Saturday, July 31, 2010


Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, the secretary of state released this statement:

"Today, we watched with great pride and overwhelming emotion as Chelsea and Marc wed in a beautiful ceremony at Astor Courts, surrounded by family and close friends. We could not have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate the beginning of their life together, and we are so happy to welcome Marc into our family. On behalf of the newlyweds, we want to give special thanks to the people of Rhienbeck for welcoming us and to everyone for their wishes on this special day."

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Friday, July 30, 2010


As you know, we have been making an effort not to post about the upcoming wedding tomorrow.

Much is being made of the cost. But the Clinton's are not asking the public to cover anything. They are covering the cost of the extra security, along with the regular wedding stuff.

And who would begrudge them this vicarious participation in an all-out wedding the likes of which they, in their salad days did not afford themselves?

Only a real Grinch!

Giving their unswerving patriotism and selfless service to this country and to humanity, they more than deserve this gift to their little girl and her intended as well as to themselves because once the nuptials are over, and dad dances with his little girl, Bill Clinton certainly deserves to take his beautiful, accomplished, sweet bride in his arms and waltz her to the stars, finally, at a REAL wedding reception!

The weather forecast is perfect.

All the best to Chelsea and Marc, as well as to our handsome Mr. President and his (and our) most exquisite Madame Secretary.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Jan - Mar Sewer Income 2010


Interest Income............$532.09

Liens/Late Payment.....$506,773.38

Miscellaneous Income.$2,128.00


Stormwater User

Tap-in Fees................$8,550.00

Transfers in EDIT......$675,000.00

Transfers in TIF........$450,000.00
Total Income.............$4,674,498.92

Sewer $ Over Budget - 2010

Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual

Plant Salaries..............-$35,185.25
Soc. Security...............-$2,709.37
Health Insurance........-$9,015.24
Office Supplies............-$10,000.00
Equipment supplies....-$5,000.00
Legal Fees..................-$99,651.46
Contract Services.......-$116,208.50
EMC Fees...................-$2,911,889.94
Stormwater Fees.........$871.50
Engineering Service....-$219,582.24
Equipment Repairs.....$25,803.18
Permit Fees...............-$15,000
WWU ROW...............-$100,000.00
Wastewater Utility PC.$565.715.66

Total Wastewater
Treatment Plant........-$6,010,933.02

$ Over Budget - 2010

Sewer Board

Social Security..........-$1,329.82
PERF Civil................-$880.00

Total Sewer Board...-$19,591.07

$ Over Budget - 2010

Sewer Office

Part - Time............-$10,000.00
Social Security......-$10,412.22
Health Insurance..-$28,831.15
Office Supplies....-$7,598.27
Water Fee..........-$70,802.70
Total Sewer Office: $ Over
2010 Budget.....-$4,220,925.44

Total Expense..-$10,257,449.53

Source: Edward J. Wilkinson, April 14, 2010

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

First, did anyone catch their "fuzzy math?" They included the "supposed amount" owed for sewer liens. "Liens are not income until their collected, Mr. Wilkerson."

Tell us AGAIN, Mr. Mayor...why we don't need a Sewer AUDIT!

In the year ending report of 2009 the Sewer Department was $3.4 million in the red under England. In less than 4 months England has now put the Sewer Department at a total of $10.2 million in the red.

Can you believe these same people want raises in 2011?

Can someone explain to us ratepayers why England had to have Charlestown Road annexed when he estimates another $50,000 loss in sewer revenue?

Maybe it's time for certain council members to start voting "NO" instead of "YES" all the time...

Get ready rate payers we "smell another" sewer rate increase!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It is clearly evident who the guilty parties are promoting racism.

And it's NOT us Tea Party participants, we are Democrats, Republicans and Independents. We are not own by the Republicans or controlled by any party.

The Tea Party movement is drawing people from all political stripes, social causes, and income brackets. It is drawing people who have never participated in any kind of political or grass roots movement before. What we have in common, and what holds us together, is a very deep love for the uniqueness if the United States of America, a desire for the limited government that our Founding Fathers created, a fairly "strict" interpretation of the Constitution, and a strong sense of personal responsibility.

This administration shows the race card at every opportunity and can you imagine the outcry if you had a couple of white guys in white robes doing the same thing?

Instead of this administration being the great unifier's they are the great dividers and are doing more damage to create a greater rift between the races.

It's all about Obama's ideology and the fact that they have to have class struggle to maintain their power.

It's sad that we have an administration, the first in memory, that cares little about the country but thrives on their own politics and power.

This is but one example of the new "reverse racism" that we see in our country, imagine the media frenzy and Headline News if the nightstick-wielding and name calling were done by whites towards blacks.

