Thursday, January 20, 2011


We've been attacked by several asking for proof.

So, let's just check out what has been printed recently in our local newspaper, shall we?

1.) FOS statement: Has our proud Democrat Party really come to this?

"Floyd County Democratic Party Chairman John Wilcox on hand sporting a Stumler sticker."

1/19/2011, courier-journal

2.) Is the England-Stumler Team going to keep Gibson, Malysz, and Rosenbarger as part of their deal?

"Stumler added he's not decided on an administrative staff elected, but that he would be interested in employing people with prior experience."

1/19/2011, Tribune

3.) Why would Stumler, with NO governmental experience, step into this city that has over $3.8 million in debt?

"Stumler, 75, is a native of of Starlight, Ind. who has never ran for public office."

1/19/2011, courier-journal

Fact is: Stumler agreed to run for Mayor on the Republican ticket.

"But the path to England's endorsement was not a straight one from Stumler, who having talked with local GOP leaders about running for mayor as a Republican."

1/19/2011, courier-journal

Per an email we received 1/20/2011, Republican Chairman Matthews stated, "Mr. Stumler came to us we did not approach him." Irv decided to run for Mayor as a Republican. One week ago he met with Doug England and changed his mind

Freedom Of Speech would like to say, this is the kind of politics that has gotten our city in the mess were in.

Did or was Irv Stumler bought and paid for by Douglas B. England?


Our final thought: If you had just announced you were running for Mayor of New Albany and had to face a potentially difficult primary race within three months, would you...1.) begin in earnest to go out and meet the people you would serve? or...2.) would you hop on a plane for a get away in Florida?

We hope that Mr. & Mrs. Irv Stumler brings us back some sunshine to help melt all this snow!