Tuesday, November 04, 2008


To all Freedom of Speech readers I give my sincere gratitude and thanks to your support of me through the Democrat Primary Election.

I am grateful and very encouraged that you have once again support my candidacy for Judge of our new Floyd Superior Court 3.

Thank you!

I intend to lead our new court with Real Judge Experience. Please share with your friends, co-workers and neighbors that I am the only candidate in this race with proven judicial experience as an Indiana Judicial Officer. I am doing the work of judge. I preside over 600 family law cases each year as Referee for Superior and Circuit Courts. In addition, I serve the Indiana Supreme Court as Hearing Officer deciding attorney discipline cases.

I have conducted more than 3200 court hearings. I listen to both sides of the case, research and apply the law and make a fair decision. I have not had any of my decisions overturned.

My advancement from attorney to Judicial Officer was based on fairness and judicial competence not partisan politics.

I was chosen for judicial service by the Indiana Chief Justice, the top judge in our state and also by trial judges. As a Judicial Officer, I seek new approaches to improve our court system through membership in the American Judges Association and the Association of Women Judges.

I am also the only candidate in this race who has fought crime for more than five years and prosecuted hundreds of cases before judges and juries. Also, I am the only candidate who has taught Business Law to college students at Indiana University Southeast in addition to managing a private, general law practice. I was also chosen again by the Indiana Chief Justice to serve with him on the Advisory Board of Indiana CLEO, a program which assists disadvantage college graduates to obtain a legal education and enter the legal profession. Plus, I stay active in a variety of community organizations which are listed on my website at http://www.grangerforjudge.com/.

My work on the bench is very fulfilling and rewarding. You can count on me to continue to listen carefully and give personal attention to each case. I will continue to research the law and make fair, common sense and timely decisions. I will not waste your tax dollars on unnecessary additional expenses to run the court. As a former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, I understand the importance of being tough on repeat and violent offenders. I will help decrease jail overcrowding by expanding court hours into the evening to reduce the caseload burden and increase access to the court for working citizens.

I am ready, willing and able to run a professional courtroom on day one.

Floyd County is my home, and I want to give my best to our community and continue to improve our court system. Thank you for lending your voice to build our new court of Integrity, Fairness and Respect.

A vote for Maria Granger is a vote for justice for everyone.

To everyone at Freedom of Speech your continued support is exciting, uplifting and encouraging.

Thank you, once again, for your support of Integrity, Fairness and Respect for Superior Court 3.

Maria Granger