Sunday, November 02, 2008


As a long time observer of some of the clowns we manage to put in office, it looks like the New Albany City Council will be worth watching for some comic relief over the coming years.

Only ten months into a four year term and some of our elected officials still don't get it.

The entire city is pretty much in "financial disaster," but with a bit of delusional self importance, Mayor England, Councilman Gonder and Councilman Messer continue to mislead the taxpayers of New Albany.

Councilman Gonder stated:

"We've got the extra hurdle of [Gov.] Mitch Daniels crowing about this surplus that we have in the state. But at the same time, we have threats of service being cut and red ink in the city budget."

Governor Daniels supported HB 1001 to help the taxpayers.

HB 1001 was intended to demand our city to live within our budget.

Doug England stated:

"citizens will get what they pay for."

DLGF sent a memo in December 2007 to all cities and towns telling them to stay within the 2007 Certified Budget.

Mayor England how could you get/give the following salary increases for 2008?

* Mayor England salary increase $64,000 to $75,000

* City Clerk Wisman increase $36,000 to $42,500

* Deputy Mayor Malysz [new position] $85,000

* Deputy Mayor Wilcox [new position] $43,000

Source: Tribune & C/J

Councilman Jack Messer stated:

He would support a new Safety Tax for the Police Department. How can Police Officer Messer legally vote on a new tax for HIS department?

He also stated: 75% of the city budget goes to police and fire department.

Correction, Councilman Messer. How about the true figure of 84% of our General Fund goes to police and fire department.

For god's sake, Councilman Messer, Councilman Gonder and Mayor England you can't even tell the truth to the taxpayers!

Can we say RECALL?