Monday, April 29, 2013


Six months after Super-storm Sandy devastated the Jersey shore and New York City and pounded coastal areas of New England.  There are thousands of homeless residents.

Here we are six months after Sandy hit and despite Obama's pledge "to cut through the red tape" there are thousands of families in New York and New Jersey waiting to hear from FEMA.

Our question is this: what does FEMA have to do with your flood or home insurance?

You know what we love, when you buy insurance they tell you that your completely covered then you find out they lied!

Sound familiar?

And remember folks, the Senate passed the 80 Billion dollar relief for these folks. 

Where's the $$$$?

This should NOT be happening in the United States of America....

Saturday, April 20, 2013


What a sad week for our country.

Now it's time to enjoy "Thunder." See you all at the Buckhead Mountain Grill this afternoon, for our annual Thunder Party.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by the explosions in Boston on Monday. What happened was a true disaster and tragedy. We will continue to pray for healing, recovery, and wisdom in the next few days and weeks - and we ask you to join us.

To the many first responders who ran toward danger without a thought for their own safety, to bystanders and neighbors who dropped everything to help, tearing off clothing to make tourniquets, and to the exhausted marathoners who just kept running straight to the hospital to donate blood in the immediate aftermath of the Boston bombings, you remind us how we are PROUD to be an American.

Sunday, April 07, 2013


Did anyone notice (one term-er) Mayor Gahan was missing from the State House photo?

Since the Tribune won't print the whole story. We will do it for them...

Ed Clere offered a resolution on the floor of the Indiana House of Representatives "House  Concurrent Resolution 40." This Resolution honored New Albany's Bicentennial celebrations, and made special note of our city's deep and rich history. Several people from New Albany were in attendance, including people from the Bicentennial Committee.

A little birdie (snitch) on the third floor heard our illustrious mayor SCREAM at someone (We don't think it was Ed Clere) that if he (Mayor Gahan) didn't get a copy of that Resolution sent to him immediately, he would NOT GO to the reading on the House floor. He yelled and yelled we were told.

Apparently, to cover his ass with the Bicentennial Committee and several Citizens of New Albany Mayor Gahan has said and we quote: "that he was only told about the Resolution just before it was to be given", but the little birdie knows that is an outright "LIE" because of Jeff's yelling into the phone just a couple of weeks ago.

Is this what we're paying $85,000+ salary a year for, Mr. & Mrs. taxpayers? 

This is one phony LIAR we have running OUR City.

(Sorry about that, we just couldn't hold back the truth on one - term-er Gahan.)

Representative Clere hosted our New Albany contingent very nicely at the Stateho8use and it was reported they all had a wonderful visit there. Also, the people in the House of Representatives seemed to enjoy the group as well as the information they gave when the Resolution was presented.

The group went over to the Senate Chamber so Senator Grooms could also present the Resolution and acknowledge them.

Everyone who went had a great day! 

At neither Resolution reading was Gahan present. He apparently DID boycott the Resolution because he meant what he SCREAMED into the phone. He "would not show up unless" he "could approve the wording of the Resolution."

First of all, Freedom of Speech would like to Thank State Rep. Clere for being a professional and doing his job unlike Mayor Gahan. 

Mayor Gahan you need to put your big boy pants on and admit you lied. 

It's our job: To Expose and Set the Record Straight!