Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The voters in November told the government what we want, but here they go, both parties, acting like things are back to normal-that being the people are stupid and we in Washington. DC must continue spending what we don't have to maintain our big, bigger government.

Unfortunately, Obama just does not get it.

With Obamacare, health insurance cost increased...big surprise!

In just 2 years Obama has run the debt up from 10 trillion to nearly 14 trillion. Unemployment is at a 50 year high. Jobs and job growth is at a 50 year low.

We must first renegotiate NAFTA's agreement bringing back a percentage greater than 50% of industry.

You can fix social security by not giving anyone a dime who hasn't paid in. No social security for greedy congressmen and women unless they put in their 40 quarters, like the rest of us, and reach an age of 62 or greater.
No social security for illegals or non citizens.

We should talk about how and who chased American business off shore and across the globe with regulations, taxes, and free trade.

As individuals, be we rich, poor, or the government elite, must begin to practice personal responsibility. We spend what we earn, not what we want to earn. We buy houses we know we can afford over 30 years, not ones we think we can turn over and make a profit on. We save, we spend less. We are thankful we have indoor plumbing, heat and fresh water.

And for that, we expect our government to respect that hard earned money we send them. We expect them to protect us from attacks. We expect them to demand compliance with the law. We look to them to help us in times of catastrophe. We expect them to help the truly incompetent. We don't expect them to pay our retirement or unemployment. We don't expect them to hire us or teach our children. We don't expect them to care for our children.

We become what we once were. A nation of people that want the freedom to earn the satisfaction of self reliance.