Holder MUST address how he came to the conclusion to drop this case and WHO instructed him to do so and why.

Do we have grounds for impeachment yet?

When is this man holding the Office of the President position going to be held accountable for anti-American and anti-Constitutional beliefs and actions.

Is the NAACP trying to start a civil war?

Democrats fear a huge voter backlash and so their operatives are planning to pad the counts to try to protect as many incumbent democrats as possible.

This is really a SAD state of affairs to blame Tea Partiers and call us racist. Sad because main stream media is backing it and not speaking out against it. Sad that this administration is going backwards in HISTORY.

This is such an unfortunate matter.

As white voters, if a white man committed the same act as the Black Panther - we would expect the white man to be prosecuted. Mr. Holder is himself, exhibiting the racial attitude. We now feel that we have to categorize Mr. Holder and Obama as a racist.

They should be prosecuted for this!

Unfortunately the day has come that none of us ever thought would, the day where the current administration has publicly and without apology decided to enforce the laws of the United States, selectively, not equally.

This issue should rock your core beliefs and frighten all of us like we have never been frightened before.

If the true story were to come out, about the 2008 presidential election, and we think it will, the effects will be cataclysmic. The American people are starting to add 2 and 2 together and that's why there is such groups called the Tea Party movements.

We recommend to all our readers to google, "we will not be silence" and see for yourselves what all of this division between Obama and Tea Party Groups is about and why.

When the Department of Justice turns a blind eye to voters intimidation and fails to investigate voter registration fraud, caucus fraud, it undermines democracy.

WE, the Patriotic American Citizens, outnumber them 1000 to 1. Remember that, and vote your conscience come November.

Come join us in Washington, DC on September 12, 2010.

We're "mad as hell" and we are not taking it anymore...and we are coming to Washington to take our country back!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Freedom Of Speech agrees "with these statements" from Governor Mitch Daniels.

* "We need a fundamental review of the efficiency" of local government cost

* Encourage, review, and save

* Combine, consolidate and improve

* Local government should step forward

* Combine departments and save...

Creating a Connected Community

Interoperable, responsive, and resilient solutions help local communities, increase services, and facilitate economic development.

Increase Service Effectiveness

Local government can dramatically improve existing employees and citizens services by also providing online access, allowing local departments to automate, consolidate, and even eliminate resource -consuming processes while offering innovative new services for all local citizens. Besides what does our elected officials have to hide?

Stimulate Economic Development

Local government can foster a thriving community by providing qualified decision makers and providing equal and fair access to all projects. A fair partnership, information and opportunities.

Fostering Educational Excellence

Local government help foster educational government by enriching classroom curricula with interactive, real-time video and should put Council meeting video's back on WNAS.

But again we ask what do they have to hide?

Freedom Of Speech believes it to be prudent that whenever we can, we take steps to reduce the debt burden we leave for the future citizens and future mayor. By paying off debt now, we not only meet a commitment that would inevitably fall due in years to come - we also free ourselves from the burden of annual interest payments. So this not only brings forward spending, it frees up additional resources in every future years budget.

We need to focus on undoing and putting the damage this administration has done to the City of New Albany... right?

And just maybe we need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to local government!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Point 1:

* "In the mean time, customers COULD be saving money, he said."

* "We are giving something back to the citizens and getting the job done." he said.

And, what might that be...Doug?

Point 2: Cut A Deal Dan. "Or as some citizen's call him, Diaper Dan."

"Councilman Dan Coffey said he had reservations about not allowing competition when awarding the extension, but having a fixed rate until 2015 is a good deal."

Source: The Tribune

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Dan, if you spent less time cutting deals with the mayor, had done your homework and "read this shit of a contract" you would see it was not in the best interest of the citizens of New Albany!

Mr. Mayor, can you honestly look into your computer screen and say what Richard Nixon once said?

"I am not a crook!?!"

Who in the hell in their right mind renegotiates a contract that does not benefit the rate payers, but benefits the mayor?

Counting the days until England, Benedetti, Gonder, Caesar, Messer, Coffey, and Zurschmiede no longer represents themselves and their own agendas... because these people are sure not looking out for you or us.

"Vote'm All Out!"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After reading his response on the article "Gahan says New Albany trash deal should be bid-out" his first comments were this and we quote:

"England said, that rate would be frozen for the life of the contract unless fuel prices rise more than $3 per gallon."

Do the math folks:

Current fee......... $16.03
Proposed fee...... $15.18
Difference----------95 cents

As far as claiming they would pick up 3 additional items for free, why not charge to have those items picked up to generate revenue?

