Friday, July 26, 2013


This is sung to Taylor Swift's song, "We are never, ever getting back together"

I remember when you first become the Mayor
saying: "I will put an end to Doug England."
 Closing off the riverfront and all culture,
Hoping we won't mind. What?!

And then you come around again and say,
"City, I need you so I can pay my maid!
Please....I'll use the extra money for my cruise."
We say, "No way, Jose!"

Shame on youuu!
You destroyed the Parks Department.
If, you think that we'll elect you again,
You...are crazy, crazy, crazy.
In a bad way.

Youuu are 
destroying our city.

Please, Jeff Gahan, stop this nonsense,
Make our city home.
'Cause youuuu
Aren't welcome on our ballots....
Next election! (or ever).

HC Concern Taxpayer

Freedom Of Speech would like to thank this creative artist for taking the time to write this song and sharing it with us and our readers.

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