Monday, January 17, 2011


Has our proud Democrat Party really come to this?

We are wondering how on earth any local "Democrat" could seek and obtain signed authority from Republican Chair Dave Matthews to run for local office and then, in an act that is as signing allegiance to the devil (England), make a deal and switch back to the Democrat Party.

We, at Freedom Of Speech, are shaking our heads with incredulity and asking the following questions:

1.) Will Stumler BE a stand IN and let England run the city?

2.) Is the England-Stumler Team going to keep Gibson, Malysz, and Rosenbarger as part of their deal?

3.) Why would Stumler, with NO governmental experience, step into this city mess that has over $3.8 million in debt?

Facts is: Stumler agreed to run for Mayor on the Republican ticket.

Is this jumping the fence action what we can expect from Stumler in the future?

So, are the Democrats really smarter than a first grader?

Guess we will all know come Wednesday when the announcement is made!