Tuesday, December 16, 2008


More than 178,000 American Troops are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. These men and women continue to risk their lives to protest us and our country.

We are proud of our soldiers.

We also know that this year our troops will celebrate Christmas at their dangerous posts - far from home, but close to our hearts.

AT&T has set up special phone stations near all major deployments in the MID-East. Phone access for our troops are easy, but calls home remain expensive.

AT&T offers special AT&T Global Prepaid Cards which can be sent to military personnel.

Freedom Of Speech is asking our readers to join us to buy as many soldiers as you can AT&T's "Military Exchange 300 Cards." Each calling card costs $18 and gives each recipient 80 minutes in call time from Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait to the U.S.

These calling cards will be distributed by the American Red Cross to our troops.

call 1-800-485-4350

Freedom Of Speech staff members have purchased 50 calling cards. It's our way of saying "Thank You" to our brave men and women.

God Bless America!

Sunday, December 14, 2008



Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come,
they will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us or trespasses
as we forgive those
who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil,

For thine is the kingdom,
and the power,
and the glory,
for ever and ever.

The New Albany City Council said the Lords Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance for over 25 years. We have heard some City Council members plan to remove saying the Lords Prayer before council meetings.

President Gahan has stated he feels uncomfortable standing there saying the prayer. Has he told his Catholic Priest about this problem with the Lords Prayer?

We have been told that Councilman Bob Caesar also stated that the Lords Prayer should be removed. Where does Bob Caesar attend church?
We have also been told Councilman Dan Coffey agrees that the Lord's Prayer should be removed. Where does Dan Coffey attend church?

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask, "Why are these Councilmen listening to the Atheist?"

Will their next move be to remove the "Pledge of Allegiance" from council meetings?

If YOU are as OUTRAGED as WE are, contact these Council members and ask them WHY at:

Council President Jeff Gahan
[home] - 949-9314
[cell] - 987-8262

2nd District - Councilman Bob Caesar
[home] - 945-8744
[business] - 944-3133

1st District - Councilman Dan Coffey
[home] - 949-1262
[cell] - 502-797-8347

Freedom of Speech feels that we need to say "GOD BLESS AMERICA" and pray for God's help more so now... than ever!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Indiana Department of Local Government Finance Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave has resigned!

Musgrave told the Evansville Courier & Press that her resignation was effective Friday.

She was appointed agency commissioner in July 2007. She said she always intended to serve for 18 months and had privately told Gov. Mitch Daniels weeks ago of her intentions to resign.

The Department of Local Government Finance oversees property tax assessment across the state, and local government budgeting by counties, cities, towns and other taxing entities.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Both the Governor and the citizens had great expectations of Ms. Musgrave. We believe she lacked the organizational skills required of those expectations.

If the Governor wants to fully attain the reformer status he deserves, he'll look outside of government, into the private sector for a replacement.

We would be very comfortable with Lawyer John Price, a leader of last years tax revolt.

We definitely need a tax reformer.

The loud applause and roar you will hear when this information gets out, will be from local officials across the state.

Is this a victory for Waste, fraud and abuse in local government?

If only you property owners knew what was really going on in New Albany...

Friday, December 12, 2008


Let's see now...Obama has no connection to:

Tony Rezko - check

Governor of Illinois - check

Bill Ayers - check

Acorn - triple check

Freddie Mac - check

Fannie Mac - check, check

Rashid Khalidi - check

Sirhan Sirhan - double check

Muslins - Ummm definitely check

Boy, he knows alot of people he don't know?

All these wonderful people...well you know what they say: When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

Welcome to the big leagues, Mr. Obama!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Dear Senator Bayh,

We are writing to ask you to REJECT any bailout bill for ANY industry, including U.S. automakers.

When you ignored the will of 90% of the American people and passed the $850 billion BAILOUT of Wall Street bankers, we were upset.

Since then, we've seen that the bailout did NOTHING to help the American economy.

Now, you want us, the American taxpayers, to cough up ANOTHER $25 billion or so, to bail out the "Big Three" automakers. But just giving them $25 billion doesn't change anything; it just puts off for three to six months or so the day of reckoning, and hamstrings any further efforts to produce better or cheaper products that American consumers might want to buy.

The fact is, nationalizing banks and setting company practices for automakers is not called "helping" the American economy. It's called SOCIALISM.

Our final thought:

After the Congress and Senate bails out everyone else, who will BAILOUT us taxpayers when we cannot pay our bills?

Please, vote to REJECT any bailout bill for ANY industry, including U.S. automakers. We will be watching your stand on this matter. Thank you.


Freedom Of Speech Staff

Sunday, December 07, 2008


On August 21 --in a move obscured by the debate over the smoking ban the City Council voted itself a potential raise of nearly 200%. The council passed Resolution R-08-39 that gave themselves access to all of the health insurance benefits available to full time employees of the city.

The Human Resources specialist for the city informs me that full family medical insurance coverage for a city employee cost $1,664.21 per month and dental $80.76 a month. The city picks up 90% of the medical premium $1,540.62 and $22 of the dental insurance premium for a monthly cost to the city of $1,562.62 per council member.

Council members are paid $816 per month with a take-home amount of about $744. Council members who take advantage of this new benefit for full employee and family coverage--at annual cost of $18,751.44 would triple their cost to taxpayers of New Albany over the current salary of $9,792. With full health insurance coverage, a council member would receive around $28,543.44 in salary and benefits.

That is a heck of a raise.

Council member Diane McCartin Benedetti signed up for the full package and by so doing claimed that 200% raise!

Benedetti's money-grab should not surprise anyone, though. In a budget hearing on July 29, Benedetti asked the Council to give her a raise and had her request shot down. Jack Messer made it clear to her that he considered serving on the council as a public service, not a money-making proposition. Intentionally or not, Councilman Dan Coffey came to her aid and found a way to get the council to give her thew raise she wanted. He was the sponsor behind R-08-39.

