can turn over and make a profit on. We save, we spend less. We are thankful we have indoor plumbing, heat and fresh water.

And for that, we expect our government to respect that hard earned money we send them. We expect them to protect us from attacks. We expect them to demand compliance with the law. We look to them to help us in times of catastrophe. We expect them to help the truly incompetent. We don't expect them to pay our retirement or unemployment. We don't expect them to hire us or teach our children. We don't expect them to care for our children.

We become what we once were. A nation of people that want the freedom to earn the satisfaction of self reliance.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


We've been attacked by several asking for proof.

So, let's just check out what has been printed recently in our local newspaper, shall we?

1.) FOS statement: Has our proud Democrat Party really come to this?

"Floyd County Democratic Party Chairman John Wilcox on hand sporting a Stumler sticker."

1/19/2011, courier-journal

2.) Is the England-Stumler Team going to keep Gibson, Malysz, and Rosenbarger as part of their deal?

"Stumler added he's not decided on an administrative staff elected, but that he would be interested in employing people with prior experience."

1/19/2011, Tribune

3.) Why would Stumler, with NO governmental experience, step into this city that has over $3.8 million in debt?

"Stumler, 75, is a native of of Starlight, Ind. who has never ran for public office."

1/19/2011, courier-journal

Fact is: Stumler agreed to run for Mayor on the Republican ticket.

"But the path to England's endorsement was not a straight one from Stumler, who having talked with local GOP leaders about running for mayor as a Republican."

1/19/2011, courier-journal

Per an email we received 1/20/2011, Republican Chairman Matthews stated, "Mr. Stumler came to us we did not approach him." Irv decided to run for Mayor as a Republican. One week ago he met with Doug England and changed his mind

Freedom Of Speech would like to say, this is the kind of politics that has gotten our city in the mess were in.

Did or was Irv Stumler bought and paid for by Douglas B. England?


Our final thought: If you had just announced you were running for Mayor of New Albany and had to face a potentially difficult primary race within three months, would you...1.) begin in earnest to go out and meet the people you would serve? or...2.) would you hop on a plane for a get away in Florida?

We hope that Mr. & Mrs. Irv Stumler brings us back some sunshine to help melt all this snow!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Has our proud Democrat Party really come to this?

We are wondering how on earth any local "Democrat" could seek and obtain signed authority from Republican Chair Dave Matthews to run for local office and then, in an act that is as signing allegiance to the devil (England), make a deal and switch back to the Democrat Party.

We, at Freedom Of Speech, are shaking our heads with incredulity and asking the following questions:

1.) Will Stumler BE a stand IN and let England run the city?

2.) Is the England-Stumler Team going to keep Gibson, Malysz, and Rosenbarger as part of their deal?

3.) Why would Stumler, with NO governmental experience, step into this city mess that has over $3.8 million in debt?

Facts is: Stumler agreed to run for Mayor on the Republican ticket.

Is this jumping the fence action what we can expect from Stumler in the future?

So, are the Democrats really smarter than a first grader?

Guess we will all know come Wednesday when the announcement is made!

Sunday, January 09, 2011


By now, most of you know of the horrendous occurrence in Tucson, Arizona.

What bothers us is when Arizona state representative Linda Lopez (democrat) turned this assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords and the murder of 6 bystanders yesterday with scores more injured, into a partisan political attack by Democrats on the "Tea Party" movement.

Has our country turned into the advice of Rahm Emanuel to "never let a good crisis go to waste" and politicizing a tragedy into an assault on opponents.

This is about people getting killed and injured by a psychopath, that should be the focus and praying for them to recover or for the families and friends of the fallen.

Without having a single piece of information, Lopez took to the airwaves condemning the Tea Party and conservatives for the murder spree!

BTW, Gifford is Jewish, and took her Oath of Office on a Torah. Should we be blaming the Muslim world for her being shot because of the constant demonetization of Jews that goes on there?

As reported Jared Lee Loughner, the would be assassin, is a confirmed Leftist Democrat upset with Congresswoman Giffords for being a conservative Democrat who was not leftist enough for his taste.

Sadly, the shooter Jared Lee Loughner was, as Arizona authorities are referring to him, a severely disturbed man. Among other things, his YouTube videos feature him burning an American flag, hardly a sentiment one would associate with the Tea Party!

The minions of the Left using his violence for their own ends have no such mitigating circumstances. They're fully aware of what they're doing and reveling in it....

For God's sake people Wake Up!

Proud Members of Southern Indiana Tea Party Association
Freedom Of Speech Staff

Friday, January 07, 2011

NEW ALBANY PAYS $400,000...

We have questions:

1.) Where did the $900,000 originally go?

2.) If those three attorneys were owed for legal fees why were they never paid until December 29, 2010?

3.) Why was the City of New Albany forced to forgive $450,000 in exchange for a State Revolving Loan?

"Despite the setback, Gibson said the sewer utility is in "greater financial shape than what they were last year and clearly is moving in the right direction."

4.) If the Boat Fund, Rainy Day Fund and EDIT Fund has over $7 million in 2010, can someone explain why we had a sewer rate increase?

5.) Would City Attorney Gibson like to correct the above statement: being in greater shape?

Freedom Of Speech would like to know when the City of New Albany plans to repay the $5.3 million borrowed and the additional $2 million still owed to sewers.

We guess if we didn't pay our bills either "we all might be in greater financial" shape too!

So, Mr. Gibson, we taxpayers are paying you $150,000 to save us $12,000 for those three other attorneys?

So, is that really something for you to brag about when you continue to 1.) sell out us rate payers and 2.) have our local newspaper buy your crap, hook line and sinker!

To our many readers, ask yourself this one question: would you want City Attorney Gibson to negotiate a settlement for you?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


The City Council has voted its selection for new Council President.

Freedom Of Speech would like to Congratulate Jeff Gahan on his new position as Council President.

Jeff, we hope you plan to look at every dollar spent this year to ensure that our money is being spent properly and that our tax dollars are not wasted or mismanaged.

We as citizens live in a time of financial challenge from the federal level down.

You need to ensure us that the City Council will demonstrate that sacrifices can be made to hold the line on spending.

The taxpayers of New Albany are NOT a bottomless pit to be mined as needed.