Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Freedom of Speech has received thousands of emails over the last several months.

Voters want action not empty promises!

What voters are interested in now is honesty and competence. Who can manage the city monies better and fix our problems?

*Property taxes

* sewers


The citizens of New Albany are not the problem. They are more interested in local politics than ever before.

Why? because they are mad as hell!

They do care about the bread - and - butter issues that affect their lives, they do care about their community and neighborhoods.

But...The voters are now looking for change!

Some candidates have not bothered to attend council meetings and they do not keep up with the current issues.

But...they think they have all of the answers, and solutions to our city problems!

If you read some of these platforms, some of the candidates are making "pie in the sky" promises that the taxpayers will have to pay for out of their pockets.

They have no plan.

And how are they going to pay for these projects?

Candidates should look at the money in the bank, and the 2007 Financial report of the general fund.

What are their platform plans to over come this deficit?

Freedom of Speech would like to say the voters are not going to buy this "crap" about City Courts, rental inspection and revitalization of downtown New Albany.

When taxpayers have spent about $80 million on sewers and they are still not fixed.

Make no mistake, these so called "sewer issues" are the problems which affect the lives of every citizen in New Albany.

So what is the real priority here candidates?

"We give the community a platform
and resource to voice their concerns
on political issues."

-Savanaha Lamp