To be fair, Kevin Zurschmiede, the only Republican on the council, failed to show the fiscal restraint one would expect from a member of his party. He signed up for coverage-for himself and his wife--at a cost to the taxpayers of $11,547.36 annually- giving himself of nearly 120%.

Council member Steve Price also signed up for coverage for himself and his daughter at the cost of $10,971.36 a raise of just over 112%. In Price's favor, he has realized how unfair it is to ask the city's employees and departments to make sacrifices when the Council is bellying up to the trough.

He has informed the city that he is cancelling his coverage.

Maybe it is unfair to pick on just those members of the Council who signed up for the coverage. After all, every member of the Council except, ironically, Price voted to give themselves these benefits. Each one Coffey, Caesar, Price, McLaughlin, Benedetti, Gonder, Messer, Zurschmiede and Gahan is responsible for the additional $41,270.65 that the taxpayers are going to have to pay for our representatives on the Council this year.

Next year, at the whim of each council member, that figure could go even higher.

The council tells us that the city is in a financial crisis.

The Council has voted to freeze or even cut the budgets for the city's departments. Just last month the Council passed a resolution that forces the most critical of city services-fire and police-to cut thousands out of their budget. We are told that the fire and police departments are going to cut the number of these public safety officers hours to make up the loss.

That's right--salary and personnel cuts.

Last year the Council gave the mayor and city clerk huge raises in the midst of financial crisis (neither mayor or clerk voiced any complaints).

This year the City Council gives itself a huge raise.

Maybe the citizens of New Albany have heard that times are tough out there for workers.

Well, it's not for the elected officials of New Albany--not when they can vote themselves raises from money we thought we were paying for city services and public safety.

Jeff Roudenbush

Freedom Of Speech would like to add the following information:

Humana Plan One
$200 Individual-Network Deductible
Humana Rx: $7.50/$12.50/$25.00

Non-Union Active Employees

Active Employees
Total Premium per month - $513.51
City Contribution
per month - $494.60
Single Employee pays - $19.01

Total Premium per month -$1,027.63
City Contribution
per month - $940.28
Employee/Spouse pay - $87.35

Total Premium per month - $976.24
City Contribution
per month - $892.28
Employee/Child(ren) pay - $83.96

Total Premium per month - $1,644.21
City Contribution
per month - $1,540.62
Employee and Family pay - $103.59

Source: City of New Albany
coverage from 9/1/08 - 8/31/09


How could Council member insurance be paid if insurance was NOT included in the 2008 Budget?

Why did the City Clerk NOT enter any council discussion about Council members insurance in the August 21, 2008 minutes?

Freedom Of Speech would like to say: This is your money taxpayers and they wonder why our city is in a financial crisis!

Saturday, December 06, 2008


This was forwarded to us from our friends from the "Team Hammond Taxpayers Group."

The city can't afford bus service or health care but can afford fish for a salt-water aquarium.

You've got to be kidding, right?

On October 24, 2008, a claim was submitted to the city council in the amount of $423.00 for purchases made at Pet Playground, 6944 Kennedy Avenue.

A variety of tropical fish, (Black Bar Soldier, Yellow Angel, 2 Blue fin Damsels, Pajama Cardinals) were purchased for a salt-water aquarium.

Further investigation by "Team Hammond Taxpayers Group" revealed claims in 2006 for $2,239.35, in 2007 for $3,693.95 and in 2008 (up until October) for $2,766.50 for fish, salt and other aquarium related items. This comes to a grand total of $8,699.80!

Where did the money come from to pay for the $8,699.80 in fish and aquarium supplies? The mayor's discretionary gaming fund. Contrary to what the mayor believes; gaming revenue is still taxpayers' money!

Hammond citizens will lose their ability to get to work, the doctor or grocery shop when bus service is cut as of June 30, 2009 but hey...the mayor has a beautiful salt-water aquarium with tropical fish for him to enjoy.

Well you know what they say, it's all about the "RIGHT PRIORITIES!"

Perhaps in this case, swimming with the fishes wouldn't be so bad. Unbelieveable the idiocy in expenditures like these.

Great job Team Hammond, you guys sound just like us in New Albany!

Friday, December 05, 2008


The government has not handled the $700 billion dollar bailout correctly, why should the next bailout be done, it is costing all of us.


The effects of the big three going under would be a catastrophic hit to our country. It effects everything from car makers to the guys at the local car wash, with parts supplies, repair shops, gas stations, tire manufactures and so on down the line. If GM went under under it would be 2.5 million, that is almost 10% of the population. That added to the current unemployment rate of 6.4% and you come up with a scary numbers.


If you are a democrat how can you vote for McCain?

My suggestion: let UAW, employees, suppliers, dealers, etc pool their money buy the companies. They can get rid of the management they don't want, and when its their own money at risk, maybe everyone in the chain will cut their wages/profit to keep the companies alive.


What does P.U.M.A stand for?

Two things...Why would we not attempt to save 15 million jobs, crucial to the US economy, but we would continue to subsidize the financial industry that imploded on itself creating this chaotic mess in the first place? If the banks hadn't stopped lending, nobody would be asking for help.

Lastly, if you have or have had clients, patients, customers, relatives, and friends that work for the big three, you need to be driving a Big 3 vehicle. For instance, a 25+ year medical professional, who has auto workers as clients and accepts their nice insurance and hopefully will continue to have these clients and make money from their insurance, who just bought a foreign car. Aren't you biting the hand that has fed you for 25 years?


Who cares who you all are? Just keep fighting for the little people.

When was the last quarter GM actually turned a profit or even broke even?


General Motors "as is" - a limp horse that should have been put down many years ago.


I have had five GM cars, I love my Chevy Suburban we should help the Big 3.


If they sold their corporate jets, they could bail themselves out.

