Wednesday, March 14, 2012


There is an awful lot of Kool-Aid being drunk by Liberals. This election Obama has a record and let's just look at the facts:

Obama inherited from Bush:
AAA Credit Rating
7.8% Unemployment
$1.81/ Gallon Gas
$10 Trillion Debt
2 Wars
26 Weeks of Unemployment Benefits
An Annual Budget

What we have NOW under Obama:
AA Credit Rating
8.3% (Really 11.0-15.0) Unemployment
$3.89/ Gallon Gas
$16 Trillion Debt
3 Wars

99 Weeks of Unemployment Benefits
NO Annual Budget in three years

Hmmm sounds like he's made a mess of things, not inherited one.

See, Obama has been whining for 3.2 years. How funny the Obama administration blames Bush for everything but now Obama is taking credit for more drilling when it's Bush's fault that there is more drilling on private land!

Americans just saw through the charade he and Pelosi tried to play on the American people with the staged FRAUD Sandra Fluke and the feigned contraception distraction.

What Obama has accomplished:

Obama is the best "blame-r in chief" that has ever held the office of "President of these United States" and he has has done more to divide the people of our great country than any president in our history. He refuses to take blame for anything he has done, instead pushing it onto anyone and everyone he can, even when the FACTS are there and easy to find!

So how's that Hope and Change workin' for ya?