Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After reading his response on the article "Gahan says New Albany trash deal should be bid-out" his first comments were this and we quote:

"England said, that rate would be frozen for the life of the contract unless fuel prices rise more than $3 per gallon."

Do the math folks:

Current fee......... $16.03
Proposed fee...... $15.18
Difference----------95 cents

As far as claiming they would pick up 3 additional items for free, why not charge to have those items picked up to generate revenue?

Well Mr. Mayor, guess you need to check out what Diesel fuel cost today.

Have you lost your mind Mr. Mayor or just suffering from a "major hangover?"


He makes this stupid statement or should we say: tells another BIG fat whopper of a lie:

The new deal "will lower the costs to the citizens, freeze the rate for five years and free-up our men in the street department so they can go and actually paint center lines, paint stop signs and do repairs in the city."

When has the Street Department ever painted a STOP sign?

This just convinces us at Freedom Of Speech and our readers even more of how "out of touch" you are!

Two questions Mr. Mayor we would like for you to answer:

What's in this deal for you?

Did it "piss you off when former Mayor Garner redone this same contract" before you took office in 2008?

What ever happened to your campaign promise of "WATCHING OUT FOR THE TAXPAYERS of New Albany?"

It's time we hold the Mayor accountable to "we the ratepayers..."

Sources: New Albany Tribune