We bailed out Chrysler once before. How many do over's do they get? I am a small business owner and we are suppose to be the heart and soul of America and I don't see the government willing to bail me out, as a matter of fact, it's going to get worse for all small businesses over the next few years.


Can you loan us some money Erik? Times are hard you know. Happy holidays anyway.

We bailed out the banks and they have done nothing. AIG came back for more after spending thousands on trips. The banks are tight and not lending still, at least the Big 3 will keep people working.


I heard Coyle Chevrolet on Spring Street is going out of business.

Who ever voted for England is an idiot! Yes I said IDIOT. Didn't those voters learn from the last time he was in office?

Surely Messer will not be dumb enough to run for mayor?

Can you research a way to throw England out of office?

You know why England has a bad back don't you? All that taxpayers money he has in his pockets... (heavy pockets -- bad back...get it?:)))).

Who is Dan Coffey trying to fool? Everyone knows he's in the mayor's pocket right along with Gahan, Messer, Gonder, Ceasar, and that women on the council. That's cut-a-deal-Dan for you.

Give'm hell Erik!!!!


Why doesn't the County Council go after Floyd Memorial Hospital if they are as broke as they say, I would, wouldn't you? Who can I contact beside my councilman?

"Freedom Of Speech Rocks"

Have you checked out John Gonder's voting record on line? He has voted "yes" on everything England has wanted. Doesn't that make him a "yes" man?

I miss the Gang of Four, how about you Erik?

See, we do read our emails.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


After you read this article, all we ask is that you forward this to all your taxpayer friends and family. Ask them to contact each County Council member and ask them about this hospital bond debt, that is owed back to the County taxpayers.

Let Freedom Of Speech tell you the REAL story that our local newspaper will never print:

Several months ago Mayor England went to the County Council President for a 2% LOIT TAX.

HB1001 states only the County Council can pass this Tax.

County Council President would not agree with Mayor England on this percentage amount.

County Council President Larry McAllister put it on the agenda for a smaller tax increase.

The County needs money and the City needs money.

As most taxpayers know [or should know] every Mayor and Council members all over the State of Indiana including New Albany Mayor England and some council members are blaming Governor Daniels for the local short fall.

Which is a big FAT LIE!

How do we know this?

Remember all the trips our Freedom Of Speech staff made to Indianapolis over HB 1001?

This LOIT Tax is part of HB1001 approved and Governor Daniels signed into law!

HB1001 was designed to hold local governments feet to the fire on accountability to taxpayers, trying to force local government to live within approved Budget and to stop wasteful spending of taxpayers money.

We agree with Gov. Daniels!

The first LOIT Tax vote was in July 2008. The vote was 3-3 with 1 County Council member abstaining.

On November 11, the County Council had the second reading, which was reported in our local Tribune.

HB1001 Law states:

(A) Permit the levying of up to 1% Income Tax to pay for Budget Increases.

(B) Permits the levying of up to 1% Income Tax to provide Property Tax Relief.

(C) Permits the levying of up to .25% for Public Safety Costs.

Note: HB1001 permits either Option A or B or both to be adopted before County Council may adopt Option C.

Source: HB1001 Sections 332 and 342: IC 6-3.5-1.1-25 and IC 6-3.5-6-31

When City and County Council members pass a budget, they should stay within that budget. We New Albany taxpayers have learned the last 17 years and four Mayors later what they are supposed to do is not what they will do!

We will give credit where credit is due because the County does follow their budget unlike the City of New Albany!

We now call this "The New Democrat Tax" because on the last vote the following democrats voted for this tax:

*Larry McAllister, Democrat

* Tom Pickett, Democrat

* Ted Heavrin, Democrat

* Carol Shope, Democrat

Hats off to the Republicans for doing the right thing for the taxpayers by voting NO:

* Dana Fendley

* Lana Aebersold

* John Schellenberger

Keep reading folks this is about to get really interesting!

Ask yourself this:

Were deals cut to "bail out" England so he could point the finger at the County Council and say: they did it not me?

Doesn't that just sound like England?

Why won't he take the blame for the New LOIT Tax on us?

Is England's pattern TAX and SPEND?

The County claims they need the money.

McAllister stated in the local newspaper "we're broke!"

If the County really wanted to do the right thing, they should make Floyd Memorial Hospital pay back about $8 million or more on a bond they owe to Floyd County taxpayers.

These facts have been verified and confirmed that the County Council did do a bond when the hospital could not obtain one. Floyd County taxpayers should be "outraged" that the hospital only made "two payments."

Taxpayers had to [eat this bond] and pay it off with tax dollars which could have been used for other county needs!

It is total bullshit that the hospital would stick taxpayers with the bill!

See what happens when you do your homework?

We think it's only fair and right that the Hospital should pay this debt back to Floyd County taxpayers!

Don't you agree?

Just think what that money could do to help out Floyd County!

We ask you our readers and supporters to contact:

Council President Larry McAllister at 812-923- 5931 or email him at: buckcreek@insightbb.com

Councilman Tom Pickett at 812-207-6529 or email him at:tpickett@nafcs.k12,in.us

Councilman John Schellenberger at 812-923-9057 or email him at: floydco@insightbb.com

Council Vice-President Dana Fendley at 812-949-7001 or email her at: danaf@insightbb.com

Councilwoman Carol Shope at 812-948-1491 or email her at: carolshope@insightbb.com

Councilwoman Lana Aebersold at 812-944-9823 or email her at: http://www.lanaaebersold.org/

County Council will be required to make annual decisions to increase these Local Income Taxes or to Increase Levies which opens the door to higher taxes next year.

Freedom Of Speech has several questions:

Will people working outside of Floyd County be paying the LOIT Tax approved by Democrats?

Who will collect the TAX on your payroll?

Will Social Security and Retirement Benefits be Taxed?

Part of the TAX is for Property Tax Relief. Renters will be paying the TAX and get NO benefits because they don't own property.

Where can the PUBLIC get REPORTS on the amount of this NEW TAX COLLECTION and how it is being SPENT?

