Tuesday, January 14, 2014


These 10 Outstanding Women have embarked on becoming a new class of leaders for the City of New Albany and that means "Commitment to our community."

It means taking a proactive stance, through involvement in our community that makes a difference.

It means standing as an example for the rest of the community.

It means being leaders, mentors, judges, elected official, advocates, educators, businesswomen, citizens activist, city or county employee, children's advocate that calls on citizens to respond, inspiring all citizens of our community to want to make a difference and get involved.

So, let us tell you about these 10 Outstanding Women:

* She is the first female judge in Floyd County history. She served 15 years in the Floyd County prosecutor's office as chief deputy prosecutor.

* Her tireless effort to establish a safe place for teenagers to meet, thus keeping our children safe and off the streets

* They're bipartisan approach to all citizens makes their offices the most taxpayer friendly in the City County Building

* Successful businesswoman who is dedicated to helping local citizens while protecting the rights of New Albany taxpayers, families and children.

* Devotion to improve education

* Gives hope to the disadvantaged

- child advocate

* Demonstrates outstanding leadership and acts with courage and nerve

* She is the second youngest judge elected in Floyd County.

These 10 Outstanding Women of New Albany impact each and everyone of us.
Freedom Of Speech is proud to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you for your hard work and acknowledge the tremendous debt this community owes to everyone of you.

We're well aware how difficult and sometimes unrewarding it can be but you can be assured what you 10 Outstanding Women do is "appreciated and is important." 

They are a great example of Leadership in New Albany.
Without question, these 10 women have had a significant impact on this city we call home:

Lana Aebersold - County Council, and Business Woman 

Shirley Baird - City Council woman

Lois Endris - Floyd County Recorder

Maria Granger - Superior Court Judge

Rebecca Gardenour - Floyd County School Board member, Educator, Retired Social Worker, and Court Appointed Special Advocate and CASA Coordinator 

Diane McCartin - Benedetti - Former Council President

Amy McCord - Clere - A true Educator of Foreign Languages

Anna Schmidt - Private Citizen - Taxpayer Advocate

Letty Walters - Private Citizen, sits on several local boards 

LeAnne Wiseheart - Former School Board member, CASA member and Real Estate Appraiser

Freedom Of Speech would like to say: We applaud these 10 women and many other women in our community who also work hard to make our community a better place to live. It comes down to individuals making a difference for what they believe in. It shows to the rest of us what is possible.

Freedom Of Speech Staff

footnote: The following names are listed in alphabetical order only.