Friday, November 28, 2008


Will the economy scare the shoppers away? Will the stores be afraid to sell items for less? Should you save your money and hope a better deal comes along later - or use it to pay the mortgage?

Black Friday needs only two things to be successful: stores with unbelievable deals and people in the stores with cash or credit.

Will the economy affect any of these things?

Remember, businesses have their cash tied up in inventory. They need cash. They get cash only if they sell their inventory. At the end of a quarter and the end of the year - both happen on December 31.

They will sell their inventory for retail, wholesale, at a loss - they don't care - they need to sell it.

That's good for you!

Black Friday, will be a sight to see as there will be better deals to buy and retailers will want to rid their stockrooms of this years and part of last years inventory but nobody will be able to spend like years past, not even like last year.

So there you have it. Manufactures and retail stores with too much inventory, too little sales and too little cash.

No manufacturer or stores is going to pass up this last opportunity to sell something - they're scared and everything will be ridiculously low prices.

So, if you are a serious Holiday Shopper, hold off and you will get better bargains before December 25.