In the current measure we constituents " do not trust" the England Administration and most of our Council Members!

Taxpayers should allow bad government to fail.

As long as there is personal gain overshadowing the accountability, there will always be an opportunity for corruption in local government.

How England thinks he can hold New Albany taxpayers hostage by threatening to lay off employees and threatening taxpayers by saying "The people are going to get what they pay for," or we cannot continue to give people services if we can't afford them," and your threats of raising fees and property taxes.

Our reply is this, "we are not getting what we are paying for now!"

We say lay them all off!

If you can't lead with accountability as Mayor...then we suggest you resign...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

~Thomas Jefferson 1602

Monday, December 01, 2008


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Makes ya feel GOOD, doesn't it?

We told you sooooo...

Friday, November 28, 2008


Will the economy scare the shoppers away? Will the stores be afraid to sell items for less? Should you save your money and hope a better deal comes along later - or use it to pay the mortgage?

Black Friday needs only two things to be successful: stores with unbelievable deals and people in the stores with cash or credit.

Will the economy affect any of these things?

Remember, businesses have their cash tied up in inventory. They need cash. They get cash only if they sell their inventory. At the end of a quarter and the end of the year - both happen on December 31.

They will sell their inventory for retail, wholesale, at a loss - they don't care - they need to sell it.

That's good for you!

Black Friday, will be a sight to see as there will be better deals to buy and retailers will want to rid their stockrooms of this years and part of last years inventory but nobody will be able to spend like years past, not even like last year.

So there you have it. Manufactures and retail stores with too much inventory, too little sales and too little cash.

No manufacturer or stores is going to pass up this last opportunity to sell something - they're scared and everything will be ridiculously low prices.

So, if you are a serious Holiday Shopper, hold off and you will get better bargains before December 25.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It seems like we are faced with a simple choice:

1. Let the Big 3 go bankrupt with all the ensuring ripple effects throughout the economy leading to hundreds of thousands jobs amongst Detroit's suppliers, dealers and ancillary industries.

2. Give the Big 3 $25 billion with no strings attached so that they can use it to go bankrupt with all the ensuring ripple effects throughout the economy leading to hundreds of thousands of job losses from the business failures amongst Detroit's suppliers, dealers and ancillary industries.

3. Make the loans and make them NOW.

BUT... let's go this route (4) instead:

Learn from AIG - this money has to have serious STRINGS like these listed:

* Appoint a regulator or oversight board - Open the books - and go to work
* IF pensions are the problem eject them to the Pension Guarantee Trust
* IF healthcare costs are crippling; transfer payment to the ones being insured
* IF CEO/Exec pay is out of line with Toyota/Nissan etc. reduce it and restrict it in the by-laws
* IF UAW contracts are non-competitive - void them and start over
* IF Cheap imports are being sold below US production cost - tax them
* IF white-collar salaries are too high - cut them
* Future profits will be used to pay off the loans
* Included in the corporate charters will be minimum cash and re-investment rules

This is the path worth taking. Much pain will be endured to save the industry - the medicine is going to taste bad for all involved, especially us taxpayers!

We all have "too much to lose" if the 3 US automakers FAIL.

[We will spare you the what ifs]

Which is the better option?

Sunday, November 23, 2008


It is amazing what our local newspaper prints and what it never prints. What do we mean...you ask?

At last Thursday nights Council meeting Councilman Price questioned why Messer was voting on his raise. Ulrich recommended he not vote on it, but Councilman Messer said he was going to because he was an elected official and his constituents wanted him to.

Now isn't that a crock?

Why didn't Messer just come out and say: I'm voting on this because my union wants me too and because I plan to run for Mayor and I need the police department employees votes?

Have you looked at our council's voting record?

Then Mrs. Garry announces they might have to come before the Council before June of next year we are not going to have the money to pay for this building.

What she was really saying was "we're not going to have the money to pay the rent here."

So, we ask why shuffle all these numbers around so you can report to the newspaper we have balanced the budget?

You haven't balanced the budget. Did you just move the numbers around on paper to say you did, when you didn't?

Has any one of our readers looked at the city financials lately?

What gets us is we see City Attorney Gibson one month made a lot of extra money and here we thought he was on the city payroll?

We still haven't figured out why John Mattingly received a $2,900 check from the city yet this year.

One week we read things are getting better for our city. Then a few days later we read the mayor threatens of: cutting service and laying off city employees.

We say do it Doug, but we know he won't!

Do you other taxpayers feel held hostage by our city?

Then the following week he's bragging how the Industrial Park is booming and the business will bring in all kind of revenue and jobs.

What our Mayor doesn't bother telling the newspaper is because of his promises he then will turn around and have council members approve tax abatements for that existing company.

How can you bring tax dollars into our General Fund if you give every Tom, Dick and Harry a tax abatement?

The first year they pay NOTHING!

NO Taxes...

Have any one of our readers taken a drive over on Mt. Tabor lately?

You need too.

While the Industrial Park has nice new sewer pipes, stormwater pipes, fresh level paving the rest of our city looks like crap!

This city has became an obstacle course. Not only do you have to dodge the pot holes, but you know have to dodge the workman.

We also suggest you drive down by the Amphitheater where most of the time all you see is workers standing around shooting the breeze.

Go check it out yourselves and see.

"They smile and wave and then go back to shooting the breeze with their buddies."

As they say, time is money!

Maybe we need to invest in time clocks, but that wouldn't work they'd just have office staff to clock them in and out while having a beer at the Market Street VFW!


That's a hot issue right now.

After reading Friday's Guest Columnist: HAUB; FOP leader writes to dispel local tax, police "myths" by Paul M. Haub: we had to ask ourselves if this guy "lives paycheck to paycheck" how can he afford that big boat he bought?


Doesn't 84% of our General Fund matter to this guy?

We have never read anything about citizens calling them "greedy" but hey Paul now that you mention it "You are greedy!"

