Friday, July 16, 2010


Point 1:

* "In the mean time, customers COULD be saving money, he said."

* "We are giving something back to the citizens and getting the job done." he said.

And, what might that be...Doug?

Point 2: Cut A Deal Dan. "Or as some citizen's call him, Diaper Dan."

"Councilman Dan Coffey said he had reservations about not allowing competition when awarding the extension, but having a fixed rate until 2015 is a good deal."

Source: The Tribune

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Dan, if you spent less time cutting deals with the mayor, had done your homework and "read this shit of a contract" you would see it was not in the best interest of the citizens of New Albany!

Mr. Mayor, can you honestly look into your computer screen and say what Richard Nixon once said?

"I am not a crook!?!"

Who in the hell in their right mind renegotiates a contract that does not benefit the rate payers, but benefits the mayor?

Counting the days until England, Benedetti, Gonder, Caesar, Messer, Coffey, and Zurschmiede no longer represents themselves and their own agendas... because these people are sure not looking out for you or us.

"Vote'm All Out!"