Friday, July 30, 2010


As you know, we have been making an effort not to post about the upcoming wedding tomorrow.

Much is being made of the cost. But the Clinton's are not asking the public to cover anything. They are covering the cost of the extra security, along with the regular wedding stuff.

And who would begrudge them this vicarious participation in an all-out wedding the likes of which they, in their salad days did not afford themselves?

Only a real Grinch!

Giving their unswerving patriotism and selfless service to this country and to humanity, they more than deserve this gift to their little girl and her intended as well as to themselves because once the nuptials are over, and dad dances with his little girl, Bill Clinton certainly deserves to take his beautiful, accomplished, sweet bride in his arms and waltz her to the stars, finally, at a REAL wedding reception!

The weather forecast is perfect.

All the best to Chelsea and Marc, as well as to our handsome Mr. President and his (and our) most exquisite Madame Secretary.