You are as "greedy as the drunken sailor we have in charge of our Tax and Spend" administration!

Because if you weren't...you'd not be bitching about this new LOIT Tax.

You would be beating down the Mayor's door and asking him WHY he's spent all our tax dollars on campaign promises and standing with taxpayers on this issue.

If our General fund is around $16,000,000 million and the police and fire get about $13,000,000 how can this administration run the city on about $3,000,000 million that's left?

This issue sounds just like those Ford, GM and Chrysler Ceo's on TV this week. "They want it all, but they are not willing to make ANY concessions.


Why can't our police officers drive their own cars to work? Why don't they drop a couple of paid holidays? Are they logging their mileage correctly? Are they separating their call logs on personal calls and police calls?

This city works for the taxpayers!

We bet you if it was their money they might be singing another tune.

We all see our city in "big trouble", but, certain citizens think a new day is dawning.

Well, we would like someone to have the guts to take an audit and see where we really stand!

Why do we need more staff?

We have a Deputy Mayor and he's not even legally the deputy mayor. If the Deputy Mayor was not established according to Indiana Law, how can the Mayor expect the city to follow and to finance the plans laid out by the Deputy Mayor?

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Our Washington source states that on Friday afternoon the announcement will be, "HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON", as Secretary of State!

Freedom Of Speech Staff extends our warmest Congratulations, Madam Secretary...or do we still address you as Mrs. Clinton or just Hillary?

Friday, November 21, 2008


Protest Rally:

When: Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time: The march/rally will take place at 1-3:00 pm EST.

Where: National City Tower, 1001 South Fifth Street, Louisville, Ky. 40202

This is a peaceful protest!

March on the Louisville regional branch of the Federal Reserve, as part of simultaneous nationwide marches on the Federal Reserve Bank, 12 Federal Reserve regional banks and 25 Federal Reserve branch offices.

The Fed isn't going to like our message, and they're about the most powerful organization on the planet.

Maybe go out and get yourself some cheap dark glasses?

Please bring personal items such as cameras, snacks, water bottles, and signs/flags, etc.

Come Join Us!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yesterday's dire news from Citigroup underscores the tremendous challenges facing our economy and the acute impact of the economic turmoil in New York. It also reflects the urgent need for action on a comprehensive new stimulus package to jump start our economy and restore confidence not only to the markets, but to consumers as well.

The loss of more than 50,000 jobs comes on the heels of 10 straight months of job losses and adds to the more than 1.2 million jobs lost this year alone.

The New York City Council estimates that the City alone could lose roughly 112,000 jobs in this downturn.

It is clear that the slide into recession has been rapid and steep. We must act decisively to change course. This is why I have urged President Bush and Congressional leaders to move quickly on a series of measures to help those Americans hardest hit by the current downturn and to spur economic growth.

We need to invest in infrastructure projects and clean energy jobs that could quickly put hundreds of thousands of Americans to work, as well as pave the way for long-term economic growth.

We should also extend unemployment insurance benefits, provide assistance to cash strapped cities and states to prevent cuts to critical services, and most importantly, take steps to prevent a new foreclosure crisis to keep more American families in their homes and to stabilize the housing market which is still underlying cause of the financial crisis.

With more job losses announced every day, more inaction will only make the path to recovery longer.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton


No joke, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and of course Barack Obama want to increase the stake of the federal government in the big 3 car manufactures, in exchange for a humongous ownership stake in them.

A key House Democrat is writing legislation that would send $25 billion in emergency loans to the beleaguered auto industry in exchange for a government ownership stake in the Big Three car companies.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are pressing for quick passage of an auto bailout during post election session of Congress that began on Monday.

The legislation being drafted by Democratic Rep. Barney Frank, chairman of the Financial Services Committee, would dip into the $700 billion Wall Street bail out money approved by Congress last month for the auto aid.

It is awful that we've to all intents and purposes we are entering a period of socialism.

What else do you consider the following:

* The government takes your tax dollars

* The government invests your tax dollars in companies it feels represent a good investment choice [AIG, AMEX, the Big 3 Auto Makers], based on criteria determined by the government and not by YOU

* You gain nothing from the investment if it succeeds, the government does, but if it fails, your tax dollars which were invested without your permission, have gone down the drain

Folks, of this is not socialism, We don't know what the hell it is!

Why should the government determine what we invest in, and how we invest in it? What happened to the ability to choose how our money is spent?

Obviously, GM, Ford, and Chrysler have all been publicly traded companies for ages, if consumers thought they were good investment option, they would have invested in them and driven the cost of their shares up, thereby keeping the companies financially solvent.

Secondly, if consumers thought their products were superior, they would have bought them instead of Honda's, Toyota's and what not, obviously, that is not what public sentiment is.

To make a long story short, the Government should not be in the business of investing taxpayer dollars in failed companies.

This is not Soviet Russia, Communist Cuba or Socialist Venezuela!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Did the YMCA give away FREE BEER at the recent reception?

Who approved beer bar to be set up at the YMCA?

What image is this for our children and teenagers?

"Kids, come on down to the YMCA. Swim, workout and have a BEER."

Is the YMCA going to apply for a "Downtown Beer License" to set up their BAR?

Does their title really mean...

"Young Men's Christian Association?"

Friday, November 14, 2008


To the staff and readership of Freedom of Speech:

I am very excited and humbled by this victory.

It is truly a privilege and an honor to serve Floyd County as the first Judge of Floyd County Superior Court 3.

Throughout my entire term of service I will remain committed to Integrity, Fairness and Respect.

I am looking forward to establishing a court that provides justice for Everyone. Your invaluable support of my candidacy has helped make all this possible.

I sincerely thank you!

Maria Granger, Judge Elect
Floyd Superior Court 3

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Interest Rates [credit] are the cause and consequence of the Explosion of Income/Wealth Disparities and, hence, of the inherent Instability of this Economy:

Origin of Economic Chaos.