Well Mr. Mayor, guess you need to check out what Diesel fuel cost today.

Have you lost your mind Mr. Mayor or just suffering from a "major hangover?"


He makes this stupid statement or should we say: tells another BIG fat whopper of a lie:

The new deal "will lower the costs to the citizens, freeze the rate for five years and free-up our men in the street department so they can go and actually paint center lines, paint stop signs and do repairs in the city."

When has the Street Department ever painted a STOP sign?

This just convinces us at Freedom Of Speech and our readers even more of how "out of touch" you are!

Two questions Mr. Mayor we would like for you to answer:

What's in this deal for you?

Did it "piss you off when former Mayor Garner redone this same contract" before you took office in 2008?

What ever happened to your campaign promise of "WATCHING OUT FOR THE TAXPAYERS of New Albany?"

It's time we hold the Mayor accountable to "we the ratepayers..."

Sources: New Albany Tribune

Sunday, July 11, 2010


We hope you had a happy and restful Fourth of July break with some time to reflect upon our country's founding principles and the importance of the battle for freedom that is raging today.

We would like to share some information with our readers that we are sure the NAPD would not want you to see.

So grab a strong cup of coffee if after 12:00 pour yourself a stiff drink. Then ask yourself is this why our city is in the mess we are in!

The following is an explanation of how attached budget figures for the police department was calculated.

1. Salaries: I took a payroll sheet with 2010 salary information for 67 police officers. I also INCREASED the entire amount by 1% to cover INCREASES in contractual longevity. This figure came to $3,670,659.81.

2. Holiday Pay: I completed a actual payroll sheet for 2010 which included holiday pay for a total of 67 police officers. I then also INCREASED the total by 1% to cover contractual longevity INCREASES:
$400,629.78 * 1.01= * $404,636.08

3. Social Security: I looked at last years expenditures as well as recalculated 2010 budget amounts to reflect the INCREASE to 67 officers.
2009 expenditures= $59,012.61
($59,012.61/63)*67= * $62,759.44

4. PERF Civilian: I INCREASED 2009 expenditures to cover estimated cost of additional civilian, 2010 budgeted amount was $3,000.00, which is under funded. Increased 2009 expenditure by 5.75%.
$5009.16 (2009 expended) INCREASED to * $5,300.00

5. Clothing Allowance: I completed a clothing allowance payroll for the year 2010. I also added in the additional payroll for the year 2010. I also added in the additional cost to outfit the additional employees. The estimated cost to outfit one officer is $6,000.00. Possibility of hiring 2 officers in 2011:
* (replacements for McKinley and Messer) = * $65,000.00

6. PERF Police: I took what was expended in the month of January 2010 and then recalculated it for 67 officers. I then rounded the FIGURE UP.
($51,535.20/63)*67= * $665,000.00

7. Office Supplies: This line item has historically been under funded and has been over spent. In 2006 this line item was $9,600, 2010 it is $5,000. We have a bigger operation and cost for office supplies have INCREASED: * $10,000.00

8. Gasoline: This line item is almost impossible to predict. 2009 we did not over spend this line item. But we have spent over 48% of the existing line item after 5 months. Increase of $15,000 will possibly cover this line item. If not INCREASE can be moved to cover other line items that are under funded.
* $165,000.00

9. Other Garage Supplies: This line item is under funded. This item covers maintenance to our fleet of vehicle mechanical and equipment repairs. Currently we have spent 81% of the budget only 5 months into 2010. The projected expenditures for the end of 2010 will be $60K. I recommend a INCREASE of $20,000.
* $50,000.00

10.Equipment Repairs: This line item covers equipment repairs to vehicles and to police equipment including computers. I do not have a computer maintenance line item. INCREASE $7,500.00.
* $35,000.00

11. Radio Maintenance: This line item covers not only radio costs but computer repairs and parts. I have no line item for computers. INCREASE of $5,000.
* $10,000.00

12. RMS: This line item for 2010 is $10,000.00. The cost for 2010 - 2011 is $32,000.00. This cost should be covered by Police, Fire and Communications. The biggest portion should be by Police. INCREASE of $7,000.00 will cover this.
* 17,000.00

13. Police Vehicles: This has never been a part of the budget. Ir would be best for it to have its own line. We know that our fleet is old. This would give us an annual replacement of 8 vehicles.

The budget estimate would be a $790,000 increase over the 2010 estimated budget of $5,825,400.00. $528,000 for Personal services the remaining $260,000.00 in operational expenses.

The EDIT Fund transfer will cover most if not all these expenses.

Thank You,
Lt. Colonial
Patrol Division Commander
Office: 812-948-5310
Cell: 502-741-7968
FAX: 812-948-5397

Freedom Of Speech has a lot to say.

