Friday, July 02, 2010


During the last few months the City of New Albany has seen so much controversy. No longer do you see City Employees proud to say they work for the City.

I guess we understand their position when the Mayor is more of a politician than a true public servant who is true to his word of transparency and accountability.

New Albany Police Officer Jack Messer has submitted his retirement papers to the Police Merit Board.

Was Messer another victim of Mayor England? Why did former Chief Harl wait four months before he complained about Messer's words? Did England contact the NAACP? Who authorized the two Police Officers to video tape Messer? Was this England's way to knock Messer out of the running for Mayor in 2011 and was this strictly political instead of racial.

We have never been big fans of Officer Messer, but to say or convince us he is a racists, we do not buy... at all.

Your political mistake Mr. Messer, was "If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas" and that's exactly the mistake you made.

You under estimated "Chicago Politics" being played in the City of New Albany.

We here at Freedom Of Speech wish Officer Messer the best and a full recovery from back surgery.