As far as we know, as of today no other economist has yet discovered the link between Income Distribution and the Liquidity Trap.

None of the traditional tools of government will work.

The helpless leaders of the G20 countries are pathetic, aren't they?

Can the right monetary and fiscal policy keep the US out of a recession?

Allen Greenspan recently stated:

Probably not. Global forces can now override most anything that monetary and fiscal policy can do.

Long-term real interest rates have significantly more impact on the core of economic activity than the individual actions of nations.

Central banks have increasingly lost their capacity to influence the longer end of the market.

Two to three decades, ago central banks were dominant throughout the maturity schedule. Thus, the more important question is the direction of long-term real interest rates.

When long-term interest rates are so low as not to reward the risk people stop to invest. Wouldn't you? Who can coerce them into losing money?

Because it is through investments that money is created.

The blood of the economy stops to flow, it is the ominous liquidity trap, the root of economic chaos.

The crash will be brutal, with NO prior warning, you need to be prepared!

Better safe than sorry...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


5% reduction in all General Fund budgets for 2009:

DEPARTMENT............2008 BUDGET...LESS 5%

Mayor's Office.............$130,000...........$5,698

Controller's Office.......$136,850............$6,842

Clerk's Office..............$89,530..............$4,476



Board of Works...........$893,125............$44,656

Animal Control...........$412,415.............$20,607

Weight & Measures.....$32,265..............$1,613

Plan Commission.......$255,764.............$12,788

Building Comm..........$210,173..............$10,508

Police Department.....$5,830,830..........$291,541

Police Merit Comm....$34,950...............$1,748

Fire Department........$6,971,761...........$348,588


Fairview Cemetary....$157,439..............$7,872

West Haven


Source: Kay Garry City Controller

"Yes, these cuts will effect departments but we have to start somewhere."

Why doesn't England start with the entire third floor offices and cut out wasteful lunch parties, take home cars, expensive meetings, travel expenses and giving themselves pay raises when they aren't doing their job worth a damn!

The police and fire department budgets must be cut. The police and fire depart need funding for more help.

England wants the Floyd County Council to approve a NEW "Public Safety Tax" on us!

So...What did the fire department do?

"They bought a NEW BOAT with money intended for Fire Pensions."

Deputy Mayor Malysz says the boat money could be used for anything.

Now where's the rip-off?

To our City Council Members:

Had we had the same track record as you all do at our jobs. We'd be out on our keester faster than you can say bye-bye!

One final thought:

England just don't get it!

He feels he should TAX the living crap out of everyone to Balance their Mistakes and Over Spending, it's going to be "the same ole shit just a different year" as long as he is in office!

We just don't see why England doesn't understand that "We the People " have had to take pay cuts and cut back on OUR spending.

Why is it so hard for him to do the same things?

Remember taxpayers they each work for us, but England is very delusional, he now thinks WE ARE WORKING for him!


Saturday, November 08, 2008


The top 1% of wage earners pay 40% of all taxes and the top 10% of all wage earners pay 70% of all taxes. The bottom 45% of all wage earners pay nothing.

Our progressive tax system is already working.

If Obama thinks he is going to further increase the wealthy tax burden, he has another thing coming.

Since they have the money, they have the ability to pack up and move with their wealth to a more rich friendly place.

Believe us there are plenty of other countries who will accept them with open arms , and with them and their money, goes their investments, their commerce and jobs for millions of Americans.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Floyd County judiciary represents a tremendous amount of talent, experience, and wisdom.

We are thrilled to see Maria Granger added to a branch of government that is so important to our democratic system and our community.

Maria Granger represents: Honesty, integrity, intelligence and fairness.

We look forward to seeing her join as the newest member of the Superior Court bench.

Congratulations, Maria, and welcome to the new Floyd County Superior Court 3!

We bet YOUR still glowing after last night's VICTORY...

Freedom Of Speech Staff

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


To all Freedom of Speech readers I give my sincere gratitude and thanks to your support of me through the Democrat Primary Election.

I am grateful and very encouraged that you have once again support my candidacy for Judge of our new Floyd Superior Court 3.

Thank you!

I intend to lead our new court with Real Judge Experience. Please share with your friends, co-workers and neighbors that I am the only candidate in this race with proven judicial experience as an Indiana Judicial Officer. I am doing the work of judge. I preside over 600 family law cases each year as Referee for Superior and Circuit Courts. In addition, I serve the Indiana Supreme Court as Hearing Officer deciding attorney discipline cases.

I have conducted more than 3200 court hearings. I listen to both sides of the case, research and apply the law and make a fair decision. I have not had any of my decisions overturned.

My advancement from attorney to Judicial Officer was based on fairness and judicial competence not partisan politics.

I was chosen for judicial service by the Indiana Chief Justice, the top judge in our state and also by trial judges. As a Judicial Officer, I seek new approaches to improve our court system through membership in the American Judges Association and the Association of Women Judges.

I am also the only candidate in this race who has fought crime for more than five years and prosecuted hundreds of cases before judges and juries. Also, I am the only candidate who has taught Business Law to college students at Indiana University Southeast in addition to managing a private, general law practice. I was also chosen again by the Indiana Chief Justice to serve with him on the Advisory Board of Indiana CLEO, a program which assists disadvantage college graduates to obtain a legal education and enter the legal profession. Plus, I stay active in a variety of community organizations which are listed on my website at http://www.grangerforjudge.com/.

My work on the bench is very fulfilling and rewarding. You can count on me to continue to listen carefully and give personal attention to each case. I will continue to research the law and make fair, common sense and timely decisions. I will not waste your tax dollars on unnecessary additional expenses to run the court. As a former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, I understand the importance of being tough on repeat and violent offenders. I will help decrease jail overcrowding by expanding court hours into the evening to reduce the caseload burden and increase access to the court for working citizens.

