Sunday, July 18, 2010


Freedom Of Speech agrees "with these statements" from Governor Mitch Daniels.

* "We need a fundamental review of the efficiency" of local government cost

* Encourage, review, and save

* Combine, consolidate and improve

* Local government should step forward

* Combine departments and save...

Creating a Connected Community

Interoperable, responsive, and resilient solutions help local communities, increase services, and facilitate economic development.

Increase Service Effectiveness

Local government can dramatically improve existing employees and citizens services by also providing online access, allowing local departments to automate, consolidate, and even eliminate resource -consuming processes while offering innovative new services for all local citizens. Besides what does our elected officials have to hide?

Stimulate Economic Development

Local government can foster a thriving community by providing qualified decision makers and providing equal and fair access to all projects. A fair partnership, information and opportunities.

Fostering Educational Excellence

Local government help foster educational government by enriching classroom curricula with interactive, real-time video and should put Council meeting video's back on WNAS.

But again we ask what do they have to hide?

Freedom Of Speech believes it to be prudent that whenever we can, we take steps to reduce the debt burden we leave for the future citizens and future mayor. By paying off debt now, we not only meet a commitment that would inevitably fall due in years to come - we also free ourselves from the burden of annual interest payments. So this not only brings forward spending, it frees up additional resources in every future years budget.

We need to focus on undoing and putting the damage this administration has done to the City of New Albany... right?

And just maybe we need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to local government!