Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Today is Primary Election Day.

Each of us have one and only one vote.Voting is one of the few times when we each have an equal  say. No matter how much money you have or who your friends are, you only get one vote.

If you think that your opinion doesn't matter about who's sitting as Commissioner, County Council member, Judge, Auditor, County Clerk or Sheriff, think again!

The people in office now are making decisions that will affect your life, your taxes, and your wallet. 

Regardless of party you need to look at each candidate. If they sit on the County Council look at their voting record. If they are currently in office and run for another position, look at what they did in the other office. Some office holders are career politicians. They jump from one position to another to live off us taxpayers and build their pensions..

We ask you to NOT vote for the Party but the person. If they have wasted your tax dollars, why even vote for them. That is called a under vote. 

Grandstanding has NO place in politics or elections.

If an elected official tells you: You just don't understand. What that means is "your not smart enough" to see right through their lies and BS.

It is time to go vote. 

Be sure and pick up your: We The People sticker after you Vote.