I am ready, willing and able to run a professional courtroom on day one.

Floyd County is my home, and I want to give my best to our community and continue to improve our court system. Thank you for lending your voice to build our new court of Integrity, Fairness and Respect.

A vote for Maria Granger is a vote for justice for everyone.

To everyone at Freedom of Speech your continued support is exciting, uplifting and encouraging.

Thank you, once again, for your support of Integrity, Fairness and Respect for Superior Court 3.

Maria Granger

Sunday, November 02, 2008


As a long time observer of some of the clowns we manage to put in office, it looks like the New Albany City Council will be worth watching for some comic relief over the coming years.

Only ten months into a four year term and some of our elected officials still don't get it.

The entire city is pretty much in "financial disaster," but with a bit of delusional self importance, Mayor England, Councilman Gonder and Councilman Messer continue to mislead the taxpayers of New Albany.

Councilman Gonder stated:

"We've got the extra hurdle of [Gov.] Mitch Daniels crowing about this surplus that we have in the state. But at the same time, we have threats of service being cut and red ink in the city budget."

Governor Daniels supported HB 1001 to help the taxpayers.

HB 1001 was intended to demand our city to live within our budget.

Doug England stated:

"citizens will get what they pay for."

DLGF sent a memo in December 2007 to all cities and towns telling them to stay within the 2007 Certified Budget.

Mayor England how could you get/give the following salary increases for 2008?

* Mayor England salary increase $64,000 to $75,000

* City Clerk Wisman increase $36,000 to $42,500

* Deputy Mayor Malysz [new position] $85,000

* Deputy Mayor Wilcox [new position] $43,000

Source: Tribune & C/J

Councilman Jack Messer stated:

He would support a new Safety Tax for the Police Department. How can Police Officer Messer legally vote on a new tax for HIS department?

He also stated: 75% of the city budget goes to police and fire department.

Correction, Councilman Messer. How about the true figure of 84% of our General Fund goes to police and fire department.

For god's sake, Councilman Messer, Councilman Gonder and Mayor England you can't even tell the truth to the taxpayers!

Can we say RECALL?

Thursday, October 30, 2008


For the first time, Floyd County voters have an opportunity to elect Superior Court Judge No. 3.

Our judiciary will be served by Maria's presence, both in her professional excellence and in her modeling of judicial virtue. We are deeply thankful for her model of personal integrity, fairness, excellence and service, regardless of the issue or the circumstances.

We urge all in Floyd County to cast their VOTE for Maria Granger for Superior Court Judge!

VOTE Maria Granger


Superior Court Judge No. 3

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Dear Freedom Of Speech,

Thank you and your thousands of readers for contacting our office. Our office is currently working with federal, state and local officials in reviewing possible instances of voters registration fraud by ACORN or others.

Our voter registration process has several layers of protection from fraudulent voter registrations entering the system.

It first starts with local voters registration officials reviewing every voter registration form, and challenging it's validity if it appears to be fraudulent.

Then, our Indiana Statewide Voter Registration System reviews and compares each record to information at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Health, and the federal Social Security Administration, to ensure that registrant is a real person, not deceased, and is eligible to vote.

Finally, the local county officials place all voter registration applications in a 7-day pending period that helps to ensure a registrant's address is real.

Indiana's voter ID law also provides protection against voter registration fraud by requiring a person to show a picture ID, issued by the State of Indiana or the federal government, at the polls to vote.

Thank you again for your readers emails. Know that the Office of Indiana Secretary of State will continue to protect the integrity and fairness of our election process. If I can be of assistance to you or to your readers in the future, please let me know.


Todd Rokita
Indiana Secretary of State

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Obama continues to claim that 98% of all small businesses make less than $250,000

"Not only do 98 percent of small businesses make less than $250,000, but he also want to give them additional tax breaks, because they are the drivers of the economy," Obama said "they produce the most jobs."

This seemed intuitively incorrect so we looked it up.

Here are the facts:

Only 42% of small businesses make less than $250,000 - not 98%.

Obama will raise taxes on 58% of all small businesses! McCain will cut taxes on 100% of them.

We do our homework here at Freedom Of Speech!

This information came from hhtp://www.entrepreneur.com/sbe/glance/index.html

"Look it up yourself."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

To: Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, Senator Evan Bayh, and Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter:

Investigate Election Irregularities NOW!

We should not have to remind you that you are elected officials and American citizens first and members of a political party second.

And we urge you to begin an immediate investigation of election irregularities that go far beyond what would be considered typical and random; irregularities that are to benefit of a particular candidate for President of the United States.

Reports have recently surfaced that the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now [ACORN] may be committing massive voter registration fraud.

Presently a number of states have already initiated investigations in reference to these allegations. In addition various news organizations have uncovered an unusually larger number of foreign contributions to the Obama campaign.

"The FEC has compiled a separate database of potentially questionable overseas donations that contains more than 11,500 contributions totally $33.8 million."

Taken as a whole, these potential irregularities rise to such a level that our electoral process could be compromised.

Elections are one of our nations most pristine institutions.

Americans must be secure in the notion that our elections are fair and pristine.

There, we are demanding that federal investigation into these allegations begin immediately. After the election would be to late.


Freedom Of Speech Staff

We encourage our readers to contact the following officials:

Indiana Secretary of State - Todd Rokita at: constituent@sos.IN.gov

Indiana Attorney General - Steve Carter at: Constituent@atg.in.gov

Senator Evan Bayh at: bayh.senate.gov/contact/email/


Political correctness has taught people to lie to pollsters rather than be forced to explain why they're not voting for the African-American.

This is how two typical voters might answer a pollster's question:

Average Obama voter: "Obama." [Name of average Obama voter: "Mickey Mouse."]

Average McCain voter: "I'm voting for McCain, but I swear it's just about the issues. It's not because Obama's black. If Barack Obama was a little more moderate -- hey, I'd vote for Colin Powell. But my convictions force me to vote for the candidate who just happens to be white.

