Friday, January 07, 2011

NEW ALBANY PAYS $400,000...

We have questions:

1.) Where did the $900,000 originally go?

2.) If those three attorneys were owed for legal fees why were they never paid until December 29, 2010?

3.) Why was the City of New Albany forced to forgive $450,000 in exchange for a State Revolving Loan?

"Despite the setback, Gibson said the sewer utility is in "greater financial shape than what they were last year and clearly is moving in the right direction."

4.) If the Boat Fund, Rainy Day Fund and EDIT Fund has over $7 million in 2010, can someone explain why we had a sewer rate increase?

5.) Would City Attorney Gibson like to correct the above statement: being in greater shape?

Freedom Of Speech would like to know when the City of New Albany plans to repay the $5.3 million borrowed and the additional $2 million still owed to sewers.

We guess if we didn't pay our bills either "we all might be in greater financial" shape too!

So, Mr. Gibson, we taxpayers are paying you $150,000 to save us $12,000 for those three other attorneys?

So, is that really something for you to brag about when you continue to 1.) sell out us rate payers and 2.) have our local newspaper buy your crap, hook line and sinker!

To our many readers, ask yourself this one question: would you want City Attorney Gibson to negotiate a settlement for you?