Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It is clearly evident who the guilty parties are promoting racism.

And it's NOT us Tea Party participants, we are Democrats, Republicans and Independents. We are not own by the Republicans or controlled by any party.

The Tea Party movement is drawing people from all political stripes, social causes, and income brackets. It is drawing people who have never participated in any kind of political or grass roots movement before. What we have in common, and what holds us together, is a very deep love for the uniqueness if the United States of America, a desire for the limited government that our Founding Fathers created, a fairly "strict" interpretation of the Constitution, and a strong sense of personal responsibility.

This administration shows the race card at every opportunity and can you imagine the outcry if you had a couple of white guys in white robes doing the same thing?

Instead of this administration being the great unifier's they are the great dividers and are doing more damage to create a greater rift between the races.

It's all about Obama's ideology and the fact that they have to have class struggle to maintain their power.

It's sad that we have an administration, the first in memory, that cares little about the country but thrives on their own politics and power.

This is but one example of the new "reverse racism" that we see in our country, imagine the media frenzy and Headline News if the nightstick-wielding and name calling were done by whites towards blacks.

Holder MUST address how he came to the conclusion to drop this case and WHO instructed him to do so and why.

Do we have grounds for impeachment yet?

When is this man holding the Office of the President position going to be held accountable for anti-American and anti-Constitutional beliefs and actions.

Is the NAACP trying to start a civil war?

Democrats fear a huge voter backlash and so their operatives are planning to pad the counts to try to protect as many incumbent democrats as possible.

This is really a SAD state of affairs to blame Tea Partiers and call us racist. Sad because main stream media is backing it and not speaking out against it. Sad that this administration is going backwards in HISTORY.

This is such an unfortunate matter.

As white voters, if a white man committed the same act as the Black Panther - we would expect the white man to be prosecuted. Mr. Holder is himself, exhibiting the racial attitude. We now feel that we have to categorize Mr. Holder and Obama as a racist.

They should be prosecuted for this!

Unfortunately the day has come that none of us ever thought would, the day where the current administration has publicly and without apology decided to enforce the laws of the United States, selectively, not equally.

This issue should rock your core beliefs and frighten all of us like we have never been frightened before.

If the true story were to come out, about the 2008 presidential election, and we think it will, the effects will be cataclysmic. The American people are starting to add 2 and 2 together and that's why there is such groups called the Tea Party movements.

We recommend to all our readers to google, "we will not be silence" and see for yourselves what all of this division between Obama and Tea Party Groups is about and why.

When the Department of Justice turns a blind eye to voters intimidation and fails to investigate voter registration fraud, caucus fraud, it undermines democracy.

WE, the Patriotic American Citizens, outnumber them 1000 to 1. Remember that, and vote your conscience come November.

Come join us in Washington, DC on September 12, 2010.

We're "mad as hell" and we are not taking it anymore...and we are coming to Washington to take our country back!