In one breath Lt. Lawrence claims under funded and the next breath it's over spent. Which is it Mr. Lawrence?

This information was dated: June 7, 2010. So this tells us they are planning on removing Officer Jack Messer and his reported May 2011 retirement is strictly bogus! Check out No. 5 and decide for yourself.

This is a blatant case of padding a budget. Eighty five cents of every dollar in our General Fund goes to Police and Fire now. How much more do they want?

Candidate England promised the voters of the City of New Albany if they elected him Mayor he would renegotiate contracts instead England has give them more money, better insurance and more PERFS.

Is this the "change" England promised?

This is why England has promised them $2.5 million for Police and Fire out of our EDIT Fund.

What we say to you voters: come the election 2011, you better remember these council members that vote "YES" but also remember each month you pay your sewer bill, England and the council could have used this $2.5 million on your sewer fee increase instead of funding the Police and Fire Department.

Our final thought:

Until the citizens of New Albany get off their "asses, get mad and vote" how our tax dollars are spent you have no one to blame but yourselves. There are only 19 police officers of 67 and the rest live outside the city. You continue to allow this administration to lie, misappropriate and commit malfeasance.

It's time to vote in Council Members like Councilman Price, Gahan and McLaughlin who has the guts to question everything this England Administration does.

It's time for England to resign.

To Mayor England,"this isn't personal it's business!" You call yourself a leader? You are the most incompetent excuse for a mayor this city has ever had and seen...

We dare you Doug England to run again and how dare you claim the Police and Fire are under funded.

It's time we have a mayor who works for the people, can run the city like a business and make hard decisions, not one who always plays politics and who says, "what's in it for me!"

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


It is with a sense of great sadness that we share this information with you.

We've been lied too...again.

The last several years crime in New Albany is down. Crime is down and we have the proof. They were dumb enough to put it in writing and we have it.

You decide who is lying: England, Police Union or both.

+ = Crime up
- = Crime down
* = Less than one-tenth of 1 percent

Years 2005/ 2006
Violent crime: +3.7
Murder: +1.4
Forcible rape: + 1/10%
Robbery: +9.7
Aggressive assault: +1.2
Property crime: -2.6
Burglary: +1.2
Larceny-theft: -3.8

Years 2006/2007
Violent crime: -1.8
Murder: -1.1
Forcible rape: -6.1
Robbery: -1.2
Aggravated assault: -1.7
Property crime: -2.6
Burglary: -1.3
Larceny-theft: -2.1

Years 2007/2008
Violent crime: -3.5
Murder: -4.4
Forcible rape: -3.3
Robbert: -2.2
Aggravated assault: -4.1
Property crime: -2.5
Burglary: -0.8
Larceny-theft: -1.2

Years 2008/2009
Violent crime: -4.4
Murder: -10.0
Forcible rape: -3.3
Robbery: -6.5
Aggravated assault: -3.2
Property crime: -6.1
Burglary: -2.5
Larceny-theft: -5.3

Source: New Albany Police Department

Freedom Of Speech would like to say...

We are fed up with hearing different statements from the Mayor, Police Union and Police Chief Crabtree.

Fear-mongering will not work this time, Mayor England.

Fear=Money for the NAPD.

Time to trim the fat. We all have to do it and so should the City.

This is a low crime city and we don't need more high paid ticket writers and you see police every where talking on the cell phone, parked and talking to each other. Any small fender bender there's so many police that are called to the incident and you see them talking and joking.

They only enforce the easy stuff like Speed traps on Spring Street and Stop Sign violations.

It's over kill with the police here.

It's time to tell us the truth if you want our tax dollars!

Friday, July 02, 2010


During the last few months the City of New Albany has seen so much controversy. No longer do you see City Employees proud to say they work for the City.

I guess we understand their position when the Mayor is more of a politician than a true public servant who is true to his word of transparency and accountability.

New Albany Police Officer Jack Messer has submitted his retirement papers to the Police Merit Board.

Was Messer another victim of Mayor England? Why did former Chief Harl wait four months before he complained about Messer's words? Did England contact the NAACP? Who authorized the two Police Officers to video tape Messer? Was this England's way to knock Messer out of the running for Mayor in 2011 and was this strictly political instead of racial.

We have never been big fans of Officer Messer, but to say or convince us he is a racists, we do not buy... at all.

Your political mistake Mr. Messer, was "If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas" and that's exactly the mistake you made.

You under estimated "Chicago Politics" being played in the City of New Albany.

We here at Freedom Of Speech wish Officer Messer the best and a full recovery from back surgery.