Sunday, July 11, 2010


We hope you had a happy and restful Fourth of July break with some time to reflect upon our country's founding principles and the importance of the battle for freedom that is raging today.

We would like to share some information with our readers that we are sure the NAPD would not want you to see.

So grab a strong cup of coffee if after 12:00 pour yourself a stiff drink. Then ask yourself is this why our city is in the mess we are in!

The following is an explanation of how attached budget figures for the police department was calculated.

1. Salaries: I took a payroll sheet with 2010 salary information for 67 police officers. I also INCREASED the entire amount by 1% to cover INCREASES in contractual longevity. This figure came to $3,670,659.81.

2. Holiday Pay: I completed a actual payroll sheet for 2010 which included holiday pay for a total of 67 police officers. I then also INCREASED the total by 1% to cover contractual longevity INCREASES:
$400,629.78 * 1.01= * $404,636.08

3. Social Security: I looked at last years expenditures as well as recalculated 2010 budget amounts to reflect the INCREASE to 67 officers.
2009 expenditures= $59,012.61
($59,012.61/63)*67= * $62,759.44

4. PERF Civilian: I INCREASED 2009 expenditures to cover estimated cost of additional civilian, 2010 budgeted amount was $3,000.00, which is under funded. Increased 2009 expenditure by 5.75%.
$5009.16 (2009 expended) INCREASED to * $5,300.00

5. Clothing Allowance: I completed a clothing allowance payroll for the year 2010. I also added in the additional payroll for the year 2010. I also added in the additional cost to outfit the additional employees. The estimated cost to outfit one officer is $6,000.00. Possibility of hiring 2 officers in 2011:
* (replacements for McKinley and Messer) = * $65,000.00

6. PERF Police: I took what was expended in the month of January 2010 and then recalculated it for 67 officers. I then rounded the FIGURE UP.
($51,535.20/63)*67= * $665,000.00

7. Office Supplies: This line item has historically been under funded and has been over spent. In 2006 this line item was $9,600, 2010 it is $5,000. We have a bigger operation and cost for office supplies have INCREASED: * $10,000.00

8. Gasoline: This line item is almost impossible to predict. 2009 we did not over spend this line item. But we have spent over 48% of the existing line item after 5 months. Increase of $15,000 will possibly cover this line item. If not INCREASE can be moved to cover other line items that are under funded.
* $165,000.00

9. Other Garage Supplies: This line item is under funded. This item covers maintenance to our fleet of vehicle mechanical and equipment repairs. Currently we have spent 81% of the budget only 5 months into 2010. The projected expenditures for the end of 2010 will be $60K. I recommend a INCREASE of $20,000.
* $50,000.00

10.Equipment Repairs: This line item covers equipment repairs to vehicles and to police equipment including computers. I do not have a computer maintenance line item. INCREASE $7,500.00.
* $35,000.00

11. Radio Maintenance: This line item covers not only radio costs but computer repairs and parts. I have no line item for computers. INCREASE of $5,000.
* $10,000.00

12. RMS: This line item for 2010 is $10,000.00. The cost for 2010 - 2011 is $32,000.00. This cost should be covered by Police, Fire and Communications. The biggest portion should be by Police. INCREASE of $7,000.00 will cover this.
* 17,000.00

13. Police Vehicles: This has never been a part of the budget. Ir would be best for it to have its own line. We know that our fleet is old. This would give us an annual replacement of 8 vehicles.

The budget estimate would be a $790,000 increase over the 2010 estimated budget of $5,825,400.00. $528,000 for Personal services the remaining $260,000.00 in operational expenses.

The EDIT Fund transfer will cover most if not all these expenses.

Thank You,
Lt. Colonial
Patrol Division Commander
Office: 812-948-5310
Cell: 502-741-7968
FAX: 812-948-5397

Freedom Of Speech has a lot to say.

In one breath Lt. Lawrence claims under funded and the next breath it's over spent. Which is it Mr. Lawrence?

This information was dated: June 7, 2010. So this tells us they are planning on removing Officer Jack Messer and his reported May 2011 retirement is strictly bogus! Check out No. 5 and decide for yourself.

This is a blatant case of padding a budget. Eighty five cents of every dollar in our General Fund goes to Police and Fire now. How much more do they want?

Candidate England promised the voters of the City of New Albany if they elected him Mayor he would renegotiate contracts instead England has give them more money, better insurance and more PERFS.

Is this the "change" England promised?

This is why England has promised them $2.5 million for Police and Fire out of our EDIT Fund.

What we say to you voters: come the election 2011, you better remember these council members that vote "YES" but also remember each month you pay your sewer bill, England and the council could have used this $2.5 million on your sewer fee increase instead of funding the Police and Fire Department.

Our final thought:

Until the citizens of New Albany get off their "asses, get mad and vote" how our tax dollars are spent you have no one to blame but yourselves. There are only 19 police officers of 67 and the rest live outside the city. You continue to allow this administration to lie, misappropriate and commit malfeasance.

It's time to vote in Council Members like Councilman Price, Gahan and McLaughlin who has the guts to question everything this England Administration does.

It's time for England to resign.

To Mayor England,"this isn't personal it's business!" You call yourself a leader? You are the most incompetent excuse for a mayor this city has ever had and seen...

We dare you Doug England to run again and how dare you claim the Police and Fire are under funded.

It's time we have a mayor who works for the people, can run the city like a business and make hard decisions, not one who always plays politics and who says, "what's in it for me!"