Say folks, do you know where I can get Patti LaBelle tickets?"

The burning question this Thursday morning: Is Joe the plumber a racist?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have been a Republican all my life but, I will never vote for another Free Trading Politician of either party, who wants to FREE TRADE with any third world country. Where the wages are 1/40th of the wages paid to American workers.

I call this the destruction of America.

I believe in FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS, but only with countries that have a comparable wage scale as America. Countries like Canada, England, France, Germany, Japan and America should have their own Free Trade Agreement, that's the way it use to be when America was great.

All the Republicans have pushed this Free Trading Idea since the 1980. But, they could not pass these free trade agreements because most of the Democrats did not believe in free trade with all third world countries.

Now your asking yourself why free trade is so bad. Well the answer is NO it is a great idea if you Free Trade with countries that have similar wage rates and benefits, like Canada, England, France, Germany Japan and America.

Here is why Free Trade with Third World Countries can never work:

The first time one of these large International Companies close one American factory and moves the manufacturing operation to China to save company manufacturing cost, every one of the other American manufacturing companies must also do the exact same thing to compete.

This is a never ending process, where America in time will loss it's entire manufacturing base to the lowest paying third world country, which is now China.

There is an ever big reason why we must get out of these free trade agreements and that is because China is a communist country that twenty-five years ago the American Government wouldn't permit any American company to even sell them a computer.

Look at China now; they make nearly every item sold in America. But, make no mistake about it China is still a communistic country.

What the HELL are we to do about that?

Do you know what they call a country that has no manufacturing base and they have no control over it's currency when it starts to fall; " They call that a Third World Country". Watch the U.S. DOLLAR and you're going to see America in crisis, one after another.

From 1994 to 2007, net manufacturing employment has declined by 3,654,000 jobs during this period.

Are the American people going to wait till America go into a total collapse?

Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac are two Large Financial Mortgage Bank that handles about 5.2 Trillion Dollars worth of America Home Mortgage Companies that are also backed up by the faith and good will of the American Government.

I watch the Stock Market everyday and nearly all our Large Financial Banks are going Bankrupt. Everyday they talk about another Financial Bank or Institution that goes into default.

Seventy percent of the American people think we are going down the wrong track.

So, trust me... America has some rough times ahead for sure.

Contributor: Jackie

Friday, October 10, 2008


When: Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where: Waterfront Park Festival Plaza, Louisville Kentucky

Race Day Schedule:

6:45-8:15a Last Minute Registration & Packet Pick-Up, Visit Sponsor Booth

8:15a Pre-Race Program: Survivor Celebration & Parade of Pink, Sponsor Recognition, Race Start-Up Directions

9:00a 5k Race Begins [Timed racers first]

9:15a 1-Mile Family Walk Begins

10:30a Post Race Program: Awards & Prizes, Music & Dance Celebration!

Race Course:

The 5k [3.1 miles] USATF certified course will begin and end at Witherspoon and Waterfront Park in downtown Louisville. The pre and post Race activities will take place in the Waterfront Park Plaza.

Freedom Of Speech is proud to announce we have 100 family, friends and staff members participating in this years 13th Annual Komen Louisville Race for the Cure.

Happy Birthday Janice...

Take action now against breast cancer!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


First of all, "we told you so!"

Mr. Mayor, do you want to tell the taxpayers the bad news, or do you want us at Freedom Of Speech to break the news?

Nope, We will!

Is it true that DLGF notified our controller today, Mrs. Garry, to CUT $600,000 off the 2008 General Fund Budget?

Is it true that New Albany has been directed to CUT $700,000 off our Street Department?

Was it stated by Controller Garry at last nights City Council meeting that "We have drained all of the pots?"

Who is going to FUND the 2008 Budget Bailout?

We hope it is not... "WE, THE TAXPAYERS!"

Sunday, October 05, 2008


The state wide referendum will read:

Should the assessing duties of the elected township assessor in the township be transferred to the county assessor?

Yes__ or No__

Why you should Vote NO:

On-time property tax billing is a culmination of a year's worth of work of locally elected officials. The process can be separated into two stages:

Assessment-to-Budget and Budget-to-Tax billing.

"Because these two stages are closely tied, delays in any these steps in these two stages can have an affect on the timing of property tax bills. "

The first step in on-time billing is timely completion of the assessment process, also known as trending, a function of the office of the county assessor.

Once the county assessor has completed trending, a report called a "ratio study" is submitted to the state for review and approval.

Once the ratio study is approved, the assessor submits the gross assessed values to the county auditor, who then applies deductions and exemptions to determine the final net assessed values of properties.

The following five reports contain information which was provided to Freedom Of Speech under the Freedom Of Information Act through the Department of Local Government Finance.

To show their progress in completing the 2007-pay-2008 assessment process and why you should "Vote NO" November 4, 2008:


* Date Data Due: 3/15 of the Pay year
* Number of days late: 48 days


* Date Data Due : 2/15 of the Pay Year
* Number of Days Late: 77 days


* Date Data Due: 10/1 of the Assessment Year
* Number of Days Late: 214 days


* Date Data Due: 10/0 of the Assessment Year
* Number of Days Late: 80 days


* Date Data Due: 6/1 of the Assessment Year
* Number of Days late: 244 days

Source: Department of Local Government Finance

This is an injustice to us as taxpayers!

Voting NO insures your STATE CERTIFIED Assessor can continue to:

* Maintain over 20,000 residential, industrial & commercial properties
* Hear appeals

* Maintain Homestead Exemptions

* Mobile Home Assessments

* Handling all transfers of deeds & sales disclosures



Source: The Evening News & The Tribune 9/28/08

Freedom Of Speech is asking you our readers to "VOTE NO" based on the FACTS we EXPOSED on the New Albany Township Referendum in the November 4th Election.

Is this why we have NOT received our Property Tax Bills for 2007?