Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Several scandals and allegations of the New Albany Police Department have occurred throughout the department's history, even misconduct....

Freedom Of Speech will present the case against NAPD Chief Sherry Knight:

* "Major Knight, rather than investigating, rather than discipline, I mean, you are talking about thousands of taxpayer dollars, here, rather than doing anything, she told Jon Tucker, Gary Humphrey, and the captain on the shift at that time, who was Eric Higdon, told all of them that Laura Schook was ratting them out."

* Landenwich claims that Knight's failure to take action as a supervising officer resulted in not only the officers not being held accountable for the alleged misconduct, but it put Schook in serious danger as an officer.

Our understanding is that on Friday morning Officer Humphrey will be called to face a Grand Jury.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

While on duty it is the officers job to enforce the laws not break the laws. They do not need to be watching porn, and it's been reported from the locals that our  some local officers have been seen getting blow jobs down by the K&I Bridge, watching movies or running their side business during their shifts, or decorating the float for Harvest Homecoming. 

Why is Jeff Gahan so out of touch with the citizens of New Albany?

It has also been reported to us, that our police officers chatting in Community Park on one side, that taxpayers have seen several drug deals going down on the other side of the park. What the hell are we paying you officers for?

Also, any supervisor who sets any officer up regardless of gender with NO back up should be fired.

Is this history repeating itself?

Mr. Gahan, if you had any balls and sense, you would call for a full investigation of your Police Department. These are very serious allegations. And the buck stops at your door....

Our final thoughts:

NAPD Chief Sherri Knight it is time for you to resign. You are NOT a leader and even you are not above the law....

We would recommend to Attorney Landenwich that you get a court order for each computer in every police car in the department. It is time we hold those officers accountable to us taxpayers.

Freedom of Speech will continue to aggressively pursue any officer that commits any criminal act in our City of New Albany.